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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have called the DWP on a number of occasions now in relation to ESA and everytime I've ended up in an argument with them about whether medicals are largely a mandatory part of the process. Some staff state categorically to me that everyone has to go for a medical, some say that only the terminally ill don't have to attend them. I have generally remained calm when they've stated this but it really infuriates me when they keep pushing the point. I have been awarded ESA a couple of times without having to attend a medical at all and I am not terminally ill. I state this to them and they still tell me I'm wrong.... I know that many people are awarded ESA simply on the basis of the ESA50 or that plus medical evidence which is obvious just from a quick internet search. please check this benefits and work link (what's all this Disney busines?) co.uk/news/2706-no-wca-medical-for-almost-three-quarters-of-esa-claimants Have the rules recently been changed? I was awarded ESA without a medical a couple of years ago. It really infuriates me when DWP staff will not listen to what you're saying and are adamant that what they're saying is true, even when presented with figures to the contrary. Their general tone from the outset is incredibly disrespectful and argumentative. At first I thought this was a one off case but whenever I call I get the same sort of response and normally they just end up hanging up the phone.
  2. Several weeks into the post-ESA struggle for existence and I received the oddest phone call today from my "benefits advisor". Essentially it amounted to her pleading with me not to close my ESA claim. It was so mind-boggling, given the current climate of attack on the benefits system, that I have to set it out here in some detail. The advisor was responding to my letter declining the appointment made between me and her by the powers that be. Essentially I'd said - if they've stopped my ESA to what end would I be attending the appointment. I assumed that the people who stopped my benefit forgot to tell those making the appointments about the stopping. We are all accustomed to government departments which lack joined up thinking or performance. The woman says she's received my letter but please, why don't I apply for income based ESA. I tell her that (a) I can't face going through the whole assessment procedure again because of the stress and negative impact on my health and (b) when my husband was forced into early retirement he got his lump sum which is just enough to put me out of the running for benefit At which point she plays another card. They'll still be paying my NI benefits so I can't get away with not attending the appointments. I then say fine, stop them. Surely you can't expect me to drag myself an hour's journey each way for the sake of a meagre NI payment? It knocks me back for a whole day. The same woman who gave me such uphill the few times I saw her then proceeds to plead with me to let her keep my claim open, register that she spoke to me so I don't have to keep the appointment, and thus buy myself time to rethink the issue. What's going on here? I don't for one minute imagine that she's concerned for my welfare. Or at least not beyond not wanting me to be another addition to the scandalous statistics of the despairing poor, ill and infirm who have died as a consequence of the attacks on the social health and welfare systems. I reckon she's merely acting on instructions to go through the motions of seeing that people who come off benefits are given "assistance" and "advice". Meantime, we all know that people like me, the walking wounded, are the targets whom Ossie Ostrich has in his budgetary sights. Someone in my situation would be declined for ESA were I to apply afresh today. An asthmatic epileptic with a history of biomechanical and mental health problems is considered perfectly fit for work. (Cross the floor of the job centre to the desks dealing with JSA and they would deny this but there you go...............) Then there's that pesky £16 000 my husband received after 30 years of public service. It makes us "wealthy retirees" - we can eke this out over the next few years. If we're careful and only use it to build his monthly pension to two thirds of the official poverty line, it will last three years or four years. By the time we run out of all our resources and have absolutely nothing, not even our ability to work, to depend on, state assistance of any kind will have disappeared. So why's this woman calling me? What's she after? .
  3. Has anyone claimed or in the process of claiming for miss selling between August 2009 and October 2012 of investments to customers
  4. Hiya, I'm getting hassle from a Ross and Roberts bailiff. I have tried talking to the council about paying the bill and they just say you have to talk to the bailiff and he won't talk about paying off the bill unless I let him into the house which I won't do. I came across these people yesterday council tax advisors. They are meant to talk to the council for you to stop the bailiffs and come to some arrangement to pay off you bill for no fee. I was wondering if anyone as used them or know about them? I don't want to end up making things worse.
  5. Hi Everyone. Just a quick question. I have a four page letter of complaint against the DWP, which is being sent recorded / registerd (which ever one needs them to sign for it). This letter is mainly about my local branch Jobcentre. My question is : My signing advisor has now been changed to one of the staff that my complaint relates to. Friday last week I asked the Customer Service Manager for a complaints form, and I have had to sign with this new advisor on this Monday (8th Oct). She was basically rude and aggressive, plus a whole load of other problems I have had with my Jobcentre. So as my complaint involves her, can I request a different signing advisor ? Hope you wonderfull people can help.
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