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  1. Hi ericsbrother, It was a letter through the post with photo of van and headed Parking charge notice. I have written to them to appeal and they have just replied with a request for drivers details.
  2. Hi dx100uk , The letter reads 'The driver of above vehicle is liable for a Parking Charge' they do not use the word 'fine'. The vehicle is my personal work van with sign written contact info.
  3. Help!. Received a £60 fine from pps on 1/5/16 for not buying a parking ticket for a stay at Keaton Rd pay & display, Ivybridge, Plymouth. I had bought a ticket for the correct fee / time etc & left on dashboard but I typed a letter M instead of a W so the camera did not register the ticket with vehicle. I sent a letter of appeal explaining and just received a request (from pps) confirming I was the driver at the time, now ive found this site & thinking I should ignore? Appreciate advice.
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