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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have received a Civil Parking Charge Notice from Athena ANPR Ltd for exceeding the parking time limit in a Lidl car park in Barnsley. I registered my VRN in the store to validate my stay - I did not realise there was a one hour limit. There are signs around the car park but I did not park near one of them and I did not read them. The signs were not big enough to be read from a distance. How do I proceed with this?
  2. hello. im just wanting a bit of advice please. august 2016 i entered a 12 month gym contract - in october 2017 i went in to my gym and asked to cancel my membership. the receptionist took my details but it now seems she failed to cancel my contract. she did inform me to keep my direct debit open for one month, which i did, for any last payments to be obtained. on the 1st of november a gym membership amount of £24.50 left my account and therefore i cancelled my direct debit. i believed this to all be sorted. i have had no contact from anyone in december or january - they have my mobile and house number, home address and my email address should they need to contact me. i have today recieved a very nasty email from the CRS (not Harlands) saying i am in debt to the amount of £448!!! even if my membership had not been cancelled correctly, the amount i owe the gym would be £49 for both december and january. they have told me an admin fee had been added to the debt and the admin fee is £118 - the two gym payments and the admin fee come nowhere near the £488 they have quoted me. i have had no contact from my gym or harlands prior to this email from CRS. i went straight to the gym to demand what was happening and they seemed as shock as i was. do i need to pay anything? do i pay for december and january? im in shock right now about being so much in debt for absolutely no reason - should i not have recieved something earlier from the gym or harlands showing a problem on my account? i really dont know what to do now. my gym only took on harlands group as there collection agency in january and they have had no dealings with them. the manager of the gym has offered to call harlands in the morning for me as nothing is showing up as a debt on my membership which for some admin reason is still classed as being active. im at a loss of what to do - any advice would be appreciated vicky
  3. Assistance needed! I've read the multitude of threads re parking tickets on this site and am hoping for the same useful advice from the regulars as I'm a bit confused re the best course of action On 08/06/2016 at Gateway Plaza, Barnsley I received a parking charge notice on my windscreen. The ticket stated it was issued for the reason of: No Ticket Displayed. The enforcement company is SIP Parking Limited I did some brief research online and decided to ignore the ticket. I did not appeal or make any contact with SIP On 14/07/2016 I received a NTK. The NTK did not mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) On 15/08/2016 I received a final reminder. This also did not mention PoFA I have today (23/09/2016) received a Letter Before Claim from Gladstones Solicitors which has had the desired effect of finally making me concerned re the charge. The letter requests a payment of £150. The letter refers to the 'Practice Direction for Pre-Action Conduct under the Civil Procedure Rules and in particular paragraph 13-16 of the same which concerns the Court's powers to impose sanctions for any failure to comply.' The letter stipulates I have 14 days to pay or reply. Please advise! May be worth noting that on this occasion, I simply forgot to pay. I used the car park on dozens of occasions previously and paid using one of the mobile phone apps but on this occasion when I was called in to work early, I forgot. Thanks in anticipation for your advice
  4. Just thought Id post what happened today. I was in court for being the RK of a vehicle that was un-insured 6 months after I had sold it. On arrival we were told someone would see us before court. I waited and was led into a interview office. The lady read the charge then asked if I had the car. "No" Did I sell the Car. "Yes" Did I send off the V5 "Yes" Well we haven't received it, can you prove it? I said no I couldn't. She then went on a bit about we can fine the original £80 now with no costs blah de blah. I then interrupted and said, "But I don't need to prove it. Section 7 of the Interpretation Act of 1978 says I don't" She looked at me, said we will withdraw the case and advised me in future to send correspondence recorded. I was in a rush so didnt want to argue
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