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  1. Can someone please just advise if it's ok to send this now as my next plan of action : You issued me with a parking ticket on 26/11/2016 but I believe it was unfairly issued. I will not be paying your demand for payment for the following reasons. The car park signage for “Reserved Parking & Parking Conditions/ Regulations” is not easily visible during the evening. This means no contract can be formed with the landowner and all tickets are issued illegally. The vehicle (Van) had been reversed into the bay and the "Reserved Parking" sign was no way visible from the drivers side on exiting the vehicle and the parking bay looked no different than any other bay in the car park. The vehicle was parked in a bay with a valid parking ticket attached to the windscreen. It was not until the 8 July 2017 that you eventually explained the reason for the PCN after you had repeatedly been shown proof of the bought ticket. As I had received no reply after my initial email I assumed that you had made an error in issuing the PCN and it had now been cancelled. (Your initial reply to my first email was never received due to my email server blocking your email address and marking it down as spam so was not even delivered to my email account). By the time the NTK arrived for “unauthorized parking” the appeal date had passed, but once again I sent you proof of the parking ticket purchased. The amount you have charged is not based upon any commercially justifiable loss to your company or the landowner. In my case, the £160 charge you are now asking for far exceeds the cost to the landowner as a valid ticket had already been purchased and was still in effect when the PCN was issued. I therefore feel the charge you have asked for is excessive. If you choose to pursue me please be aware that I will not enter into any correspondence and this will be the only letter you will receive from me until you answer the specific points raised in my letter. Yours faithfully,
  2. Yes i do still have the original paid for parking ticket - but that is irrelevant now - as i always assumed i had been given the PCN due to a timing error on their behalf, it's taken them since 26/11/16 to 8/6/17 to say that the ticket was issued due to me parking in a reserved bay, which i shouldn't have done according to their notice. All this time i thought i was in the clear as i kept sending them proof of my ticket being still valid at the time i was given the PCN. When i arrived at this car park it was dark so i must have missed the sign - there is photographic evidence of my van with the sign on the fence just behind my van passenger side - and they have taken the photo at night with a camera using the flash. I no longer have this panel van now - but i guess that is irrelevant too. I guess my only action now - is to say that the signage for that restricted bay was not seen as i drove in the compound - and as i had reversed into the bay it was not visible from the drivers side. Appreciate everyone with all their comments and assistance.
  3. Here are the amended NTK notice - thanks Parking n 2.pdf Parking n 1.pdf
  4. The vehicle is registered to a company - and the NTK came with my company's name on it. The DCBL letters are also addressed to my company. They have only got my name from my email address when i sent proof of the ticket which i had bought- so yes big mistake. I have not gone through any of their appeal processes and given them any drivers details - although how i worded my complaints they know i was the driver. Would it help that when i parked at the parking compound it was dark - with poorly marked bays and the signage for the "reserved bay" easily missed due to poor lighting and obscurred by the van when parked. On the photo's of proof - they have had to use a camera with a flash.
  5. Here is the notice to keeper parking appeal 1.pdf parking appeal 2.pdf
  6. Hi yes hopefully this will help 1 The date of infringement 26/11/2016 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? I sent an email saying i had paid for a ticket but not gone through their appeal process If you haven't appealed yet - ,......... have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it - Yes 20 January 2017 Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? No 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] No 5 Who is the parking company? Premier Parking Logistics 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Tennant Street , Birmingham There is photo evidence if i go onto their website "payppl"
  7. Hi -Looking for some advice & help on this please as constantly being harrassed for payment : (PCN) Ticket Issued by Premier parking Logistics on 26/11/2016 @00:25 in Tenant Street, Birmingham. This was my immediate reply via email on November 28. On Friday 25th November I parked in your parking compound in Tennant Street, Birmingham. I arrived at 20.44 and purchased a parking ticket which gave me until 02.44 on the 26th November. The ticket I had purchased was clearly visible in the centre of my windscreen. I returned to my vehicle before the ticket expired and found that a Parking Charge Notice had been placed on my vehicle at 00.25 on the 26th November. As far as I am concerned I acted correctly in purchasing a ticket and whoever issued the Parking Notice clearly could not tell the time. Proof of my parking ticket has been attached to this email I look forward to receiving confirmation that this PCN has now been cancelled and that i will receive no further communication regarding this matter. Thanks I did receive a reply via email but as it started with info@ my bt email server blocked it as spam and i never saw it - so i assumed this had been cancelled and no further action was being taken. On the 20 Jan 2017 i received a "Notice to Keeper" letter saying £100 due and explaining PCN was issued due to vehicle "unauthorised parking" This letter was addressed to my company but spelt wrongly. It was spelt Angela and not Anglia. i emailed them again on 27 Jan 2017 saying Once again I am emailing you in regard to the above as you obviously were unable to understand my last email where i had sent proof of the ticket i had paid for etc etc on the day... Eventually i found this email which had been block by my BT server Reference: Parking Charge Notice Thank you for your email. To enable the appeal to be investigated we need as previously stated your address details. We emailed you 15 minutes after we received your email appeal for these details but did not get a reply. The terms and conditions in the appeal section on the back of the ticket clearly states, provide your full name and address, the vehicle registration number and notice reference number and your full reason for contesting liability other wise your appeal will not be processed . As you failed to adhere to these terms your appeal was not heard. You failed to give these details, we then request your details from the D.V.L.A and at this stage your Parking Charge Notice is £100. If you need anymore information to assist you in your complaints please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely Premier Parking Logistics On the 31/01/2017 i received an email from CPS Enforcement Northern Ltd titled PCN this letter was saying my vehicle was parked on a residential road ( where it was a compound rather than a road) and this ticket has been sent to you as the registered keeper but if you are not the person who parked the vehicle etc etc On the 4 May 2017 i receive a letter from DCBL - Notice of Debt Recovery Now it has gone from £100 to £160 as they are now adding on admin fee of £60 I immediately telephoned DCBL and was asked to send proof via email Further to my conversation with you earlier please find attached a copy of my parking receipt together with the ticket issued by Premier Parking. As per my conversation I did email them on the 28th November showing them proof that I had purchased a ticket. Surely then this ticket should have just been cancelled rather than get this far. We were unaware they had emailed me back due to our BT email blocking all info@ emails without our knowledge so we missed the appeal date. We had contested the ticket and thought that was the end of it as we had adhered to their parking terms and purchased a valid ticket. Below is a copy of the email sent to them. Please look into this and hopefully you can sort this out without it going any further. Many thanks To which they replied - Thank you for your email. I will add this to our weekly query sheet and will get back to you as soon as we receive a response regarding your query. I had not heard anything back i emailed them once again on 22 May asking what was going on to which they replied - We are still waiting on a response from the client regarding your query. Your case has been put on hold until we receive a response and will inform you as soon as we get one. On the 8 June 2017 i received another letter from the DCBL titled - Legal Action Recovery saying i have failed to pay the outstanding amount and are now commencing legal action against me. Again the letter sent to my company has been spelt wrongly. I emailed them back saying i thought that this case was on hold to which they have now replied and said We have looked into this for you and can confirm that your case has been progressed due to our client advising that the vehicle was parked in a reserved bay with no authorisation. They have advised that you check the photographic evidence at . Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you require any further assistance / payment. I have now looked at these photos - and for the first time just seen this so called Reserved bay sign. When i parked in this compound i was in a high roof van and had reversed into the parking bay and had not ever seen this sign as it was not visible from the drivers side when i got out - so all the time i thought i had bought a legal ticket when in fact the PCN was issued due to me parking in a reserved bay and nothing to do with my ticket timings. All along i had thought i had parked legally and had done everything in my power to adhere to their terms - What do i do now please - any advice would really be appreciated as this is going on and on. I hope i have provided all the relevent information - and sorry if it is far too long.
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