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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I received a Parking Charge Notice for parking in a place I thought would be fine to park in. I have a PCN for £60 rising to £100 that I just can't afford to pay. Things are so tight i'm afraid that this might take me over the edge. Is there ANYONE that can help me? Key details... - Date of infringement: 11/01/2019 - Not appealed yet. - NTK: Not received the notice to keeper - Company: One Parking Solution Ltd. - Place: New England House, Brighton.
  2. Hello all. I'm hoping for some advice. Over the last few years, I have found myself increasing in debt (various catalogues, credit cards, overdrafts and a personal loan). Towards the end of 2014, my long term relationship broke down and (stupidly) all debts are in my name. In addition to this, in early 2015, I was diagnosed with with a life long medical condition that meant that I missed around 8 months of work during the last 15 months or so. I have now found suitable medication to control my disease and am back in my full time job . Everyday I receive letters from one debt collection agency or another and to be honest, I have been stupid and just bin most of them. I now feel I am in a place mentally and physically to deal with this massive mess and am hopoing for some guidance really. I am a registered health care professional (not a doctor or anything that well paid - my net pay is £1350 per month) but was worried that declaring myself bankrupt would affect my ability to register with my professional body and as such, came across something known as an IVA. It seems to be something that could be of great help to me but there are so many companies out there offering it, Im not sure if it is something that can be trusted. Thank you for taking the time to read and for any help.
  3. Hey guys, i'm quite new to this so i apologise in advance if there has already been similar posts been put up about this sort of stuff. my situation at the minute is that i'm in a stepchange dmp for the value of around £3000 split between five creditors, On my credit report two of them have defaulted and the others have arrangements to pay on them. I'd like to start building my credit rating back up as soon as i can the advice i'm looking for is whether it's best to stay in the dmp which will take five and a half years to pay off or default on all of the debtors and make a deal with the collection agencies for a smaller more affordable sum which then i will hopefully have the defaults drop off my account in around 6 years. Thank you for any future help on this subject, look forward to hearing peoples views and help. Thank you
  4. I have been on a running battle with PPS over a ticket issued on me since 2013. I actually made payment into the machine but it stopped receiving a 10p by returning it and i kept repeating it until the transaction was aborted but the machine did not return the £1.25 i had already inputted out of £1.40 charges for 2 hours and I later discovered that the machine does not accept any new coins be it £1, 50p, 20p nor 10p but this was after my appeal was rejected by popla on a flimsy excuse. I left a note on my dash board to report the event to whom it may concern while i was in church but came out to see the ticket on me. I appealed but it was rejected but I still strongly stand by my conviction that I was on the right. Now I am to be in court and have till 14th to submit my defence. Any help on doing this cos I cant afford a lawyer now. cheers. Vincent O.
  5. Hi I owe around £60k to approx 8 different companies in the form of loans and credit cards. I have been chased for these debts for a number of years and have CCJ's. I am only just in a position to start paying something (my ex left me in the lurch previously). I own my own house and I own another which gives me a small rental income, both houses are in negative equity. I am looking into what would be the best solution for me, I am thinking an IVA. Has anyone got any advice as to a way forward for me. Regards Penny
  6. Hello all. I've come here looking for a bit of advice. I recently split up from my long term partner and can no longer afford to meet the minimum payments for my debts and see no way out of the situation. I have written to the majority of my creditors informing them of my situation and inability to pay (asking for a reduced repayment rate and interest / charges freeze) but have had no positive response from any of them. To be honest, even if they did accept reduce payments then I can't see me being to afford the payments or ever paying off the debt I am now being phoned at home, on my mobile and on my work number daily (despite sending them letters to stop doing this) and my life has become a stressful nightmare. I cant sleep and on top of this all am struggling to get access to my child so am in a complete downward spiral. I've read a little about bankruptcy but am struggling to understand the full results / process of becoming bankrupt - obviously it means no credit in the future but trust me this would be a god send! Is bankruptcy a viable option for me to wipe my debts and try and move on with my life? I work full time (claiming no benefits - none available for me) and my current income is just under £20,000 a year before tax (so around £1300 a month into my bank) - I am a member of a of a professional body (and need to be registered each year to maintain my current position - I'm not sure if my ability to register would be affected by bankruptcy? My role is not anything to do with finances etc). Although I am currently full time I am suffering from Rheumatoid Disease so becoming part time may be a necessity in the future. My current debts are: Shop direct (Very, K and Co, Woolworths, ISME) in excess of £7000 Bank Overdrafts (2) £3800 Vanquis £1200 Capital One £600 M&S Money £3000 PayPal £400 Provident £500 Studio £250 Current expenses: Rent: £500 Gas and electric: £100 Overdrafts £80 Broadband and Telephone: £20 Child Maintence £160 TV licence £12 Professional Reg Fee £12 House insurance £15 Council Tax £115 Mobile £90 (two contracts) Sky (in contract) £45 PayPal debt £40 Provident £54 So, after paying the above bills even WITHOUT paying for food, petrol or parking or the minimum payments to Shop Direct (£250+), Vanquis (£100), Capital One (£40). Im left with only £57 every month to survive. I understand that it can cost around £500 to be declared bankrupt but this amount has been promised to me by a close friend if needed (although no more assistance can be given).
  7. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/83896348/?autoplay=true
  8. Hello to all. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but could not find anywhere else suitable. Excuse the long post but bear with me. Although I have not posted on here for a while, I have been a frequent viewer of what is happening during the current financial storm. As a quick re-cap. Work dried up in 2008 as I was self employed. At the time I owed approximately the following: Northern Rock personal loan £5000.00 Lloyds Tsb cc £9250.00 NatWest cc £5000.00 Citibank cc £9000.00 Capital one cc £1750.00 I have been managing to pay small payments to Lloyds, Northern Rock and NatWest. None of the accounts have had PPI on them. Citibank has had nothing since March 2009 and after receiving a letter from them in June 2009 stating that Citibank no longer have a contractual agreement with me, nor seeking to enforce any agreement against me, I have not gone any further with this. Last correspondence from OC or DCA was March 2010. Capital One has had nothing since February 2009. After requesting my CCA from them and not receiving it in the statutory timescale (still not received to this day), and despite being chased for the debt with 3 different DCA’s, last correspondence from OC or DCA was September 2009. Now to the crunch. I have been in and out of employment since December 2009 (all part time jobs) and have been keeping our heads above water (just). The wife has had her incapacity cut (long term disabled) as she has lost her latest assessment, even though she has got slightly worse since her last assessment (over a year ago). We are up to date with our mortgage and all other bills, but shortly will have to seriously cut our payments to Lloyds, Northern Rock andNatWest. In July 2009 I received a letter from Lloyds offering a full and final settlement (without prejudice) of £4500 against a debt of £9000. At the time I was in no position to pay this so I chose to ignore it. We are in a position (or shortly will be) to make a FFS offer as the wife has been left some money in a will from a relative. The amount is around £7000. This will enable us to offer a pro rata settlement to each creditor of around 40%. Given that I had this offer from Lloyds (in July 2009 and can send copy of letter when I write to them with proposal), would Lloyds accept the offer, would the other creditors? Am I going in too high at 40% or should I offer less? Would we be better to pay off our mortgage (£7000 is about what we owe)? We really would like to get shot of the three creditors once and for all. Regards, Allets.
  9. It would seem I have fallen victim to BES Business Energy Solutions and Commercial Registration also... although I never even spoke to anyone... my wife did and she was only in helping out for the day! My full story is here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...27#post3947627
  10. ... an MP3 one. Not just any MP3/MP4 mind, we're talking Creative Zen VisionW, worth a couple of hundred quid and more. DD left it behind in her travel because it was behaving weird. I decided to have a wee look myself, and after checking the symptoms and Google, I found what the problem was (fair few of them having the same issue) and how to solve it. Great. Except for one tiny little detail: I have no idea about soldering anything to anything else, wouldn't know where to start and have no intention of doing so. So my question is: Who does things like that? where do I take it? My local PC man? Is that something they do? any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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