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  1. Charity regulator finds serious failings at unregistered organisation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-regulator-finds-serious-failings-at-unregistered-organisation
  2. Hi, I've been a menber on here for a while now and have found it to be very helpful. I've even got a good credit record now thanks to this site!. But for what is approaching 7 years now I have had a horrible time with brittish gas business. Their incompetance (if it is to be believed as such) knows no bounds. To be honest, I fully believe their actions to be fraudulent, there is just no other explanation for the extent of errors that ALWAYS end up in thier favour. I've just been to court about a warrant for disconnection, I think this was the 6th or 7th time? I forget. But again it got po
  3. Online hate crimes should be treated as seriously as abuse committed face-to-face, prosecutors in England and Wales have been told. Revising its guidance for prosecutors, the Crown Prosecution Service said the impact of tweeting abuse can be as "equally devastating" as shouting it. The guidance includes offences against bisexual people for the first time. Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said online abuse can fuel "dangerous hostility". A hate crime is an offence motivated by a "hostility or prejudice", including racism, sexism or homophobia. How to deal wi
  4. http://cag.tw/22e4 (link from original article contains banned word)
  5. http://news.sky.com/story/tougher-fines-to-hit-serious-speeding-offenders-in-the-pocket-10740681
  6. I’m quite worried about this. I now have two-step verification set up, but I don’t understand how I could be logged into someone else’s account. At least it’s my son’s account, and not some stranger’s, but this simply shouldn’t happen. http://www.mcelhearn.com/serious-security-problem-with-amazon-how-is-this-even-possible/
  7. Scottish gin threat as juniper stocks disappear THE JUNIPER plant which is used to flavour gin is being killed off by disease leaving Scottish stocks in a “critical state”, according to a new report. Read more: http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/scottish-gin-threat-as-juniper-stocks-disappear-1-3927219#ixzz3phho8kWs
  8. Hi, I have to be careful as I believe that I am being monitored on external websites by my employer. I am disabled. I take various medications including high strength opioids, some of which are transdermal ( a patch or plaster which lasts for 3 days at a time) and also some which I take throughout the day. I have seen the Occupational Health several times through work and each time they have agreed that my condition is likely to be covered under the Disability Discrimination Act/Equality Act. The most recent assessment was in August 2014, and each assessment states that whilst
  9. These people are the bane of my life. I have all my debts sorted and arranged apart from these monkeys. My debt in April when I started asking for an arrangement was £2152.62. Between ex and me that was run up. He wasn't paying etc etc but I have been looking to pay and agreed to them from June I would pay £70 pm if they would freeze interest etc I paid £70 last month and it hasn't even touched it. Since April till now when this has finally been sorted cause they wouldn't agree an amount the account is now at £2401.66!!! The interest that is going on is more than what I'm paying them. The
  10. Hello all. I'm hoping for some advice. Over the last few years, I have found myself increasing in debt (various catalogues, credit cards, overdrafts and a personal loan). Towards the end of 2014, my long term relationship broke down and (stupidly) all debts are in my name. In addition to this, in early 2015, I was diagnosed with with a life long medical condition that meant that I missed around 8 months of work during the last 15 months or so. I have now found suitable medication to control my disease and am back in my full time job . Everyday I receive letters from one debt c
  11. Hi all, I hope anyone can advise me what to do please. I receive child tax credit and child benefit for my 18 year old daughter as she attends college. I was sent a letter from child tax credits asking me to send them proof that my daughter was still attending college. All well enough I thought. ,until my daughter dropped the bomb shell that she hasn't been attending college since October 2014, she'd been leaving the house and going over to her friends 3days a week instead of college, all this without me knowing. I had asked her to get proof for college attendance nearly 3 weeks
  12. Hi guys I have just gone on the sick yesterday because of the company I work for. Lots of us have been voicing our concerns over asbestos for 2 years,the company have taken no notice what so ever. Final straw came this year when we had a asbestos report saying ceiling was clear so we started work. One of the guys said lets just check this again comes back it had never been tested it was asbestos. So now a big investigation,on my interview they was sounding like I was wanting to make a claim for compo and talking differently with me then the other guys.also asked the others if I was suf
  13. I purchased a brand new home from one of the countries' leading developers in Feb 2014. There are 12 homes in our cul-de-sac. We exchanged contracts and moved into our so-called new homes within 2 months of each other. Some were not finished and residents were forced to move in by the developer. After some weeks, a couple of residents were moved out of their homes to allow a remedial team access to sort all the issues. They entered the homes but have just patched up most of the items. In the coming weeks/months numerous problems occurred and the developer was very sl
  14. I have a mortgage with GE Capital and have had this for 8 months now. Last month my husband went from being paid weekly to monthly which falls on the last friday of the month. My pay day is the 28th of the month. I contacted GE to advise them of the change and asked them if we could move the day our mortgage is due from the 20th of the month to the 28th of the month. They wrote back and advised us that yes we can move it but it will cost us £188.00 in interest to do so. I couldn't believe they could charge us so much. They tell us it is due to the loss of interest. Our previous mort
  15. Apologies if this has been asked before but I need to send a complaint to Orange PCS Limited that will get some action. Does anyone have a contact name and address for someone that I can write too. Thanks
  16. I need help serious people. This a bit long story. My husband took out a home broadband with ee on october 25th from a ee store. As we are on talktalk already, both the pushy rep and the contract stated/s its a simple transfer of services, we dont need to anything, just pay the final bill from tt and enjoy. No BT engineer visits required. ok fine - so i thought. The woman pushed us into taking the contract as she claimed that ee would give us faster speeds than talktalk cos theres no cap of broadband speeds. Complete LIE. She told u we would only be
  17. I need some advice for what steps i should take in pursuing my insurance company for high risk of loss of life due to negligence. I will be vague on the dates/times/full details due to this potentially being a high profile case. a few months back i had an accident and damaged my car. No other parties were involved just myself. The insurance company did the usual protocol and recovered the vehicle and sent it off to garage 1. Garage 1 quoted the repairs and carried them out, on collection of my car i noticed the steering was not correct and there was a loud kn
  18. A female friend of mine sold a property back in Oct 2013. She had no mortgage on that property so all the proceeds from the sale went into her bank account as you would expect. She then proceeded to buy a new property. Everything was going well regarding the buying of the new property. The conveyancing company accepted her bank money transfer to pay outright for the new property. She was expecting to collect the keys to her new property. However, the conveyancing company said that she had to prove that the money she paid for the new property wasn't obtained by
  19. Hello, Most of you know that I told you that I got a Job, well I lied because being on Job Seekers is the most embarrassing thing in the world, please don't have a go at me because I hate people knowing I'm on Job Seekers but this is the time I need serious help fast. Today, my 4 week sanction ended however I signed on today at 1.40pm but the advisor who I saw told me that she has no choice but to send my claim to a decision maker for another sanction, this time because of my email address which I told you about a few weeks back its (gay_guy1986 with yahoo) anyhow, she said,
  20. Just after some advice on the following and maybe some general fiancial advice rather than full ins and outs of benefits so sorry if I have posted in wrong section and also sorry if it sounds a bit depressing. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Hopefully treatable with a 6-9 course of chemo. Anyway. They havent really thought about it yet but sooner or later my mom will go onto half/no pay from work. Mother earns about £1300 a month and father earns a touch less. They have never been much good with money and the majority of their wage goes to paying off debt which totals ar
  21. I had a bailiff letter back in November last year with regards to outstanding council tax. I sent an email to the company (Rossendales) and asked for a breakdown of their charges they added on to the debt - there were three different years to be collected. I offered to pay £100 per month to them, or I'll put the money aside to pay the council as and when they took the debt back. They refused to accept this amount. From what I could see, they have added three separate amounts on to the original debt, which I believe they cannot do. Now, I have a bailiff sitting outside my h
  22. I have noted the number of concerns expressed about Parcel2Go and thought ought to add my own. Prior to the Post Office privatisation I sent the majority of parcels through my local PO. There may be odd concerns but I have to say my figures show a problem rate, expressed as the percentage of parcels that gave rise to problems, was approx 0.04%, over 3 years total. My problem rate with P2GHermes is 48.20%. A staggering figure. That is all documented. Friends and I have done 'test' parcels and sought feedback, the results have not been good.at all. I have tried taki
  23. Hi all, Please may i have advise; the following is an email i sent to Phones4u on on the 16/12/2013 Thank you ---------------- Good Morning, My misses visited your Hounslow high street store on 05/12/2013 in order receive advice or a resolution on what appears to be a very common issue with the Samsung SII, the issue began on 03/12/2013, whereby the phone remained permanently in airplane mode. Your store advisor took a brief look and commented as follows (Actual quotes) 1.“It’s finished” 2.“It’s Gone” 3.“Not working” 4.“Gone” 5.“Sorry it’s fini
  24. I unfortunately moved to Vodaphone from O2 so that I could run my business from my mobile by having a landline number added to my mobile. What a mistake. I deeply regret moving over because of the lack of signal and constant signal dropouts when on the phone to clients. How on earth can you run a business, with what was the main business supplier, on a network that is truly not fit for purpose. I have contact Vodaphone on several occasions, spending an hour on the phone this weekend to them alone, to complain and now have no choice but to try and cancel the contract. I have a b
  25. Hi there, So a year ago when I was extremely broke, I got caught for stealing a sandwich from m&s. stupid mistake-I know. I literally hadn't eaten in a couple of days because I actually couldn't afford food, literally so it seemed like a better idea than asking my friends to borrow some money.. As it happens the police were there and gave me a fine but because I didn't have any identification on me they just trusted that I had given the right address and name. I did have every intention of paying the fine but I really didn't have the money straight away and as things progressed
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