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  1. Like I said, my advisor excluded me from signing on yesterday because I on training, my next appointment is on Monday.
  2. Hey all, I have not been on here for quite a while, however I have got good news, I got a Job and this time I am being honest, this is not a lie this time. All last week Monday to yesterday I have been on training with . Our Supervisor trained us up on how to use the scanner and to scan items in the warehouse, and we all know now how to use it and its easy, but the big problem is knowing where every numbers and letters are as its massive warehouse, I got a idea where some are but I just hope it doesn't take me long to figure it out. Anyway, yesterday our supervisor said that he was impressed with us all, he got some good feedback and we all have been taken on, some start today and some start Tuesday, I start Tuesday 25 November at 10.30am - 10.30pm shift, 3 days work and 3 days of. Going to sign of Job Seekers on Monday, its relief now that I got a job, better then being sit in my flat all the time nothing to do. But just wondering if you could answer these questions for me? 1. Will Job Centre still pay my Jobseekers as I should have signed on yesterday but I was excluded because of this training, will it still go in my bank on Wednesday 26th even though I am signing of? 2. When do I need to inform my council about changes and will I still be able to claim housing benefit for help with my rent if I am working 10.30am - 10.30pm? 3. I recently got accepted for a budgeting loan and I signed my declaration and I posted it back to them on Tuesday 18 November but since I am signing of Jobseekers on Monday will I still get my budgeting loan or no? 4. If I still get my Jobseekers, will Job Centre release the payment early so I can get some dark clothing for work as I haven't got any dark clothing and I can't buy any till I get paid. If you can help me with these questions then that would be great, and also I apologise about last time I was on here so please accept my apology.
  3. But Job Centre is not professional, its a just a rubbish dole office !!!
  4. I didn't know email address is part of my Job Seekers agreement (being sarcastic again) its stupid. when I told my mates this, they laughed and were shocked and said its out of order and yes, they know what the email address is, they told me to take action which I am doing on Monday.
  5. I'm sorry but I disagree with this statement, Job centre is not my employer!! its just a rubbish dole office, who the hell do advisors think they are? they told me to remove my gay t-shirt which is way out of order and now they telling me to remove my email address, this is way getting out of hand. By the way, I haven't removed my gay t-shirt as I am still wearing them at my appointments, they backed down when I threatened them with legal action, it just shows that they don't know what they talking about, making some stupid excuse up like, I will get sanctioned if I don't remove my t-shirt. They just trying to find a petty excuse for a sanction so they can get sanction targets up (yes, this as been on ITV news I think last year) They can't sanction me because of an email address, so what if my email contains what I am?? if when I apply for a Job and the employer don't contact me because I am gay then to me and I am sure you agree that is homophobic and its discrimination, its equal opportunities isn't it? or wait, no its not. I think employers should discrimination all people like ginger hair, disabled people and so on. (I'm being sarcastic by the way) I am going to Citizen Advice on Monday about this and then making appointment with Welfare rights, this is a joke and its not on, I have also made a complaint to the manager at my local Job Centre, I will take this to the courts if I have to, I will even sue them.
  6. I can understand where both of you coming from but my old email address which was (shaun_clark67756 with yahoo) I have always applied with Jobs with that email but I never got any feedback or replies with that email, so what different does it make with my new email?
  7. Hello, Most of you know that I told you that I got a Job, well I lied because being on Job Seekers is the most embarrassing thing in the world, please don't have a go at me because I hate people knowing I'm on Job Seekers but this is the time I need serious help fast. Today, my 4 week sanction ended however I signed on today at 1.40pm but the advisor who I saw told me that she has no choice but to send my claim to a decision maker for another sanction, this time because of my email address which I told you about a few weeks back its (gay_guy1986 with yahoo) anyhow, she said, I am not expecting any employer's to get in touch with me with that email address as she states some might be homophobic, is she correct? I think this is just stupid reason for a sanction, I don't think I can cope with another sanction, next sanction is for a 13 weeks. I am already behind on my council tax which I need to attend court next 2 weeks because I had no money to pay it. I feel really stressed right now, I thought about taking my own life today when I got back from Job Centre, I just can't cope anymore with Job Centre, I've had enough. I have been crying today (yeah, that's coming from a guy. just show how stress I am right now and life is so hard for me) I have come of a short 4 week sanction and now am getting a longer one Any advice on what to do, like I said, please don't have a go at me because I am really not in the mood. I just need some sensible advice Thank you.
  8. Thanks for replying, well this sucks. how come the advisor told me its going to come in my bank account today or at midnight tonight. wish some advisors stop giving people wrong information
  9. Well, does anyone know what clerical means? sorry if I am being pushy but need money
  10. Does anyone know what this means? This morning, benefits office rang me up stating I am going to get my hardship payment at some point today or at midnight tonight, however I have just rang up to confirm if its processed the payment and the advisor on the phone couldn't check because it was done by clerical payments. what does this mean? does it look like I am not going to get my hardship today if its done by clerical? if no, then why did the advisor tell me I am going to get payment some point today I have no gas, my electric is running low I have just looked at my bank and still no sign of the hardship payment.
  11. wow, didn't expect this. Most of you know that I had a Job interview a few weeks ago with Premier Range in Todmorden, well the manger just phone me up on my mobile and he said I have got the Job, didn't expect this at all as I thought I didn't get it because he hasn't been in touch He said I can start Monday 2nd of June brilliant news !!! Get in !!! lol
  12. Yeah, that is one less thing to worry about, I am just great full my housing benefit is not being affected by Job Centre. reason why my advisor sent my claim to a decision maker is because I couldn't find any suitable Jobs within Burnley area. however I applied for Jobs in Rochdale, Preston, Bury, Bolton and Manchester but guess what? that wasn't good enough. I was sanctioned for not applying for enough Jobs. I can't apply for Jobs if the position is not suitable as its wasting my time and the employer's time as well Well the sanction is the 1st offence I believe so its 4 weeks I have been sanctioned for, I should have got paid on the 14th. I think my sanction ends on 06.06.2014
  13. I have already told my council on Monday that I have been sanctioned and my housing benefit is running as normal and been told by my council that I don't need to worry as rent is being paid as normal
  14. Next 2 weeks, bloody hell. need money to top up my electric and need food Thanks for your help anyway
  15. I am not in a vulnerable group, so when can I expect payment?
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