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Found 18 results

  1. New pocket guide for troops to access mental health support READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-pocket-guide-for-troops-to-access-mental-health-support
  2. Hi all, Below I have attempted to outline my dealings with Pounds to Pocket. Agreement No:7166*** Interest Principal 14/06/13 £1150 borrowed 28/06/13 £173.79 repaid 061.75 112.04 31/07/13 £173.79 repaid 131.38 042.41 30/08/13 £173.79 repaid 114.55 059.24 14/09/13 LOAN REFINANCED £155.00 disbursed to my account £1145.18 new loan amount (no idea how this was calculated) Confirmation email: "Please note that the status of loan #7166*** will be "paid off" as it's been rolled into your new loan #7734***" Agreement No: 7734***
  3. http://news.sky.com/story/tougher-fines-to-hit-serious-speeding-offenders-in-the-pocket-10740681
  4. For the full story : - http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/thief-your-pocket-millions-paying-8455571
  5. Another one falls... CashEuroNet Who operates Quickquid and Pounds2Pocket is to offer redress... Remember folks... Read closely... Loans AFTER 1st April 2014 affected... HERE
  6. Hi All, You normally see myself talking about debt related issues but throughout end of 2013 to summer 2014 I have been put through hell via another matter. I’m trying to find out if I can claim anything back or get some form of compensation / charge removed completely. Background to the case. One Friday in August 2013, I left work and decided to travel into an area close to where I work as I had seen a car for Spares & Repairs on GumTree (My sun roof leaked and it was going to cost in excess of £200 to repair). I travelled into the area and must of spent 45mins looking for th
  7. Advice please. I was stupid, got seriously in trouble but worked my backside off to get myself out of trouble. Please, no lectures on stupidity, there is nothing anyone can say to me that I havent already bollocked myself for. Took out a number of pay day loans several years ago, Paid 'majority' of the amounts off. By that I mean I paid the amounts I borrowed and then some, however I borrowed £950 off Pounds to Pockets and have repayed £1174 but I don't feel additional the £350 they claim I still owe is fair or right. They have defaulted me (fair enough) and have now passed the debt
  8. Managed to set up a payment plan over six months with these buffoons. Paid 1st amount this month on time. No issue with paying, amount is right for me at the moment. Had a butchers on the old Noddle file and see they've marked it my loan with them as a default even though I've paid on time. First steps to take? My credit file is already in the cr4pper so another default doesn't really bother me BUT of all of them on there, this is the one that is the most unfair.
  9. Hello I have four more installments left on my Pounds to Pocket loan and my financial circumstances have changed. I have had to get a more expensive ticket to travel to work thus taking a chunk of out of my income meaning I have less coming in. I spoke to someone last month and managed to get a payment holiday meaning instead of my loan ending on the 15/12/2014 it now ends on 15/01/2015. This was via the live chat and the "compromise" that we got to after half an hour trying to arrange a payment plan. I want to pay what is owed but need more time. I have other debts that I
  10. Hi all, I recently made a complaint to pounds to pocket in which I have had a response of the telephone today (awaiting a written response) I am somewhat disbelieving of the resolution but I will attempt to explain below. This is the complaint that I made and pretty much sums up what has happened: to whom it may concern, This email is in regards to my account *******. I wish to lodge a complaint today the 05/11/2013 and wish for my complaint to be dealt with in a timely manner. I am appalled by the service and pathetic excuses I have received since taking my
  11. Millions of households have missed out on a £50 saving on their energy bill because a green tax cut has been swiped by suppliers. All of the big six firms — British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Scottish Power — will save money this year after the Government slashed network charges and the cost of implementing green schemes. The Government says these changes would save households around £50 on their annual gas and electricity bill. However, four months on and millions of customers have not received a penny in discount. Read more: http://
  12. hi , i have loan from pounds to pocket and have given around 7 installments but due to financial difficulties i cant pay the same amount , whts the best way to break the rest 5 installments into 10 or more ?
  13. Hi My son is on employment support allowance, he has adhd, odd and possible asg, he was told how to access a loan company. He got a loan for 400 pounds from pounds to pocket. It was too late for me to stop him, and I had no knowledge until after the fact, then he starts to get the letters of default that I found under his bed, now Makenzie Hall are ringing our home telephone. He has never worked and is not expected to, he is not in the support group for esa, as I think they have written him off due to his disabilities. His impulsiveness is a horrendous problem and it gets him into
  14. I have 2 outstanding PDL debts ; one with Wonga, one with PTP ; (total debt c.£2000.00) I have cancelled CPA's with my bank, sent both companies an income/expenditure form, and in the case of Wonga, have set up a monthly repayment of £30.00 to start repaying my debt. PTP state that ' we do not participate in standing orders' However, both companies are completely ignoring my communications, including my appeal for all interest charges to be frozen ; Both companies are demanding that I phone them to discuss the matter, and provide my bank details. Also, both companies have stated that
  15. hi, i had a loan with this company and managed to pay it up but they refuse to close my account. i have a gambling problem and know at some stage i will take out another loan with them which is why i asked them to close it and to never re-open it again can they do this?
  16. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
  17. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
  18. Hi, i like many others in bother with PDLs. I took out a loan with PTP for £600, paid back £353.64 but then got into difficulty and couldn't pay. I contacted all of the PDLs by email and heard nothing but was then bombarded (and I do mean bombarded) by texts, mobile calls, landline calls and even at work calls, endless day after day after day, sometimes even 7 days a week but mostly 6! Recently Mckenzie Hall stated harassing me 4/5 times a day and recently at work. I work in a shared office and could not take the call so just said that she (me) wasn't in the office and stated 'would yo
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