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Found 9 results

  1. We are looking for advice prior to emailing Sofology. We purchased a 3 seater, 2 seater and 2 leather chairs which were delivered on Friday 9th March 2018. We paid 1,000 deposit and 4,097.00 both by credit card prior to delivery which was initially 5th March but delayed until 9th March due to the weather. This is now 13th March and although we have only sat on the 2 recliners for a period of 12 hours in total they have puddled where we have been sitting. The arms of the sofas are creased and the delivery man told us that they should come out within a 6 week period. Looking for advice on what we should input before emailing them. We did call their Customer Service and were told to email. Not happy with a 5,097.00 leather sofa set that sags, all still have the tags on.
  2. Hello there, Yesterday I made a reservation for collection of a camera in store. When I arrived at the store, lady at reception went to get the camera for me. I paid for it and left the store. When I got home, I realized that the box was already teared up, which I have photos of, and which is even more weird, the camera was damaged. This is obviously a product that has been used either as showcase in store or returned by a customer. I can’t believe that they're selling used and damaged products as brand new, and trying to get away with it. I sent them an email with my complaint and received a call today. Lady on the phone was extremely rude, and she told me that the product was probably returned by other customer, and she said it like it's the most normal thing in the world to put that product back on the shelf and sell it as brand new. I asked them to send me a brand new camera instead, so I don't have to drive again for 2 hours and ask for a refund or new camera, which they refused, saying that they can't do that because they're a big store and they have rules After a minute of talking, she yelled at me in an extremely rude way "Goodbye" in the middle of conversation and hang up the phone. They're not responding to my emails and are ignoring the matter. Camera value is 79.99e. I'm wondering what you guys think is the best way to approach this, it's not just about the camera, or driving back again - it's about them getting away with doing things like that just because they're a giant chain store, and acting that way, like I did something wrong. Worst customer experience I've ever had, by far - both in store and via the phone. I'm just wondering what rights do I have because I would like to file a complaint or even go to the papers with the story, I'll do whatever I can. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, My first post here and I'm just looking for a bit of advice. I bought a pair of headphones last week from Dawsons as I thought I lost my other pair. The other half found my pair that evening and I tried to return the new ones. They were unused - still have the protective plastics etc on them and I had the receipt bag etc. Dawsons refused to refund them for health and safety reasons as that is their policy on things like headphones, mics etc. However, when trying to return them the guy said they were a demo pair... I was never made aware of this when I bought them. The guy went and got the pair from the back store, not out of a display etc. I was charged the full price of a brand new set. The receipt does say DEMO pair on them but the guy put the receipt in the bag and I never checked. I didn't even take the box out of the bag until I tried to return them - there's also a sticker on the bottow of the box that says demo. What are my rights regarding refund on these? I was sold a demo pair as they were brand new and charged accordingly. Surely it's a bit daft that they won't refund headphones for health and safety yet they can sell demo pairs as brand new even though they have been worn?
  4. I purchased a brand new home from one of the countries' leading developers in Feb 2014. There are 12 homes in our cul-de-sac. We exchanged contracts and moved into our so-called new homes within 2 months of each other. Some were not finished and residents were forced to move in by the developer. After some weeks, a couple of residents were moved out of their homes to allow a remedial team access to sort all the issues. They entered the homes but have just patched up most of the items. In the coming weeks/months numerous problems occurred and the developer was very slow at correcting snags, as well as what appeared to be more than snags. we set up our own action group. We have got our MP and local councillors involved and held constructive meetings with the regional Managing Director from the developer. Before the initial meeting we paid for a surveyor to survey one house and use it as a test case. The survey was damning and advised that if he was representing a prospective purchaser, he would advise against the purchase. the developer, having ignored the comments by our surveyor, paid for a survey for each of the 12 homes. Each home has come back with a failed survey based on some structural issues and also ground levels are too high, mostly above the air bricks and damp proof course. In our opinion, they have broken the contract to provide us with homes that are of proper quality. We are seeking some advice as to what we can do legally, to !. potential for comepensation as this has been a horrific year for most families 2. in a court of law, can the court force them to buy the homes back at the new market value, plus award all costs involved since the purchase. 3. Would we have a winnable case in a court of law, based on the fact the survey have all come back with major issues. Comments are welcome please.
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased a brand new Dacia Duster the purchase price was £15500, we had only owned the car for two weeks when we noticed that the inner front wings were badly rusted,on taking the car back to the main dealers to be inspected by the service manager we were shocked to hear that it was quite common and that they usually rust under the seals above the doors,he took the seals off and there was rust there too,on inspecting the car more thoroughly he found actual corrosion under the rear number plate,he said to us that he could book the car into a body shop but couldnt guarantee that the rust wouldnt reappear after a couple of months, he actually laughed and said the car was a rust bucket,which we couldn't believe. We were contacted by Dacia customer services a couple of days later who said they wanted to repair the car to its previous condition,while weve had it its been rusty so we wernt holding out much hope i said i would like to reject it but she said it was Dacias policy to repair rather than replace. I would just like some advice,as we've heard that rejecting a car can leave you car less for months whilst its sorted out,maybe seeing a solicitor might help we just dont know. What i do know is that if you buy a brand new car it shouldnt have rust issues like this one,and for dealers to be aware of the problems with a relatively new brand in the uk at such an early stage is a disgrace.Looking on Dacia forums it would appear that this is not an isolated case.
  6. Hey guys, Someone advised me to post here after hearing of my problems on a car forum. I bought a brand new MG3 from a dealer in Stirling (Scotland) and took delivery on the 28th of October 2013. It has had a few minor issues. First being the Daylight running lights, the drivers side stopped working. Both were replaced in December. The parking sensors used to continuously beep when reverse was selected, it visted the garage on 2 occassions and then they were replaced on the third. This took a few months to resolve. There are ongoing issues with the door seals which drip water in whenever a door is opened after or during rain. The gutter strip on the roof drivers side is loose. There is an over rev between 1st and 2nd if you do not release the clutch fully (its drive by wire accelerator). I have experienced what sounded like clutch squeal but this seems to have disappeared for the last few weeks. The rubber finishing around the windows on the doors are all loose apart from the rear drivers side. The final straw was discovering some rust bubbling on the lip of the roof at the windscreen. It would appear to have been caused by whoever cut the vinyl stripes. They have cut through the paintwork. The stripes were a factory fitted option. Here is a photo Just to add, I have been quite happy with my dealer experience, they have been excellent (apart from lack of info on my 3 month wait on a spare wheel) its MG themselves who am disappointed with. It was them who have held up repairs etc. I am getting a call from them this week to talk about sorting ALL the issues. I am not sure I even want the car anymore. I also dont feel comfortable having bodywork repaired. I am just looking for advice on where to go from here. Thanks in advance. Alan
  7. I did this and wish I had not. Absolutely disgusting food. Threw the lot of it in the bin even after my pooch stuck her nose up at it. Bland is certainly the word, everything was just tastless, cheddar cheese like rubber, weetabix type cereal like cardboard and bread that went off and crumbled in my hand just 12 hours after buying it! I have to say, people who regularly shop here must have a palate like a cat's toilet tray if they put up with that muck. Disgusting in the extreme, will never patronise either place ever again. Money wasting more like!
  8. I purchased a mccullouch lawnmower a few weeks ago, but we have tried to find out what we are doing wrong, as the petrol is in it, and the oil, we can't transport it back to the shop. Its the starter cord, we can't get it out of the lawnmower, it only comes so far and then sticks, there is no way that it is coming out. What are my rights, and how can I get it back to the shop? Anyone have difficulties like this?
  9. Hi all, At the end of December I ordered a brand new DS4. The dealer managed to find me a pre-registered one elsewhere but said it was exactly the same spec as what i've ordered a 1.6 HDI 115BHP D-style. I've had the vehicle since the 21st January. I firstly had issues with the lights, with there being a high pitched noise in the dash and then my trip computer saying I was only getting 31 mpg - now its a 1.6 HDI so i'm pretty sure this is really poor. Anyway they checked it over and reset the perimetres and told me to return after 1500 miles to let it 'settle'. Im upto 1000 now and can't see it being any better. I had an email off the dealer before I purchased saying the the 60mpg was an accurate figure as he was driving one himself. Anyway I have come renew my insurance and when i put in my registration it comes up my car as being the 110bhp version - not the 115bhp version i have all over my paperwork. Looking further into it the 115bhp wasnt produced until November 2012 but paperwork found in my car when picked up said it was made June 2012. Where do I stand regarding this? it's not the BHP i ordered neither is it doing the MPG I was told it did. I have it on a PCP scheme so awaiting a response off the company but I paid quite a big deposit into this and traded my old car too (however i had equity in this) Many Thanks in advance
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