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  1. Apologies, no we did not take the display model. We would not have paid GBP 5,097.00 for a display model. No we have not taken photographs of the display model as there are bound to have been many people who have sat on it since we last saw it in December. As we have several commitments this week it is highly unlikely that we could go to the store until next weekend at the earliest. I am 100% positive, given the cost of the sofa set, that we would have immediately noticed puddle marks on the items on display at the store. Having only sat on the chairs for a couple of hours last night, and having taken photographs about twenty minutes ago today, I am horrified at the puddle marks. I have forwarded the photographs to their Customer Care.
  2. Just to let you know that I received the following response to my email to Sofology: Thank you for your response, I have forwarded this to the Claims Department and asked them to contact you. I took photographs of the puddle marks on the chairs and they have been forwarded to them. Unsure as to whether I can or should attach photographs here or not or whether that is allowed.
  3. Thank you once again. Are you saying that it won't be straightforward even under the Consumer Rights Act?
  4. Thank you kindly for your response. We purchased the sofa set in the Abbotsinch store, Glasgow. We did so in late December 2017.
  5. We are looking for advice prior to emailing Sofology. We purchased a 3 seater, 2 seater and 2 leather chairs which were delivered on Friday 9th March 2018. We paid 1,000 deposit and 4,097.00 both by credit card prior to delivery which was initially 5th March but delayed until 9th March due to the weather. This is now 13th March and although we have only sat on the 2 recliners for a period of 12 hours in total they have puddled where we have been sitting. The arms of the sofas are creased and the delivery man told us that they should come out within a 6 week period. Looking for advice on what we should input before emailing them. We did call their Customer Service and were told to email. Not happy with a 5,097.00 leather sofa set that sags, all still have the tags on.
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