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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All. I ordered 2x2 seater sofas around August/September from DFS. I was advised by their sales team to go for the thicker leather as we have 2 dogs, so we did. We bought the insurance as well. We took delivery around October. We noticed a few weeks ago that the Leather has started to peel. On both sofas, in all 4 corners, the paint is peeling. Granted in one corner you can see a few claw marks from the dogs but this goes alot further than that. I informed DFS and they sent someone over that had 30 years experience in Upholstery.He's inspected the sofas and took some photos. A couple of hours later I received a call from the manager of the DFS store and bluntly said that because the damage was caused by the dogs, I will have to claim on the insurance. I've argued the point that we were told to by the thicker leather as it was more resilient to pets. Again he said to claim on the insurance. I mentioned that my Father had been an Upholsterer for 30 years and had a look and he agreed to send another person out. The other guy has just been. He was nice and polite. Again he seemed more interested in the claw marks than anything else even taking more photos of the claw marks than the other side. He didn't evn really look at the other sofa. I explained, again, that we had been prompted to buy the thicker leather as it was more resilient to pets to which he replied' Its not actually thicker leather...its a thicker layer of paint they put on'. Now I wasn't told this when I purchased these sofas. If I had I would probably stuck with the cheaper 'Leather'. I've the guy that I want the seats recovering as the new paint will not stick properly. He left on good terms with me. I've received another call from the manager, guess what, this guy has said its down to pet damage and to claim on the insurance. I've complained to DFS Head Office and am awaiting a reply. We've had sofas from DFS before and never had a problem. Any ideas where to go after this?
  2. We are looking for advice prior to emailing Sofology. We purchased a 3 seater, 2 seater and 2 leather chairs which were delivered on Friday 9th March 2018. We paid 1,000 deposit and 4,097.00 both by credit card prior to delivery which was initially 5th March but delayed until 9th March due to the weather. This is now 13th March and although we have only sat on the 2 recliners for a period of 12 hours in total they have puddled where we have been sitting. The arms of the sofas are creased and the delivery man told us that they should come out within a 6 week period. Looking for advice on what we should input before emailing them. We did call their Customer Service and were told to email. Not happy with a 5,097.00 leather sofa set that sags, all still have the tags on.
  3. Hi, I need your advice on the issue I am having with Mercedes-Benz. My ML Artico Leather car seats cover has started splitting on the both front seats which we noticed when it was 4.5 years old, it may have started long before. I have been trying to get Mercedes to repair them FREE for last 8 months. I have complained to Mercedes Head office but keep getting the standard reply from them. Mercedes is saying that the car is out of warranty but as a goodwill gesture they will contribute 50% of the cost of repair. They also say that If I am unhappy with their decision I should contact Motor Ombudsman. I feel that seats on the £45K car should not fall apart in such short time. Has anyone had the same experience? What does the complain to Motor Ombudsman involves and How long will this take? If I take this matter further I have been emailing Mercedes Customer services, should I complain to the Mercedes dealer I bought from? Is my claim against Mercedes Benz dealer or Mercedes Benz Company? I purchased the car from Mercedes Benz Retail, Ealing. What are my rights which says goods should last 6 years? Any advice will be appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi all. Had an electric recliner two seater for under a year with extended warranty. Over the last few weeks we've started noticing it flaking on the part which is the joint I guess which goes from curved to straight when you recline. It's on both sides but worse on one. Never spilt anything and only wipe with leather wipes when required. Called out SCS guy and he said we must have spilt something on it and as it's only on one area they'll want to put it down as an accident... Ready to go at it with them because this i is simply down to poor quality leather . But any advice would be appreciated. Hopefully the pic I've added had worked.
  5. Hi I have the same problem with Argos, bought Hart of House Salsbury tan sofas, 100% "top"quality italian leather, delivered in december 2015, so only 15 months old. One of them blistered and peeled off on back rest, They sent castelan and told me that report proves that it is not manufacturing fault, I asked them to explain what the test was and this is what they said : " In simple terms, a rub test is the application of heat on the fabric (in this case leather), to check the prominence of natural oils (headoil) in the fabric/material. The lack of these oil can cause the cracking/blistering or flaking of the material. As this was not found to be the case on your sofa, there is no manufacturing fault.". I told them technician did not apply any heat on my damaged sofa, he only sprayed something and wiped it, that was all what he did, I also told him that I regularly apply leather protection cream on both sofas and only one has peeled off . I have send them letter under the Consumer act saying that the item is not satisfactory quality and they mislead me by selling them as "top quality", they still refure to pay for the repair. I am getting independent report from furniture reports £260, but worth it to take these sorry people to court. Please can you let me know if you have problem with the same sofa or any other Hart of house lether sofa? Many Thanks!!!
  6. Good Morning This is my first post so please bear with me. Basicaly we purchased a three seater and a two seater sofa and foot stool from Sofaitalia an online company that was in process of opening a store in Stockton on tees we orderd from the store and took delivery end March 2010. the 2 seater sofa cost £950 . We also purchased a staingard cover for £240. The suite wasnt used between April 2011 and Dec 11 due to house move . We noticed about three weeks ago that one of the back cushions at the head neck height the colour has faded right to base leather ( sold as full grain semi aniline) we contacted staingard who inspected and informed no action as its wear and tear and colour fade is not covered . I contacted Sofaitalia who agree with Staingard. However I do not believe under the SOGA that a sofa of this quality and price should only last less than three years with light domestic use there are only three of us in the family . We are far from happy I'm sending Sofaitalia a letter quoting SOGA and my precieved rights as a consumer . Can anyone help point me in the right direction of what we can expect or even if i may be expecting too much in that I would idealy like the sofa replacing at the very least a good repair. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  7. I purchased a brown leather chair (£565) from Laura Ashley in March 14. Over the past few months patches are starting to appear on one of the arms. I emailed the customer service team attaching some photographs, they replied by saying if there was a defect within the leather it would have happened before this time. I asked could anyone come and take a look at it first before making this judgement as I can't exactly take the chair into the shop. They said I would have to get in touch with a furniture ombudsman as we both agree to disagree. I have been in touch with the ombudsman and they are now saying I will need to get a consumer facing report within 7 days otherwise they will close this matter. I am absolutely disgusted with this service, the chair was an expensive piece of furniture and is more of a show chair than one that gets used daily . I would be grateful for any advice on this matters.
  8. Evening all, My parents purchased a very expensive tan Italian leather suite from Leekes around 3 years ago. Over the last few months the colour has been coming off the suite and there are mass swathes of white patches all over the sofa. Even on areas that your not sitting on the colour is coming off and the cushions have been collapsing on the suite. Having spoken to Leekes we had an independent sofa expert come out and look at the sofa, he confirmed it was a manufacturing fault and the sofa was never sealed correctly when it left the factory. Leekes have offered to put new cushions and respray/reseal the sofa but having this done on a previous sofa the colour was never right and was full of patches. With this independent report am I within my rights to demand a replacement sofa? We have no intention of allowing them to spray tan dye in the house with cream carpets and tear apart a 5k+ sofa to install new seat cushions. Any advice would be appreciated. Dan
  9. Hi there, I do have a few questions about a leather sofa bought from DFS back in September 2014. First of all the sofa is made up of 3 parts (as being a corner one). The back of it should have been non-leather as to what the sales man told before we would have to pay it....although we didn't know that. Anyhoo, we have agreed to have the sofa all leather (including the back of it) and the salesman said that it will cost more. We have agreed to pay for the sofa to be all leather .... The sofa instead of 1000.00 was £1200.00. All happy so far. Now: 1. the 3 parts where they join, are made of cloth and not leather - which I thought it could be ok.... I am talking about the sides where you can not see it..... - Question: Should we ask to have the sofa stitched up leather instead of cloth?? 2. On one side of the sofa - the longer side (2 seats) the sofa started to have a bend (where the "buns" are seating to watch TV) and you can feel as you sit down as well as see it.... - Question: Shouldn't the 2 cushions bounce back after you stand up from it??? Any suggestions are welcome...as I would like to write back to them stating that after less than a year the sofa is DE- shaping so much what would be after 2 years or even 3?? I also thought a sofa will come with more than 1 year guarantee (shape and material).... Do please let me know if I should contact the guys at DFS. Many thanks again, dd
  10. I have read other posts here regarding DFS and we have problems on our DFS sofa and armchair also, they were under 12 months when this was first noted and we reported it to DFS who sent their surveyor around and he told us it needs to go via a insurance claim with the policy we took out with DFS and that we needed to do it ourselves as he could not get involved under the data protection act, he also said the cause should be explained to the insurance company as human bodily fluids. I spoke with a girl in the DFS office who said that the peeling would be dealt with by the insurance company and the sofa repair would be rejected as a defect but not to worry as DFS will address that but in the meantime to add both to the insurance claim, obviously I am not happy with something that is clearly not up to standard, I purchased this model as it was sold as a thicker better quality leather (Supreme model) and was shown the difference on swatches in the store so did not mind paying the extra as my previous sofa lasted 16 years including shipping it to Turkey for our villa and having sweat etc from the heat and not a single problem with peeling or colour fading, so why after several months this is being put down to bodily fluid and not a manufacturing defect is a joke. I have informed the insurance company I am not happy with the claim and they are sending their own assesor to double check. No doubt this will rumble on but interested to hear you are having the same issues and by the looks of photo exact same quality and colour issue! Will update when I know what is going on but will take it to court if need to as these are not cheap sofas and never heard of pigment colouring before nor was it mentioned of course when selling the item, purely about the superiour quality leather!
  11. Hey guys, ordered a sofa from CSL in May this year (3 seater, 2 seater and footstool), had to wait 12 weeks as we wanted a different colour from the show room model. Arrived early August, but after a few weeks we noticed the leather on one of the 3 seater seats was 'stretched'. I rang CSL who sent a technician out a few days ago who checked the padding which was fine, and was told that all leather is different and that this particular area had stretched and that there was nothing that could be done to rectify it. Safe to say, it doesn't look very nice. After only having the sofa for a few months for it to do this I and my partner are not very happy, especially when the sofa cost over £2000! What will it be like in a year or two? Are we in our rights to ask for an exchange? I've tried looking around but not found much information that's useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kieron
  12. Looking for some help with a complaint for my parents. In February 2011 my parents bought 2 Restless leather chairs and a matching stool. 16 months later they noticed that there was very distinct colour fading on both chairs. After informing the company where they bought the chairs, someone from FIRA was sent out in October 2012 to inspect the chairs. His report stated that there was colour fading on both chairs and if you wiped a cloth over the leather colour from the chairs transferred onto the cloth. A repair was then authorised and replacement parts ordered. In January 2013 someone from FIRA arrived to do the repair. He replaced all of the leather parts on one chair - ie back, seat and two arms. However the other chair just had the back and one arm replaced. Whilst he was there my mother pointed out that the other arm was showing signs of colour fading and having looked closely he agreed. He would report this back and my mother was asked to inform the company that she bought the chairs from. My mother is basically unhappy that only one chair has been fully repaired, with the other only half repaired and her having to point out the fault on the other arm. The company in Glasgow where she bought them has not been good with its Customer Service as they haven't returned phone calls and has had to chase up everything to get where she has got so far. Now they are trying to say that the Manufacturer will not repair the seat part as it's not faulty in their opinion. My mother feels that the colour match is not perfect and there is an obvious difference between the replaced parts and no replaced parts. She is also unhappy that, although not fading at the moment apparently, that it may not happen in the future as all the rest of it has done so far. What are her rights on this? Can she insist on a full repair as opposed to a part repair? If so how she she word the letter of complaint to the company?
  13. Hi guys, First of all, Happy New Year! I am looking at buying some sofas for my living room. I was looking at DFS sales, but then I couldn't help, but notice the horror stories of how many problems people were having with DFS's customer services and their 10 year warranty. I'm worried and need some recommendations of a whom i should buy from as i don't want a rubbish warranty that is useless when i need it. Can anyone please help or advice? Thank You
  14. Bought 2 leather sofas April 2011 now have serious colour loss on arms and seating area. Representative called to assess told me I had bought a split leather product which will rub off giving an antique finish. I was not told this at the time of purchase. I discussed with salesperson why I was choosing a leather suite i.e. hard wearing, durable The receipt does not suggest leather is split leather, a term I had never heard of until company rep called. They are suggesting suite goes into workshop to be resprayed. I don't want that because. inevitably it will rub off again and this is not the type of leather suite I would have purchased if I had been fully informed at the point of sale. Any advice would be most appreciated
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