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  1. I purchased a sofa from Argos online, it was delivered a couple of days ago. I assembled it yesterday and disposed of the packaging as I didn't notice any faults. However, after a few hours of sitting it's so unbelievably uncomfortable, to the extent of my bum and legs going numb. I don't think I can live with it for much longer its so uncomfortable. My question is can it be returned for a refund or exchange as it has been used and has no packaging? Still in perfect condition though. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'd like to hear if you have had problems the same as me and if so have you been able to get DFS to do something about them? I bought a 2 & 3 Seater Leather sofas last year and they arrived a few days before xmas 2016. From day one there was a problem with the left hand side of the 3 seater sofa (lack of padding, seat dropping away in the corner and misalignment, where it does not match up to the other side) on the 4th January I emailed telling them of the issues I had with the sofa. They did reply and sent out a Service Manager on the 28th January. He agreed that some repairs needed doing. Thinking about it after his visit, I decided that I did not want a repair, I had paid £2500 and did not expect to have repairs done, I visited the store where I bought it from and they said they would like me to give them a chance to put the issues right. I reluctantly agreed on the understanding that if I wasn't happy with the repairs I wanted a replacement. The repairs were carried out in April of this year but most of the issues were not sorted out. Well long story short, I have sent numerous photos, emails and made phone calls, received a visit from the Store Manager and since registered my complaint with the Furniture Ombudsman and gone through the same rigmarole again only to be told all these months later that DFS still refuse to accept there are problems with the sofa and I now have to pay out for an independent survey, as they need evidence to take it any further. I cannot believe it, if you read the consumer law I've followed all the correct channels but it's got me nowhere. I even contacted the finance company but have heard no more from them. I wish I'd never walked into the store and bought the sofas. where do I go from here without spending out more money ?
  3. We are looking for advice prior to emailing Sofology. We purchased a 3 seater, 2 seater and 2 leather chairs which were delivered on Friday 9th March 2018. We paid 1,000 deposit and 4,097.00 both by credit card prior to delivery which was initially 5th March but delayed until 9th March due to the weather. This is now 13th March and although we have only sat on the 2 recliners for a period of 12 hours in total they have puddled where we have been sitting. The arms of the sofas are creased and the delivery man told us that they should come out within a 6 week period. Looking for advice on what we should input before emailing them. We did call their Customer Service and were told to email. Not happy with a 5,097.00 leather sofa set that sags, all still have the tags on.
  4. Hello All I need some help. We went to SCS on 26/12 and placed an order on a sofa. The total cost was around 6000 pounds and we decided to go on 4 year finance. We paid a deposit of around 500 pounds and signed all the paperwork and everything was good. The very next day, I was informed that my mom unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer. It is a devastating news for us. I am in the process of arranging everything for us and it is a lot in terms of finances for us. I decided to cancel the sofa as I need money now! I went to the store again and explained the whole situation to the sales person he said let me speak to the manager. He than came back saying that unfortunately there is nothing they can do. He said either you pay 1500 pounds (25%) of the contract or we can delay the sofa for 6 months, but apart from that they can't do anything. I never said anything and came back. Today, I went there again because I am desperate and would like to cancel it. I spoke to the manager directly and he was very unhelpful. He repeated the same thing. I said can I speak to the regional manager and he said no you can only deal with me. Is there anything I can do? The contract that we signed states that we cannot cancel the order. It was never mentioned when we were signing the contract. It is totally my fault that I never read it correctly. But I would really appreciate your help on this? Is there anything I can do to cancel the order? Many thanks
  5. Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question but my wife and I are thinking about buying a sofa and like the idea of buying online because of the distance selling rights of being able to send it back if it turns out to be unsuitable. Please can I ask if buying in store and then having the goods delivered is classed as distance selling or am I really embarrassing myself here?
  6. Hi. im after some advice on how to proceed against SCS for what i believe to be unfair terms/treatment. We went to the store on Tues 30 May 17, approx 20 mins before the store closed. Having seen a sofa set (3 and 2 seater) we liked, we decided to place an order using the 0% interest payment option over 48 months. The salesman was in a rush to push the order through due to the fact that the store was soon to shut. In a nutshell, 20 days later we wanted to cancel the order in total due to no longer needing the sofa. I rang the store to advise and i was told that SCS don't have a cancellation policy and that I have to honour the reservation. I complained and the manager advised that according to the T&Cs that we had signed, this information was available and that the sales person would have told me aswell. For information, due to the fact that the sales person was in a rush, he never mentioned it to me and also while in a rush he told us to sign something electronically which turned out to be the T&Cs before we had a chance to read them. i argue that we were not aware of the T&Cs because we were not given the opportunity to see them before signing and were also not told verbally. The area manager advised that he would cancel the order but it would cost me 25% of the order total. I'm not even sure this is even in the T&Cs. On one hand they say there is no Cancellation policy and on the other hand they want to charge me 25% cancellation. I need to know how to proceed with this, who to contact (maybe the CEO) and also if there is anything within the Consumer Credit act that they may have breached that i can throw at them. I have not taken delivery of the sofas yet; this is scheduled for Oct 17. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  7. Good evening, I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking for advice about this but I thought I would post a thread. I recently ordered a sofa set, I paid them via online banking, the first payment was the deposit and the second payment was the remaining money due, they are clearly not what I ordered. The sofas were delivered today and it was all a farce, as I live in a flat I had to pay an extra £20 for them to carry them up to my first floor flat which I already did, I had to argue with them for sometime before they rang up the company to get it confirmed. They pretty much took all the packaging off before bringing them up and then just dumped them in my tiny hall way when they should have brought them in to my living room first and then unpacked them. Now, heres the issue, when one of the couriers brought the cushions up I thought they were the right ones but after taking the last of the packaging off from the smallest sofa it turns out the sofa does not match the picture on their website, the colors do not match etc. (See images attached). I have spoken to the manager over the phone and over email and he insists the correct sofas have been delivered and that I shouldn't have signed the delivery receipt if something was wrong and that he's willing to accept a return at my cost of £89 I shouldn't have to pay £89 if the sofas are not what I purchased, no where on their website does it say if you want to return them, it will cost £89. On the receipt it says the couriers should have unboxed them in my living room not outside, it also states no price in the box where it says how much it would cost if the items needed returning. It's states nothing on their website regarding returns as well. Where do I stand legally with this as a consumer? (I can't add pictures)
  8. Awoke to a letter from my housing association (Radian) today charging me £60 for dumping a sofa bed in a communal alley. I was a little surprised as ive not ever owned a sofa bed at this property. I gave them a ring but the person who deals with it was not available and is going to ring me back. All i could find out was that someone had apparently seen me do it. I was looking for advice on what i can do about it. Can they throw charges at people like this with such flimsy information? is it enforceable? i asked for the persons details but they wouldn't give me them, isnt evidence supposed to be public? I use this alley nearly daily and haven't seen a sofa bed out there anytime in recent months which worries me even more, if this incident has been reported as happening a very long time ago haven't they made it very hard for me to defend against? Many thanks for any input.
  9. Hi everyone, wanting some advice for my sister. In January 2016 my sister bought 2 matching sofas from the Range online website. Everything was ok with the sofas until December 2016 when her husband pushed the sofa to make room for there Christmas tree. He noticed one of the sofas arms very loose, he had a look and notice a bolt had come away from the wood frame. She rang the Range and they said they would send someone from Homeserve to have a look at the sofa. A couple of weeks ago the guy turned up and promptly told her he was independent and didn't work for the Range or for my sister. I was at her house and also heard him say this. She explained that her husband had noticed the arm loose when he tried to push the sofa a few inches to make way for the Xmas tree. He examined the sofa and told her the range would be in touch, and left. On the 18th January my sister got a letter from the Range saying it's not a manufacturing fault that the sofa is damaged. It goes on to say the damaged was caused by the sofa been dragged across a carpeted floor. This isn't the case as my sister never used the word " dragged" ........ She has rang the Range and complained and as a gesture of good will they offered to collect the damaged sofa and give her a refund, only problem been is she bought 2 sofas so she is going to be left with one odd sofa. Does she have any rights as we both think this is out of order. The sofa should not be broken after 11 months of use, there is only my sister and her hubby using the sofa( children grown up and live away) Any advice would be most welcome, thanks
  10. Hi I purchased a sofa from SCS back in 2012. The sofa delivered was faulty and after months off arguing we agreed to get a replacement sofa. Ordered January 2013 delivered May 2013. At end of june this year the springs gave way on the sofa and i called to claim under 10 yr warranty. I was told I had to pay £75 to get someone to inspect(as per T&cs)and if it was a manufacturing defect it will be repaired so arranged for July 15th . The Upholstery technician assessed the sofa and we got a letter on 25th july confirming the necessary parts were ordered taking 5-7 weeks. We waited 8 weeks and called to be told they will arrive 3rd october making it 10 weeks. I tried to pre book appointment for repair but i was told no. I had to call again on 4th october they confirmed the part was in then told me 3-4 weeks before they can come to repair. i was not happy and asked for a callback from a manager. no call back so i contacted Consumer rights. I have put it in writing to the CEO of SCS and requested a refund under the sale of goods act1979 to which i got a cheeky letter back stating it was not a manufacturing defect but general wear and tear but made the desicion to assist in a repair and to contact to arrange a repair within 21 days or they are closing the case. HELP where do i go now as i checked and the are not registered with the furniture ombusman:-x:-x:-x
  11. Good Morning This is my first post so please bear with me. Basicaly we purchased a three seater and a two seater sofa and foot stool from Sofaitalia an online company that was in process of opening a store in Stockton on tees we orderd from the store and took delivery end March 2010. the 2 seater sofa cost £950 . We also purchased a staingard cover for £240. The suite wasnt used between April 2011 and Dec 11 due to house move . We noticed about three weeks ago that one of the back cushions at the head neck height the colour has faded right to base leather ( sold as full grain semi aniline) we contacted staingard who inspected and informed no action as its wear and tear and colour fade is not covered . I contacted Sofaitalia who agree with Staingard. However I do not believe under the SOGA that a sofa of this quality and price should only last less than three years with light domestic use there are only three of us in the family . We are far from happy I'm sending Sofaitalia a letter quoting SOGA and my precieved rights as a consumer . Can anyone help point me in the right direction of what we can expect or even if i may be expecting too much in that I would idealy like the sofa replacing at the very least a good repair. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  12. My in laws have purchased a settee from Sofology Sofas. When they went to purchase the suite they tested it for comfort as this was very important to them as both have cancer and my father in law suffers with a very painful leg and back since his cancer treatment and my mother in law has cancer and Lupus which is a very painful illness and she suffers with severe back pain. The suite they picked seemed very comfy. The only change they made was the material they wanted a cord type material which was all okay. They have had the suite for 8 weeks now and are using garden chairs instead of sitting on the settee and chairs as it is so uncomfortable and when they have sat in it for a while they are in pain. There doesn't appear to be any give in the suite so although there isn't a definite fault there is something very wrong with it. I have looked at their website and note they belong to the Furniture Ombudsman, not sure what this means. There is also a 10 year guarantee on the suite. Any help would be really appreciated.
  13. Hi all, I'm in a predicament with 2 x sofas that I have recently purchased from ScS and would love your insight if possible. I ordered the sofas over the phone with the store manager and paid over the phone. I had, along with my daughter, been into the store that day to look at display sofas and had chosen a colour “ charcoal” by looking at a swatch. We wanted grey and decorated the lounge and re-carpeted (carpets from SCS too) according to a grey and lavender colour scheme. When delivered into the lounge the sofas totally look brown. We have a large window and a porch door that lets in light so it is not a dark room. I refused to accept delivery. I rang the Store manager who confirmed the delivery is what I chose and said that if I want to choose alternative sofas from ScS, I will be charged a 35% excess re-selection fee, which in this case would mean I would lose £429. This fits with the discretion cited in Terms and Conditions that Store Managers can use when customers cancel an order on sofas bought in store. However, the Cancellation Policy quoted on the SCS website is different for Cancellations and Returns and states….. "This cancellation and Returns Policy only applies if you made your purchase with SCS online, over the telephone, and via our website. if you have placed your ordering one of our stores, please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of your order.” Given I ordered theses sofas over the phone, including making payment, albeit to a Manager in a store , I would hope the policy from the website applies. I want a full refund. I don’t want to choose alternative sofas that will take 8 wks to make and deliver. I've included two images below - one of the sofa as it was delivered to my home showing the colour that appears to be brown rather than "charcoal", and a screenshot of the "charcoal" swatch that I was shown in the store that I placed my order based on. Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this takes the biscuit? (I have images but the forum isn't letting me post them as a newbie... but they can be found at the following address:) imgur dot com/a/4h8Hi What are my rights in this situation? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Having this on-going problem with SCS. ordered 2 leather sofa's, first delivery was a mess - the delivery team damaged my property as well as the sofa's. I initially refused delivery until SCS assured me the sofa's will be replaced, which they where recently. Sofa's where fine but they are sagging after a week of use - not what I was expecting from £3000+ worth of sofa's. Is there anything I can do about this? The damaged to my property is still to be resolved - damaged door frame/wall/skirting/scratches/etc. After 20 weeks trying to get compensation I was offered £60. Which I rejected and reiterated the damage as SCS did not seem to understand the amount of damage which was done by their delivery crew - I rejected this 2 weeks ago via email as it was via email I received the offer but it seems like I am being ignored now - I have sent them many pictures of the damage. At a loss of what my next step should be - Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hello, I am new to this so I hope I get my post right. We bought two DFS sofas 18 months ago - one large leather 'Oskar' and one smaller fabric 'Shout'. With perfectly normal use, the Oskar sofa has sagged quite significantly in the middle, by about 1.5 to 2 inches. This looks odd and makes the sofa quite uncomfortable as it makes you lean in towards the middle when you sit on it. We were really unhappy about this so I telephoned the DFS store where we purchased it and they agreed to send a Service Manager to come out to inspect the sofa, which he did a few days later. He said that this wasn't a fault but is normal compression or softening of the foam. He stuffed a few sheets of blue foam into the underside of the sofa and told me that he was doing so as a gesture of goodwill as apposed to acknowledgment of a fault in the product. He also told me that we should make sure we sit evenly along the length of the sofa. I disagreed but let him go on his way. I then telephoned DFS Customer Services to express my dissatisfaction and they told me that they would speak to the store manager and get back to me the same day. The next week I heard back from the same store representative that had come to do the makeshift repairs to the sofa and was told again this was not a fault and that this happens with all sofas. I explained that the other DFS sofa we have (the 'Shout' one) hasn't sagged and that I consider this sagging on a sofa that we paid £2,000 for less than 18 months previously was not acceptable. They told me I should take it up with the Ombudsman. I asked them to send me an email confirming that the sag of 1.5 to 2 inches is normal and not a fault. They did send me an email but did not mention the size, even though this was confirmed on the telephone. I hasten to add that I recorded all of these telephone calls. I am at a bit of a loss and feeling really unhappy with the quality of this expensive, saggy sofa and how they have handled this. I would be so grateful for any advise on what to do next. Hope someone can help.
  16. I want to bring to your notice a scandalous situation regarding furniture flammability. The UK has the toughest furniture flammability laws in the world, the price of which is that UK sofas/mattresses etc contain a huge amount of flame retardant chemicals. Evidence has been mounting on the harm that these chemicals do to human health and the environment. Two years ago in the US they changed their laws so that their furniture will no longer need to contain flame retardants. This followed a long campaign by consumers, green scientists, fire fighters (who noticed they were getting more cancers than normal) and the Chicago Tribune (who won the Pulitzer Prize for their work). It took so long because the ultra-powerful chemical industry used its influence to block changes, buy officials, and so on. In August 2014, the UK government in the form of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published a proposed new flammability test that would reduce flame retardants by up to 50% (and probably to nothing with new technologies that would be available). The test methodology was confirmed as water-tight by the country's leading test experts, also by British Standards. Trading Standards and the fire services were very supportive. However, the chemical industry orchestrated resistance, via tame MPs for example, and put pressure on risk averse civil servants in BIS. The result was that the changes did not appear in April 2015 as planned. Instead, BIS officials said more work had to be done. No more work has ever been done on the new test. BIS is now ignoring queries from anti-chemical consumer groups and basically doing everything it can to prevent the changes going through, in order to protect their own backs. What's especially bad is that the government's own published research proved that the current test doesn't actually work for the most part. Which means people are dying in preventable house fires and we are all suffering the harmful effects of flame retardants that mostly aren't actually doing very much anyway.
  17. Can anyone offer any advice on how to go about complaining about my peeling sofas........ Order placed end of December 2013, paid just over half of balance by debit card Remaining balance paid April 2014, by cash Delivery of sofas around June 2014, all good, happy with new sofas. After a few months noticed a slight cracking in the leather, by 12 months old the leather had started to peel, mainly on the armrests and the backrests, with one thing and another, a family bereavement and usual stresses and strains, I haven't had the head nor the energy to fight this but it is getting much worse and I feel that my new sofas should last much longer than this, after all they are from a range called 'endurance' which claims to be 'an exclusive high performance range' with 'advanced technology', 'increased durability', 'more enduring than normal leather'. The sofas are used by 2 adults only, no kids, no pets and for only a couple of hours each evening, due to us being mostly either at work or sleeping!! Not exactly high usage at all. I still have the tags attached to the sofas which boast 'virtually child proof', 'designed to withstand the pressures of a busy family life' and 'improves with age, guaranteed to stay looking good for years to come'. It really is getting worse every day and I'm ashamed to let anyone see it now. I really feel that it is not fit for purpose and wish that I hadn't paid upfront in full for it, if it was on credit I wouldn't give them a penny more. I would like to attach photos but can't as I'm new
  18. Evening all, My parents purchased a very expensive tan Italian leather suite from Leekes around 3 years ago. Over the last few months the colour has been coming off the suite and there are mass swathes of white patches all over the sofa. Even on areas that your not sitting on the colour is coming off and the cushions have been collapsing on the suite. Having spoken to Leekes we had an independent sofa expert come out and look at the sofa, he confirmed it was a manufacturing fault and the sofa was never sealed correctly when it left the factory. Leekes have offered to put new cushions and respray/reseal the sofa but having this done on a previous sofa the colour was never right and was full of patches. With this independent report am I within my rights to demand a replacement sofa? We have no intention of allowing them to spray tan dye in the house with cream carpets and tear apart a 5k+ sofa to install new seat cushions. Any advice would be appreciated. Dan
  19. Good Morning I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct section. Long story short - my brother purchased a sofa from an online retailer, it was delivered cash on collection, couch was in 'boxes' - when opened the couch was badly damaged. Damage was reported within 5 minutes of delivery, the company ignored and blocked calls from my brother and have refused to do anything about it. We contacted them from a different number and managed to speak with someone who initially offered a refund less delivery (I quoted DSR - as this wasn't a return of unwanted, it was return of faulty) and they then backtracked and said the couch was 'shown' to the customer and they had damaged it. Fast forward a few well worded text messages back and forth - we get an angry call from who I presume was a manager or director - at 1st saying he'd refund, then maniacally changing his mind mid way and saying 'you haven't got a purchase order or invoice, you haven't got a leg to stand on - you haven't got any proof you bought it from us' - which I managed to record Now he's taunting my brother, he has made a few promised to collect and given several times - one at 1:30am and to wait up. He waited up and nothing happened. I am at a loss as to what to do - I have contacted Citizens Advice (as they have to hand over to trading standards) - but haven't had a response. Here is an email I have sent to citizens advice - it goes into a bit more detail, maybe a little ranty... My brother purchased a sofa from Luxuy Living Limited - which we discovered on Facebook. Their web address is: ll-uk.co.uk They arranged contact through one of the mobile phone numbers listed on the website, and delivery was made on Saturday 2nd April. Upon delivery, cash was paid. The sofas came in 'boxes'. The delivery agent briefly broke apart a section of one of the boxes to point at fixings to explain how they clasp together. All seemed well, the drive left and the couch was 'unboxed'. We discovered damage immediately to one of the couches - and made contact to all of the mobile numbers on the website. This was literally within 5 minutes of delivery happening. After being unable to speak with them, we sent some text messages which were not responded to - and further attempts to call were unsuccessful. My brother called me to speak about the problem - and I attempted to call and was able to get a response. It would seem they blocked calls from his number. I'm a little more savvy and wrote a number of constructive texts explaining their obligation as a business - and have received a number of responses. Initially they said they'd refund minus delivery costs of £70 - which I explained was in breach of DSR as we are not 'cancelling' the order because we don't want it, we are returning because it's faulty. After I challenged this, they claimed the couch was unboxed and shown to the customer - and the damage had been caused by them. I challenged this and asked if they had anything signed or any photos to show this - as it's unlikely that they'd cause a manufacturing defect within 5 minutes of delivery. A few more texts back and forth and they made a promise to refund on Sunday 3rd. They waited in all day on the 3rd - nothing happened. By now we'd been back and forth with texts - and received a phone call from an angry gentleman who I believe was the business owner - we recorded the last minute or so of the conversation. He said he'd sort it, and it would happen later on Sunday night or Monday morning, then in the same breathe told us that we didn't have a leg to stand on because we didn't have a purchase order or an invoice. After explaining we have phone records and a raft of text messages discussing the sale and refund from a number listed on his website - he laughed and said he'd change numbers. We have screenshotted data from his website. We are getting absolutely nowhere and this company has behaved despicably.
  20. Hi there, Any advice welcome! In may 2015 I ordered a 3 seat leather sofa from littlewoods which was delivered on the 2nd june 2015. Towards the end on november we noticed the middle of the sofa was bowing and actually touching the floor so contacted littlewoods who arranged for an 'engineer' to visit and assess. The assessor came on the 18th december and summarised that the sofa was inadequately supported in the centre and his idea of fixing the problem was to put a plstic black leg in the middle of the sofa bearing in mind that th other feet on the sofa are dark brown wood! He asked me to sign to say he'd been which i did and then he left. I called littlewoods to say i was unhappy with this as my sofa had been modified not repaired and the agent agreed this was unsatisfactory and would arrange another 'engineer' to come out. since then i have had a call saying I signed to say i was happy with the repair and as a result they were not prepared to take any further action regarding replacement or repair. Im new to making a complaint but surely they have a right to ensure the sofa is exactly how i bought it not to just chuck an extra leg on there and think it is acceptable? How should i approach this?
  21. I purchased a second hand multiyork sofa and wanted to get a new cover for it. So i paid £550 for a new cover from multiyork. I waited 8 weeks for the cover to be delivered (not a problem as it was a bespoke item). When the cover arrived it was an extremely poor fit. Obviously got in touch with them and they eventually agreed to uplift the cover and the sofa so that it could be fitted at there factory. This was a satisfactory response and so all was well. We then awaited the return of our sofa..... When it returned the cover was fitted beautifully and so we were happy. Unfortunately the feet on our sofa had been moved. When they left us they were fitted in the front corners as you would expect. they were now set in from the corners and uneven. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the feet now fitted to our sofa were not our original wheels. Got in touch with them and told them of our concerns. The customer services supervisor told us that no work had been done to our sofa apart from the cover being fine tailored. I sent some photos to show that 1. the feet had been moved from the original holes with new ones drilled 2. They were not our original feet. She responded and told me that these sofas had 2 fixing points for the front legs and they had simply been put in the wrong holes. I have since contacted 3 of there stores and all have told me that this sofa comes with only one fixing point for the front feet and even if i paid for it extra holes could not be added as the frames come in pre drilled. at this point i asked the questions was my sofa damaged in transit What work has been done to my sofa Who authorised it why have my feet been changed and moved where are my feet. i sent her pictures of the old feet and the new feet. the new feet are completely unmarked (bear in mind this sofa must be 10 plus years old) i also sent pictures proving the feet had been moved and new holes drilled. her response was that 1. she had spoken to the "craftsman" who had fitted my cover and no work had been done to my sofa 2. it was unclear whether the feet had been moved due to the angle of the pictures 3. The new feet were my original feet. i spoke to her on the phone where she told me the pictures were in front of her i pointed out the clear diffrences and she was still adamant that they were my original feet. she did say that they would send a technician to my home to repostion the feet but this would take 3 weeks for an appointment to be made. I told her that i did not want any further work doing to my sofa ubtil they could explain what had happened. i also asked to speak with her boss. Ok so now im at custmer services manager level. She gave the same response as her colleague on all counts. Neither would answer any of my original questions. I then contacted the CEO who told me that the Customer services manager would be in touch once she had completed a full investigation. So i waited for answers. Next thing i know i receive an email from her......were there answers. NO! there was an offer for a full refund of my original order (The cover which i now had no issues with at all) i have refused the refund as this does not fix my sofa and as i am unaware what work has been done and why i cannot seek to get it fixed with anybody else. i then spoke to them and said i would allow them to send a technician to reposition the feet. I did this because the new feet have diffrent fixings from the old ones and so they do not fit into the old holes. This means that he would not be able to reposition the feet proving that they were not my original feet and they had drilled new holes to fix the new feet. They made an appointment for 27 nov. friday i received an email from CS manager telling me she had cancelled the appointment and that a refund had been authorised to be made to me. obviously i do not want a refund as this will not fix my now damaged sofa. i have written to her stating i do not want a refund and that i am happy for anybody at multiyork to come and asses my sofa. They have blocked me from there facebook page and nobody will speak to me. All i wanted from them was a sofa cover. i have ended up with a sofa with wonky feet and the people best placed to explain why and fix it will not give me any explanation or deal with my issues. I also want my original feet back as they are my property and i did not give them any permission to touch my sofa or carry out any work. It is now 4 months since i made the initial order and i am sick of the stress of dealing with them. i realise that i may not have explained things very well but would really appreciate any help as i am at the end of my tether!!!! [ATTACH]60262[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]60263[/ATTACH] These are my original feet note the wear to the castor and the fitting right on the corner of the sofa [ATTACH]60264[/ATTACH] this is the position of the feet upon its return [ATTACH]60265[/ATTACH] This picture clearly shows the old and new holes. remember they are telling me that these holes were in the sofa from new. so the staples which are shiny and silver are 10 plus years old????? you can also clearly see the nuts for the feet to fix into on the new holes are surface mounted. they are set into the old holes by about an ince this means if you try to put the new feet in the old holes they push the castor out of the bottom I have lots more pictures which proves everything i have said. i cannot see how such a simple task for them has turned into such a web of lies and again would appreciate any help. sorry its so long Thank You
  22. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me! I told the sales assistant I needed a corner sofa for a specific area and she directed me to a sofa in store I was also looking for a dining table with chairs so looked around and was not 100% on anything I saw despite her making many attempts to close the deal. I decided to look around before I was 100% on the dining table that I had chosen. The sales assistant said she would place both order of the sofa and dining table for me on hold and I could call and tell her what I had decided the next day. I went home and looked at the sofa again online, saw the dimensions of the left arm facing corner sofa I had picked online advertised as 289cm which would fit in the area like the assistant had said. I called her and said I would go ahead with the sofa but not the dining table. The sofa was custom made and was delivered on Tuesday the 20th of October - it is too large for my living room space! When I saw it in store and saw the measurements online I was confident that the information I was given was accurate and it would fit! scrolling down the dfs website in more detail now I see that the measurements are wrong on the first sofa (the one I had picked left arm facing) and if you look at right arm facing (which is not what I wanted so I did not pay much attention to it then)..there are added measurements! I am annoyed that I was misled by the website and assistant! But I know I should have known better looking at the sofa in store What makes matters worse is the sofa arrived faulty! The delivery man took photos and said that it should be ok after a couple of days (something about the material being compressed during delivery and it should expand back.. which it hasn't) but he would let the store know . I received a phone call saying the manager would come to my house on the 9th of November which is 20 days after the delivery date! I emailed customer services with these details and an attachment of the website dimension details, saying the 9th is far too long to wait for a response and they said the store manager would contact me, I have yet to be contacted. After reading many unhappy customer posts I am very worried that this issue will not be resolved and I will be stuck with a sofa that is far too large for my living room!! Do I have a case and is there anything I can do to resolve this matter quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! zozi
  23. Hi there, I do have a few questions about a leather sofa bought from DFS back in September 2014. First of all the sofa is made up of 3 parts (as being a corner one). The back of it should have been non-leather as to what the sales man told before we would have to pay it....although we didn't know that. Anyhoo, we have agreed to have the sofa all leather (including the back of it) and the salesman said that it will cost more. We have agreed to pay for the sofa to be all leather .... The sofa instead of 1000.00 was £1200.00. All happy so far. Now: 1. the 3 parts where they join, are made of cloth and not leather - which I thought it could be ok.... I am talking about the sides where you can not see it..... - Question: Should we ask to have the sofa stitched up leather instead of cloth?? 2. On one side of the sofa - the longer side (2 seats) the sofa started to have a bend (where the "buns" are seating to watch TV) and you can feel as you sit down as well as see it.... - Question: Shouldn't the 2 cushions bounce back after you stand up from it??? Any suggestions are welcome...as I would like to write back to them stating that after less than a year the sofa is DE- shaping so much what would be after 2 years or even 3?? I also thought a sofa will come with more than 1 year guarantee (shape and material).... Do please let me know if I should contact the guys at DFS. Many thanks again, dd
  24. I have read other posts here regarding DFS and we have problems on our DFS sofa and armchair also, they were under 12 months when this was first noted and we reported it to DFS who sent their surveyor around and he told us it needs to go via a insurance claim with the policy we took out with DFS and that we needed to do it ourselves as he could not get involved under the data protection act, he also said the cause should be explained to the insurance company as human bodily fluids. I spoke with a girl in the DFS office who said that the peeling would be dealt with by the insurance company and the sofa repair would be rejected as a defect but not to worry as DFS will address that but in the meantime to add both to the insurance claim, obviously I am not happy with something that is clearly not up to standard, I purchased this model as it was sold as a thicker better quality leather (Supreme model) and was shown the difference on swatches in the store so did not mind paying the extra as my previous sofa lasted 16 years including shipping it to Turkey for our villa and having sweat etc from the heat and not a single problem with peeling or colour fading, so why after several months this is being put down to bodily fluid and not a manufacturing defect is a joke. I have informed the insurance company I am not happy with the claim and they are sending their own assesor to double check. No doubt this will rumble on but interested to hear you are having the same issues and by the looks of photo exact same quality and colour issue! Will update when I know what is going on but will take it to court if need to as these are not cheap sofas and never heard of pigment colouring before nor was it mentioned of course when selling the item, purely about the superiour quality leather!
  25. Hi all. Back on 4th November 2014 we ordered some new covers for our 2 sofas. We picked the fabric and the covers were to be custom made by the supplier of the sofas. On the invoice, it shows an approximate delivery time of 3-4 weeks. As the covers were to be custom made, we paid in full at the time of order. We contacted the shop at the beginning of December to see what was happening only to be told the fabric hadnt arrived from the suppliers and so they had not started on the covers. Just before Christmas we got a phone call to say the fabric would be delivered on 6th January to which we said we were not very happy but OK. 6th Jan, called....no fabric, will definitely be delivered by 13th of Jan. Rang today, still no fabric so said we were very unhappy and would like to cancel the transaction. Shop very defensive, said it wasnt possible and that the fabric had been dispatched and would be there tomorrow or Monday. Wife said, Monday or money back. On the back of the invioce one of the terms and conditions says " All delivery dates are quoted in good faith and are correct at the time of ordering however these dates are approximate and can be subject to change from our suppliers. Under no circumstances can ' Store name' be held responsible for delays in delivery due to unforseen circumstances. Nor will it constitute a cancellation " Also, "All orders that are specially made and custom built cannot be cancelled" Are we within our rights to ask for our money back if the fabric doesnt arrive on Monday? The quoted terms are normally for the furniture they sell and supply but they are now saying it also applies to fabric orders. I realise they may well have ordered the fabric but they have not as yet received it or made a start on making our covers. Any help or advice appreciated.
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