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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, We bought a Homebase Kitchen in 2011, which comes with a ten year warranty. We had it fitted professionally while having other building work done, and it quickly began to deteriorate. The kitchen was a shaker style with (what appears to be) doors wrapped in vinyl and a plate rack with painted components. The paint on the plate rack was the first to cause problems - flaking off in large chunks until the whole wooden section was exposed. We also noticed on a few of the doors had started to split across the top edging causing the vinyl to crack, and on an open-fronted unit the paint had started to chip off in large quantities. After much toing and froing (including escalating the complaint to Homebase's director department), we had an assessor visit to check our complaint and they agreed to replace the faulty components (this was then a two year old kitchen). Several items were out of stock and it took approximately two months for the units to be delivered. However, we eventually got the parts and had them replaced, and closed the complaint (with a minor compensation from Homebase). 18 months later, we're now seeing some of the same components fail - particularly the plate rack. I realise I can start a new complaint, have the same component replaced again as I am within my ten year warranty, but at what point can I say this kitchen (or at least several components of it), are not fit for purpose and take the complaint higher? I shouldn't have to replace parts on a bi-annual basis, and I am well aware that as soon as my ten year warranty is over, Homebase are entitled to wash their hands of my problem leaving me with a tatty kitchen I'll have to replace immediately. Thanks for any advice
  2. I went into homebase on tuesday and picked up a standard lamp that was on offer from 50 to 24 pounds it ticked all the boxes that I wanted and at the tills I was told that I could not purchase this item but had to order it and it would be in on Thursday I payed for it and kept saying I will get one wont I ? If not can you save me this one . On Thursday I had a phone all to say lamp had not come in and to give them another 48 hours . Today Monday I went into store noticed that the lamp on display was missing , went to customer services to ask bout lamp I had ordered and was told that they were unable to get me the one I had ordered so I asked where was the one that was on display and was told this had been sold!!!!!!!!! They checked on computer and they cannot get me one as they are out of stock. I was offered my money back and I said I did not want it I wanted the lamp. Phoned customer services up they offered me a 10 voucher off the price of the lamp as they were going to pass me onto a single person to check stock I said I had already paid for lamp so what was use, I was then passed onto another department to check on stock and was told no stock was available and to keep phoning every 5 days to see if stock had come in . So tonight I am £24 down and still no lamp . Cannot believe they sold the lamp to one customer when I had lready paid for one and have been left without one shocking service homebase Donna Hammond as you policy is to look after your customers ,this is one customer who feels very let down
  3. I should prefix this by saying that this is now an academic point as we have found an amicable resolution to the issue, but I would like clarification none the less. I recently spent £6500 supply only on a Shcreiber kitchen from Homebase. This order was based on an in-store design that we arrived at. Upon delivery a number of panels were damaged. It transpired that one of the damaged panels was also not required. Being able to physically position the items made clear a much better way of achieving the same result - something that should have been noticed during the planning stages. The panel cost £207 so I wanted it refunded/exchanged as the improved design required me to purchase some much cheaper plinth (£50 a length). I went to the store slightly after 24 hours of receipt of the goods. I explained that I wanted the damaged panel refunded so that I could buy the more appropriate materials. I was told in no uncertain terms this was not possible and they would only replace damaged items. I pointed out that this was contrary to my statutory rights and was told that because I approved the design that I was not entitle to return any items which were not required. No amount of pointing out that I was rejecting the goods due to not being not of a satisfactory quality would make any difference... They tried to fob me off saying that I had to call the distribution center, which I'm glad I did in store as they said only the store could refund it. The guy on the phone was very abrasive and on more than one occasion I found him shouting at me down the telephone. He was insisting that the sale of goods act only required them to replace the damage item and it was at their discretion as to which remedy they choose. I was firmly of the opinion that within 24 hours I am entitle to a refund, regardless of what I bought or if it was part of a larger design that I approved. I also stated several times to all staff that it was impossible to sign away statutory rights which they are implying that I did as I approved the design and acknowledged that I wouldn't be able to return any items not required. In the end we did arrive at an amicable solution but it was very much implied that they were doing me a huge favor and going beyond the call of duty - indeed they did have to do a considerably amount of fiddling on the system. Please clarify, damaged goods reported within 24 hours - I am entitle to a refund surely, if I accept a repair or refund it is at my discretion not homebase?
  4. I purchased a mccullouch lawnmower a few weeks ago, but we have tried to find out what we are doing wrong, as the petrol is in it, and the oil, we can't transport it back to the shop. Its the starter cord, we can't get it out of the lawnmower, it only comes so far and then sticks, there is no way that it is coming out. What are my rights, and how can I get it back to the shop? Anyone have difficulties like this?
  5. I ordered 4 items online from Homebase on 30/04/2013. They have not yet been delivered. I wanted to refund/cancel 2 items on 10/04/2013. They have confirmed refund and processed (for the 2 items), but I have not been creditted with the money. They quote 5-7 days for refunds, it is now 10 days, still no refund and now they are not replying to emails. They are deliberately holding onto my money. They can process sale payment within seconds, yet refunds take weeks! Is this not "Evasion of liability by deception, UK Theft Act 1978 - Section 2: ...induce the creditor to wait for payment or to forgo payment..." They have quoted 5-7days when they know this to be untrue. Homebase are [problematic], like some [problem] artist, who keeps promising you the money, but never ACTUALLY pays up... Homebase ... AVOID !!!
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