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  1. homeprotect no go,as the quote is over times what I currently have
  2. Yes I had to pay in full for my car insurance,which I was able to do, but the house insurance is a joint policy. thanks for the replies
  3. I have been trying to get house insurance but because I have a CCJ nearly 3 years ago, nobody seems to want anything to do with me. Tesco asks about CCJ's at the very end of the online application. Has anyone else had this problem and why penalise people when they are trying to get back to financial normality. We both work full time, and the CCJ from Nationwide is being paid off, and it was from when I was off work for a year, and for 6 months couldn't pay anyone. Two burglaries also, and lost two cars within six months. any suggestions as to how an honest person can get insurance. thank you in advance
  4. Why does my insurance company who gave me a quote, not allow me to pay monthly because I was truthful and said I had a CCJ,they didn't even do a credit search. My sister who is financially connected to me, got insurance from the same company, and got monthly payments. Surely if I didn't pay they could just cancel the insurance? Very frustrating
  5. It was actually paid off, and was never even disputed...
  6. emailed the CEO, and yes they were quick at emailing me back, but wanted me to go through all the steps that I have went through 20 times before. Emailed them back to say they had not kept their terms and conditions and I wanted to leave, but they want to talk me through my complaint. Can I just stop payment and get another provider as I said in my email that I would give them 14 days to sort it.
  7. Hi Has anyone received a letter from capquest informing them that they over paid by £230 and they are refunding it. Debt was paid off some time ago. Is this a [problem]
  8. It goes down well with most judges if you attend court and explain and bring your licence with you.
  9. thank you, new router sent but still not working
  10. Congratulations all I got was NO you didn't have a PPI. Is the onus on them to prove you didn't....
  11. Does anyone know the email of the complaints department at BT, as I emailed them last night and got a reply saying I had to phone a number, which I will not do, as I want it all in writing why I am cancelling my contract? CEO's email of customers cancellation dept>
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