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Found 14 results

  1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/supermarket-petrol-price-war-10708857
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jan/03/petrol-food-prices-uk-rising-2017 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/01/10/food-prices-rise-inflation-returns-supermarkets/
  3. Hi what is the legal minimum spend on fuel in terms of litres
  4. Just wanted to get a clarification on the law. My next door neighbour called in at Tesco to fill up in the works van [ well known firm & van is sign written] . Filled up & went to pay, he had forgotten his wallet. Informed the lady behind the counter & immediately he said she barked " stand over there". Made him wait while she served everyone in the shop, then told him to produce some ID. He reminded her he had forgotten his wallet , she then produced a book & asked him for his details. Normally he would have signed , but her attit
  5. I could not pay petrol at Sainsbury's petrol station as I did not have enough money in my bank (despite checking the night before that I did have more than enough) as a few direct debits went out that I was unaware of. Now I've had some money cleared I went to pay them today but they said it was passed on to a debt collection agency (something they never told me when I tried to pay the first time) as a week had passed (something they also conveniently never told me) and the DCA would put 1 £50 charge on it. I have complained to Sainsbury's customer service abo
  6. Has anyone experienced blatant overcharging or been subjected to a [problem] at a UK petrol station? I used the Shell garage at Westerhailes in Edinburgh as the needle on my fuel indicator was touching zero. On fuelling, there was no noise coming from the pump and there was no sensation of fuel running through the hose and into my car as there usually is. I stopped refuelling the car, concerned that the cost was increasing but I was receiving no fuel. This was also evidenced by the fact that the indicator needle had not moved at all when I turned the ignition on. The staff advised I still had
  7. I purchased a mccullouch lawnmower a few weeks ago, but we have tried to find out what we are doing wrong, as the petrol is in it, and the oil, we can't transport it back to the shop. Its the starter cord, we can't get it out of the lawnmower, it only comes so far and then sticks, there is no way that it is coming out. What are my rights, and how can I get it back to the shop? Anyone have difficulties like this?
  8. Hi guys, does anybody know how much it is to have the blade sharpened on petrol lawnmowers? My Oh has just got a Suffolk Punch petrol lawnmower, and absolute bargain too, it has only been used a couple of times, new condition, and even second hand these babies can go for a couple of hundred, they're £600+ to buy, so £55 was an absolute steal! Anyway, it's perfectly fine right now, we were just wondering when we need to have it done how much it would be roughly?
  9. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum room so please bare with me, in February 2013 me and my girlfriend pulled into our local petrol station this petrol station is approx 1 mile from our house, I put £4 0f fuel in the car in order to get us home but that week there had been signs put up around the petrol station stating minimum payment of £10 on a card. we only have £5 in our account at the time and we explained to the assistant behind the counter that we lived down the road we even offered to leave our mobile phone there while we went home to get the cash, the assi
  10. I did a really stupid thing today, i put petrol by mistake in a diesel car hired from enterprise. I was surprised after filling up i continued to drive for 70 miles, pulled over for a coffee and the car failed to start after i had finished AA towed me to a local ford garage where they took the car, i was taken to the nearest enterprise and given another vehicle. I realize petrol in diesel is not to bad compared to diesel in petrol. No doubt all that the ford main dealer will do is just pump out the fuel and replace with diesel Anybody got any idea on what this is going to cos
  11. Hi.. To make a long story short. Card was PIN blocked. I was away from home for a few weeks. Signed form at station. Didn't make deadline and now I have a civil recovery letter. From past experience I am aware that these bullies are best ignored. Should I ignore them on this too?
  12. My husband was recently using a diesel pump at a petrol station on his way to work as a taxi driver when it splashed back and covered him almost from head to toe in diesel. He reported this to the cashier who said he would close the pump and advised my husband to write to head office. My husband set out his claim in a letter, including ruined clothing and loss of earnings. The reply from the claims handling agent states after their enquiries they have found no evidence that any loss suffered by my husband has arisen due to any negligence or failing by the petrol station. Any suggestions
  13. This may seem daft, but how much would I be charged if I decided to buy EXACTLY 1 litre of petrol if the price displayed is 129.9p per litre? My point is why the 0.9p? They used to charge 1/2p years ago but the difference is there actually was a 1/2p coin then. When did it become 0.9p and WHY????? Yes, a bit of a rant but I am curious to know why they are allowed to display an amount it is impossible to actually pay. I cannot ever pay 0.9p so why charge it? Would I be expected to swallow the loss and pay 130p? Would they let me off the 0.9p and charge me 129p? If so, i could fill my car a
  14. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/supermarket-slash-fuel-prices-122529694.html
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