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  1. I ordered something of significant value and size from Aldi and it was due for delivery last Monday by Yodel. I have ordered many items from Aldi in the past all of which have been successfully delivered by Yodel. On Monday, I tracked the delivery until there were just two or three before mine and then kept an eye out for the Yodel van in anticipation. Then, when mine was the next delivery, the status said that the driver could not get access to my property. There are no obstacles to my house whatsoever. Contacting Yodel seems to be a choice between hit and miss on Twitter - they tend to ignore my messages - and an online chat which is frankly useless but I did provide a phone number and a map. I phoned Aldi who said that they would rearrange the delivery for the next day. The following day, I went through the same procedure but this time when mine was the next delivery, the status suddenly went to delivered! I stared at my screen incredulously for a moment before phoning Aldi and being told that it had been delivered to another address which is my landlord's house about 100m away but visible from my house. I couldn't understand why anybody would accept a delivery for me without noticing that I was in as my car was outside my house and directing the driver accordingly I went to collect the item only to be told that no delivery had been made to them. I phoned Aldi again and was told that the driver would be interviewed at the end of their shift. Two days later, I had a phone call to say that the driver delivered the item to somewhere which was identified as the place they said (my landlord's house) but the description did not match (the address where they said they delivered the item is the only place around here which is not painted the same colours as mine and they described the place as if it matched) they said that the person who supposedly signed for it matched my general description but did not ask for their name. None of the information is consistent to anybody who knows the area but it is difficult to convince somebody on the phone. Aldi have been kind enough to send the item again which should arrive tomorrow the whole situation concerns me that either the driver is lying or somebody has accepted the delivery fraudulently and there doesn't seem to be any way of determining who it is because as far as Yodel are concerned, it was delivered to me. tomorrow, I don't see any reason why the situation would not end with a similar result. I plan to make a video recording of my house when I see from the tracking that the delivery will be due just in case. It just made me wonder where I would stand legally.
  2. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help. Received a parking Eye charge and appealed but it's been unsuccessful. I wasn't aware of a time limit, shopped for Christmas and I'm disabled so it took longer because a) I can't walk very well and b) the shop was busy with Christmas checkout queues/busy aisles. I was there 1hr 57 mins apparently. In my online appeal I couldn't find the receipt so uploaded a copy of my bank statement showing a purchase on that day. I've since found the receipt. The error I made from reading these boards now is that I named myself (registered keeper is my husband) as the driver. The email I've received today advises me theyve extended the reduced amount of £40 for 14 days further, or I can appeal to POPLA. Do I continue on with the appeal or just have to pay it as I named myself as the driver? Thank you in advance for any help. For PNC's received through the post [ANPR camera capture 1 Date of the infringement 20/12/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 01/01/2018 3 Date received 05/01/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] not that I can see 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes an anpr caprure of my reg plate (too dark to see driver) 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] y not sure how to put pics up Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up y 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Eye 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Aldi Hampton Peterborough For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE BPA If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here Email stating unsuccessful appeal via parking Eye
  3. I don't have a Lidl within a reasonable distance, but there is an Aldi. Are these two stores similar in price and quality ? I would appreciate some comments from customers of these stores - Thank you
  4. Default Re: Aldi customers told to register their vehicles in-store or face a fine. I drove into Romsey on 8th Feb at night (in the dark) and the first safe place I found to park was Aldi. I live in Staffordshire and had travelled down for a family wedding. I went with my daughter to find the registry office, then went into the Aldi store to pick up some munchies for the B&B. I returned to Romsey Aldi the next day (9th Feb) for the wedding, sent my 16 year old daughter to the parking meter for a ticket as we weren't going into the store. A few days later I received a parking letter from parking eye. I didn't realise that you had to enter your registration into a machine, as our local Aldi doesn't have that? I appealed to parking eye with a copy of my online banking page as I didn't have my receipt (who keeps receipts for junk food?). they said it was unsuccessful and to appeal through POPLA. I appealed through POPLA and sent them the full online bank statement page, they said my appeal was unsuccessful? I am being charged for not entering my reg number into a stupid machine. .. I was a genuine paying customer?! Please help as I don't want a CCJ Thanks,
  5. Hi all Looking for some advise with regards to PNC This is on behalf of a friend. He parked in the Auldi car park to do a shop. What he did not do was punch in his reg number. He was there a total of 29 mins (according to PE) He has now received a Notice to Owner, an invoice for £70.00 reduced if paid quickly. He said he is going to appeal. any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Leakie
  6. Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I purchased a bike rack from Aldi and assembled it according to the instructions. I put the bikes on the back and headed off on holiday. We had been travelling less than 10 minutes on the motorway when the 2 of the bikes flew across the motorway. By some miracle nobody was hurt. The strap had snapped as the cradles had worked loose and there was nothing to stop them flying off. The motorway patrol came and retrieved the bikes, one of which was totally destroyed. He then put the other bike back on the rack, used the snapped strap to attach and ensured it was secure. During the remainder of the journey from Liverpool to Plymouth, I had to keep stopping to push the cradles back down the rack as they continued to work loose. On the return journey, I used bicycle locks to attach the bikes and this worked okay. I complained to Aldi and they claim that becuase I didn't take a photo of the rack attached to the car when I set off, and because I binned the strap as I used bike locks on the way back, that it must be my fault and I must have attached the strap incorrectly. They have given me £30 in Aldi vouchers which means I have to spend them back in Aldi. It was a horrendous experience and I cannot believe they are taking this approach. Can anyone advise me? Thanks Jackie
  7. New Aldi has opened up in Portishead, Bristol - and includes ANPR cameras for Parking Eye, with an hour and a half parking limit. They have made two mistakes..... (1) They bought the store from the Co-Op who decided to pull out of the town due to increased competition (Waitrose, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsburys etc) but the original covenant when change of use was placed on the land and Co-Op got planning consent was that a minimum of 2 hours free parking is provided. (2) The planning application for Aldi to make various changes to the store appearance & to redesign the car park didn't mention the installation of signage, sign posts & the ANPR camera pole in the car park - the planning approved design / layout plans didn't show the location of the poles etc The store has only been open for 3 weeks and the locals aren't happy, North Somerset Council are investigating the covenant & planning breaches.
  8. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Aldi-customers-told-register-vehicles-store-face/story-27985958-detail/story.html I don't see how this really helps with the congested car park as anybody is still allowed to park there without using Aldi...
  9. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/mouse-infestation-closes-supermarket-41346/ I like one of the comments from readers of this article.
  10. Hello. Parkingeye run the car park in our local Aldi, when you have finished your shopping and paid, you then go to a terminal and enter your car reg details and then leave. We shop there on a regular basis, spending £50 or more per visit, on Sat 13th June my partner entered the car park, shopped in Aldi, spent £8.05 and then left the car park 27 minutes later. On Monday 22nd June we received a PCN for £70 reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days. I have been reading with great interest some of the advice regarding appealing this fine and I think I have grounds for an appeal! I wanted the opinion of those amongst you more familiar with this type of dispute. This is a draft copy of the letter I intend to send to ParkingEye 24th June 2015 ParkingEye Reference – To whom it may concern I am appealing as registered keeper on the following grounds. I shop at the Aldi store, where ParkingEye operate the car park, on a regular basis. Often spending in excess of £50 per visit. On the date in question the driver of the vehicle purchased items in Aldi to the value of £8.05, upon leaving the store, the driver believed they had entered the car registration details and left the car park some 27 minutes later. The above is a screen shot of the drivers bank statement clearly showing the £8.05 purchase from Aldi, which was debited from the account on the first available working day, which was Monday 15th June. Should you fail to uphold my appeal then I may appeal to POPLA on 1 or more of the following grounds. You will be expected to provide a full breakdown of your alleged loss, and your full unredacted contract with the landowner. 1) The amount being claimed is not a genuine pre-estimate of loss to your company or the landowner 2) Your signage does not comply with the BPA Code of Practice and does not form a contract between motorist and yourself 3) You are not the landowner and do not have the authority to offer contracts to park 4) You are using ANPR data for a purpose not registered with the ICO If you do reject the challenge and insist on taking the matter further I must inform you that I may claim my expenses from you. The expenses I may claim are not exhaustive but may include the cost of stamps, envelopes, travel expenses, legal fees, etc. By continuing to pursue me you agree to pay these costs when I prevail. Any communication that does not either confirm cancellation or include a POPLA verification code will be reported to the BPA as a breach of their Code of Practice - the BPA recently issued guidance to all members to remind them of this fact. Such communication may also be deemed harassment and pursued accordingly. Any comments, good and bad Thank you for your time
  11. Hi guys. Just thought I would share a hopefully helpful experience and would like to hear if this works for anyone else! I recently got a ticket through the post from Parking Lie and was fuming. I received it in a small town which only has free car parking so it's weird how Aldi has managed parking but the other 500 council spaces are free with no time limits! Anyway I phoned Aldi to complain and let them know I was not happy after doing my weekly shop there and it costing me an extra £70 in Parking Lie charges and they said they would help me appeal the ticked but could not guarentee me winning so I stopped this line of enquiry. I then decided to use a tactic I have used on other complaints in the past. I found Aldi's UK managing directors email address and sent him a email about my disappointment on receiving the ticket etc.... I then got a reply back asking for my mobile number as the regional manager wanted to contact me. I swiftly got a call back from the regional manager who agreed that genuine customers should not be charged if they over stayed and it was a matter where common sense should be applied and said he will get intouch with Parking Lie and cancel this ticket. The next morning I received a email from Aldi's customer services notifying me of the cancelation, bingo! In my situation I was a genuine customer and had receipts and bank statements proving I was there and spent money in the store but did not need to provide them. So my advice is contact the head of the company or car park owner if you get one of these tickets as they don't want genuine customers to be penalised. They certainly don't want people complaining on the businesses Facebook and Twitter etc and don't want the bad PR. This worked for me and I don't need to get intouch with Parking Lie, if the message does not get through to Parking Lie at lease I have written proof from Aldi that it is cancelled and they have cancelled it. Please use this technique if you have get a ticket in similar circumstances to me and post back and let me know if it works as I would love to know I've helped. Cheers J1snn
  12. My wife went to local Aldi for first time using their car park. Have today received parking charge notice for £70 (reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days) for parking in the Aldi car park. Allegedly my wife should entered her registration at a terminal inside the store to qualify for free parking. She did not see the sign. She did her shopping in the store then departed (33minutes later). Have read through other threads that suggest this is virtually a [problem] and should be disputed. Appreciate some assistance/thoughts from anyone who can help. Seems disgraceful that by taking custom to a store we havent used before can cost and extra £70. Guess where we wont be going again !
  13. Hi I have today received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) from a company called parking eye. It is for an incident that occured on 12/11/14 and was issued on 19/11/14 but only received today 24/11/14. My question very simply is are these notices enforceable or can I just ignore it? If anyone needs any further information please just ask and I'll give it, however I wont be able to do so until this evening Thanks in advance.
  14. waiting in anticipation of aldi's new PE parking charge for an overstay ,now on day 2 of the alleged parking offence, more will be revealed when/if the I receive the said threatening letter. keep your eyes peeled on this one.
  15. Just got a £70 fine for 'overstaying' in Aldi's Boscombe store. As a paying customer I would expect to at least be informed that this time restriction was in place. Signage is appalling. I would have gone elsewhere to do my shopping if I had known about the ?70 tax on shopping at Aldi. Apparently there is a machine inside you're meant to put your registration number into - only they try not to let you know as it is more profitable for them to get their hired thugs to send court threats and fines. I now have to deal with Parking Eye - a well documented bunch of cowboy bullies with a notorious reputation for ripping off the general public. I guess it's not just the shoddy products that help Aldi keep its prices low. It's now using underhand and sneaky tactics to help its bullyboy business partner threaten its customers with court - for a share of the booty presumably. Not only that but #ParkingEye issued the ticket on June 20 and it didn't arrive until July 6. Even Royal Mail aren't that bad. Something devious is going on to make it impossible to pay the 'reduced' amount of £40. Not that I am going to pay a penny for this cheating [problem]. Don't expect me back in Aldi anytime soon.
  16. You'll Love This - Supermarket staff broke into a woman’s car and rolled it into a bush so a truck could make a delivery. Janina Wasiuta says she had just finished work when she noticed that her Ford Fiesta was no longer where she left it that morning – parked in an alley between an Aldi and a railway line.
  17. As this was a hot topic in a recent thread when I received my latest invoice,I thought I'd try it. Posted appeal on same day I received invoice. Appeal was simply- I am not liable for this charge and wish to invoke your appeals process.Enclosed is a receipt for the date concerned. From date I received the parking charge notice to cancelation of charge letter ,12 days!
  18. I have recently received my latest bank statements, after checking through them I noticed two Aldi transactions had been duplicated and funds with drawn from my account. The first for £23.87 on the 24.03.2014 the second for £18.78 on the 25.03.2014. The statements show that on the 26.03.2014 another £23.87 and £18.78 had been with drawn from my account. On the 27.03.2014 £18.78 was refunded and on the 28.03.2014 £23.87 was refunded. Unfortunately this caused me to enter my overdraft and although I do have an overdraft facility the Nat West now charge £6 per month for the use of the overdraft. I rang Aldi and explained the situation but they basically apologised and mentioned the issue was caused by an update to the card machines in certain areas of the country. They went onto mention that they had written to several banks to clarify the situation. I was then informed it was upto me to contact my local Nat West bank who would then refund my £6.00. I was not happy with the information I was being given and didn`t believe it was down to the bank to refund my £6.00 overdraft fee. I then asked for the name of the next in command at Aldi but this information was refused due to data protection. I then requested the name and e-mail address of Aldi CEO, this was also refused. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed next and any views on who should pay the £6.00 overdraft fee? Many thanks in advance for all replies
  19. I did this and wish I had not. Absolutely disgusting food. Threw the lot of it in the bin even after my pooch stuck her nose up at it. Bland is certainly the word, everything was just tastless, cheddar cheese like rubber, weetabix type cereal like cardboard and bread that went off and crumbled in my hand just 12 hours after buying it! I have to say, people who regularly shop here must have a palate like a cat's toilet tray if they put up with that muck. Disgusting in the extreme, will never patronise either place ever again. Money wasting more like!
  20. I'm expecting court papers from ParkingEye shortly and will be submitting a defence based around them not being the landowner, not a true pre-estiamate of cost etc as well as a mitigating circumstance (the mitiaging circumstance wont hold much weight in law, but may help get some sympathy). I was however wondering about a further line of defence and that is the definition of parking. ANPR records when you enter the site and exit the site and parkingeye issue a ticket based on the differance between the 2. However at the point of entry and point of exist you arent actually parked as the car is in motion. You could in principle spend x amount of time driving around looking for parking. Would the fact that the car is not parked when the entry and exit photos are taken and that the contract stipulates '2 hours free parking' hold any weight in law?
  21. I hope they didn't park in Aldi's car park. Could be a risk of over staying! http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/thousands-queue-40-jobs-offer-german-discounter-aldi-043031416.html
  22. Hi, I have been an avid reader here for many years the amount of things you have helped me sort out is unbelievable and thank you for that I regret that my first ever post here is one asking for advice but here we go. I today got a PCN through the post from Parking Eye from my recent and only visit to them on the 6th September times were hard and after seeing the advertisement on the telly boasting how cheap they was we took what little money we had at the time to stock up the cupboards as much as possible I parked my car in a designated bay unloaded my two sons and went and did my shopping it states I was in there car park for 33 minutes and some seconds. I did not visit any other store I completed my shopping and returned to my car and left, The fine they state is for not inputting my car registration inside there store as clearly stated on there signs. I have never heard of this practice before and after only passing my test less than eight months ago I am usually always extra careful when parking my car more so than other motorists when our local Toby Carvery changed to a Pay and Display overnight I noticed it and obeyed the charge. I did not see no signage and even if I had of seen it I doubt I would of read it due to the fact I am used to shopping at Asda/Tesco who do not have this policy and the usual rules apply not parking there and shopping elsewhere, causing an obstruction , Not parking correctly in a bay and leaving within a timely manner. What annoys me is I was a paying customer having two children with me a three year old and a nine month old my attention was focused up on them with it being a busy car park I am pretty sure though if there was a blatant sign in my face I would of obeyed it. The lady who checked out our shopping did not mention this requirement which if Aldi want to take this stance then surely they should protect there customers as much as they can. I have contacted Aldi about it who say they can remove the PCN if I can provide them with a valid receipt for my visit I do not make a habit of keeping grocery receipt's so it has since been binned. I feel like there abusing this knowing that I can not prove I was in there store. I hope this makes sense if I have failed to provide any information let me know and ill provide more. Just as a finishing note I have no intention of paying this fine and would rather if need be it go to court as I am pretty sure that this practice is not only unfair but it is also immoral. Thank You
  23. I have been asked to post this here by somebody over on PePiPoo:- Ok Guys, this is a self help posting, today I spoke to a lady at parking eye who guarantees to get any PE parking charge, even at court stage cancelled if you are able to demonstrate you are a customer, I challenged her that not every one keeps till receipts, she told me there are a number of ways to determine shopper status and asks that if anyone has a PE charge to ring her department direct line on 0179 38 36 31 3 They are keen that no customer suffers, which means they only "penalise non customers"
  24. Hello all, I feel like my head is going to implode under stress of whats happening to me.. hoping someone has some ideas .. I'll try to keep it brief. Oct 2011 Drove my much treasured 1960s classic car to one of those German supermarkets East Grinstead (Sussex) Branch. Left store got into car, some guy follows me to car and accuses me of stealing something from shop (didn't!) I try to ignore him and try to leave but he then KICKED my car, damaging a rear lamp etc. I got VERY angry and shouted at him and he ran off, I caught up with him and grabbed him. Really felt like beating the living you know what out of him but I somehow managed to stop myself from doing anything like that, and just grabbed his wrist, but he complained to the police that I had assaulted him, and completely denied doing anything to my car. I had to explain to the police what happened and really didn't think anything would become of it but low and behold, CPS took the case and I got charged with the assault, mainly as other members of staff backed his story and he had cctv showing me restraining him, but no cctv of other end of car park where he kicked car. Anyways, I was offered legal aid so I thought why not and took it. The firm solicitors helped me fill out the paperwork and I gave them my bank statements and house details etc. I was subsequently advised to put in a guilty plea as there would be a conditional discharge (mitigating circumstances etc) and that would be the end of it, so that's what I did. (+£70 court costs) . I was glad to have it all behind me although traumatised and I still had a damaged car and was annoyed about the police not doing anything about that whatsoever. EIGHT MONTHS LATER ( Jan 21st 2013) a bill from some people called Rossendales (on behalf of Legal Services) demands I pay £1407.50 for my legal aid. Mentions bailiffs etc.I was absolutely flabberghasted and shocked and it made me so angry, and after a day or two trying to work out what to do I was getting very depressed and in fact had to have an emergency appointment with my doctor as I was so emotionally unwell. Apparently in some (long ago discarded) paperwork there was something along the lines if 'IF FOUND GUILTY' and if you have equity over £30,000 you MIGHT be asked to pay a CONTRIBUTION towards your defence costs. I DO have more than 30K equity in my house. I am proud to say I have worked hard for 20+ years , having NEVER ONCE been in debt, and have scrimped and saved to get that house, I have never had any benefits etc. I am a self employed car mechanic, I love my job so I stick at it despite the economic situation, I only make around £6000 a year. About half of minimum wage! I make ends meet by having a very modest lifestyle, no holidays, no television, heat my place with scrap wood, buy everything 2nd hand including clothes, home grown veg, Freecycle, you get the picture. My point is: *Why didnt ANYONE tell me I wouldnt qualify for free legal aid, when it was clear to people who are in the know right from the start that I had a house therefore don't qualify. Do I have a case against the solicitors if nothing else? *Surely entering a guilty plea is not being 'found guilty' *Why did it take them EIGHT MONTHS to decide I had to make a contribution. *Why is the paperwork worded 'MIGHT' if the rules are that if you have over 30K you HAVE TO pay for the defence costs. *Why is my 'CONTRIBUTION' actually the TOTAL COST of the defence, that's the most misleading thing I've ever seen on some legal paperwork! Can this be NULLIFIED somehow due to this? I was even told by LSC yesterday that they are aware of the problem and are correcting their documentation soon. *Can my low income not somehow count as to offset that fact that I'm fortunate enough to have a house (paying for it on a low monthly mortgage) as £1400 is a lot of money to someone like me, who was told something was free, and would have managed WITHOUT A SOLICITOR had I had any idea it wasn't free. £1400 is a quarter of a years work for me! So far I have managed to speak to the manager of legal Services Commission who made sympathedic noises but said those are the rules, hands tied , all that. Managed to get him to put Rossendales on hold for their bailiffs threats etc.but thats as far as I got. If anyone has some insight on this I would absolutely love to hear some suggestions of what I can do as I feel so wronged by the entire justice system right now and its ruining my life. If there is a lawyer reading this who really knows LSC contribution cases and can definately get this retracted I wouldn't mind paying them , once i'm off it of course! Happy to donate to this site too. Thankyou!!!
  25. Daughter got a Parking Eye fine, which she paid for fear of it increasing from £40 to £70, in Aldi car park - two people shopping (with my wife) only allowed 1 hour. Wife in process of trying to get money back when daughter gets another today. This week she did move the car. Have told her not to pay but looking for some expert advice as seems a legal minefield. Is it too obvious for her to tell them she does not know who was driving. Photo only shows driving in and driving out times. Could argue left before the hour was up and returned and then left at photo!! Not happy DVLA is giving out personal data. All advice gladly welcome. Any experience of what happens if not paid. Intend
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