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  1. Hello, Has anyone made a claim directly to claim compensation for mis sold solar panels I have had a solicitors contacting me claiming people are being successful getting their agreements cancelled and refunded money they paid from the start. Also, they get to keep their panels and feed in tariffs! However they charge 30% fee plus 20% VAT! I want to do this myself. Anyone been through this road? Anyone?
  2. Hi, I took out a mortgage with Abbey National in June 2003 and I was advised by the in branch adviser that it would be wise to take the paymentcare policy with the remortgage and additional loan which was added to the mortgage. I have been paying this every month at a cost of £52.55 - which by my calculations means I have paid £9511.55 to date. My issue is that I didn't actually require this insurance at the time of remortgage but the adviser stressed that it would be "very helpful" to my application. Wishing to get the loan agreed I took the paymentcare insurance out. The reason I didn't need it was because I would receive 6 months full pay from work if I was sick, followed by another discretionary 18 months at full pay if required. I also had life insurance with my employer 4 x annual salary so my loan obligations in case of sickness or death would be met. This original mortgage was paid in full when I sold the property. Would someone be able to advise whether I have reason for a claim and if so where do I start? Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hi there, seeking advice of the legal variety... Over a month ago now, Virgin Mobile called me as an existing customer to try to upsell me a new phone and tariff. After discussion an offer was made that was too good to decline. A new S8 and suitable tariff for £29 per month over the period of 24 months. The offer was made of two parts, a loan for the device at £25 per month and the tariff of £4 per month. At the end of the 24 month period, I would just be paying the tariff of £4 per month. I was pleased with this offer and accepted. I confirmed the offer several times and each time it was verified by the representative. On the basis of the offer made and accepted, I agreed to undergo a credit check for the purpose of the loan part of the offer. The credit check was duly scored and passed. The representative advised I would receive three emails, the first relating to the credit agreement. I was instructed to click the link in the email and accept the terms of the credit agreement at which point the device could be dispatched. While on the phone still to the representative the first email arrived but it contained details of a credit agreement for 36 monthly instalments, not the 24 agreed. I raised this with the representative who ultimately advised that the offer made still stands and that I should proceed and accept the credit agreement. I advised that the agreement is wrong and so that a new one should be sent. The call finished and I waited for a corrected agreement to arrive. But it did not. No further emails arrived. Only two text messages advising that I had upgraded and that my tariff. I called Virgin Media the next day to query the agreed sale and after discussion with that advisor, I requested a complaint be made. The advisor stated I would be contacted within 48 hours about my complaint. In the following 5 days I received no contact from Virgin (only other than to chase why I hadn't signed the agreement). I then wrote to them laying out the situation and my complaint asking them to honour the offer. No response had been received to that letter I wrote another advising that I demand they remove the credit reference score they made from credit agency records, which has still not received a response. It is clear that Virgin have no intention of addressing his complaint. The issue for me is that they have performed a credit check against me based on a mis sold product. That credit score needs to be removed. 1) how do I go about getting this done? 2) who can I complain o to ensure Virgin are exposed for this practice? Thanks Mr P
  4. I’m looking for some advice on a recent issue I have had with Halfords with regards to a road bike. This had started with a dispute over the quality of work done as part of a service plan, eventually resolved by taking to an independent bike repair shop. Ultimately, I accepted a refund of the cost of the additional work required, but informed them that I was still unhappy with various other issues they were unwilling to resolve. I was informed that a manager would call 4 times, which never transpired, though I believe the whole issue would have been resolved if they had taken the time to talk. The advice I’m now after is with regards to the service plan as some of the documented responses from Halfords have quoted that certain work is not covered by the Service Plan – none of the exclusions were ever outlined to me as the plan was provided as an apology for the pedal falling off when first purchased in 2014 and was renewed as a “3 year service plan” in 2015. Checking in-store, there is no clear advertising of inclusions by means of leaflets or boards. my first query is was the plan I was given ever fit for purpose for my bike and as such has it been mis-sold? Secondly, as part of the independent service I required the headset to be replaced. Checking the service document for my 2016 check, the headset was included. On the latest 2017 outline (eventually located online) the headset is only covered on a Gold Service. the second query is should I have been informed by Halfords of what seems like a change in terms and conditions of what is covered under the service plan? All advice greatly appreciated
  5. Hi, Trying to claim mis selling from Santander ( bought as A&L mortgage 1991). I have completed a questionnaire, they came back with it was another company who sold me the endowment, on submitting a request to them, they say an agency worked in their office, it has now ceased............... .Im struggling, I'm sure I've read somewhere whoever the mortgage/endowment policy is with, ultimately they are accountable by law, cannot find this anywhere now. Can anybody help me out with some advice on where to go with this please?
  6. I recently purchased a Ford Mondeo Titanium x from a dealer near Bristol. The car was advertised as having a full service history. When I got home and checked all the booklets there was not a service history booklet. the following day I phoned the dealer who stated that they would find it. Two weeks later and numerous phone calls, lots of apologies and promises still no service book. Under the trade description act would I be entitled for some compensation due to the fact I bought it because of the reassurance of having FSH. I am happy with the car but not the miss selling.
  7. Good afternoon, I have recently found my original finance agreement from Welcome Finance in 2007, for which I believe I was mis-sold shortfall insurance on the agreement. I was told by the salesman that if i did not take the shortfall insurance, then i would not be provided with finance. I had no idea it was optional until recently. I have contacted the FSCS in relation to starting a claim as per the Welcome website, I have the original credit agreement however, I have no details as to who the shortfall insurance was through as a) I was not given any documentation by Welcome other than the credit agreement and b) I never had to make a claim. I cannot contact Welcome as they are no more and want to have as much information as possible for the claim. Naively, I thought it was via Welcome Finance but it appears that was just the credit agreement. Can anyone assist with identifying who the shortfall insurance was through? the date i tool the policy out was April 2007. Any help appreciated
  8. Miss-sold a product, received final response from ombudsman whom stated that we were an accidental landlords, the Financial Ombudsman went onto say that the bank, Yorkshire Bank, had missing paper work. They ruled in the favour of the bank, we fought back, by saying it was an unfair process, as they had missing paper work but the financial ombudsman said they had treated us fair, so would not re-open the case. We went back to the ombudsman and stated this was an unfair process, as it was not true and Yorkshire Bank is misleading. The ombudsman stood by their decision but said we could take them to court, in which we have just started court action. I later found information in our own filing cabinet that showed upon mortgage application that the house was tenanted by our daughter and we had made it clear and it was stated clearly on the application. As we went through that information it became clear that the bank had mislead the ombudsman, they had not informed them that we already had a mortgage on our own property from the same company, when we were filling in paper work, we agreed to questions like, are you paying for a residential mortgage, we answered yes thinking it was this property we live in as the advisor had just been speaking about it. The product we had wanted was a buy to let, on interest, we ended up getting a residential mortgage on payment plan, we didn’t know what this was as no information was provided, so never questioned it as thought it was a buy to let. They also mis-sold another product at the same time, which was a signature account once that complaint was made we received a final response from Yorkshire Bank admitting no liability, however, we took this case to the financial ombudsman also a year before this one and they found in our favour on that particular case, which was sold to us at the same time as this residential mortgage was, for a tenanted property. We have recently found out by Yorkshire Bank that this was not just missing paper work but the mortgage file is lost. Yorkshire Bank got out of this by saying but we have system files, it was these system files that were produced to the financial ombudsman, obviously missing out the information that we already had a mortgage before application and with themselves at our home address. Our home address is residential. Missing out the information that the property was tenanted before mortgage application, missing out information that we wanted a buy to let on interest. Yorkshire Bank mis-lead the Financial Ombudsman, plus the discussions with Helen, which they can’t keep on system files. I have been writing to them for months by recorded delivery, they would not respond, i used the last method I possibly could use, it was facebook multimedia site, we got them to speak to us, however it was transferring letters we had already sent to them via facebook. We then got a call from Yorkshire Bank, stating they found the letters in a closed file and don’t understand why they went in that particular file. During the call the lady made a mockery of the complaint, when I mentioned our daughter was a tenant in that property, she said, “oh your daughter”, although it was clearly documented. We have since then had four tenants who are not related or friends. That same advisor then started to tell us on the phone what the original advisor would have said to us at the mortgage application appointment, I said, “hold on a minute” your putting words in our mouths, that was not said at all. We have asked for a copy of the call but they said they will play it in a branch near us but we can’t have the recording. They admitted fault in another letter today with regards to no correspondence and put £100 in our bank without asking us if we would accept, we don't want the money, we want justice. Hence the court case. Is there any information you could supply us with or support us on, as I am doing this court case myself as we can't afford to employ a solicitor? We have also asked the bank permission as we are going to auction on the property but they said we need a valuation, we said it has to be quick and urgent as the auction is June 2017. We waited so long on them responding but never received a reply from them in three months, we have had to take the next course of action to help ourselves as the Bank has turned their backs on us at that point. I don’t mind the valuation, but June is fast approaching and this valuation in case there is a shortfall on the mortgage (all of this knowledge has been sourced by me from the internet) is not only our problem, Yorkshire Bank has contributed to this by not supporting us or responding to us, when we were desperate. We have also asked for email correspondence from them, they have refused, saying letter only. Because they did not respond to our other previous letters they have placed us in a bad situation dragging us along while times are getting difficult and trying to not get into the area of repossession, and now they think they can pull the strings and tell us what to do after all this time. We are not going to be able to afford the full mortgage and the council tax, our limitation is June 2017, hence the auction. We need some help or some area of support to reach to, we will do the work, this is not an issue, but please, some light at the end of the tunnel would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
  9. When I purchased my house I used the services of a financial advisor who also sold me health insurance policy to cover the mortgage at that time. Recently on speaking to a colleague at work, she has the same cover for a quarter of the price I am currently paying. I feel like Ive been pressured by the FA to take out a policy that was far more expensive than I needed to be paying. Is it possible to get my premiums refunded for this, or do I have to forfeit them if I cancel it and move to a cheaper product? Feeling really let down by someone I thought was giving me sound advice.
  10. I just need some advice and help in what to do to trace this miss sold PPI in 2001. I bought a car from Northampton Car Shop end of 2001. I have some record of paperwork with an agreement number. I was paying First National Motors PLC a direct debit – their letterhead states First National Motor PLC is an Abbey National Group Company. Abbey National Group Company rebranded itself as ABBEY and then it was taken over by Santander UK plc. I bought the car for £6000 and ended up paying just over £8500 with added PPI. Every month I paid a direct debit via my bank to First National motors PLC via the third party agreement (The Car Shop). The Payments with PPI added was so high and I was struggling to make monthly payment I ended up getting a further loan from my Halifax bank to pay the car off. I paid the total amount off in 2004 with interest and PPI. What I have done so far: 1. I contacted the car shop complaints department and they said they are not responsible even though they sold the car and they have no records that way back and i needed to contact First National Motors PLC who I made payments to which was then First National Motors PLC. 2. I could not contact first national motors as they were taken over by Santander in 2004. 3. I then wrote to Santander and they wrote back to me stating they are not responsible and I should contact who ever sold the PPI (Third Party car shop) and this was their final response. 4. I then wrote to the FSA who was as much help as a chocolate tea pot and spent nearly two years trying to find out details with nothing. I do not know what investigations they made as they wrote back they could not find who is responsible. I am still confused who is the person I need to be contacting to get my money back. It seems to me everyone is fobbing me off so that I would disappear. Who do I send a SAR or CCA to please ? OR do re-open the case with FSA all again .
  11. We have just returned from a long weekend in Amsterdam. We booked the hotel through an agency (Amoma) who seem to be based in Switzerland and paid by credit card, just under £500. Link to the web page describing the hotel (Hotel Omega) is here https://www.amoma.com/hotel.php?id=98575&key=2017020520170206120500002050000205000000000672&page_num=0&sessionKey=LSEtZE1DbzR4cFJWNU1INldVdSsrWUtENGdwWTZzUzFPaUc1UElMdlhwSDMrNFhhLzdaK3ZuQWIyczdJUVIwOFdISTBaYnpzRGhub3RiUXliSXlFQUczSklyQmM0SE1YZGh2&hotelname=omega&f_ref=&tar=00000&price_ranges=0000&districtId= We made the booking based on the hotel being described as wheelchair accessible (also checked with the agency by phone before booking) and having accessible rooms as described on the webpage, specifically asked for an accessible room and also asked for the second room we booked for a carer to be at least fairly close. There is of course a specific item in their terms and conditions stating that they can't be held responsible for inaccuracies etc. Very fortunately as it turned out, the wheelchair user is able to walk a short distance. The hotel is not accessible. There is a small step up to the only entrance, followed by 5 quite steep steps down. There are 5 more steep steps down to the breakfast room. They do not have any wheelchair accessible rooms. The wheelchair user was allocated a room on the ground floor at the rear of the hotel, however the wheelchair wouldn't even go through the door and there was certainly no room inside to move around. The bathroom was barely a metre deep and 3 metres long, so also totally inaccessible. In any case the shower door couldn't be opened more than halfway before hitting the sink and even the able-bodied carer wasn't able to actually get in it. The shower also had a step up of just over 30cm. The carer had been allocated a room on the first floor at the front so every time the disabled person needed assistance he had to go back and forth quite a distance between the two rooms. On arrival, the hotel receptionist stated categorically that they were full and there were no alternative rooms available and also that any issues regarding the booking had to be taken up with the agency as 'it's not our problem'. Given the time, we felt we had no choice but to stay there for at least one night. The following day whilst in the city centre we asked the tourist office to see if they could find us an alternative hotel. The only ones not completely full and with accessible rooms were unfortunately way beyond our price range given that we'd already paid for accommodation. As a result, we had no choice but to stay where we were. Because of the lack of accessibility, the disabled person was caused considerable pain and discomfort by having to go up and down the steps at the entrance. In fact, to avoid having to do this too often, we stayed out all day and only returned to the hotel after dinner, whereas we would normally have returned to the hotel mid to late afternoon to rest before going out again for dinner. As well as skipping rests which are normally essential, we spent rather more time than intended in cafes etc, which of course also incurred extra costs. The disabled person was also unable to shower for the entire 4 days and after the first day didn't bother having breakfast due to the additional pain of going up and down those stairs. The carer spent considerable energy going back and forth between the rooms and also had to haul the wheelchair up and down all the steps every day. Whilst we didn't let this spoil our weekend, we're not prepared to just let it go. At the very least, they need to correct the information on their website. I'm a bit unsure how to proceed because the agency seem to be based in Switzerland, and I've never done a charge back on a credit card before. I'm also unsure as to how much to ask for - we did use the rooms even if they weren't ideal, so a full refund would maybe be unreasonable?
  12. Hi happy new year, I am posting for a friend that's not very computer minded, he has a mortgage that he was advised to take out to consolidate his debts, he has now received a letter telling him that he needs to find £129,000 for when the mortgage finishes, he is 65 and there is no way he can get that sort of money, so they have told him he will have to sell the house or they will repossess the property, I have told him it could well be mis sold, but the broker as now shut down, would we be still be able to make a complaint to the mortgage company, or is it the response ability of the mortgage broker. He would be great full for any advise given thank you.
  13. Hi, I wish for some advice on my issue please. On the 24th of Oct this year I purchased a BMW from a second hand car dealer. The car is a 64 plate, just over 2 years old. I purchased this car on the premise that it had many options on the car. I paid for the car before picking it up some on cc, some by transfer and also a trade in under the assumption that I would be protected on my purchase. On the drive home (3 hour journey) I noticed that some of the options listed in the advert were not present on the car. I checked the car more thoroughly and noticed that the tyres were in a bad way (advert stated tyres in excellent condition) and that the car needs a service within 600 miles. I contacted the garage the following day, they basically hung up on me. This carried on for a few days. On the 27th of oct I put my complaint into my cc under section 75. The cc dispute department responded on the 21st Nov. After several emails back and forth, me proving the tyres are dangerous with a report from Kwik fit and pictures, scanning the original advert and forwarding the spec sheet for my car from bmw to them, the cc disputes department claim no responsibility as I accepted the car when I collected it? Is this correct? The advert claimed to have options that the car does not have: reversing camera Soft closing doors auto dimming and folding mirrors lane change warning system along with the car needing a service and the tyres needing replacement. Am I to accept my CC disputes judgement that the dealer has no liability because on their website (I saw the add on AT) their T&Cs state that cars may not be as advertised? Also that because I collected the car, I should of checked the car over first thus I have no claim? Thanks in advance for any advice given
  14. Hi there, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed most appropriate. In October I went on holiday to India. Before I went I took out "gold" cover travel insurance with Cover For You. While I was on holiday my mobile phone was stolen from my bag. I reported it to the police, got a police report, immediately had it blocked by my phone company and did all the right things. However, on contacting the people administering the insurance, it turns out that mobile phones are not included in the insurance and that it is required to take out additional gadget insurance to cover phones. Now my phone was a brand new iPhone 7 that I'd had for 3 weeks. If it had been at all clear that it was excluded when buying my insurance, I would have taken the additional gadget insurance. But I remember going through the form application and when additional gadget insurance came up, it said this (I have recreated the insurance application and the screen is exactly as it was when I ordered): I remember thinking - I am not taking up to £3k, my baggage cover is up to £2k, so I don't need to "extend" it. And carried on. Maybe that was naive of me, maybe it was my fault for not examining it more closely, but the wording appears misleading to me. Then when I looked at the key facts, there is no information at all that gadgets are excluded from baggage allowance. In fact it states exclusion includes when: The loss, theft or damage to Valuables and electronic/other equipment occurs whilst not being carried in your hand luggage while You are travelling on Public transport or on an aircraft. This is in the personal baggage section. The reference to electronic equipment in that section again reinforced for me the idea that gadgets were covered up to the value of the personal baggage allowance. I would like to ask opinions on whether I have grounds for complaint here. I feel like I was mislead when buying the insurance and that it should be much much clearer that gadgets, including mobile phones, are excluded from personal baggage allowance and that it's essential to take out additional gadget insurance. Thanks in advance you your thoughts. [Just realised this should be in the insurance section - could an admin move it for me? Very sorry.)
  15. Hello I'm new here, but just wondered if anyone has experience with successfully challenging and overthrowing an ombudsman's final decision. The Financial ombudsman has made lots of poor excuses and failed to look at the significant evidence that yes car credit/direct auto have mis sold ppi and other insurances without permission. Many thanks if u can advise
  16. The PPI mis-selling scandal has dogged the banking world for a long time now, and bothered everyone with a variety of spam messages and mithering claims companies. Now, it looks like we might have another mis-selling scandal, thanks to the insurance world. The FCA think that insurance agents have potentially mis-sold policies to consumers, as well as falsifying documents, faking signatures, and sold products to people that will never, ever pay out. The Financial Conduct Authority has been looking into all this, and said that their study of 15 insurance firms and the agents found widespread examples of poor practice. They've also found companies that have failed to discipline an agent after they'd spotted their mis-selling deeds, and their falsification of customer documentation. Other discoveries showed agents selling travel insurance to people with medical conditions, which aren't covered by the policy they ended up with. As such, the FCA have given the insurance world a chance to sort themselves out, and ordered 'Section 166 reviews' on two companies, which means tha they'll have to pay for an independent firm to come in and review the way they do things. Another two companies have been told to stop all sales activities. Sadly the FCA haven't named anyone in all this. "General insurance is a large and important sector and we are concerned about the potential for customer detriment arising from the lack of oversight of appointed representatives," Jonathan Davidson, FCA director of supervision, said in a statement. "All principal firms need to consider these findings and look again at their practices." We wouldn't be surprised if there's compensation coming the way of people who have been mis-sold, in yet another headache for the UK's financial sector. http://www.bitterwallet.com/insurance/fca-find-mis-selling-in-insurance-92730
  17. I have a legal document which gives me authority to deal with any and all of my disabled son's financial affairs. Lloyds TSB denied having seen the document but I have proof they knew about it following an unrelated incident some years earlier. Without my knowledge or permisson they mis-sold my son various insurances, let him overdraw his account and lent him THREE loans. The second loan to pay off the first and the third loan to pay off the second. In all, they are charging him a monthly fee for the privilege of having overdraft, charges for unauthorised overdraft, charges for the loans and other fees. He is due them anout £12,500. Due to some of his medical problems, insurance bears a loading of 75% ! (They STILL relished forcing him to take!) After much complaining, the admitted the mis-selling and gave full refund of all the insurances and token compensation. (I got them to give another 50% after further complaints about their incompetence.) HOWEVER, notwithstanding their admission of mis-selling, they refuse to admit the overdrafts and loans were mis-sold! Even more astounding, the Financial Ombudsman is letting them get away with it! No wonder the net is full of allegations about The FO being corrupt ALSO! Any ideas what avenue to go down to force these EVIL people to admit full responsibility? My Member of Parliament is now involved and I intend to advertise these EVIL acts in every forum and elsewhere on the net. I will explore the possibility of contacting the press and television. It is SO blatant and yet they reckon they have got away with it! NO EWAY, EVIL, INCOMPETENT LLOYDS, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hi I will try keep this short and in bullet points but any advice would be grateful. I bought a ford focus 3 years ago from a ford garage for 12 -13k as a used car and only 1400 miles on it. 1 year later (after having a child) we decided to get a bigger car and went to a local dealership to trade in for another car at 10K. the dealership said they could not give us the money we needed for the car because it was an "IMPORT" so it was valued at less money. When we bought the car we did not know it was an import. I decided to ring ford to query this who said it isn't an import and said i had to ring our finance company?! I spoke with the finance company who argued it wasn't an import also and the log book didn't state it was an import so it had been valued correctly. As you can tell it left me in a cathch 22, the new dealer had de valued the car and the finance would not. To cut a long story short the car was an "IMPORT" from Guernsey, the finance company came to some agreement with the dealership and i got my new car. My query where i need advice is: Did i just get fobbed off and i should have argued abit more? Did i over pay on my monthly payments for a year or so when i had the ford because it was an import? I am now wanting to change for another car (another child) so want to clear this up before i do. Thanks in advance for any advice. Sdev
  19. Hello Caggers, I’ll try and be as brief as possible… After a long 4-year battle on a failed claim for a mis-sold PPI policy, the insurance company agreed to pay a back dated claim. I had a Mortgage Protection policy with the Halifax. It was sold to me over the phone on the premise that my mortgage payments would be covered if I was ever to lose my income. I accepted. My initial claim was for them to pay my mortgage payments when I became unable to work. They didn’t (it seems) record that I had made a claim back then even though they have some information recorded on their system that I contacted them and the medical staff that looked after me at the time contacted them. They also have records that I contacted their legal department to enquire about my employment situation when I became ill. I know I started a claim – they don’t seem to agree. Two years after my illness I was able to return to work and have been in continued employment since then. The back dated payment they are proposing covers the mortgage payments that were due at the time – which would have been great if they had paid it at the time that I made the claim. Because they didn’t pay at the time – I wasn’t able to make my mortgage payments, I got into arrears Halifax tried to repossess the house. I went through a string of court hearings and I was only able to stop the repossession by securing a re-mortgage with a Higher Rate Lender at the 11th hour. In a nutshell, I ended up losing a substantial deposit in my house to pay for the arrears, legal fees, early redemption charges etc. and I’m now paying extortionate interest only re-mortgage payments This is what I would term consequential loss – i.e. if my claim had been paid at the time I made the claim then I would have been able to keep my mortgage and none of the expense or trauma that ensured would have happened. After my illness, I was able to go back to work and make the payments on my re-mortgage without issue. My re-mortgage payments now are so much higher than what they would have been had I been able to keep my previous mortgage. The difference between the two is also part of the consequential loss going forwards. The insurance company must know that I did make a claim in the past otherwise why would it pay now, years later. I think they wanted to process a new back-dated claim because it would mean they wouldn’t have to consider consequential loss at all. I was hoping on some advice on whether this payment being back-dated would mean I couldn’t apply for consequential loss? Thank you Sunny-side-up
  20. Hi everyone I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this one please. Basically bullet-pointed as follows: Invited to attend dealership on Sunday 24th April to discuss early upgrade of PCP vehicle at their invitation I said I'm happy with what I had, but let's see what an upgrade looks like and I'll decide after that, but I emphasised it must not cost more than I'm paying now and it must contain the same enhancements/features that my current (Yaris Icon Plus) contains. I emphasised the specs more than once during the conversation I was shown a car in the showroom and was told this was similar to the car I was potentially getting and theonly difference was this was a Hybrid and mine was not. IE it had all the enhanced features of my current car. Salesman went away and came back with a quote £20 pm more than I was currently paying. I said, thanks but no thanks. He went away again and came back with a figure very close to current payments so I said okay and signed paperwork and they said delivery would be the following Thursday 28th April. Monday or Tuesday evening I read through the papers and couldnt see any specs cited at all, so phoned Salesman expressing my concerns, that I have the Icon Plus model and the new car specs must match that or I would not go ahead with the car. He told me the specs I currently had were the same in the new car. I thanked him saying I felt reassured. I was asked to come in on Friday 29th in afternoon to take delivery of new vehicle and bring my Icon Plus back. After what seemed a lot of paperwork signing I was taken to the car. I asked him to pair my phone which he did and I noticed there were no speed dials and he showed me the 'Phone List' is where they are, but much less user friendly and although prettier in colour I told him I thought that was a step backwards for Toyota. The controls looked different but I put this down to it being a newer model and since he had already told me the specs were the same I wasn't too worried. Left and when I got home realised that none of the enhanced features were there! No dual climate control for Air - just straightforward air con No electric rear windows (wind ups instead) No heated/rain sensitive windows - just normal ones No electric rear view mirror - just standard one No rear LEDs [*]I called dealership next morning (it was too late on the Friday night) [*]I told them I was coming in to see manager - he wan't about until Sunday so I went in on Sunday. [*]Meeting was with Manager and trainee salesman (whi backed up my story about emphasising specs and also being shown the Excel model (that does match the specs apart from it being Hybrid) [*]Manager was sympathetic saying 'basically there's been a screw up' and he promised he would send some emails to get to the bottom of what happened, and that I would get a call on Tuesday. I didn't. I called him and see apologised and said I would get a call on Wednesday as the sales manager I saw was away. I didn't. [*]I called Thursday and told them I was coming in as I was anxious I was putting miles on the new car. [*]The salesman who saw me (a different one) explained the salesman was again not there, but said I could get the Excel for £20 pm more, so I said yes, and he showed me the car (showroom car) and said he would talk to the manager the next day to get this sorted. [*]The next day, Friday I received a call from this same salesman saying that the exchange would not be happening because when I had phoned the week before, the salesman had told me what I would be getting and what I wouldn't. I said that's not true, I in fact phoned because I was concerned that I couldn't see reference to the specs on the paperwork and needed reassurance this would match those on the Icon Plus (my traded in car). [*]I went in the next day and was told they had requested recordings of phone calls (held by a datacentre), and if the recordings prove my story they will exchange but if not they won't. Do they really record all phone calls or is this another stalling tactic. I don't know what to do, or if I can do anything at all Do I have any recourse? I feel I was deceived into signing for a car I didn't ask for, but thinking it's all too late now. Many thanks
  21. Hello Thank you for looking at this post. NOTE: only 121 audi a8 edition 21 are made for the UK. AvailbLe to order from July 2015. I am a chauffeur and wanted the a8 edition 21 because of my own personal liking to this model In the last week of August 2015 I decided that I want to purchase a new A8 LWB Edition 21. I was dealing with wimbledon audi. I have enquired about the a8 edition 21. I was told that the a8 edition 21 LWB was not available to order and also they could not configure the car on the audi website which meant audi does not make it in LWB verson (a a8 edition 21 SWB was available on the website). I have said serveral times if the a8 edition 21 model was available to order. I was told no and the salesman have confirmed it with a manager. So I decided on a8 LWB which was in stock. Which I decided to buy because based on the salesman telling me the edition 21 LWB was not available and audi did not make it. 5 months down the line I visited the west london audi and couldn't believe my eyes and saw an a8 LWB edition 21. I enquired to the sales team and asked when the edition 21 LWB was available to order and they confirmed it was July 2015. My question is that based on the salesman at Wimbledon audi telling me that the edition 21 is not available in the LWB and audi did not make it in the LWB version which made me to buy the normal a8 lwb .Have I been missold the vehicle I have purchased?
  22. Energy giant E.On is to pay a record £12m penalty, following an investigation into mis-selling by the industry regulator. Ofgem said it was the largest penalty paid to date by a UK energy supplier. Its investigation found "extensive poor sales practices" amongst staff selling on the doorstep and by phone. E.On has apologised to its customers, and has promised to pay compensation to anyone who was mis-sold an energy package. The company has estimated that the bill for compensation payments is likely to be between £3m and £8m, on top of the £12m penalty. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-27433428 Not to worry though, they'll soon claw that back from their pensioner customers: Energy giant E.ON scraps 25% discount for hard-up pensioners despite making £2m a day profit Energy giant E.ON is hitting hard-up pensioners with huge price hikes while raking in profits of £2million a day. Tens of thousands of elderly people face a bill shock after the supplier said it was scrapping a 25% saving for some of its poorest customers. Those affected have been given just six weeks notice before price soar. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/city-news/eon-hits-tens-thousands-pensioners-3541842#ixzz31rogFIiT
  23. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at the very first chance she attended Carphone Warehouse for a full refund. This was on day 6 after the initial in-store sale. My sister was informed it is not possible to return the product as it was put through as an upgrade . Her contract prior to this *so called* upgrade was a 24 Month Contract again with O2. This contract had finished and turned into a 30 Day Rolling Contract, she was currently on month 2. We contacted O2, who advised us they are more than happy to cancel the contract, however we must first go Carphone Warehouse and return the phone. We tried this and Carphone Warehouse is having none of it. The staff in Carphone Warehouse are very un-professional as they started to get abrupt , extremely sarcastic and arrogant. One Guy at Carphone Warehouse refused to give me his name when requested, he did however have a name tag on I could not read, he then went into the back of the store , removed ihis name tag and returned back out. When asked to speak to his manager surprisingly this was the manager. I lodged a complaint needless to say about both issues, the service received as we had a small child with us at the time and thought it was very inappropriate the level of his tone and attitude received. Which is now currently being investigated. We also lodged a complaint about how we have not been able to return the phone contract back. Our main concern is, why the contract was put through as an upgrade because Carphone Warehouse has a zero policy in returns once an upgrade with O2 has been purchased. We wrote to Carphone Warehouse about the following issues: The Mis-Selling of the contract How we should have been made more aware of the upgrade and how it was not returnable. Finally the Service Received. My sister was not fully informed that the contract would be put through as an upgrade and how she is not able to return the phone back once the contract was signed. We had a look at the contract itself she signed. The only time the word upgrade is used is under description , "O2 Direct Telecom Gsm Upgrade" The arguments we put forward , had she known the contract was un-returnable the contract would not have been signed up for She feel's it was not made clear to her that the contract was an upgrade. (I understand it say's this in the description), However she did not realise the policy of Carphone Warehouse with O2 upgrades and how she is not able to return this. She also feel's that the contract she have been a put through as a New contract because her old* contract had technically finished and she was on a 30 Day rolling Contract. Does anybody know where we stand with returning this phone? we received a letter back from the customer service department of Carphone Warehouse which states, it was sold as a upgrade and they do not accept returns. Thanks for any help in advanced. Craig
  24. Hi all. Three have in the past switched me to contracts without explaining fully what I'm gaining/losing. I ended up losing quite a lot, without them telling me so. I was meant to lost nothing in terms of allowances. They've admitted they did wrong and are trying to rectify it, but (very) insufficiently. So I am considering going for deadlock and taking the case to Ombudsman level. Would you recommend this? I previously posted regarding this but got no responses (as the post was a wee bit lengthy perhaps). That post is called "Three mis-selling - mission to rectify!", posted a few days ago here in telecoms. Sorry, I couldn't paste the link as forum won't let me. I actually need to get back to them within 24 hours or so now, so replies would be very much appreciated!
  25. Good day all. This is a very good forum and I have an interesting case I'd kindly like some advice regarding. I've been with Three for a number of years now. I used to be on their One Plan where I got 600 mins, over a thousand texts, and unlimited data with unlimited tethering. When the contract ended and it was time to upgrade, I wasn't pleased with the phones on offer so I asked if I could continue with my current phone and current contract but with a lower monthly price. Person on the phone obliged, but what they didn't tell me is that I've lost my tethering ability, and some of my minutes have now been replaced with three-to-three only minutes. When I realised I couldn't tether I initiated a complaints process but found it so tediously long that I gave up half way. However, more recently, I began a new job in which I really needed tethering and so this time I re-initiated the complaints process and took it further. The best they were able to give me was 4gb of tethering. It's not the same as unlimited but I went ahead with it anyway as I really needed it and didnt have infinite time - which seems to be required to #makeitright with Three. However, at the beginning of this year I went above my minutes allowance and it was then that I realised that instead of having 600 mins, I only have about 200 and the rest being three-to-three only. This time I've had enough and I am proceeding to either the Ombudsman service, or complete and permanent termination between me and Three for good. After several rounds of email exchanges with India-based operatives, by complaint has finally reached the ‘Three Executive Office’. Here's what they said: { Hello Mr Thanks for your email. I’ve been looking into your concerns about the upgrade and change to the tethering allowance, from what you had before on your earlier price plan. You called our customer services on 26th April 2013 and discussed the options for upgrading your account. However, as the phone you were looking for wasn’t yet available, you decided to move on to a one month SIM Only plan. You called us on 16th June 2013 to say you couldn’t use tethering services and notes on your account show you were told that tethering wasn’t included on the new plan. The notes also mention that the call ended unexpectedly and we were unable to get back in touch with you. There was no more contact from you about this until January 2015, when this same matter was investigated by our customer relations team. The original upgrade call was listened to and we confirmed that you were wrongly informed that the SIM Only plan you chose did include a tethering allowance. As a resolution, you agreed to let us change your plan to SIM Only, 200 minutes and ‘all you can eat’ (AYCE) data, with a 4GB tethering allowance, plus no change in the monthly charge. We then received an email from you in March 2015, but unfortunately, your email didn’t pass our data protection requirements. You then sent more emails to us, in September and in October, when we confirmed that the One Plan was no longer available and that none of our plans now offer an unlimited tethering allowance. Our email to you on 16th October was in reply to an email from you and again explained that the option of unlimited tethering wasn’t possible. We reiterated that you had agreed a change in price plan to one which gave you a 4GB tethering allowance and we applied a £50 credit to your account. This covered the cost of six months of charges, £30, for the add-on you bought giving an extra 1GB tethering, along with a refund of the £20 ‘out of bundle’ charges you had incurred. Just to be clear, we won’t be able to return you to the One Plan, or give you an unlimited tethering allowance, as we no longer offer either of these. The maximum tethering allowance that’s available on our SIM Only plans is 8GB. I’d be happy to move you onto the one month SIM Only AYCE data, 600 minute, with 8GB tethering plan. This would normally be charged at £25 a month, but I would include a £5 recurring discount, so you’d only pay £20 a month. This will be our final position. Since more than two years had passed since you contacted us about this matter and you accepted a change in price plan in January 2015, we won’t be able to provide you with a deadlock letter. If you wish to accept my offer, just get back to me by reply and I’ll be happy to arrange this. If not, I can confirm our final position to you by letter. Thanks Luke McKeown Three Executive Office } This executive seems to be using the fact that I gave up on their almost never-ending complaints process as a defence. I am currently paying for 200 mins any time any network, 300 mins three-to-three, unlimited texts, and unlimited data with only 4gb of tethering. Currently paying £12 per month. Whereas what I should be getting (for the same price, carrying on from when my One Plan contract ended) is 600 anytime any network minutes, at least 1000 texts, and unlimited data with unlimited tethering. This is what was promised to me when my One Plan ended. So, my question is, should I go ahead with taking this to the Ombudsman service. I certainly am not happy to pay £20 per month for what is actually less than what I should be getting. The executive has since emailed me a follow up asking me to reply and accept and has even posted me a letter saying the same - it seems he is rushing to close this. Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated! I will update you all on what happens. I have 5-6 days to get back to him. Many thanks indeed!
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