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  1. Thanks for all your comments everyone..... I have just come from a 5th Residents meeting. We have had our MP and Councillor with us all along by the way..... The developer sent a Senior executive this time. The others that we had previously met have since departed. He told us that he is here to put everything right and he has a budget to do so. Some homes they will buy back, others will have intrusive survey and works managed by a qualified RICS surveyor. This is the first time they have really admitted liability. He said he has never seen anything like this and wants to put things right. Time will tell if they carry out these promises, but the gentlemen concerned seemed very humble. Thanks for all your commenst.
  2. Hi RayThanks for your response... - I will write to Premier guarantee, thanks. I agree, very suspicious.... Plus the building regs were signed off by a sister company of Premier (or so we are led to believe)- The housing developer (probably the market leader) doesnt like putting ANYTHING in writing. - One house has had 2 structural surveys done on it. Both failed. The other 11 houses have had structural surveys carried out and all 11 have failed, less than a year since we all took residence.- We are reluctant to contact our mortgage companies, just in case they decide to withdraw the funding or invoke clauses. Its a real tough one as far as that is concerned.its a horrendous situation really. And without good legal support, which costs money that people simply dont have, we dont know where to turn for the best result.The developer has lost all their original back-office senior people which causes concern. All site managers have have departed and new guys installed. We are now on the third MD for the region since December '13.
  3. Nobody had the foresight to get a full survey done on their homes mostly because we are buying from a trusted developer who surely, shouldnt get it so horribly wrong! Lesson learned there! The developer used Premier Guarantee, not NHBC. It was a sister company of Premier that actually signed off the houses at each stage. Premier has been contacted but they only referred us back to the developer as its apparently their responsibility for the first two years.. The problems include: Ground levels too high , many air bricks below ground level (on every house) Stairwell walls bowing Roofs not tied down Windows have dropped leaving big gaps Staircases twisting with split knewl posts There are many more issues caused by sub-standard workmanship, but all these are common issues among the 12 properties, Plus each of us has 100's of general snags too. As someone already mentioned, these houses were thrown up with no supervision or proper sign-off. We have asked for the certificates that were signed off at each stage, but the developer nor Premier will provide us with this information..... sounds very suspicious!
  4. No, none of us obtained a full survey as it was a brand new build. We assumed, as the houses were signed off at each stage, that everything should have been built correctly. The developer never allowed any of the 12 residents to view their homes prior to the home demo or the actual completion date.
  5. I purchased a brand new home from one of the countries' leading developers in Feb 2014. There are 12 homes in our cul-de-sac. We exchanged contracts and moved into our so-called new homes within 2 months of each other. Some were not finished and residents were forced to move in by the developer. After some weeks, a couple of residents were moved out of their homes to allow a remedial team access to sort all the issues. They entered the homes but have just patched up most of the items. In the coming weeks/months numerous problems occurred and the developer was very slow at correcting snags, as well as what appeared to be more than snags. we set up our own action group. We have got our MP and local councillors involved and held constructive meetings with the regional Managing Director from the developer. Before the initial meeting we paid for a surveyor to survey one house and use it as a test case. The survey was damning and advised that if he was representing a prospective purchaser, he would advise against the purchase. the developer, having ignored the comments by our surveyor, paid for a survey for each of the 12 homes. Each home has come back with a failed survey based on some structural issues and also ground levels are too high, mostly above the air bricks and damp proof course. In our opinion, they have broken the contract to provide us with homes that are of proper quality. We are seeking some advice as to what we can do legally, to !. potential for comepensation as this has been a horrific year for most families 2. in a court of law, can the court force them to buy the homes back at the new market value, plus award all costs involved since the purchase. 3. Would we have a winnable case in a court of law, based on the fact the survey have all come back with major issues. Comments are welcome please.
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