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Found 12 results

  1. I received leather sofa from Sofology, financed with an Int. free loan from Barclays (Partner Finance) Hours after delivery, it became obvious that the sofa had manufacturing faults (different cushion front panel heights, and inadequate partly filled cushions to the seating area. Raised a complaint (!) and provided photo/video evidence....asked for correction or collection! Initially fobbed off, told there was nothing wrong. Persisted, and 3 weeks later, I appear to be dealing with a senior colleague, instead of the 11 or so 'Tom, Dick and Harriets' that I had encountered in a sequence of email/call centre 'one-off' contacts. I have informed Sofology that I wish to return the sofa, due to it's failings, and also that it fails to match the quality of the original in-store sofa observed at time of ordering. Q- Might this form a 'breach of contract'? I'm not a legal person and don't want the 'Perry Mason' in me to get completely carried away! FWIW I have complained to Barclays, and they have started a Sect 75 complaint....but I've no idea where that might go. However....after essentially ignoring me for over a fortnight....Sofology have perked up a bit when Barclays presented the complaint. Position I'm now in is: Either.....allow Homserve rep. (supposedly independent....really?) to visit, assess and provide an 'honest' report. Sofolgy's subsequent action, in terms of the 'refund' (to Barclays) and to end the finance agreement will depend on this 'report' OR....as the defects/faults are considered 'un'confirmed, (in spite of Video evidence) they will take back the Sofa, and charge me a 30% (£300+) cancellation fee. Is it correct to consider this as a cancellation.....the item is defective??! Haven't encountered this idea of being charged in order to return a defective item......is that legal? Would appreciate any help from members
  2. I ordered my new sofa from Sofology and received txt on March 30th saying it was ready for delivery. I arranged a delivery date and had to pay extra for a Saturday delivery. Disposed of my old sofa and sat on kitchen chairs for 4 days. Then I received a call saying my sofa wasn't ready the night before it was due and it could be anything up to 4 more weeks. I'm also told they do not do Saturday deliveries in my area (Dorset). They offered me a replacement sofa which I accepted (It's the most uncomfortable sofa I have ever sat in) which they delivered on Good Friday. A week later I get told my sofa is now ready and I should go to their website to arrange a delivery date however, the website says that the sofa has already been delivered with no other options. Yesterday (21st April) I went on their web chat to be told they cannot arrange delivery. I have to contact the delivery people on a premium rate number to arrange a day that I presume they expect me to take off work. I have asked on 3 occasions requested to at least have the Saturday delivery monies returned and as yet I've only been told that I will not be charged but not that the money has been returned. I asked about cancelling the order and was told the money was non-refundable. I asked for the complaints dept information and was told I'd receive an email - no email was sent and I didn't get a transcript of the chat session. They seem to have the attitude that I should be grateful they are willing to let me buy from them so here is my question - As I bought on Visa is the above grounds enough to cancel the order? I will contact them to arrange delivery but I just want to know if I can cancel if needs arise.
  3. Purchased a sofa from @sofology. They were very clear in the shop, once you get the delivery text you must have arranged for delivery to take place within 7 days Text came Thursday 9th June with "Great news your sofa is now ready for delivery..." so due to work commitments and based on the statements made in the shop I arranged to have the old one removed, assuming worst case we would have 1 week without sofa. Went to arrange delivery to be told sofa would not be in their warehouse until 11th July with delivery after that. Called the call centre to be told yes that's correct, you obviously read the message wrong, seriously it's my fault? After a lot of time they did offer a loan sofa, but my wife suffers from significant respiratory issues and can't be near anything that has had smoke or pets, so the loan sofa was advised as not an option and told why, but that seems to be the end of their support. I now have to go and buy some chairs to sit on while we wait the 6 weeks with sofology absolving themselves of any responsibility. My big problem is that they did not even admit the text was sent in error, just I read it wrong. So as I say a word of caution, don't get caught out the way I did.
  4. Hi, Hoping for some advice. Sorry for the long winded explanation. I have had some sofas delivered to me last week, 23rd May 2018 from Sofology. Two days into having the sofas we noticed, 25th May, one of the recliners was wonky and has not been aligned correctly so I sent Sofology an email with photos asking them to correct this. I received an email telling me I will be contacted within the next week for a service visit. Three days in, 26th May, I now notice a gathering of material on where I sit and the back supporting cusions. I sent an email to Sofology explaining the problem and expressing my disappointment. I also told them I wanted to raise this as a complaint. I got a call from Sofology 28th May wanting to book a technician to correct the alignment issue. I asked the lady on the phone if they will also be looking at the creasing. I was told they has a technician look at the photos of the creasing and they decided there was not anything wrong with the sofa. I explained to her it wasn't fair they made this decision without informing me. She also advised to give it 6 weeks for the Sofas to settle. To keep whacking the sofa regularly. This was done over the phone so I sent an email confirming our telephone conversation, I also attached a further crease which I noticed on the actual recliner. I woke up this morning and the creases/sagging are growing further and the sofas already look 6 months old when they are not even one week old. I have sent them another emailwith further pictures but I am scared they will keep fobbing me off. What steps do I need to take to take this further?
  5. Had a brand new sofa delivered on 2nd April 2018 and we found a few defects upon delivery which we reported to the driver. The driver reported our concerns to head office who were supposed to phone us regarding this. Later that day I received an email asking for photographs of the defects which we did straight away. Upon taking the photo's we found loads more defects (20+) some of the workmanship is atrocious. So we sent the photo's to customer services who want to come and make repairs. Our problem is that we don't want repairs made to a £2700 sofa especially as there are over 20+ defects. We don't even feel like we want a replacement after looking at the workmanship on this one. Are we within our rights to ask for a full refund? Thanks Kevin
  6. We are looking for advice prior to emailing Sofology. We purchased a 3 seater, 2 seater and 2 leather chairs which were delivered on Friday 9th March 2018. We paid 1,000 deposit and 4,097.00 both by credit card prior to delivery which was initially 5th March but delayed until 9th March due to the weather. This is now 13th March and although we have only sat on the 2 recliners for a period of 12 hours in total they have puddled where we have been sitting. The arms of the sofas are creased and the delivery man told us that they should come out within a 6 week period. Looking for advice on what we should input before emailing them. We did call their Customer Service and were told to email. Not happy with a 5,097.00 leather sofa set that sags, all still have the tags on.
  7. We purchased a 3 piece Fellini suit (one 1-seater, one 2-seater and one 3-seater) which arrived in July 2017. This sofa had to be returned due to significant damage (what looked like tooling marks) and significant discrepancies in the leather quality to all 3 items. We received a replace set in August 2017 which also had discrepancies in the leather quality This was noted (and photographed) by the delivery person and we were told that if there was any issues we could follow up. We also commented to the delivery person that the leather surfaces on all 3 seated items appeared to be too large for each seat and was significantly looser on these replacement items compared to original. However he said this was normal and that we should push the "excess leather to the sides" to have a tighter and smooth surface. After confirming this should not be the case, after checking this with Felinni sofas on display in both the Glasgow and Edinburgh stores, we wrote and called Sofology for feedback. Since September we have contacted Sofology numerous times including photos to document issues without follow-up to my calls. In the absence of a reply from Sofology (call/email) I again visited both the Edinburgh and Glasgow stores to compare the leather on the Fellini sofas on display and to show the staff the pictures of our 6 week old sofas. In both stores staff were very surprised to see how loose the leather was on our sofas as stated that this is not how the leather should be especially considering the age. Moreover, they also commented that the leather on the Fellini display sofas was in much better condition and much tighter despite being tested by customers daily. Both the Edinburgh and Glasgow stores said that the leather on the Fellini sofa should not look as ours does and that the leather should remain tight for a long number of years. They suggested that I retake/resend some additional pictures to highlight how loose the leather is on all 3 items as this is unacceptable with a sofa set costing in excess of £2,000. We are extremely dissatisfied with the level of customer care that we have received/are receiving from Sofology. This is now the 2nd Fellini sofa set that we have received from Sofology which is not fit for purpose. Not only does the leather look terrible due to the excess material used, it actually looks like it has been cut to the wrong size. After a visit from HomeServe to inspect the sofas we have waited over 8 weeks for a reply from Sofology despite being contacted 5 times by email. We are now being offered a repair despite HomeServe confirming (after inspection) to Sofology that this is a manufacturing defect. We are still trying to get resolution on this as we are unwilling to accept a repair as these issues were identified at delivery. We have now had 2 Felinni sofas (6 pieces in total) all of which have manufacturing issues. We now no longer have confidence in the manufacturer of this Felinni sofa. While Sofology do obviously have many beautiful sofas and many satisfied customers our experience to date cannot be described as anything short of shocking with a complete lack of customer service and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable sofa retailer stay clear of Sofology.
  8. Jan 2016 purchased 3 piece leather suite from Sofology - delivered May 2016, paid deposit c£200 with c/card, balance c£1950 with d/card this inc 'Furniture Protection' Castellan c£195 APRIL 2017 whilst applying Leather treatment noticed what appeared to be scuffing of Settee in two places and armchair, contacted Sofology store and requested 'remedy' - Store advised to claim on 'furniture protection' - said that as it was poor quality materials I doubted they would cover!!! However did as they advised but wrote (recorded delivery) to store reserving my rights under Sale of Goods Act - no response from store 'Furniture Protection' rejected claim and on 22 June wrote to store (Recorded Delivery) requesting action to remedy situation within 14 days At same time contacted c/card company re possible Sect 75 claim - they advised wait for Sofology response Today 14 August rang Sofology Store and was advised that I should have contacted Head Office - asked WHY they hadn't acknowledged/responded to my letters - recieved a 'virtual shoulder shrug'!!! Store now say they will open a complaint and forward it to Head Office and I should recieve a response within 48 hours So thats the current state of play - needless to say I'm not a Happy Bunny and am about tp feed "NEAL' to my Dogs!!!
  9. Hi, I'm brand new here but thought I might get some decent advice. I went into Sofology yesterday evening and picked out a sofa and coffee table with the help of a polite salesperson. The items all have 6 week plus lead times, and as I understand, the sofa actually has to be manufactured first. I was told I had 48 hours to confirm the order after placing it. At the end, right after my credit card payment went through, I was handed a piece of paper and told "cancellations are charged at 30%". Nothing else was explained to me really. At that point I took it to mean that once they start work, i.e. once the order is confirmed, they will charge a cancellation fee - fair enough in my mind. Today, after reading horrific stories I decided I didn't want to risk doing business with Sofology. I clicked on the link emailed to me to 'confirm your order' and couldn't find an option to not confirm and instead cancel. I called them and was told that, despite literally nothing having being done on my order, and me not actually having confirmed it, they won't allow me to cancel without paying 30% of the order value. Now, I'm not sure about my rights. This wasn't an online purchase (I wanted to pay later online but was persuaded to pay in store instead), and I'm not sure whether it qualifies as made to order or not (it's made for me I'm told, but I just picked it out of a catalogue, no customisation). Basically, I don't know if I have any rights to cancel or if this is a grey area. The thing is, I wasn't told about the cancellation policy until AFTER I paid, I wasn't given terms and conditions until after I paid either (I wasn't asked to sign anything either). Also, at the time I genuinely understood 'order confirmation' to mean just that - confirming that I want to go ahead with the order. My credit card company can't help as they say the money first needs to go through (it's still pending) and the supplier needs to be at fault. I'm trying to figure out if they are at fault. In my mind, when you tell a customer they have 48 hours to confirm an order, you can't leave out the no-cancellations-whatsoever policy part (until, conveniently, they've already paid) or you're trading in bad faith. Anyway, thanks for reading my essay. Any advice would be appreciated. Nick
  10. Hi, just registered having google searched issues with sofology, ended up reading some problems other people have had. Thought I would post about an issue I have and looking for any help in dealing with sofology. From the start... Visited Sofology and ordered a two seater sofa, a three seater recliner and a matching footstool for a total cost of approx. £3,000. Have to say the whole buying experience was great, no pushy sales people no hard sell, so far so good. We got a message just before Christmas and arranged delivery for 23rd December 2016. Sofa arrived on time, all was good. After a few days we started to notice that the 3 seater recliner started to feel like it was slumping towards both ends, i.e. high in the middle and lower at each end. At first I just presumed this was the cushions settling in. However, it has progressively got worse. I ended up having a look under the sofa when fully reclined to find that the couch visibly is sloping to either end, almost like there is support at both ends missing. I tried calling Sofology customer services however got the usual in a queue message. At the time I was on my own with three young kids in the house so ended up hanging up, and instead chose to fill in an online form. As yet I still haven't had a response to that form !! I then decided to visit the store, where I went immediately to the showroom model of the sofa we had purchased. I fully reclined one of the seats and had a look underneath, everything looked perfectly straight. I then went to speak to one of the sales people but was told I would have to telephone customer services, and they couldn't assist me. This was a bit disappointing especially as I was the only customer in the store at the time. I did what they said and again tried to call customer services, eventually I got through and was told that a ticket would be opened and I would receive an email which I should reply to and send some photos of the issue. I have done this and after a few days I received a further message to say that having reviewed the photos they were now ready to let me speak to their technical team. I called but unfortunately there was no-one available to speak to me, however, they would get someone to call me back, so I gave them my work number to contact me. Got a text from my wife not long later to say someone from Sofology had phoned her, as she was at her work she was not able to answer. I called again and spoke with someone else. The person I spoke to again reviewed the photos I'd sent and decided that they felt some feet may be missing and that they would send some out to me, and that I should call back once they arrive and they will send out a technician to fix. The problem I have is that I don't think there are feet missing. We have the same number of feet under our sofa as the one in the showroom has. Having read some other posts I became concerned that in a week it will be 30 days since the sofas were delivered and also the 1st finance payment will be taken, today I have used their system to inform them that I am rejecting the 3 seater sofa as it is faulty. I have also said that I don't think fitting additional feet is a proper fix to the issue, and that I will only accept the Sofa once it has been properly fixed or replaced. I will post again once the technician has inspected and confirmed a resolution. I have a feeling this won't be a simple issue to fix and I suspect I will find difficulty dealing with Sofology to get an appropriate solution. Sorry for the length of post, but thought it best t get it all out there !!
  11. hi folks purchased a sofa from above paid cash waited 8 weeks only, looked really good in shop and was told cushions where foam and fibre ,well it arrived on 8th of December 2016 and says give cushions a couple of weeks to settle in so I did but after 4 weeks I called sofology only to be told there was no foam in the model I had ordered and was mislead buy this at point of sale , well they are offering an exchange or refund but I have couple of other problems as they have nothing instore I like , problems now and should sofology pay the bill as they did admit liability 1. we decorated around the colour scheme of the sofa 2. I paid £300 pound for a rug to go with the sofa so what I am asking are they liable for the redecorating of my living room and are they liable for replacement rug as I don't get the point where I should incur more décor charges because they told lies on point of sale /so who is liable for the rug and redecor
  12. My in laws have purchased a settee from Sofology Sofas. When they went to purchase the suite they tested it for comfort as this was very important to them as both have cancer and my father in law suffers with a very painful leg and back since his cancer treatment and my mother in law has cancer and Lupus which is a very painful illness and she suffers with severe back pain. The suite they picked seemed very comfy. The only change they made was the material they wanted a cord type material which was all okay. They have had the suite for 8 weeks now and are using garden chairs instead of sitting on the settee and chairs as it is so uncomfortable and when they have sat in it for a while they are in pain. There doesn't appear to be any give in the suite so although there isn't a definite fault there is something very wrong with it. I have looked at their website and note they belong to the Furniture Ombudsman, not sure what this means. There is also a 10 year guarantee on the suite. Any help would be really appreciated.
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