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  1. Just an update on this, after listening to your advice I sent an email to CEO. Next morning I received four emails with genuine apologies and promise that they will greatly improve customer service provided in Carrickmines, which to be honest, was my intention. Not the camera, or the value. They are also delivering a replacement camera to my address. Thanks for the advice guys, and I'm happy to see that tables have turned.
  2. Thanks @BankFodder, appreciate the info. Sorry about not naming them, I guess I thought that since this is a sub-forum called PcWorld, it would be obvious. Store is in Carrickmines, PcWorld. I am aware that I can get a refund, I know I'm getting one. But just getting a refund is not what I'm after. That means they're getting away with it. And not even to mention how rude that lady on the phone was. About the damage, camera has deep scratches on its plastic on four different places, plus other minor signs of usage. It looks like it was used for at least one year. I'll read the guide, thanks again.
  3. Hello there, Yesterday I made a reservation for collection of a camera in store. When I arrived at the store, lady at reception went to get the camera for me. I paid for it and left the store. When I got home, I realized that the box was already teared up, which I have photos of, and which is even more weird, the camera was damaged. This is obviously a product that has been used either as showcase in store or returned by a customer. I can’t believe that they're selling used and damaged products as brand new, and trying to get away with it. I sent them an email with my complaint and received a call today. Lady on the phone was extremely rude, and she told me that the product was probably returned by other customer, and she said it like it's the most normal thing in the world to put that product back on the shelf and sell it as brand new. I asked them to send me a brand new camera instead, so I don't have to drive again for 2 hours and ask for a refund or new camera, which they refused, saying that they can't do that because they're a big store and they have rules After a minute of talking, she yelled at me in an extremely rude way "Goodbye" in the middle of conversation and hang up the phone. They're not responding to my emails and are ignoring the matter. Camera value is 79.99e. I'm wondering what you guys think is the best way to approach this, it's not just about the camera, or driving back again - it's about them getting away with doing things like that just because they're a giant chain store, and acting that way, like I did something wrong. Worst customer experience I've ever had, by far - both in store and via the phone. I'm just wondering what rights do I have because I would like to file a complaint or even go to the papers with the story, I'll do whatever I can. Thanks in advance
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