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  1. Hi, I've been working on a project team for the past 8 months. It has been acknowledged by those in charge that I have contributed a significant amount to the project, including doing work in my own time without request from the management. Those on the team who know the situation are extremely shocked and annoyed that I will not be making the move. Others believe it is completely unfair given my contribution and subject knowledge. This project is now moving to another floor in the building. Due to disability I cannot evacuate from higher than the 3rd floor, they are moving to th
  2. I've suffered from a chronic pain condition now for some time which has in the past caused issues with sickness absence. I have sevberal reasonable adjustments in place and I had been managing the condition quite well for the past 6 months or so. This past few weeks I've been struggling with the pain, but my quality and quantity of work has remained as high as ever. In fact in order to keep myself distracted from the pain I have been doing extra work on top. However, this past few days my direct manager has been trying to convince me to go home. I know she means well really
  3. Hi, I have to be careful as I believe that I am being monitored on external websites by my employer. I am disabled. I take various medications including high strength opioids, some of which are transdermal ( a patch or plaster which lasts for 3 days at a time) and also some which I take throughout the day. I have seen the Occupational Health several times through work and each time they have agreed that my condition is likely to be covered under the Disability Discrimination Act/Equality Act. The most recent assessment was in August 2014, and each assessment states that whilst
  4. How do you work that one out. It‘s a problem because a) I take medications, for my disability, at work which takes time to measure out and take, and b) it takes me longer to get to and from the kitchen/drinks machine due to the mobility problems I have. Therefore the 5 minutes logging on time isn‘t long enough and IMO the adjustment is to extend it by 5 minutes. It wouldn‘t matter if I got to work 1 hr early, the 5 minutes logging on time still wouldn‘t be long enough. It‘s the logging on time that is the issue.
  5. but then I‘m losing out on the 10 minutes flexi. How is that fair? it may onl be 5 or 10 minutes, but 5 or 10 minutes a day for 4 days a week, 52 weeks a year is a lot of time. then there are the days I get to work at at 9:45 or even later, in these cases I would be losing a further 5 minutes. The employer is already doing everyone out of 5/10 minutes every day by not counting the time that it takes to turn on the PC and for it to load up as ‘working time‘ for the purposes of the time sheet. I don‘t know about anyone else but I consider that as I need a PC to perform the duties
  6. It‘s not that sort of deal. It‘s not like there‘s a hooter that goes off at 9am and that when you start and finish at the hooter at 5. Generally it‘s not possible to get in any earlier as I get my kids ready for school in the morning whilst my wife works then I go raight to work after they have gone. Whatever time I get in is the time I log onto the system. So like today, my shift is scheduled to start at 9:45, I arrived at 9:30 as traffic was good. I turned on the PC at 9:30 and waited for it to load up and logged into the system at 9:35, so I put 9:35 into the time sheet
  7. Recently I have been awarded access to work and now get a taxi to and from work. my employer has taken the stance that this change now means that as I don't drive to work any longer that I am somehow pain free in the morning and so don't need to take my meds when I get to work and should instead take them at home.My argument is that a routine has been established and that changes to that could be detrimental to the management of the condition.It is my belief that it is reasonable for adjustments to be made to a) allow longer than 5 minutes for logging on in the morning due to the need to get a
  8. Hi.I have various reasonable adjustments at work, but I'm struggling with my employer over an issue that affects the very start and end of the working day.We have to fill in a time sheet sort of thing which shows what time we arrive, what time we have dinner and what time we leave. You are not deemed to thave started work until you have logged into the computer and logged onto the system. This can take 5/10/15 minutes depending on any system updates that have taken place, or whether your PC decides not to play ball.After that you have a maximum of 5 minutes 'logging on time' before you have to
  9. I just thought I would update. We've so far had no response from the department at the council who deals with this following our email last week so I've sent a further one direct to the leader of the council. I've also sent a copy of the original email to the department which deals with blue badges. We were advised to do this by a guy who used to be a local councillor. Hopefully they will come back with something. Hopefully we'll now get some form f response even if it is a 'Tough Luck' message at least then we'll know where we stand and I can help my family member to fill in a
  10. Just the one badge. I think you are right. I just hope it's not another 2 year wait like it was last time. With my luck they'll put in an objection to the new application just to annoy me.
  11. Unfortunately not, it's a 130yr old Terraced house with a small front yard and there is no access to the rear for vehicles (not wide enough)
  12. As it stands I'm not suggesting that we should have priority. I'm miffed at the fact that we did all the donkey work to get the bay and our family member is now completely unable to use it as it's being (deliberately IMO) blocked. But he was happy with the previous first come first served arrangement. When he was unable to drive for 2 weeks last year we told the woman that he was going to have the car moved to the car park at the back of the houses opposite our house so that he wasn't blocking the bay. He wasn't using the car so had no need for it to be close to home and he's the only dri
  13. You can only park on the lines for a max of 3 hours which is no good as the car is generally stood for longer than 3 hours.
  14. They definately don't have a badge for the other one. I'm going to send a letter to the Blue Badge team at the council and let them decide if what they are doing is against the Blue Badge rules.
  15. The official would have a problem trying to ticket your car as it was displaying a valid p&d ticket. They have to take pictures of your car to prove it was in contravention of the rules, and (in our area) they take a picture of the PCN on the windscreen. I once got a ticket in a council car park for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge. At the time I has a seperate permit which allowed me to park in my daughters school's teachers car park as the parents/visitors car park is at the bottom of a steep hill. The Blue Badge was on the drivers side of the dash and
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