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  1. Thanks for the advice, i will have a look into it and see what my options are. I know my insurance company are relocating the vehicle to a location that i can get some photos of the damage and evidence to build a case. I know that they themselves have said they will get an investigator out to check it and would then pursue garage 1 for the costs of the repairs of the vehicle or in the case it's deemed a total loss the full amount of the vehicle. Which i believe is fair enough and i'm satisfied that's being handled correctly. My gripe is the fact that i've gone through this ordeal due to
  2. I repeat i was never told the car was not safe to drive, i was told by a mechanic at Garage 2 that he can't guarantee it is safe to drive. My insurers were notified of this and made no attempts to resolve it. As for the independent assessor he assessed the car before it went back for the second round of repairs, he had not looked at the car after it had been back for the second visit. I am not a mechanic so i don't know if a car is safe to drive or not, and no one told me i can't drive it so i feel that fact is irrelevant to my case.
  3. My issue is i work away Monday to Friday 130miles away from my home address, so it makes it very hard for me to get it sorted. I had no choice but to still drive my car as i have to get to and from work or i can't pay my bills. I was informed by Garage 1 that the car was repaired and the knock was the suspension bottoming out. I'm not a mechanic so i can only believe what they told me. I was not told that i shouldn't drive the car at any point otherwise i wouldn't have driven it, i was told by the mechanic at Garage 2 that he can't guarantee it's safe to drive and i passed this message o
  4. I need some advice for what steps i should take in pursuing my insurance company for high risk of loss of life due to negligence. I will be vague on the dates/times/full details due to this potentially being a high profile case. a few months back i had an accident and damaged my car. No other parties were involved just myself. The insurance company did the usual protocol and recovered the vehicle and sent it off to garage 1. Garage 1 quoted the repairs and carried them out, on collection of my car i noticed the steering was not correct and there was a loud kn
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