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  1. Just wish I got more use out of them in this time as they were good. Saved them for best rather than day to day running. Did a couple of half marathons and a few 10k's and that was it. Less than 90k on road in total. Would have another pair if I could get the exchange. Nike air Pegasus zoom turbos
  2. Unless im mistaken they have no choice but to give me a refund on an expensive pair of trainers that are falling appart after such little use/time. Don't get no brownie points for that. Any company has to do this dont they? Wouldn't waste my precious time trying to make a billion pound business look bad with a post on a forum. That's not my intention. The bad service relates to the content of their responses and before anyone says it's not just because I didnt like the what they said. The content really wasn't good. Will try again rather than digressing. Could I request that Nike exchange/swap the product rather than being refunded the sale price? They're a great looking trainer and just want the same ones back and can't afford the full price. Just need someone who knows more than me on consumer law as to where I stand even if it's not what I want to hear. Thanks
  3. Hi all. Just wondering if I could get some advice on the following. Bought some Nike trainers at a sale price of £89 the RRP is £160 The sole started falling off them after less than 100km (8 months). Only used them on road and for running races only. Not wore them a lot in this period. Sent them back to Nike. I was hoping for a replacement pair or at least a discount again so I could buy the same pair. Nike said they will only give me the £89 back. Thats good but I cant buy the same pair again which I did really like as they have gone back up to £160. They state that their policy is refund only after 3 months. Am I within my rights to demand an exchange? On a side note the customer service department has been absolutely shocking and are refusing the escalate the complaint to management and not answering questions. Cheers Bill
  4. Thanks for the advice, it's appreciated. I will get some formal advice before jumping in. Reading my original post back it doesn't make it very clear as half of it is hypothetical as I'm exploring options at the moment and just want t ok do the best. What I'm leaning towards is 1) loaning my parents money to clear existing debt and mortgage. This loan will be drawn up and secured against property. No interest charged. 2) This will allow them to downsize, sell their house and move into the house next door to me. 3) I will benefit as I don't get a random neighbour, I help them out,I never intend to move. I will also hopefully be named in the will. No inheritance or income tax issues. No sign of this in the near future but if they do go into care I won't be out of pocket due to loan agreement. Like I said these are just initial thoughts and we will get professional advice.
  5. Thanks for your time. Will take a look.
  6. Hi, Would really appreciate some advice on if I will be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax Summary My parents are about to buy the house next door to me. Cash buyer. Semi detached. Well under the inheritance tax threshold. No outstanding mortgage. As soon as they buy it they want to gift it to myself, wife and or children as I have financially supported them over the years, cleared some of their debt and they want to support their grandchildren. They wont be paying me rent. When they gift it me it will be valued at exactly the same price they paid for it. They own no other properties. Even considered knocking through and turning it into one big property.(Classed as living together). Would that impact on it? I currently own a house myself so dont want them to buy the new house in my name as I will be liable for Stamp Duty Im aware of all the risks around divorce and falling out with family so just need some advice on the financial side of things. There are no known issues regarding avoiding fees for care homes/bankruptcy. Many thanks
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Couldn't find the contract but found a receipt. It said insurance for £9.99 but cost was £0.00. As you say it must have been a case of 3 months for 3 then down to myself to cancel which I wasn't aware of. Never going to prove it so will just have to put it down to a lesson learnt.
  8. Think I might be fighting a losing battle with this one but I'm coming to the end of my contract and checked my phone bill just to see what I pay out. Dont normally check the details I just pay it as I trusted that it was correct Really shocked to see throughout my contract i've been paying insurance which I never agreed to. Contacted Vodafone who said tough as I should have checked the phone bill. They also said I took the insurance out in store. I know I didnt take out this insurance and my query is can anything be done to get a refund? Surely they must have a signed copy of the agreement. Then secondly didnt like the attitude of saying if you dont check your bill then tough. What they're saying they can charge what they want and if you dont notice it then tough Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  9. Sent my Samsung off for repair. Pretty standard repair job with that type of phone. Was told that it would be back within 10 days. Been longer than that now so thought I would chase it up. Tried the website but didnt have the job number so tried the store. Recorded message saying that they are closed for refurb and that any repairs would be sent to another store even further away. Tried the new store. They didnt have it. I asked for my job number so I could trackit myself. They said cant do it. No reason. I asked if the repair copany could send it to a more local store to me. They said cant change it now. No reason. Really was as simple as that. They managedto change the store address when it suited them but wont do it for me and will have to drive further now. Just seemed like the person just couldn't be bothered as I am sure they could get a job number for me and contact the repair company to get it sent to a different store as its been done once already. Anyway. Know much cant be done and just blowing off some steam as Vodafone have been generally good. Just wondering how long other Vodafone customers have had to wait for repairs
  10. Thats amazing. Thanks very much, really appreciated.
  11. Just after some advice on the following and maybe some general fiancial advice rather than full ins and outs of benefits so sorry if I have posted in wrong section and also sorry if it sounds a bit depressing. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Hopefully treatable with a 6-9 course of chemo. Anyway. They havent really thought about it yet but sooner or later my mom will go onto half/no pay from work. Mother earns about £1300 a month and father earns a touch less. They have never been much good with money and the majority of their wage goes to paying off debt which totals around the £10.000. Unsurpringly they have no insurances. If she does start to lose any pay then they will struggle to pay the mortgage/debts and with this news my dad is also struggling mentally and also drinking so I also worry about him loosing his job. If it gets to the stage where they have got to worry about money on top of everything else then it may be too much. Knowing nothing about benefits I believe they would be entitled to is carers benefits and free prescriptions. Is this correct? Can they claim for anything else? How much is carers benefit? Posted it in here as I am hoping that I can get involved and help to manage their finances through benefits and entitlements. To keep the cheery theme going they have also talked about wills. They were also talking about signing the house over to another family member just in case they have to go into a home. Can you do this? Dont know how true it is but our neighbour passed their house to their kids to avoid paying care home fees. Seems like to good to be true many thanks
  12. Thanks very much. Its appreciated . Will take the advice on board
  13. Thanks for the advice
  14. Well, might be exaggerating a bit but will describe the scenario. Bought an oven over/hob 2 years ago. During the years it has suffered from issues like the bottom element blowing and the wires melting. Made a complaint and they were very good and sent me replacement parts and basically acknowledged the issue by sending me parts. 2 years has passed and I there are issue with the product. The main switch into the oven melted, it tripped the mains and smoke everywhere. On top of that a hob blew up and one of the plastic dials snapped. Contacted the company again and they say I am not covered as it has been longer than 2 years but as a good will gesture they will try and sort me out with parts again. It may be me who is being unfair but I really want the whole lot replacing as its never been right and a potential risk to safety. Knows its over 2 years but when you spend a few hundred quid on an item you expect to get at least 5 years from the product. Am I within my rights to try and get it replaced or should I just be grateful with more replacement parts? Many thanks Bill
  15. I did phone them back rather than pester Lee and they stated it was water damage and it was not covered. Although I cant recall it getting wet I accepted that that may be the cause of the faulty battery. But I did question how could water damage make the chrome USB come loose which was the main issue and they couldnt really explain. I did try it on a bit and said I could have lived with the battery loosing its charge every now and again but surely the USB could and should have been fixed for free or at least been offered before telling me that insurance was the only option. Anyway, I have paid the excess now so cant moan. Mixed feelings dont like claiming on insurance unless really necessary and I am out of pocket only by £25. I did like my old nokia E7 with the fold out keyboard as im always sending long emails. My new phone is supposed to be better although on a quick search the E7 is still worth more on ebay. Give it a few months though and I will probably love my new phone even more and I have to give it a chance. On the positive side when registering my new micro sim the member of staff was very friendly and helpful thanks for all the advice
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