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  1. Hey all Looking for a bit of advice please. I bought a pre-owned Samsung galaxy tab 3 from GAME earlier this month (still have the box, receipt etc). After having no problems with it, the last few days it has started restarting itself randomly - this could happen after a few minutes of use or even after an hour. When it does restart itself, it turns itself off and cant be turned back on for 5mins or so. Anyway, to me it appears faulty and took it back to my local GAME store today but was told that as its an intermittent problem, I need to take it home and then video it when it ha
  2. Thank you both for your replies. Having spoken to my area manager and the HR lead today at some length, they have decided that I won't be required to attend a disciplinary meeting now and no further action will be taken. That's at least some less pressure at this time.
  3. Good morning all. Just after a quick bit of advice. I have been off work for the last few weeks after finding out something horrific that had been happening to my 8 year old son. I informed work what had happened and that obviously I would be off work as needed time to not only help my son through it but, also to try and deal with all the emotional things I was going through. I went to see my GP and obtained sick notes to cover me for the time I was off. I even attempt to come back to work sooner but after a few hours there, I was an emotional mess and broke down in tears so
  4. Okay I see, sorry obviously didn't understand the procedure. How long does it take to be transferred to my local court?
  5. Just a quick question, how long does it take to get a decision? My defence was recieved on the 23/06/16 Thanks
  6. Thanks very much for that - showed the manager and he processed a full refund
  7. Good morning all. Im hoping for a bit of guidance really. I purchased an Acer laptop on Saturday but seems to be faulty. After its been on for a round 30mins to an hour it shuts itself off and then starts with a warning screen saying it wasn't shut down properly. The laptop doesn't seem to be overheating or anything as the fans are quiet and the base cool. I took it back to my local Argos (where I purchased it from) but was told I couldn't have a refund and would need to be sent off. I explained the little I know of the SoGA but was given the same response. Are they
  8. Just to update and ask for a little advice. I have requested extra time to submit a defence. I have been through all my paperwork (which Im pretty meticulous at keeping) and cant find a copy of the original default or the letter of Assignment. As such, Im thinking this is going to form the basis of my defence but nit entirely sure of how to word it - any help will be gratefully received Xx
  9. I have now decided to go ahead with an IVA (just waiting to finalise the paperwork). Would this decision have any impact on my reply to the court letter? Many thanks
  10. Just to add, I am in the process of looking into arranging an IVA. I have had a chat with StepChange and looks like something I will be going ahead with
  11. Hello Date of claim - 15/06/2016 Particulars of claim - The defendant entered into an agreement with o2 under account reference ***** The defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a Default Notice was served and not complied with The agreement was later assigned to the claimant on 30/06/2016 and notice given to the defendant Despite repeated requests, the sum of 202 remains due and outstanding And the claimant claims a) The said sum of 202 b) Interest pursuant to s69 county courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of As
  12. Hello all. Just arrived home to find a County Court letter for a claim issued by Lowell regarding an old O2 mobile contract. I've never received any thing like this before so not entirely sure what my next steps are. I did consider filing a defence but it doesn't really seem like I have one. Is it just a case of filling out the form, hope they accept my repayment proposal and wait to hear back from the court or do ai have to attend? Many thanks
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