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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/3143151/france-emissions-sticker-117-fine/ Hopefully the UK are going to reciprocate this in the UK for French vehicles ?
  2. Hi In 2007, RBS defaulted me due to me going onto a DMP with CCCS (Now stepchange) In 2009 i successfully got RBS to confirm in writing that they could not find my credit agreement and thus could not take actions to enforce the debt. I have continued to receive a credit card statement every month for over 7 years. The balance doesn't change. They dont add on any interest. I don't offer them any money and they have never asked for any. Is there something i can send to them basically saying don't send me anymore statements because you aren't getting anymore cash or will i have to just put up with receiving a credit card statement with an outstanding balance for years to come on a balance that is never going to be repaid. Regards Rob
  3. Really interesting article about online right to forget issues. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/when-should-the-internet-forget-20151031-gknt4w.html I think people do have rights to wipe internet records about historic issues, but not sure who should Police this. Surely it should be subject to an application to an official body and anyone who would have interest should have ability to lodge an objection. There should be a noticeboard somewhere on Google or elsewhere showing right to forget applications, so that those against an application can register an objection.
  4. Scottish gin threat as juniper stocks disappear THE JUNIPER plant which is used to flavour gin is being killed off by disease leaving Scottish stocks in a “critical state”, according to a new report. Read more: http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/scottish-gin-threat-as-juniper-stocks-disappear-1-3927219#ixzz3phho8kWs
  5. I applied for an mbna credit card. They demanded 3 months bank statements I asked why. They said to verify your income. I said the agency I work through will certify my income, they insisted on the bank statements. I said I wasn't prepared to hand over bank statements as I didn't need the credit and it was not worth it just for airmiles. Because mbna upfront the obtaining of security information I was now in a position where they had the same security information as the other credit card I have (same password, mothers maiden name) plus they had all the account details. Yes I said the same password, for me it is the lesser evil than having several passwords that I now have to write down (which to me is a worse security risk). When I called mbna to terminate my application they took me through security in the course of which the operator repeated to me my entire password. Now to my understanding they are not supposed to know this and it is an obvious security risk if they do. I am accustomed to a bank accomplishing security checks by asking for certain characters of my password. I pointed out that as I had terminated the application it was unacceptable for them to retain my security information and they should delete it. That was 6 months ago. Since then I have written and been sent responses where they have asked me to call. When I call I am told that they want me to go through security and I tell them I'm not doing that because they shouldn't have that information. So they have had a formal complaint and a Section 10 notice asking them to delete my information. In the complaint I said I believed their security was lax and not competently administered a nd put me at risk as they were holding the same information as other financial institutions who I do hold accounts with. I wrote this letter at the end of April. In July while I was abroad I was alerted that somebody had obtained my password and attempted to access my credit card account online, consequently my card had been cancelled and I would have to change m my password. I rely totally on credit cards while abroad so was left more or less financially stranded by this. In August mbna produced their letter full of regret and tell the ombudsman if you're not satisfied. I told them that things had moved on - my account had been hacked which was exactly the consequence I had warned them of and they were being held responsible. I also told them they had not responded to the section 10 notice. They replied denying receipt of the section 10 notice and said that in any event they were required by the Consumer Credit Act to retain data about my application for a card. I agreed but said that requirement does not extend to the security information that I told them to delete. They said they would investigate the breach ... we take security very seriously blah blah... 7 weeks on (they said they needed 8 weeks to investigate) mbna have never contacted me to ask what account was hacked or when.. . .so much for a rigorous investigation. We are in a standoff. I've told them they are responsible for the breach of the account (note my bank account which they also have but doesn't share that password was not hacked). To date they have not deleted my security information. I am ready to take them on but am thinking of not basing my case on the Section 10 notice as it probably mean I am not eligible to be heard in the small claims track. I'll mention it but not seek remedy under it and I am hoping the ico will tell them to delete the data. something to be wary of if you ever abandon an application with a financial institution.
  6. Hello CAG ! You have been such a great help with lots of issues, however this time I fear , even you won’t change things. Sorry if posting in the wrong place – have posted twice, once under Armed Forces and also under Benefits & HMRC So call this a ‘rant’, because I have to tell someone ! In short, I can’t say too much, my partner, ex royal marine, saw active service on his country’s behalf, everywhere in the world there was conflict – a decorated hero, now broken. With terrible nightmares he is diagnosed with chronic PTSD due to combat, I cannot begin to tell you what he has seen in the service of his country or the dark places he now seems to visit on a daily basis. Croydon are the worst borough I have ever experienced dealings with. I am not a Croydon girl and for that I am grateful. I have tried to get him medical help in the borough, he is fully diagnosed and ‘in the system’, acknowledged as a ‘vulnerable’ person. I have been trying to get him DLA for about five months. ATOS, who requested a medical assessment in order to assess his DLA entitlement, have to date, cancelled five medical appointments, each hours before the appointment. DLA has during that time ceased to exist. Croydon’s Mental Health medical facilities, pushed him from pillar to post, for two months, and finally, he has been offered an appointment within six to twelve months. ATOS cancelled his appointment again last week – and that was the final straw. This man is frightened of stepping outside his flat, frightened of what he might do, thinks he is in a combat zone or sometimes so desperate he wants to quit. Perhaps if he lived in another borough it would be better. I don’t know...but he paid his taxes...fought for his country...and is being treated without any thought for his well being or dignity. He is a shadow of his former self...drinking at night is a better reality for him than the one that haunts him. I have lost most of him –he is a desperate man who will take desperate measures and I and family, are going to lose him entirely. Why will nobody put themselves out to help him – he put himself out for us. I am at a loss, I won’t give up but fear by the time I get to someone who cares, it will be too late. Any bright ideas anyone ???
  7. So I want my Equifax credit report because according to checkmyfile.com, it is still displaying an account that should have stopped reporting in October 2012. Online I complete the application form and at the end I do not get my CR but instead, please call this number (0844...) to complete your order. I call it in all innocence and am connected to a Rep who wants to 'check' all my details including asking for the answer to my "secret question". So I decide to ask where the Rep is based and she says somewhere in Asia (I get this after several attempts). I cancelled the order. Firstly - I did not have this hassle registering with Experian. Second, I will not give out that information to someone based outside the UK. Sort yourselves out.
  8. Husband took the wife to a disco on the weekend. There was a guy on the dance floor giving it large - break-dancing, moon-walking, back flips, the works. The wife turned to husband and said: "See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down." Husband says: "Looks like he's still f*****g celebrating!!!"
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