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  1. I've got all the papers but working from memory card began in 2008, then in 2012, can check, the card was stopped and a replacement never happened. I had real financial issues then and could never pay more than the minimum, but since then, even though it shows the balance available, a card has never been issued. It has cost a fortune without any benefit and when I raised the issue of the card they had no answer and told me I had little choice other than to pay it off in one go and because of the other issues we had then I just continued to pay. So, yes, it has been going on for years and yes, I know I borrowed the money on the card initially but I must have more than paid it back in interest. I just feel like I'm being taken for more than is reasonable. Again, I don't know if the difference in the interest rate in the 'original' contract they produced last year and the original contract I have on my records is enough to do something with. Thanks
  2. Hi It went from Paypal to Santander to Newday. I'm not sure what you mean by the DMP. If you mean Newday, they transfered the amount fron Santander when it was £4,175.89. debit They continued to treat it as an active credit card so in May 2014 the statement reads total brought forward £4175.89 Payment received £223.53 Interest £61.90 Total £4014.26 New Balance £4014.26 Minimum payment due date 01 June 14 Minmimum payment £101.42 Avialable to spend £1,985.74 (???!!!) Estimated interest next month £65.61 Does that answer your question....by the way thanks for your help
  3. On an outstanding balance of£2768...the minimum payment is £70.18...I usually pay about £100...usually less £12 late fee as I usually forget ! On an outstanding balance of £2,768 with amount available to use £2,232 (only how I can use it is a mystery without a card!!??) not that i want to ! The minimum payment is £70.18 and i usually pay about a hundred
  4. No I'm afraid I didn't send a SAR....things got a bit difficult, I'll do it now, sorry. How can the payments come down to £1 per month, they've been calling as I always forget to pay on time as I don't have a card to use. Not much of an excuse, I know Sorry....when I say I don't have a card....I mean I forget because there is no card associated with the account...so I forget it exists !
  5. This problem is still on-going - my brother died suddenly after my last post and then my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so I just kept on paying every month as I had other things to worry about. If i have to keep on paying - I will - but I've paid thousands more than the card amount. The account arrives from New day, stating how much I have to spend....but I haven't had a credit card for that account for years, ever since paypal stopped the card. What I didn't notice is that the cc agreement they sent as an original has a slightly different interest rate listed to the interest stated on the copy I have and it's not signed. I only write as a payment is due, every time I make one I grit my teeth, they have had so much over and above. Is there anything I can do. If not....I'll just keep paying. Thanks
  6. Apologies… I’ve re-started this as a new thread as the previous one was started by someone else and was becoming more involved, missing bits and out of chronological order. That, combined with the fact that ‘I confuse very easily’, made it seem a good idea! Feb 2007 GE Bank and Paypal credit card account opened…. Two years approx... Later Assigned to Santander Card withdrawn from the market by Santander & Paypal early in 2014 - no replacement was ever provided although initially proposed. Interest rates increased (again) and interest applied monthly to the account balance. Statement always showing the amount available to spend that month. I make payments to pay off the balance of the account (under the agreed credit limit) every month as if it was an active credit card account. I did ask Santander cards about this and they told me that there will be no new credit card issued and that I have to continue to make monthly payments to clear the balance - interest would continue to be applied to the balance on a monthly basis and the terms of the original contract still apply. The only difference being that I could not benefit from using the £2000 + and growing available to spend balance. They confirmed the Paypal card had now been withdrawn and they had no plans to issue another in its place and without a card the account could not be used. Just to clarify - I don’t need or want to use the account I diligently pay, assuming Santander must know what they’re talking about – until I happen upon a thread on the forum of a similar nature. I comment on the thread and on the advice given, request a CCA. CCA duly arrived with a completely different format contract; nevertheless I assume it’s put together, which I understand is legal. However, there is no signature. Just about to send a SAR request to Newday, as advised, and examine the contract a little further. Now I’m not a happy bunny!!!! There is no signature, my address (which is not my current one) is not on the contract, the word ‘variable’, as in rate, is missing and the interest rate stated doesn’t match the original! Now Newday have been assigned the account, they have removed years of online statements and tell me they are no ,longer available! Anything I can do – I’m still paying. In 2013-2014 it cost £1,100 to pay off £900 approx. including late payment penalties (I will check those figures again) Thanks, as always, for your help and advice B
  7. Thanks DX will do. Forgive me if I'm a bit thick - but what do you mean by "no that's good info":oops: Shouldn't you be tucked up in bed at this time of the morning ? Sorry DX I must have been having a senior moment last. Somehow I didn't quite get what the good info was...now I do. Do I do anything about the unsigned contract or just send a SAR request ? Thanks again
  8. unless you took it out online? Not as far as I remember - my late father arranged it for me and I seem to remember 'post' arriving and waiting for documents is this debt on your credit file It would seem not. One other thing....Santander used to provide an 'online account manager' which showed all payments made and all statements online. Newday told me when I had trouble finding same, that all the info which was available online had been archived and was no longer available and from now on all statements would be sent monthly by post - which they indeed are. I did ask for copies of the 'online' account which had years of information on it, however I was told it was no longer available ???! Paying Newday was almost impossible for the first four months as their phones didn't connect. Whenever I try to pay on the automated system or via an operator they inform me that my bank has declined the transaction and when I ring the bank to ask why....they tell me that no transaction from Newday has been presented. No wonder my payments are late !!! Sorry....I slipped into a little rant there:mad2:
  9. As always...thanks for your time & advice...it is (as always) very much appreciated ! Date of contract 02/02/07 Always treated as a credit card account. When GE Money ended the partnership with Paypal the cards were withdrawn and never replaced. Then it was passed to Santander and now Newday. I get a monthly statement with interest added, the amount available to ppend but have no way of using the account, which newday and santander were and are aware of. I make a payment every month (sometimes late as I forget:oops:) Reading the original thread prompted me to send the CAA request, the unsigned photocopy is what Newday returned. As I mentioned it does state in the signature section This is a credit card agreement regulated by the Credit Card Act 1974. Sign it only if you want to be bound by its terms Signature of customer (Please type your name) My name printed - and no signature ???? Getting confused as to where I should be posting replies:madgrin:
  10. Advice please ! CCA has been returned by Newday as a 'copy of my agreement' but it's a photocopy with the name typed in and date inserted but my signature is not on the document. They state " Please find enclosed a copy of your credit card agreement, Terms and Conditions and statement of account." Does this mean I have to pay ? Firstly apologies if I should have only posted my comment on the old paypal credit card thread - but I wasn't sure...so again apologies.... Advice please ! CCA has been returned by Newday as a 'copy of my agreement' but it's a photocopy with the name typed in and date inserted but my signature is not on the document. They state " Please find enclosed a copy of your credit card agreement, Terms and Conditions and statement of account." Does this mean I have to pay ?
  11. NO CCA = No Pay ? Paypal/Santander/Newday Wow ! best news I've had for ages. ...am in exactly the same position with an old Paypal card except I've had lots of £12 charges since I often forget the payment dates as I don't use the account. Newday cleared the old Santander account manager statements. All gone and they send a paper account now and don't hold the old Santander payment account records. So I'm off to send them a CCA request - can I do anything about the late payment charges ?
  12. The cost of the furniture was £2,458 - date of agreement Nov 19 2012. The terms of the agreement were 0% credit on purchases. direct debit started Dec 19th 2012 @£62.8 p.month. leaving him, plus the 3 months deposit paid, approx. £1,400 to pay. Or so he thought !
  13. Hi He can't seem to be able to find the original contract but is adamant the transaction was interest free for the duration. I assume I need to send a SAR....do I send it for him to Moneyway. Please see my previous message Somewhere?
  14. Hi BROIGADIER2JCS Help Please May I pm you - I do not have enough posts to be able to do it without (I think) your permission. Cannot use forum Please see post started 24/08/13 Veterans Thanks Somewhere?
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