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Found 6 results

  1. I’d heard how awkward banks can be with Power Of Attorney so I was pleasantly surprised when I registered the one I hold for my aunt’s financial affairs. It took about 45 minutes and seemed to be plain sailing. Sadly all downhill from then on. I’d set up internet banking for her a couple of years ago when she could still deal with a fair bit on her own and would help her do anything she found confusing. We’ve bumbled along - if she needed things I’d tend to order them and get paid back directly from her account to mine. More recently as she’s gone into care and lost capacity I realised I would have to register this LPA with the bank and take over completely. It’s been an utter disaster. The bank deregistered her internet banking but left something on the system saying she is still registered. Try and log in and it says no longer registered, try and re- register and it says already registered. I have been every which way round with advisors in various departments and they all end up saying it is a fault with their system. This ‘fault’ has the added effect that they cannot verify my details. Her account cannot be accessed by her as I stupidly answered ‘no’ when asked if she has capacity and cannot be accessed by me because their systems cannot verify me for some reason. Luckily I set up her online accounts with national savings etc. so could open a new bank account for her money to be paid into as necessary to pay care home fees and expenses. It doesn't sit well with me that this has to be in my name and I have to spend a great deal of time ensuring funds do not build up in an account which could (should) be subject to close scrutiny because it isn’t my money. When she first asked for my help nearly all her money was in the bank. Thank goodness I suggested she move most of it or we would now be totally screwed. I now wish I’d never tried to do the right thing by registering that LPA with the bank. I could happily have continued logging into her online account to pay her expenses even though she was no longer really approving each transaction as had previously been the case. There are still small amounts which get paid into that Lloyd’s account occasionally and I don’t have enough detail to get them changed. None of it can be accessed until the day I can walk in there with a death certificate and her will. With the benefit of hindsight I would suggest anyone thinking of setting up an LPA goes for the option of adding their proposed attorney as a joint account holder on their bank accounts instead. It could save an awful lot of time and stress.
  2. Thank you for reading. I have a problem with my electric meter. I will try to keep this brief, I have a low reading and a normal reading and it appears that I have only been billed for the low reading (I'm worried it may be since I have been in the property 8 years). The low reading is registering units during the DAY and NIGHT!. So I am assuming I am being charged for my day time usage at the lower price. I have notified British Gas, but only after there was a problem with them excepting my latest meter reading. They are going to fit a new meter and bill me based on my last true reading, but how can they do this if this has been happening since I have been in the property (worse case scenario) and I have been paying but at the lower rate. They are ringing me this afternoon to discuss billing so am still in the dark. I'm so worried about this, any advice would be appreciated:!.
  3. Hi I have had my halifax account for 13 years. Its a cash card account with no credit facilities available on this type of account. I did a direct debit charge back for £1167 which the bank refunded but then took back and sent to merchant which left my account -£1167 . I never noticed this and they closed my account and placed a default on my account . When checking default I found that they registered it at my old address and sent all letters to that address . I complained and they admitted the mistake and gave a £50 goodwill gesture and said they would remove default if I pay within 30days , I said that I would pay but would need 6 months which they refused and said 30days or default stays surely they must have broke some guidelines here
  4. got a letter from my local council this weekend making sure that all in the household are registered to vote, on the back of the latter it says it is the Law that you have to be registered or you may get a fine of up to £80, has anyone ever been fined for not being registered?
  5. Hi there, this is my first time post so I hope I can get a bit of help with this. In a nutshell Barclays sold my debt to a DCA and registered the default in both their name and in the DCA name with a 75 day discrepancy of the default date. After settling with the DCA Barclays then removed their "duplicate" default. A year later I have my mortgage with a sub prime lender and am now able to move on to my current bank provider, I check my credit file and there is a default from Barclays for the original default amount as well as that of the DCA marked as settled, seems to me they are trying to make my life as hard as possible. I have constructed this letter, before I send any pointers would be much appreciated, or should I not bother? DCA Reference: XXXXXXX Original Lender: Barclays Bank PLC Account Type: Barclays Additions (Incorrect was a student account) Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX (According to DCA) Default Amount: £1791.94 Further to my previous letter sent 9th April 2012 (enclosed) I am writing to seek removal of the re registered incorrect use of my personal data as well as compensation for your continual defamation of my credit report that is causing me increased financial costs. I am in the process of applying to move my mortgage from a sub prime to near prime or even high street lender yet your continual re registering of incorrect data is making this impossible. This is your final opportunity to settle this matter without legal action. In accordance with the ‘overriding principles’ I submit herewith the draft particulars of claim. 1. The Claimant originally defaulted on a student account held in 2009 – the debt was subsequently passed on to a debt collection agency who registered the debt, ensuring the Defendant removed the original entry on the Claimant’s credit file. 2. After the Claimant had settled the default with the Defendant’s chosen debt collection agency the Defendant re-registered the default with an incorrect default date whilst the appointed debt collection agency also had the same debt registered. 3. On 9th April 2012 the Claimant wrote to the Defendant outlining the false registering of the debt whilst it’s third party debt collection agency had also registered the debt. Further to this, the Defendant had registered the debt with an incorrect default date of 75 days. 4. Further to sending a personal letter and using CreditExpert (Ref: EXP/XXXXXXX the Defendant removed the inaccurate information on the Claimant’s credit file. 5. On 19th May 2013, during a check of the Claimant’s credit reference file prior to an application from sub prime to near prime mortgage, the Claimant noticed two entries relating to the Defendant, one in the Defendant’s name in respect of the said account. The Defendant’s entry was not on the Claimant’s credit file when it was previously checked on 31st March 2013. 6. The entries allege that the total amount owed by the Claimant to the Defendant is £1791.00. The entry in question shows the account to be ‘in default’. 7. The Claimant claims that the entries are negligent misrepresentations in that the Defendant has no grounds on which to make such entries, and knew or should have known this by 9th April 2012 at the latest. 8. The Claimant further claims that the Defendant is in breach of the Data Protection Act, 1998 (the Act) in that a) The Defendant is a ‘data controller’, the Claimant a ‘data subject’ and the data ‘personal data’ as defined in s.1 of the Act b) The Defendant has continued to process the Claimant’s personal data, s uch processing having continued up to at least 31st May 2013. f) The Claimant claims that such processing is unlawful in that it breaches Principles 4 and 5 of the Act. h) Principle 4 states that ‘Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date’. The entries in the Claimants credit reference file are neither accurate nor up to date, which the Defendant knew or ought to have known by 9th April 2012 at the latest. i) Principle 5 states that ‘Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes.’ The Defendant had no reason to retain the Claimant’s personal data beyond the 9th April 2012 at the latest. 9. As a result of the unlawful processing and/or the negligent misrepresentation, the Claimant has suffered damage, namely associated costs of a sub prime mortgage, in corresponding with the Defendant regarding the alleged debts and the entries on his credit reference file, distress and inconvenience. 10. The Claimant respectfully seeks; a) An order under s. 14 of the Act, subsections 1 and 4, that the inaccurate data be rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed. b) An order under s. 14 of the Act, subsections 3 and 5, that the Defendant notify third parties to whom the data have been disclosed of the rectification, blockage, erasure or destruction of the data. c) Under s. 13 of the Act, subsection 1 the Claimant claims compensation for damage caused as a result of the unlawful processing, quantified as:- 1. Postage, stationary and printing costs £8.00 2. Costs of membership of ‘Credit Expert’ @ £9.99 per month, 12 months £119.88 to ensure that the entry removed and are not reinserted 3. Increased mortgage payments of £129.00 per month unlawfully registered on the Claimant’s credit file (based on the current cost of sub prime mortgage Vs near prime mortgage borrowing level) d) Under s.13 of the Act, subsection 2 the Claimant claims compensation for distress caused by the unlawful processing, at the discretion of the Court. e) Additionally, or in the alternative, the Claimant claims damages for negligence causing general loss to credit, at the discretion of the Court. You should note that, if the matter does proceed to court, I will be relying upon, inter alia, the case of Kpohraror v WoolwichBuilding Society [1996] C.L.C. 510 with regard to the level of damages to be awarded. Should you not be aware of the case, appropriate damages were set at £1000 plus the default amount, representing in my case a total sum of £2791.94, and therefore a total claim of £3,306.82 (based on 3 months consequential loss with regards to my mortgage). If a cheque is received within the next fourteen days, I would however consider a reasonable sum to be £500.00 in respect of the above claim, subject to the previously mentioned undertaking regarding the entry on my credit file.
  6. So I want my Equifax credit report because according to checkmyfile.com, it is still displaying an account that should have stopped reporting in October 2012. Online I complete the application form and at the end I do not get my CR but instead, please call this number (0844...) to complete your order. I call it in all innocence and am connected to a Rep who wants to 'check' all my details including asking for the answer to my "secret question". So I decide to ask where the Rep is based and she says somewhere in Asia (I get this after several attempts). I cancelled the order. Firstly - I did not have this hassle registering with Experian. Second, I will not give out that information to someone based outside the UK. Sort yourselves out.
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