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Found 17 results

  1. Got stopped by 4 traffic police cars (that were on a roundabout) they checked insurance and driving license which was all good ! Then started looking around the car and said 3 tyres were rubbing as the car is lowered but not excessive (can send pictures on request) They told me they didn't know if it was legal or not so they took pictures to send away to be examined. they also threatened to take my car away from me but in the end they let me drive away. also the accident happened on 27th of june and I received the letter on 12 of july. does it matter that they sent the letter out later than the 14 day period ? thanks
  2. Get help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition (Access to Work) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work
  3. Get help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition (Access to Work) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work
  4. Hello Friends, I have been working a my current firm for last 1 year 3 months at one of the top financial firms. I have to work very hard and extended hours to meet the business objectives of firm. My boss is being very unkind and dishonest with me. He basically wants to throw me out and bring in an old colleague at a lower salary. I came to know about his plan from one another colleague. Last Monday, there was a without prejudice meeting with firms solicitor where the boss started making false and flimsy allegations that my conduct has not been right in that I did not follow his instruction. He is citing just two occasions in a matter of one week. I have been able to prove one of the allegation as false and for the other my colleague can help me to prove wrong. He has no evidence of having given any such instruction of work though as it was communicated verbally. He is saying that he can get a few witnesses, who are again his friends from management side. What is best for me. Should I ask for evidence of such work having been assigned to me . Today again there was a without prejudice meeting with the manager and the firms solicitor, who is calling a case of break of trust and confidence as I have been performing poorly. Again this is a baseless allegation. I will come to this aspect later. My company handbook has a disciplinary processes which lays down that disciplinary matter is sorted in four stages. I want to know if the firm is contractually obligated to follow the disciplinary process. I am worried that if thrown out on basis of misconduct and poor performance, then PPI will not cover my mortgage and my career will be ruined. Can someone please advise me on this. Thanks
  5. I keep an eye of what is going on around the world to see whether the problems the UK experiences are unique or just part of the current global situation. I quite often find that other countries are experiencing the same issues at the same time, because of the nature of the worlds markets being very instant and connected. Take for example Supermarkets, where in Australia a big chain there Woolworths ( no connection to UK shop) is experiencing some of the same issues as Tesco. Woolworths has just recorded a huge overall loss. http://www.smh.com.au/business/retail/woolworths-slumps-to-1234-billion-loss-20160824-gr0dvl.html Since the 2007/08 world Banking crash, the economic situation has become very odd to say the least. Central Bank interest rates have reduced to close to zero and some Banks are even charging for accounts holding large credit deposits. There appears to be a focus by central Banks and government to help maintain property asset prices, as if property starts to reduce in value, the Banks holding them as assets would be stuffed. This means that property prices across many parts of the world are not affordable to many workers, who have seen earnings reduce in real terms. The large global corporations such as the big drug companies and tech firms are currently trying to reconfigure their businesses, by selling off parts or buying other businesses outright or parts of them. China is speading its investments into many different things and is now the largest investor in North Sea oil. Have a scan through the various online media reporting on finance and you will see there is a pattern to what is going on. Businesses and government appear to be preparing for a recession on the horizon. In the UK, i can see the chancellor Philip Hammond taking measures in an Autumn budget, as he sees a deterioration in government finances. Given the straight jacket he is in politically, i think it will be extremely difficult. There is not much room for spending cuts and what taxes would he increase. Increasing government investment spending is difficult, given the amount of national debt. What are your thoughts ? In 2017 will there be a repeat of the 2007/08 financial crash, as 10 years after it is found the same fundamental issues exist ? Will Brexit be put on hold, if there is another crash ?
  6. Hi I'm not sure if anyone would know this but just looking for a little advice. My mother lives with me, I am her carer. She receives DLA - High rate mobility - Middle rate care. She suffers with Vascular Dementia. At 78, is it possible to get some sort of reassessment for an award of high rate care? She needs care at night, and someone to keep an eye on her as she is starting to stay awake at night and attempting to keep me awake 24 hours a day. Any increase in benefit will go towards this care. I'm not sure if at her age this can be reassessed, and not sure about the fact that it is now PIP so don't know how it works. Many thanks.
  7. British Labour Party member of parliament Jo Cox is in a "critical condition" after an attack, broadcaster Sky News reported on Thursday, citing sources from her political party. It is said the MP intervened in a row between two men when she was shot. "There was a guy who was being very brave and another guy with a white baseball cap who he was trying to control and the man in the baseball cap suddenly pulled a gun from his bag." After a brief scuffle, he said the man stepped back and the MP became involved. He said: "He was fighting with her and wrestling with her and then the gun went off twice and then she fell between two cars and I came and saw her on the floor." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/jo-cox-shot-live-latest-news-updates-birstall-shooting-stabbing-labour-mp-west-yorkshire-a7085561.html Labour MP Jo Cox shot and stabbed by attacker 'shouting Britain First' – live updates http://ibt.uk/A6ZLv
  8. Well a quick start to a thread.I had no intention this morning to start another thread.But will,how can i resist. Maybe a touch rushed but will build on this.Got to go out to try to make a bob or two shortly So i hope it makes a little sense. Would rather hang round the Bear Garden but needs must. Want to know really wherever you are in the UK how you feel about housing in your areas,whether renting,mortgage,condition,evictions,pressures,landlords,rent deposits anything you want to say. Have you memories of times gone by,can you see into the future.Perhaps you have a crystal ball Why am i mentioning London,well got to start somewhere.And grabs some attention as well.Usually. Also i was reading King12345 post about Hounslow and had a look around his area and found a article that interested me and set me off. Within a minute or two i was looking all over London. I must answer the post on another thread.And remember starting in London perhaps but let us move round the UK.Just what it it like for you.Stressful,blissful anything you want to say,feel free. So without further ado,let me start.Got a busy day,first i have to let the pigeons out and feed the ferrets. Street-chart: London's housing crisis illustrated – in pictures A London renter has created street graphs throughout the capital to highlight fast-rising rents, evictions and homelessness, the chronic shortage of affordable housing and the decline in homeownership-in a different way. Street graphs in Hackney show how the average rent in London has increased since 2005 http://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/gallery/2015/may/14/london-street-chart-illustrate-housing-crisis
  9. Hi all, hoping someone can advise on this please! I have been ordering clothes from an online retailer for around five years now with no problems. On my last order I returned some of the items, only to then receive an email from them saying that one of the items was damaged so they won't be refunding me for that item. I immediately told them that the items were fine when they left me, so they must have been damaged in transit, but despite numerous emails they are refusing to accept that they could be responsible and simply repeat that the item was damaged when returned to them, so it is my fault, so i am not entitled to a refund. Usually their items are delivered by DHL in a nice strong box, however this particular order was delivered by their own in-house "premier" service which I haven't used before (they were offering free premier delivery at the time), which means that it was delivered by their own driver, and the items were simply bundled into a cardboard carrier bag, not protected in a box. So they could easily have been damaged in transit (for example some items were on hangers, others were just wrapped in tissue paper and could have easiy snagged on one of the hangers). But I have no way of proving that they were in fine condition when they left me - it seems to be my word against theirs. I have been a loyal customer of this website but all they say is thank you for your custom, sorry for the inconvenience, but the item is faulty so we're not refunding you. Do I have any rights at all? Seems pretty strange that an online retailer can just claim that items were damaged and you have no recourse - particularly when it is their own delivery service so you can't claim against the transit company. Grateful for any advice please!
  10. I am considering setting up an E-petition when its back after the elections calling upon the government to recognise Ergophobia or fear of working as a recognised medical condition. I am interested to know of any experiences from people who may have this condition or know someone who has and gauge peoples perception of how they view people who suffer from this condition. Unfortunately the mental health community does not recognize work aversion / fear of work as an illness or disease and therefore no medically recognized treatments exist. Can you imagine the hell sufferers of this condition go through each day in order to survive, not only do they have to cope with limited finances, hounded by the DWP and stigmatised as work shy and lazy, there is no help available to them should they mention their illness to the wrong person and could find themselves in severe financial difficulties. The quicker this illness is recognised, the faster these people will get treatment.
  11. I've recently bought a car, and after speaking to some friends a question has arisen about the receipt. When the car dealer wrote the receipt they put "spares or repairs" on the receipt, this seemed strange, as the advert said that the car was in excellent condition. When I asked the dealer why he had put this he said it was just a way of writing sold as seen. My friends seem to think that both of these are shady practices, that a dealer selling to the public cannot mark a receipt with sold as seen, and that advertising a car in excellent condition, and then writing spares or repairs on the receipt may be the dealers way of trying to absolve themselves of responsibility in the event that a problem arises with the car. Can you please advise if I should be worried about this? and what if anything I can do about it - I bought the car from a dealer rather than a cheaper private sale because I wanted some reassurance that I would be able to seek recourse in the event of an issue, and my friend seems to think that this may complicate that? I emailed the garage the following: Hiya, myself and my dad bought a car from you the other day. So far it is fine but I have spoken to people and I am not happy with the receipt that you gave me. I bought a car that was described as 'excellent' condition, the car is in excellent condition but you wrote a receipt saying spares or repairs. This is not the terms the car was sold under, I would like a new receipt to reflect this. Would you be able to post a receipt or should I come and collect one? And this was the reply: Hi Becki, We sell all our cars as spare/repairs unless you buy warranty from us, that's the reason our cars are better priced than others. If you are not happy with the vehicle or the receipt,please bring the car back within 48 hours so that we may re-advertise it. This is just out of curtsey as you were not fully aware of what spares/repairs mean. After 48 hours of this email your receipt will stand and the offer of refund will expire. Just to put it in perspective the retail value of your vehicle is £4200 according to Parkers but we sold it to you for £3400. Kind Regards Professional Cars LTD 01753 780182 07788 929755 This seems fairly dodgy to me. I've emailed trading standards but I don't think I'll get a quick response. Please can someone give me their opinion? I'm really worried and stressed as only just dealt with one dodgy car and now landed this. My husband thinks the clutch seems high also, so if it goes I need to know what rights I have. Sorry for the long rambling post, I look forward to replys, thanks for your time! Becki:help:
  12. Hi All First post here, happy new year to you all I am writing on behalf of my wife who has been suffering from Graves disease (a thyroid condition) and thyroid eye disease for approx 18 months. She has needed regular (ranging from weekly to bi monthly depending on severity of the condition) consultations with her consultants throughout that period. Recently we received a letter from AXA PPP stating that from the 5th Jan 2014 they would no longer be covering any claims made on these conditions as they now consider her illness to be chronic rather than active. All of her consultants disagree with this assessment of her condition, she is definitely in the active phase and they have all written letters to AXA PPP confirming this. However PPP are not interested in the doctor's opinion. They have stated to me that they consider a condition to be chronic if it has required a certain number of consultations or gone on for a certain length, regardless of the illness itself. This just does not seem right to me and would appear to be a purely financial decision on their part that they have paid out too much already. My wife has had this insurance for many years and has paid them thousands of pounds in the process. I will be appealing against their decision and would also consider going to the ombudsman to get them to reverse their refusal to cover her illness. The doctor's (all highly regarded in their field) have stated that her active phase has gone on longer than the average, but that the average is just that, and as many people have a longer period of active phase as have a shorter one. Does anybody here have any experience in this kind of appeal against an insurer? Is there anything particular i should be looking to do? has anyone had any luck with a similar type of claim or are we fighting a pointless battle? Any help would be most gratefully received. Many thanks Dan
  13. Hello to everyone, Apologize for my grammar I'm only a bit in a rush. Basically my partner has been in hospital(won't say which yet) since last tuesday with a strong pain right side of head (that lasted since a month ago). Also a little lump on forehead. In the same day(last tuesday) she's fainted/passed out, but she doesn't know what happened since she was walking alone. First 2 days they won't give her nothing stronger than paracetamol/ibuprofen stuff. Now she is on smth v strong similar with morphine that sedates her and every time i see her she's very sleepy and anyway looks "drugged". Now her neck is hurting and her right arm is very swallen and she won't move it properly. She's had 2 ct scans and 2 mri's(apparently first was not good or smth) and they won't say nothing about her diagnostic. Now I'm asking you, is this normal not to know what is going on with my wife, she doesn't know, and if she's allright why is she under so many drugs? Thank you.
  14. Hello CAG ! You have been such a great help with lots of issues, however this time I fear , even you won’t change things. Sorry if posting in the wrong place – have posted twice, once under Armed Forces and also under Benefits & HMRC So call this a ‘rant’, because I have to tell someone ! In short, I can’t say too much, my partner, ex royal marine, saw active service on his country’s behalf, everywhere in the world there was conflict – a decorated hero, now broken. With terrible nightmares he is diagnosed with chronic PTSD due to combat, I cannot begin to tell you what he has seen in the service of his country or the dark places he now seems to visit on a daily basis. Croydon are the worst borough I have ever experienced dealings with. I am not a Croydon girl and for that I am grateful. I have tried to get him medical help in the borough, he is fully diagnosed and ‘in the system’, acknowledged as a ‘vulnerable’ person. I have been trying to get him DLA for about five months. ATOS, who requested a medical assessment in order to assess his DLA entitlement, have to date, cancelled five medical appointments, each hours before the appointment. DLA has during that time ceased to exist. Croydon’s Mental Health medical facilities, pushed him from pillar to post, for two months, and finally, he has been offered an appointment within six to twelve months. ATOS cancelled his appointment again last week – and that was the final straw. This man is frightened of stepping outside his flat, frightened of what he might do, thinks he is in a combat zone or sometimes so desperate he wants to quit. Perhaps if he lived in another borough it would be better. I don’t know...but he paid his taxes...fought for his country...and is being treated without any thought for his well being or dignity. He is a shadow of his former self...drinking at night is a better reality for him than the one that haunts him. I have lost most of him –he is a desperate man who will take desperate measures and I and family, are going to lose him entirely. Why will nobody put themselves out to help him – he put himself out for us. I am at a loss, I won’t give up but fear by the time I get to someone who cares, it will be too late. Any bright ideas anyone ???
  15. hi everyone my housemate i trying to sort out a strange problem that occurred a couple of week back. He was stopped for having a bumper missing on his work van, just the cosmetic bumper not anything safety-wise. they gave him a traffic offence report (ticket i guess) for RT88457 for "danger of injury due to vehicle condition" in the "vehicle defect rectification scheme" section, nothing is written about that that condition is or mention of the bumper area, no photos taken, etc. after hearing form him it appears the constable was a bit unsure what of what he was doing and no offer to get the van fixed within a time was offered. he was given a FPN of £60 and 3 points and a caution. This to me sounds completely over the top, i don't know much but I presume he should have given him the option to get it fixed within 14 days or something but straight went straight to all this.... He said that whilst in the car the officers have problem with the spelling of his name, they got it wrong, he challenged them politely about them entering an "n"where there was not one it it appears they got the hump for making a mistake and this may have led to them going this far. he has gone up to station to speak to the constables supervisor to try and sort it out and complain and is waiting for a call back from a sergeant. whilst there the desk officer entered into a light hearted chat about the new forms being not very good and them having a number of complaints about them which was ironic considering. Does anyone here know anything about this or what steps to take. it just strikes me as a something that has not been done properly and now he has to put up with higher insurance and a caution for potentially nothing? thanks in advance
  16. We bought a Toyota Celica T Sport that failed on the first day of ownership: big end bearing failure. We have an engineer's report and permission to use it. Knowing that the defendant has to prove that the engine was ok when the car was sold, can he use an MOT certificate to do this?
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