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  1. Hi all, Simple question. As per the title, is it illegal for the council to refuse to accept payment for council tax? The story is quite simple, our council tax account has been passed to the bailiffs and as such the council are refusing to accept payments (to the point where they even appear to have blocked me from using their online payment portal), and insist that payments can only be made to the bailiffs. I've no intention of paying the bailiffs anything as a number of years ago (10-12 years) they stole money from us intended for payment of council tax, later telling me it was used to pay their own fees. Long story short, we lost our home as the council eventually made me bankrupt. Our solicitor advised an FVA and the equity in the house was used to pay all their legal fees, effectively leaving us with nothing. We're now struggling again hence the question. The reason I ask is I remember reading somewhere, some time ago that there is an old law somewhere that states that it is illegal to refuse payment for a bill or debt. That's what i'm trying to find out. *** PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH BAILIFFS, THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M ASKING*** Thanks
  2. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
  3. Hello Try to be brief. had a ltd company back in 2005 with an overdraft linked with a personal guarantee. The company is now dissolved and Lloyds obtained a CCJ against me for the bank overdraft of £7900. I did not know about this until I searched Land Registry and saw a charging order on the property. The charging order was dated 2009 I contacted Lloyds who inform me that they no longer have the debt as they sold it and passed liability first to Hillsden and then to Cabot and lloyds. I have requested from lloyds all the copies of the original loan details, Ts&Cs etc. They have refused to pass on these documents as i am "Not Entltled" to these documents as the company does not exist. I have had no communication or updates from Cabot. Lloyds say that I must ask Cabot to release the charging order although in the name of Lloyds. Is all this correct? Any advice appreciated
  4. A few months before my father's death last year, a family member (who frequently helped him with his online banking activities and was therefore privy to his passwords etc) liquidated £145,000 of his shares and transferred the proceeds to themselves. We believe that this was done without my father's knowledge or consent. Barclays advise us that they called to check that this activity was in fact authorised by my father. These phone calls were recorded by the bank. We believe these voice recordings will prove the person claiming to be my father and authorising the transactions was, in fact, the family member who benefitted from these transfers. Barclays has refused to provide copies of these voice recordings and has offered written transcripts of the recordings instead (these have not yet been delivered). Clearly, identifying the person claiming to be my father from a written transcript will be impossible (apparently they answered security questions correctly). It is only by identifying the voice itself that will prove that fraud has taken place. N.B. We have the legal power of attorney to act on behalf of our mother (these were joint accounts in both parents names), as she is mentally incapacitated by Alzheimers and unable to act on her own behalf. Does anyone know of any way to compel the bank to provide these voice recordings?
  5. Hi all I made a mistake and tried a ppi agent to deal with Cap1. they paid them and the agent deducted their commission and sent me the balance together with Cap1 letter calculations. Cap1 determined that since i was aware of PPI in 2005 when i cancelled the ppi then i was not entitled to receive interest since it was over 5 years ago. I wrote back asking them to pay the interest since i cancelled the ppi because i could not afford it... NOT THAT PPI HAD BEEN MISSOLD... DIDNT AWARE OF THAT UNTIL MY CLAIM WAS SUBMITTED. They will not budge their offer was final. Questions: do I have a reasonable case for interest? should I lodge complaint with FOS or go to court?? thanks
  6. At the beginning of February I went to Grand Canaria for a winter break . The problem was I forgot one of my prescription medications. My son immediately packed the missing medication ( a control for high blood pressure ) in a jiffy bag and went to local post office and asked for quickest method to get the package to me , telling the clerk exactly what was in the package . The Post Office counter clerk suggested Parcel Force Global Express for the sum of £47 ( for a small jiffy bag ! ) He duly filled in the dispatch form clearly marking it “medication “ The package was accepted , and the clerk said the package should arrive in 48 hrs ( posted on Monday , arriving Wednesday morning ) At no time was any mention made of possible delays due to customs etc . Following tracking ,I saw the package arrive at the “clearance depot “ Wednesday morning , and there it sat , until it was eventually delivered to the hotel the following Monday , whilst I might add still showing in transit ,even when we arrived home a week later , it was still in transit ! though I had possession of the package As you might expect we submitted a claim for refund , and as you might expect it was refused . Citing , A/ Medication excluded B/ not their fault , customs delay The only time medication is mentioned in exclusions , is under perishable goods , the medication has a shelf life of over 2 years . I repeat , no mention was made of any possible delay due to customs and content of package Simply , do I send a LBA , giving them ie Parcel Force AND their agent the Post Office 14 days to cough up , or without further reference to them , go to small claims procedure ?
  7. In para 69 of the Supreme Court ruling in R (on the application of UNISON) v Lord Chancellor [2017] IRLR 911 SC the Judge stated "The case also illustrates the fact that it is not always desirable that claims should be settled" Would it ever be possible to argue that a particular case shouldn't be settled because it holds Public Interest? I noticed he didn't state it as a ruling but in passing Please, if there is a Case Law, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  8. At the beginning of this year i was shocked to see 2 companies that i didn't recognise taking money out of my TSB bank account via my debit card. Add's up to approx £15k i was oversea's at the time i called and informed that these were not my charges [ one charge after the other]. They would tell me the correct person was not there or that i had to speak with someone in fraud department but could not have the number. They had to call me. I waited and got no calls. I was shocked that despite informing the bank of these fraudulent charges that new charges from same company kept being debited. When i finally got a chance to talk with fraud dept i was told they would not put these charges back and that i had to call the companies directly. The companies have been no help to assist me. What kind of step should i take next?
  9. I made a cash giro payment on the pre-printed T-Mobile EE payment slip at the bank in Oct, then in Nov I received a letter from T-Mobile stating my account was in areas by 2 weeks and it would be suspended if payment was not made. I got onto the phone and spoke to a 'customer advisor' in India who did not help me at all.. .he kept saying 'we have no payment I can't help you' I asked to speak to a manager, I was told 'all the managers are in a meeting' - so I said thats fine I'll wait, the advisor said 'i'll get a manager to ring you'...i said 'no i'll wait'... eventually a manager picked up and I said 'your customer advisor said you were in a meeting.... '...the manager said 'no i was not i was listening to a call elswhere...' I explained I made payment at the bank in Oct, the manager said the 'missing payments' section deals with this and he has no phone number for them. ..he tried to make out I made a mistake filling in the wrong details on the payment. I said 'how is this even possible when the slip is pre-printed with all the details, so I can't have made a mistake!' I was asked to email a copy of the bank giro to the 'missing payments' section, which I did. The 'missing payments' section sent me an email the next day.. .saying they had sent it across to the bank as part of their investigation and T Mobile would investigate and get back to me by 48hrs. ..I waited a few days and rang T-Mobile again it went through to a call centre in India. ..the advisor kept on saying 'sorry we have no payment, you must go to your bank and investigate it, t-mobile has done everything on its part....etc' I said 'tmobile is responsible for investigating whats happened to my payment I made over 4 weeks ago, its not my job to take time off work to go to my bank in person and ask them, its YOUR job not mine' - The manager just laughed in my face and said 'its YOUR job to go to YOUR bank because YOU made the payment, Tmobile has sent the investigation to tmobile NOW its YOUR job NOT ours...etc' I asked to speak to a manager.. ..he was just as worse so I said I would make an official complaint against him for being outright rude towards me and the phone call was being recorded on their systems. ..I told him to end the call and he then goes 'YOU have to ended the call. ..we cant do that....etc'...so I said 'ok I'll just wait even if it takes 1hr for you to end the call.. .you work in a call centre and your telling me you don't have the option to end the call from your side?!?' - eventually he ended the call I spoke again to a different advisor explained the situtaion she said she was 'shocked' I made payment over 4 weeks ago and tmobile have not investigated or found where the payment is, then she started to blame me for the error I have an email from tmobile saying the investigation would take 48rs, its been more than 2 weeks so far, so tmobile have broken the promise in the email (can i use this to take to the financial ombusman) Ive spent close to 3-4 hours on the phone to tmobile....but they don't help at all on the phone or even by email. I've rang the bank they took some details the bank has confirmation the payment has been made. So I had to take 1/2 a day off work (loss of pay) plus car parking in town to go to the bank arrange to see the manager and get the proof payment has been made, which I now have in my possession. I have emailed this to tmobile and they are not responding back to my emails. I asked tmobile if it would effect my credit - they said no (but i don't believe a word they tell me) The bank said if tmobile had put a note on my file that has effected my credit rating, the bank would give me evidence to say payment has been made, which I could then ask tmobile to remove the not from my credit file. Ive paid off all the outstanding balance on the account and I want tmobile to admit they messed up and say sorry for the hurt distress they have caused me and for me having spent hours on the phone and on email only for nothing in return - no help at all. I'm worried tmobile would put a note on my file which would effect me credit rating for things like credit for good or morgtage in future. I want to take this all the way...they are also not replying to my emails and sending me in circles when I speak on the phone with them, they have failed to 'reply within 48hrs' as stated on the email to me - broken their own policy and guideline.....etc Who do I complain to in person at tmobile at what address and what do I put in the letter? I want compensation for tmobile messing up with processing the payment the bank sent them and for blaming me and the bank, then for me spending hours on the phone and on email, plus loss of wages for taking 1/2 off work and for car parking, then I want them to admit they messed up and to credit my account with the original payment made over 6 weeks ago and a letter of apology, please can the experienced posters on here, please help me and i'm sure my case will help others as well and be a point of reference for others, thanks
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone could advise me here on my next step as I am disgusted by the service I have received from Samsung. I bought a Samsung 8+ from carphone warehouse around 4 month ago for over £800 all of a sudden the volume button jammed, I did not drop it or anything, it just stopped working all of a sudden. I took the phone into my local repair centre who said it would be £40 to fix, but as it is still under warranty to contact Samsung and get it repaired for nothing. This is where the problems started. Firstly they send a courier round to pick the phone up and it does not go to Samsung, it goes to a company they use called Anovo which is based in Norwich. I then get a email a week later saying the repair is not covered under warranty and so it will be £63 to repair, press accept or decline, if you decline the phone will be sent back to you within 48 hours un-repaired. They also sent numerous emails out with mine to others as I got them all, saying the same thing to other customers and the same price to fix. I got a little suspicious with this and googled their name and I have never seen such disgusting reviews for a company in my life. The accusations are constant, saying it's not a problem thats covered under warranty and then people refusing to pay, taking it elsewhere and finding out it is a phone problem, so a blatant attempt at [problem]ming people. Some saying they invented repairs like smashed screens in transit, people refusing to pay and the phone coming back with no crack at all. Phones not been returned at all and Samsung or the company refusing to answer them. Repairs paid for and then returned and the work not being done, phones coming back in a worst state than they were sent, the list is endless with 90% of people giving them 1 star. Google anovo phone repairs and you will see. I obviously refused to pay and asked for my phone to be sent back, this was a week ago and after the promise of 48 hours I got in touch with Samsung through message on Facebook, they have stated my phone is still at the centre !! I then went back to the reviews and a lot of people stated they were waiting weeks or it never came back at all. The reviews also stated they do not answer their phone, I tested this theory out and its true, I have rung numerous times with no answer, Samsung say they can't do anything, even though they told me to use them. Although its only a week, after reading the reviews I have a real fear this phone will be there for weeks/months or I may not get it back at all and if I do it will be worse than when I sent it. I cannot go without a phone for weeks on end, I should not have to. This phone is under warranty and they refuse to fix it, they are keeping hold of the phone for no reason as its still there a week after me demanding they send it back, they refuse to answer the phone, Samsung wont do anything, if it was under contract id cancel my payment, but I bought it outright. Is there anything I can do at this stage? Also what would be the course of action if this phone does take weeks or does not come back at all? Thank you for any advice on this, I am done trying to get help from Samsung and can't get in touch with the repair centre. Paul
  11. We recently made an PPI Claim against Halifax. and we got a letter back from them saying that my wife hasn't had any dealings with them no mortgages or loans. when she had a mortgage with them and PPI and also badly advised on a endowment policy. unfortunately we do not know the policy numbers and don't know how to find them anyone help with this please??? these started in the 1980's
  12. Hi I have really complicated situation where santander are refusing to return some money. My santander bank account has had money taken out from it by a building company to the tune of £4100 and building suppliers company to the tune of £2800. We reported this to santander they came back to us saying the transactions are genuine due to them matching the email address used to one used with a different company. the problem is that we never used this email address in the past we found out the email address used was the one used by one of our tenants in the past we have a record of a few communications from them using it We have informed the police and obtained the crime ref number. the Bank are still refusing to return the money again confirming they believe its a genuine transactions. We have contacted the building company and they refuse to return the money saying we have to take matter the to court to get it settled. Due to this incident we are in big financial trouble. Account completely wiped off and we have been left with no money I have two little kids age 4 and we have been left without any money to support them. We contacted the bank a number saying we did not use this card the bank refuse to listen and repeating state the same thing again and has closed the case and the decision has been made on the account. Due to this stress our family are completely broken down. I have to contact food bank for food. we contacted the bank asking if this was not fraud, as they say the transactions are genu, can we not claim the money back under debit card chargeback scheme as we did not receive any service from these companies, but bank advisor refuse to do that. Can some one please help us out about this matter or freelance solicitor to look into this matter we need serious help. .. Please
  13. Hello I wrote a complaint letter to Barclays asking for a refund of my charges due to hardship and the fact i blamed them for irresponsible lending. Back around 2003/4 barclays allowed me to go overdrawn on my account ,it gad no overdraft facilities. I was charged £30 then £30 for being £30 overdrawn then so on and so on. However, whilst overdrawn even upto £500 barclays never declined or stopped me using my debit card, (I know j should have stopped but i was you stupid ans was suffering awful post natal depression) Barclays have replied to my letter saying they will not refund me, We do offer our customers tools to keep track of thier banking (not me) Your acct went overdrawn as you continued to make payments from your account, you knew about these charges as they were set out in our terms and conditions. Then goes on about section 5.1.4,treating customers in hardship fairly, however the court ruling on 25.11.09 confirmed bank charges are a part of the price of having a current account so are not unfair, We dont believe we have treated you unfair or caused you any hardship. Having reviewed your history I can see in 2007 you made a payment of £399 to haven holiday , we would class this as a luxury ( my 8 year old sons 1st holiday! 4 nights in a caravan. .. paid for by his grandmother,hiw very luxurious. ...) As of this luxurious purchase you should have considered the financial impact as you continued to be overdrawn till oct 2011 when you clised your acct. I therefore conclude Barclays are not at fault. Please can someone help me, do I have a leg to stand on? Or shoukd i just accept this? Many thanks in advance. Sorry for all the typing errors,I hope its readable
  14. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt heard from them since. scrudge
  15. So as the title say can they refuse permission? Do I need their permission? It's regarding a loan I took out in 2011. At the time I had already been using payday loans since Oct 2011 several times a month with several different companies, rollovers, same day borrowing, several on the go from different companies and at the time I took out the loan I already had loans outstanding with 6 other payday loan companies and it far outstripped my income leading to a default on the all in April 2011. I contact CFO 2 weeks before repayment and they refused a repayment plan telling me that they didn't "do" repayment plans and I had to pay the full balance or default and refused to provide me with paying in details. I got details from here and started paying back small amounts but like others on here they hounded me with emails, texts and phone calls to the point I was scared to check my emails or turn on my phone. They sent Daniel Silverman after me and offered their Resolve Loan which I obviously didn't take although I do believe if I had that would have compounded the problem. The loan which started at £250 has ballooned despite payments of £93 initially, my payments then started being rejected by CFO and returned to my bank. I certainly think its irresponsible lending on their part and put in my complaint. I've had their final response back saying that as a goodwill gesture they will reduce my balance to just over £400 and that my complaint is out of time for the FOS and they don't give me permission to take my complaint to the FOS. I've obviously rejected their offer, I believe at the least the should reduce it to the original loan of £250 minus what i've paid plus compensation for the unsympathetic and frankly appalling way they treated me when I told them I was in financial difficulties also they should remove the default. In an ideal world i'd say wipe the balance but I don't see them or FOS agreeing to that so I need to be fair. I've kept a good paper trail of all emails from them except the Resolve texts and emails as I've got a new phone since then and must have deleted the resolve email Is this the end of the line for my complaint or can I go to FOS?
  16. I've had an issue with a PCN going on for a little while. Essentially I got no ticket on my vehicle and no communication from the LA, the first I heard of it was when the TEC sent the order for recovery I completed a witness statement which was accepted, then the same thing happened again. Again I completed a witness statement which was accepted, this time the LA said they wouldn't accept it and would continue to pursure for recovery under the order (which had been cancelled!) After I challenged the legality of this, they eventually issued an NTO. I raised representations which were rejected so I took it to the TPT. At the hearing my appeal was upheld and the TPT confirmed in writing that they had directed the council to cancel the ticket. I am well aware that the council is aware of the hearing since they send a bundle to it and I've had no communication from them in over a year (the hearing took a long time). The council has now ignored the hearing outcome and sent out a charge certificate on what is now a cancelled PCN! There can be no claim of 'crossing with post' as this has been sent 5 weeks after the hearing. I've already fired off an email demanding they withdraw it, but this is now the second time the council has acted what I believe to be illegally. What's the best way forward if they ignore my email and escalate it to the TEC again? Is there any action I can take based on the actions they've already taken?
  17. Hi all. Hoping for some advise on next steps with a faulty TV that is 1 and a half years old. I want Co-op to repair it free of charge under the SOGA but they're not having any of it. I'll lay out the timeline as follows. Toshiba TV was bought by mother in law from a Co-op store in person in Oct 2014. She paid £208 for it (reduced by by about £50 as she had just finished working for a different Co-op store and had a discount card). She paid using her Barclaycard. In approx Jan this year it went faulty. Won't switch on. The power button on it alternates between red and green, but the screen remains blank. Read some online advice, tried keeping it unplugged, then plugging in and keeping finger on power button, etc. But no joy. Completely dead (apart from flashing power button). Mother in law speaks calls Toshiba, who tell her that she is over the 12 month warranty so tough, she will have to pay for any repair. She goes out and buys a new TV. Then i suggest that i take up the fight (as i'm a bit more clued up and don't like companies not taking accountability). Have been busy for a few months but have started contacting Co-op a few weeks ago to see what i can do (i guess i'm sort of hoping she'll give me the TV if i get it repaired, as she's gone out and bought a new one! But if not, i'm just happy to have helped her). I email Co-op Customer relations mid-March advising them that i am raising complaint that the TV is faulty and that i am wanting them to repair it free of charge under the Sale of Goods act as i believe it is not of satisfactory quality and not lasted a reasonable length of time. I attached a scan of the receipt as proof of purchase. I was expecting a reply along the lines of 'as it is over 6 months then prove it was inherent that the point of purchase', in which case i would have to go and get an independent technical assessment of the fault. First reply was the standard 'we're busy, we might take a while' email. 13 days later (i.e. late March) i get a reply acknowledging the complaint and advising me that they are forwarding it to their electric shop. The next day another email apologising as they now realise that it was bought from a store and not their electrical shop (i.e. not online). 30th March: Reply saying that will not repair it. and that i will need to contact Toshiba. I reply immediately stating that i am wanting it repaired under SOGA, and that i am pursuing them accordingly for this. Any warranty is in addition to my statutory rights (and the 1 year warranty has run out anyway). I reiterate that i want them to fulfil their obligations under SOGA, and if they are unable or unwilling to then to either take the complaint higher or refer me to any ADR scheme that they are a part of. 31st March: Email reply that they have spoken to one of their Team Leaders and are now referring it to their Group Risk and Insurance Division for advice. Yesterday: Reply received that they will not be repairing it, and again referring me to Toshiba. Some quotes from this email (as i can't believe how wide of the mark they are): "I have now discussed your complaint with our legal department. They advise me that the Co-operative Group is responsible for electrical products sold in our stores for twelve months after purchase until the initial twelve-month manufacturer's guarantee expires. After the initial twelve months, if an electrical product purchased from one of our stores develops a fault, the purchaser needs to contact the manufacturer of the product to arrange a repair. As the TV you purchased from our store is now out of its initial twelve-month guarantee, the responsibility for its repair is now with Toshiba, the manufacturer and remains with them for the six years following the expiration of the initial twelve-month manufacturer's guarantee." So, i have yet to ring Toshiba myself. But that would be a pointless exercise i would imagine as it is out of warranty and they have legal obligation to do anything for me. I have yet to approach any independent technician to assess the fault and provide a report, as i was waiting for Co-op to either prompt me for this or accept the fault as stated. Do i attempt to pursue the complaint with Co-op? Or ask for a deadlock letter? Or is there a Retail Ombudsman i should approach? Any help appreciated. (apologies for the long post, but always best to get all details and leave out any ambiguarity).
  18. Hi, I'll just explain the situation. Mother in law used to live with us. Mother in law had a catalogue debt at our address. She moved and Cabot have sent collection letters to her new adddress. Debt seems excessively high. Mother in law is a typical doddering old lady and doesnt understand what is going on. Debt was with cabot and she was paying it, they sent it to fredricksons at which point we found out about it and realise the amount is almost double what she owed. We send Freds a request for credit agreement and statement of account. Freds send it back to Cabot as they were only acting as agents of cabot and cannot supply the documents. At this point we with mother in laws permission send cabot a letter stating we are going to administer her account for her and all post it to be sent to us in her name at our address (the address she originally set up the account at). Mother in law signed a declaration on this letter giving us permission to act in her name. Cabot have not answered this declaration, of note Fredricksons did use us as her contact address. We sent Cabot a long letter explaining that the amount on the account is disputed, that we wish to see a statement and credit agreement, also that all contact is to be via letter in mother in laws name at our address. We also stated as Freds had been unable to supply docs that the account was in dispute. (Cabot received the demand for docs on 25th Feb recorded) Cabot are STILL sending Mother in law demands, means forms to fill in and general debt collection letters to her address, they refuse to deal with us as her reps and seem to be ignoring the requests for docs and disputes etc. Mother in law getting very upset at letters, she has even tried ringing them (obviously we told her not to do that any more) Is there any regulations we can use to force Cabot to deal with us in her name? What is the next step to take with regards to them not supplying docs? Do we complain to financial ombudsman? It seems to me they know we are playing by the rules they cannot follow so they are instead bullying Mother in law who they see as a weak link.
  19. Hi I wonder if anyone out there can be of assistance. Just over 2 weeks ago it was my daughters christening. A very good friend of ours is a priest and he agreed to perform the ceremony. He actually lives in Texas and has visited UK on numerous occasions so we were thrilled when he said that he would pass through UK (perform baptism) on his way back to the US after visiting Nigeria. The christening was actually scheduled to take place on the day that he was arriving (1.30pm). As the flight touched down at around 7am we thought that would allow plenty of time. He secured the necessary transit visa and when he touched down at Heathrow he called to let us know that he had landed. An hour later (around 8.30) he called to inform us that the booking agent in Nigeria had made an error with the return flight. Return flight had been booked for 09:45 the same day. He tried changing it but the problem was that he needed to pay a surcharge but the American credit card he possessed was not able to process the fee. I said that I would pay but the airport officials said that I could not do this over the phone- only in person. Around 9.30 am I rushed over to Heathrow and made my way over to the excess fee desk. I explain the situation to the desk attendant and provide the Fr’s details and flight reference no. The attendant informed me that a new return ticket would have to be issued with a return flight either that afternoon at 2pm ($200) or the next day (£881). We opted for the next day as the christening was happening 1.30pm that very afternoon and there was no way that he would have made the 2pm flight. Before he authorised me to purchase the ticket he was confirmed that purchasing the ticket would allow him through. I purchased the ticket and waited for him to come through. I waited and waited. Around 10.30 I called him and he informed me that Immigration was not allowing him through. When asked why the immigration officer told him that a visa does not automatically allow anyone into the UK and that she has the authority to reject any visa and that she is using that authority now. He was told that he would be leaving on the next flight out to the US and that he could either leave peacefully or she would instruct her colleagues to bundle him onto the flight. I was shocked and could not believe it. No explanation was provided. In fact I spoke with Fr when he arrived back in the US and he told me that there were other junior immigration officers present that were sympathetic and when the senior officer left the room they apologised profusely and informed him that this particular immigration officer was anti cleric. Fr was put on the 2pm flight and I rushed back to the church and arrived an hour late for the service. Luckily our resident priest had been kept in the loop and had agreed to perform the service (solo). However before leaving the airport I had instructed BA to cancel the ticket and demanded a full refund. They tried to refund the money back onto my card but said that as the flight was paid in dollars it was causing problems (not sure why exactly). In fact no less than 3 members of staff (each more senior than the next) had attempted to give me a refund but ‘the system’ was not allowing it. They were only able to refund £87 for some reason. The rest they couldn’t do. I was provided with a customer service number which I tried later that evening only to be given a reference number for the issue. I have since received a response from BA- see below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I probably have a strong case for the mere fact that Fr did have all the necessary papers and secondly I had cancelled the flight and BA had already attempted to give me a full refund. However before I respond I would like to know if there is anything else I can say. Thank you.
  20. Hi all really need some advice am so worried. We have c/tax arrears for 2015/16 which up to today we had left 596.20 the last payment we we're due to make was late by 7 days due to my partner being self employed and the way payments fell due to Christmas. Anyway we have always made payments as agreed with jbw never have we not paid(over a £1000 has already been paid to them) well today I received a not so lovely visit from two bailiffs who to say the least we're not the most pleasant of people I have ever meet. They issued us with a enforcement notice for full payment which now stands at 831.20 due to 235 in fees. I said to the bailiff could we not continue with the current payment plan of £250 a month to which he replied well how much can you pay today I said £20 as I paid you £250 less than 7 days ago and that's all I have, then the next payment of £250 would be made as normal on 18th Feb. But refused this offer. Now I don't know where we stand there is no date on the letter as to when they will be back either. I never let them into my home and never offered them in either. What worries me the most is if they turn up again when my daughter who has a disability is here lucky enough today she was at school but what about next time she would not react well to these thugs in suits turning up and behaving in the manner in which they did today. I'm really at my wits end I don't know what else to do. Any advice would be grateful. Thank you
  21. Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted here, but have a bit of a question that I hope someone may be able to help with. My girlfriend has recently renewed her car insurance, although her existing insurance does not lapse until the 1st of Feb (a few days a way yet). The insurance she has just payed for is not due to become active until the old insurance lapses. Basically she has paid for her renewal early. Unfortunately her car has developed a major fault, so she now wants to cancel the policy before it actually begins. She had phoned her insurance company on the 25th and dealt with someone on the phone who took payment on her debit card. She has since phoned to cancel and has been told that she will not get a full refund. They want to charge a fee for legal cover, a fee for making a change to the policy etc etc. I suggested to her that she politely end the call and to say she would look into it and get back in touch with them, which she then did. I was of the understanding that under Distance Selling Regulations, any purchase made on the internet or over the phone that was not a "custom" order must be refunded in full within a 14 cooling off period. I would understand if the policy had already come into force, but it hasn't. Does anyone have any views, experience or advice surrounding such an issue? Many thanks in advance, Loaf..
  22. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise, will try and keep it as short as possible. We have sent a SAR to the NHS for my son, NHS being difficult to say the least as the consultant basically does not like us as they breached the DPA 3 times and we put in a complaint and they accepted liability. We sent a SAR and we have received a letter back, basically stating we cannot have anything. We requested everything held on my sons file, his school had to complete some questionnaires to which we would like to see what they have said. Below is the paragraph from the letter which states we cannot have these questionnaires I must advise that we will not be disclosing any information sent to DR XXXX by either XXXX School or XXX school unless the questionnaires were completed by our staff from our organisation. They know the school completed them as thats why they sent them to the school in the first place. Can the NHS withhold these questionnaires? We also know the ED Psychologist has sent several emails to the consultant to which we have asked for copies again they have refused. Below is the paragraph. XXX Health and Care trust is not the provider organisation responsible for the provision of Educational Psychology Services, this means we are unable to assist you with data. All the above information we require is held on our sons medical file at the NHS. Can the NHS refuse to give us this information.
  23. Hi All. Thanks for the add to the forum. I realise the forum is littered with Stemologica threads, but I feel each case is individual so would appreciate help. I 'fell' for the free trial thing back in June and unfortunately got stung for £97.95 back in June. After a very distressed call to them, they agreed to refund my money if I returned the products within the 14 days, got proof of posting blah blah blah I did all of this. Emailed them the tracking numbers and awaited my refund....and waited...and waited... 6 months later, 6 fretful phone calls later they tell me they can no longer give me a refund and can offer me 'free of charge' some creams! Free of charge even though they have effectively stolen £97.95 of my money! After my call this morning I was left aghast at how these people operate! The can 'no longer' give me my money??? What the hell??? I have now spoken to Citizens Advice Consumer helpline who suggested I send an email accusing them of breach of contract. In the mean time I receive this email from Stemologica: "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" So basically they have admitted that they owe me money but 'can't give it to me! Its almost laughable isnt it? In the mean time I have called Barclays who within hours have refunded me the money AND compensation for the stress its caused. Incredible! Stemologica have already replied to my email accusing them of breach of contract with this..... "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" YES! The same original email despite me threatening them with Trading Standards and the e-fraud Team. What next? Its no longer about the money...its the principle of the matter. They have my money, and no doubt hundreds of others who can't find a voice to speak up! :mad2:
  24. Hey all, my Brother-in-Law went to an interview today with Company A. He is currently suspended pending a Disciplinary at Company B (over an accident in the workplace that severely injured my Father-in-Law). At the interview the manager conducting it said they would not be able to offer him the job because they know that he's under investigation at Company B, and went on to say he knew of it because he knows someone that works at Company B. Is he allowed to do this??
  25. I received an email from cash plus asking to contact them. I did as requested, and spoke to a gentleman called 'Zwelli' who proceeded to ask an uncomfortable line of questioning. I was asked where my money was coming from, and I explained I have a business PayPal account and that all the payments made into the account are electronic payments which can be accounted for. Every single penny has documentation to show how it was earned and where it came from. This gentleman insinuated it could be money laundering - impossible as 99% of all money deposited was electronic payments made by BACS transfer from PayPal, and each PayPal transaction can be accounted for. I emailed a piece of information to them that they asked for, a url link to an advert posted online. Although I asked for confirmation that this was received, the email was not acknowledged. The following day, I suffered further humiliation when I found my card had been declined and I could not withdraw money from the ATM. I phoned the following day, but head office were not available as it was a weekend. I phoned the following Monday at 9am, only to be told by all staff that head office refuse to speak to me and will contact me in due course, with no set time frame or any information or reason to why my account was frozen. Them simply cite 'technical difficulties'. This has lead to literally hundreds of phone calls from myself in an attempt to pressure them into giving me answers but they refuse. They refuse to reply to my emails, and they refuse to talk to me. I obtained the head offices number and when I attempt to speak to them they divert me back to customer services who then tell me the same thing "head office are citing technical difficulties and won't speak to you". Either that or they are rude to me, tell me not to call them anymore and hang up the phone. The department dealing with my case refuse to talk to me at all and when I get put through to them they immediately put down the phone on me. Apparently they held a meeting to discuss the fact I won't stop calling them. This piece of information slipped out of one of the staff I spoke to on an unrelated department, the finance department. Yet still they will not call me and will not reply to my emails. I have now obtained the CEO Rich Wagners email address, and emailed him directly, he also will not reply to my emails. I have tweeted him on twitter, he doesn't reply. I tweeted the company and they blocked me. They currently have £1500 of my money, I can't use my card or log into my account, and they won't even speak to me to resolve this issue. I have offered to provide all documentation for every penny that went into the account - no reply. I don't feel I need to provide any information as I am entitled to my privacy, but I am willing to do it if needed. It is only a prepaid master card for people with bad credit history, not like I should have to jump through hoops when it's an account with no benefits. They will not let me close the account either. I only had this account as I had a poor credit history and my financial situation improved dramatically. Once I resolve this and have it closed I'm going to try and open a proper account again. However this does not help with the situation I'm currently in. In conclusion I am a sole trader, and without access to this money I am now sitting at home unable to work. I need the money to purchase stock and run the day to day operations of my business. I have explained this to the department handling my case and to the CEO Mr Wagner, but they do not care, I get no reply. It is bad enough they blocked my card and account and are withholding my money, but the fact that they refuse to even speak to me is the most frustrating thing. I have never, ever dealt with customer service as poor as this, and have told them I will be contacting media outlets and the financial obudsman. I do hope if anyone can help me that they please get in touch. I have found that they did the same thing to an 82 year old woman, froze her account and wouldn't let her close it until a journalist Tom Hazell contacted their CEO. I'm sure others must be having problems with this company and I would like to unite with those people to have Advanced Payment Solutions practices scrutinised. What they are doing to me is just plain wrong.
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