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  1. Spoken to Pet Plan , even they can’t give a definitive answer , all they could come up with , is to submit a claim and see what happens . Meanwhile , I have messaged the Kennel asking for refund as it was them that had cancelled the booking , I indicated I would accept an admin fee, suggesting 10% BTW dog appears to be on the mend , have to submit stool samples next week
  2. Holiday cancellation, £1500, but I need to call them to find out what cancellation is covered , as the policy doc is a one liner Off to Vet now , and call Pet Plan during office hrs
  3. I think I know the answer , but We booked our dog into boarding kennels for our holiday , starting Tuesday 16 Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago the dog picked up a parasite called giardia .this causes soft stools etc . The vet gave us the treatment and said the dog “should “ be ok in time for the boarding .A side effect of the treatment is that the dog has still has soft stools , similar the those when the parasite is present We messaged the kennel Friday , explaining the situation , also topping up the final payment , It appears the kennel did not receive the message , so we spoke yesterday ( Monday ) They were unsure as to whether the dog should be accepted . over night they massaged us and cancelled the booking , we do have a plan “B” this involves our daughter moving back home for a week . Their T&Cs are quite tight , regarding cancelation by the client , But in this case they cancelled , have I got a hope of getting a refund , less , say , a admin charge , over £300 fees have been paid for 10 days boarding We do have "Pet Plan" Insurance Extract from T&Cs “You agree that if you do not arrive on the start date of your booking, you will be liable for the full payment per day. You agree that should you return from holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the end of your booking, you will not be entitled to any refund of payment. In the unlikely event of illness or other circumstances resulting in a reduced stay with us, the total booking fee is still due and you will not be entitled to a refund or part refund. You agree that if you cancel giving less than 14 days notice the total fee is due. You agree that if you cancel your booking you will lose your full deposit. If you bring less dogs than are booked, you are still responsible for the balance due. “
  4. Over stay in the crematoria for as little as 14 seconds , and it will cost you £200 FOI request shows that in a 21 month period 20 “fines” ( their words not mine ) were imposed for late departure Read here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7202867/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Fining-mourners-great-British-jobsworth-callous.html
  5. Following the meeting with Head and Deputy , the school are taking the matter very seriously . In the first instance the parent was informed of the schools position , and agreed to delete any material on the device ,having been made aware of the invasion of privacy distress etc ,and also accepting that to make light of the matter was inappropriate , and to provide signed written confirmation that the deletion has been carried out , my daughter is also going to suggest the camera app on the device is disabled , as the child , due to its difficulties ,may not be aware of the problems that can be caused . The school via it’s HR department is also reviewing its safeguarding policy to include the protection of staff . I am glad the school has reacted in this way ,as normally the focus of protection is to vulnerable students .And due to the nature if the problems the students have , safeguarding is taken very seriously . Also the school has assured my daughter the matter is not yet fully resolved , so is not closed
  6. I have no idea which sub forum this is best posted , I am sure the mods will move to it the correct place This is a delicate situation for which we need advice in the best way to proceed My daughter is a STA in a special needs school dealing with children and young adolescents with various learning and physical difficulties, A situation has arisen where a young pupil at the school who lives in a house , which due to the design of the area where she lives , overlooks the rear of her house and garden . My daughter found out , from a passing remark of a parent of the child , that the child had been using tablet device to make video recordings of her in the garden and through her bedroom window , although when dressing , she always closes the curtains , she did however go into the garden in her dressing gown on occasions . I am not sure at present what difficulties the child has , so this will have an impact on what action can be taken if any , safeguarding etc What is difficult to understand , is that the parent laughed the matter off , made no offer to delete recordings , or to ensure it does not haven again , and appears not to be taking this matter seriously . My daughter has had advice that due to the child being below the age of criminal responsibility, the Police are unable to take action . She is meeting the head of the school this morning to discuss the situation and the invasion of her privacy . So in the first instance we have to wait to see what the outcome of the meeting is The simple question is , how do we proceed . Do we have the right to ensure the recordings are deleted , and to see them deleted ? and possible further actions . I will update where I hear the out come of the meeting
  7. At Last I have finally received the closing account from EE, it has taken over 6 months to be sorted out , the best part is we are nearly £400 in credit .This is due to be repaid in the next 3 weeks . With this failure , makes you wonder if these fringe companies are worth considering , as they seem to be falling like flies
  8. I am still waiting , do you think a LBA to recover outstanding credit balance might prod them into action. I called in February and was told accounts would be settled early March, not a peep as yet
  9. EEs own web site gives all the links above , and gives an assurance credits are secure and will be repaid in full BY OVO I assume, Do you think I should start nagging them ?
  10. Update My daughter has been in an electronic black hole since Christmas due to a virus/Trojan, even though she had full protection , seems Yahoo suspended her email account , then sent unlock codes to the suspended account !! beggars belief . Due to this she has not received any replies from the courts or Ofcom Progress so far The court confirmed the correct address was in use , the address she has lived at all the time this has been going on , now an issue with The Post Office , as well as BT Or someone is telling porkies regarding any letters “sent “ We now have the information from Ofcom , it seems her complaint was lost , but now is found . Ofcom do not directly deal with complaints , so have referred us to the Communication Ombudsman service We now have a link to the service , and she is now creating an account to start the process of putting the clock back on the complaint , which hopefully will be upheld . If so ,I presume the next step will be to apply for a set side of the judgment , but I will await your advice Thanks so far
  11. I am in a slightly different situation . My contract with EE finished in November 18 , so I , with the help of Meerkats and other sites found my best deal was with EDF , so transferred . Therefore I have been with my new supplier for about 2 months .and I will not need to be transferred to a holding company. Looking at my account on the hopeless EE web site ( been under construction for 2 years ) I appear to be in credit by about £250 for electricity and around £50/60 Debit for gas . It will be interesting if they try to send a bill for the debit , whilst hanging on to the credit ! think they may be unlucky in expecting me to pay I have the feeling this is going to be a long haul sorting it out .
  12. I moved from Economy Energy just over a month ago , and was expecting a rebate of around £250, I know it is protected and secure , but how long should I expect to wait for my money to be refunded now they have ceased trading
  13. Court has been trying to call her to give details of address on record , due to her being at work she keeps missing answering , she will eventually speak to the court as her work place closes Wednesday for Christmas break , the court previously advised her to call Lowell to put action on hold , this she did , withholding her number , so keeping them at bay , so breathing space and less stress . she has also sent an email ( from a seperate spam receiving account ) them telling them the same ,
  14. Because my Daughter works in a special need school she has limited time to make phone calls , so was unable to contact the court today as the line was continually engaged so at present she has not got the precise address they have in file for her , they did however ask her to confirm her address when she made the enquiry , and it appeared to tie up with what was on file . Nevertheless , she will persist in calling the court to be sure the address was exactly correct
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