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  1. It does indeed in one line say "Parking Charge Notice to Keeper "
  2. "Parking Charge Notice to Keeper " Nothing else other than NCP etc
  3. Having now got my hands on the PCN , I would appear my daughter got the dates a bit wrong ,and the PCN may have been issued in time , but for your interest I have attached the notice PCN1.pdf
  4. Sorry about that , I have read enough threads over the years to know I should have referred to it as a parking charge . Unfortunately it is now academic as my daughter took the opportunity to pay the reduced charge of £15 , apparently this due to it being a new (as in August ) system . She has updated her account with Gatwick airport parking , also her Dartcharge account as well So it would seem there is not a lot of point in pursuing this further . But nevertheless thank you for you input up to now. What I did notice however from the merge doc , it would appear the notice was well out of time , NCP issuing over 90 days after the charge was incurred , and I guess could have been challenged . I can still fill in the merge doc if it would help in the future
  5. I have trawled back but I can’t see a specific answer to this My Daughter did a drop off at Gatwick , and thought she had paid on line via an account she had set up , she forgot to up date her account with a new debit card number , so has received a penalty charge notice . The “offence " was “committed 8th August and has just (today 16/11) received the notice , over 3 months delay ,is it out of time ?
  6. Ah , thought it had to be hard copy , I will use that method to deliver , copy in CEO ?
  7. We have an ongoing dispute with BT/ Lowell which has been running for almost 3 years. It was the subject of a thread , but because of the time scale , was locked , until I could come back with some positive information to be able to continue . The next stage of sorting the dispute was a SAR . This where we have hit a stonewall . We have sent the SAR 3 times each to a different address , each time BT are refusing to sign for the communication citing Covid . Because we have to wait each time to see if we get a response , the problem continues to drag on . How do I break through this and get the SAR on record so we can proceed. Or do I just go to the County Court and say BT are refusing to comply with the SAR?
  8. Now contacting ICO to register formal complaint due to failure to respond
  9. Dont holt your breath , we submitted a SAR to BT almost 6 months ago , and despite reminders , still waiting , they are blaming every man and his dog for the delay , at the moment its the virus causing the delay
  10. They have well and truly shot themselves in the foot . They will never get over the bad publicity , social media is saying , boycott the hotel group . Not sure if true , but Tripadvisor had to suspend reports on the hotel as well due to negative input .
  11. Hopefully I have chosen the correct sub section to ask this I am asking a simple question , which most likely , will need a whole lot more detail , unless the answer is a simple yes Question :- Can a local authority , with no apparent public consultation , change the designation of an area of open space from MOL ( Metropolitan Open Space or Green Belt ) to UOS ( Urban Open space ?Thereby freeing the land for building purposes There is a published report on the consultations .from some 18 months ago , but there was no notification locally that a report was being prepared, therefore there was no local input to the report . The report was published on line but was difficult to dig out .
  12. Donation made Now on to my ongoing tussle with BT/Lowell , read elsewhere Rod
  13. Matter resolved !! I finally received a response to my email sent to the kennel 28th November . In that mail I had pointed out that their T&Cs are over ruled by CRA , and it was on that basis I would be proceeding , they had previously written that they had legal liability insurance , and were happy to defend , I suggested they contact their advisors to explain CRA . My guess is that they did and were advised to settle which they have done . It was only due to their lack of response that I came here for advice on how to proceed . And I am grateful for your time spent in considering the problem and advice given. They are settling on the remaining half of the fees ( remember the insurance co have already paid me half of the fees ) I am contented to accept this , even though they still end up with a healthy profit on the transaction , there was always a chance I might not be successful in court .and end up with egg on my face . With the insurance pay out I now have no financial loss . I know this will not be entirely satisfactory from your point of view. But for me …….. If anyone asks me to recommend a kennel , I know one I will not recommend
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