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  1. On the basis of what you have said here, I think you have quite enough to issue a letter of claim now. On the basis of their advertisement it is obvious – as you say – that it is not as described. Send them the letter of claim and then on day 15 issue the claim for the return of your money plus any additional expenses plus interest
  2. Then please do tell us all about your story. However, tell it in a new thread because not only does it become a story in its own right – but also Google will take more notice of it and if you are dealing with the same garage, it is important to have more stories rather than simply a story which continues one which has already been posted. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the forum. Please would you post up your story in a new thread/topic because that will then attract attention and also we won't get confused when dealing with this particular story. Start a new topic and will be really interested to hear what you have to say and also to provide you with any advice you might need. Make sure that you include the name of the dealer in the topic title. Thanks
  4. As I understand it, you ordered 4 items and as a result benefited from reduced or free delivery charges. You returned three items and kept one. They have now applied the delivery charges that would have been applicable if you had only ordered one item in the first place. If this is right then I'm afraid that they are probably correct and I don't think there is anything you can do about it.
  5. Regardless of the dispute over the colour, you are entitled to reject it because of the defect in the leg. Do not allow anyone to go onto your property to attempt any repair to the leg or to do anything else to the sofa. You are rejecting it and you want it collected and taken away. Make sure that they have that in writing and make sure you copy the finance company into everything. Separately, write to the finance company and tell them that if it is not sorted then you will be seeing them under section 75 Consumer Credit Act and also reporting them to the FCA. Do this now. They forget – even if they want to dispute the issue of the colour – the fact that it arrived with a defect is quite sufficient to reject it. No point in getting into a ridiculous argument about the fact that it didn't conform to its description. Don't let anyone in. Don't let any repair. You want it taken away. If they won't take it away then make your own arrangements but write to them and tell them that you will be returning it to them and you will be seeing them for the cost of the return. After that, go somewhere else. Start recording your calls.
  6. Of course if you want to make any progress on this problem, you will have to engage with this thread
  7. We may be able to help you but you have been asked to start your own topic on this please. It is very important that you start your own topic so that your story is not confused with somebody else's. Please will you do this. I'm afraid that we have no other information relating to the owner of this thread: Dylan12. That person has not come back to the forum to tell us what has happened or if they have resolved the problem. I'm afraid this happens all too often and it leaves people in a bit of a lurch because nobody knows what's going on all the best course of action. Please start your own thread. And also update us as it goes along.
  8. I don't know I have a Samsung S9 which has had all the updates available. Have you tried the call recorder which I referred to in an earlier post?
  9. Yes, it takes some getting used to – and it will be tweaked to improve it as we go along. Some of the old hands here have been using the old platform almost unchanged for more than 13 years so it's a big shift for us. I'm afraid we didn't have much choice. After 13 years the old site had been heavily modified and when we needed to upgrade it for security purposes, we weren't able to carry the modifications over. We really were faced with making a very difficult choice and eventually we decided to go with Invision – the new platform because it seems to be very well supported and there are lots of modifications around which have helped us already to make it far more usable – but there is still more work to be done. Hopefully this Invision platform will be good enough to see us over the next 10 years or so.
  10. I don't have any problem with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appstar.callrecorder&hl=en which is the one which I referred to in the customer services guide. I know that Google have suddenly become funny and now the court record simply says "incoming caller" rather than the identity of the person you are speaking with if it's in your contacts. Other than that, it works perfectly well – as normal
  11. What a shame that you allowed yourself to be bullied into accepting the suite in the first place. I notice one discrepancy and that is that you said that you collected the suite on 27 December and then later on you say that it was delivered yesterday. The retailer is responsible because of the defect – I'm also trying to understand whether this could be considered to be an online purchase – a distance purchase. The finance company is also liable but you need to give us more details. Please tell us the name of the retailer and also the name of the finance company. Did you record the calls that you had with the retailer or with the finance company? You should be doing this. Have you read our customer services guide?
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