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  1. What's the point of giving you advice if you don't want to take it?
  2. Ok so if we say that the lifespan of this caravan is 17 years, and you've only had it for one year then that seems to me ME2 that you have enjoyed £1,000 worth of its usable life assuming that you actually enjoyed it. Because all the problems you have had no enjoyment of it. On that basis the worst case scenario should be that you you should be out of pocket to the tune of £1,000. I still think that you shouldn't have suffered any loss at all and that furthermore you should be able to recover all of your out of pocket expenses plus also I think it might be worth examining the
  3. One thing you should probably realise is that this finance company is properly got a fairly long term business relationship with the dealership. To a certain extent they depend on each other so don't imagine that the finance company is going to be impartial.
  4. My view is that you made a contract for an item which was not of satisfactory quality and it is clear from the evidence even of the finance company's own inspector that it was not of satisfactory quality when you bought it. In contract law, if an item is so unsatisfactory that you are effectively deprived of the entire benefit of the contract then the contract should be treated as void and you should recover all of your money and any ancillary expenses. It seems to me that you had no enjoyment at all from this caravan during your period of ownership. I think it's outrageous that the
  5. Okay. Well telephone Baileys and get the information that I've asked for. Even though you fill in online forms, you should take screenshots of what you are sending. This stuff is quite important. Phone the FOS tomorrow and see what their timescale is.
  6. Well you could have gone directly to court. It's up to you know whether you want to wait for the ombudsman or go to court. Maybe will be a good idea to contact the ombudsman and see what's happening and see what their timescale is. At least you haven't got the caravan sitting in your driveway so it's just a question of money and so you might think that it is worth waiting a bit. Please could you post up a copy of the complaint which you sent the ombudsman
  7. Okay, I suggest that you phone Baileys of Bristol and make some casual enquiries. Tell them that you are interested in buying a second-hand caravan – given the make and model number. Tell them that it seems to be in quite good condition but you are interested in knowing what the price would have been new and how long would they normally expect their caravans to last if they were properly maintained. Ask them what they think the resale value of 2011 caravan might be now. See if they can let you have a copy of a brochure for that model. They may will have one in PDF format. What w
  8. Well have a hunt through. I'm quite sure that eventually you will find price. Also I'd like to know the expected number of years one could expect to have such a caravan before it simply became unusable. They are effectively saying that in one year you have had about £5500 worth of use out of it and this seems an extraordinary rate to me. I have no doubt that you will be able to get most of this back – but we need to understand the values et cetera before we start preparing our case.
  9. Yes please. The price of the caravan new – and the present resale value. Also, how many years old was it when you bought it? And what would be the expected life of such a caravan
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