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  1. I'm sorry but I would still advise caution and I would want to be certain about the possibility of enforcement. I still think that you need to check out the ownership or otherwise of the address he is using. I wouldn't jump into this if I were you. The guy might be brazen because he knows that he can't be touched even if there is a judgement
  2. Also, I suggest that you start keeping a close eye on eBay to see if your items come up. I suggest that you put in some searches for wmf cutlery and save those searches so that you are informed automatically
  3. probably not worth deciding a figure for compensation at the moment but you should certainly make it clear to them that these are irreplaceable items with sentimental value and so you want to have the property returned to you you within 7-days. Otherwise, you will assess the value and you will send them a letter of claim and begin a county claim 14 days afterwards Have you any idea what was the declared value when it was sent to you? I'm afraid that you may well be limited to that. Why did you tell us that the value was £200?
  4. I would suggest you stop using resolver and start dealing directly with DHL. Send it to the operations manager and copy it into the CEO. Keep the email polite but make sure that it is short and no nonsense. Don't be apologetic. Assert yourself . it is their fault
  5. I've put the word out to the person who is most experienced in this field @Ell-enn but I don't know if they'll get the message in time. Please monitor the thread
  6. Yes I spend all my time in the UK – and I think I will leave you to deal with your own skeletons
  7. ... and by the way, the opinion in the academic textbook was not put in there as a mistake. It was an opinion which was voiced by respected French academic and later on apparently, he followed it up with a similar comment in Facebook which then gave rise to a shocked and scandalised discussion.
  8. ... and incidentally the CIA 9/11 conspiracy theory is something that is talked about very often – especially the rundown suburbs of Paris. I expect that it is also discussed in these terms in other places in the world – it's just amazing to hear about it in a textbook which has already been circulated to young undergraduates.
  9. I know some children who in their French primary school history class spent three weeks – three weeks! studying Bloody Sunday in Ireland – and nothing about La Rafle or atrocities in Algeria or the Paris massacre of 1961 where official figures are about 40 dead – but in fact the general accepted figure seems to be well over 250 people many of whom were found floating down the Seine some weeks later and has only been acknowledged in a limited way by Emanuel macron fairly recently. Read about it and tell me if you knew about it already. How many concentration camps/internment camps were there in France? Maybe you can tell me the answer. Maybe you didn't know there were any at all. Most French people don't. How much Islamophobia anti-Semitism, homophobia, general racial prejudice is there in France? I'm sure you know the answer so you can tell us.
  10. I'm sorry but you have no idea of the level of denial which still exists in France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sorrow_and_the_Pity#Reception
  11. I'm also interested to know how you managed to engage trading standards in a conversation and to obtain advice. They are generally speaking very elusive when it comes to dealing with members of the public so I can imagine that there are many people here who would be interested to know the secret. Normally speaking one can only make contact very remotely by using citizens advice
  12. Thank you, so what have you decided to do about it?
  13. So what have you decided to do about it? Based on the legal advice you've obtained Also you haven't addressed the point I made as to whether or not you have paid FedEx something already. Maybe you told trading standards.
  14. No, the fact that they have admitted error basically admits their negligence. If they want to get the parcel back from the actual recipient then that is an issue for them. It is a problem between them and the recipient. It has nothing to do with you and you should not be put to any extra trouble or expense or any anxiety about it. The only thing which would make any difference would be if there were some personal effects in the parcel that had a special sentimental value which exceeded their actual cost. In other words, if there were heirlooms, or sentimental jewellery or photographs that were irreplaceable – then this might add some complication because it could be that a financial settlement (which is what would be awarded by the courts) might not be enough to compensate you. You haven't mentioned anything about special value so I'm assuming that everything can be replaced and you will be satisfied by the replacements. In that case you should be challenging DHL immediately and in fact you should begin now because the extra pressure will make them concentrate their minds a little. You should start threatening them immediately. I would send them a note that they only have seven days to recover your items or else you will be sending them a letter of claim and you will begin an action in the County Court for the recovery of the value of your lost items – caused by their negligence – plus costs plus interest. I would add 8% interest to the value of your items. This is the standard UK County Courts award. You should also make it clear to them that you will not be satisfied and you will not withdraw any threats until you have sight of the parcel and you have inspected the contents and you have ascertained that nothing is missing and that everything is in good condition. I should also tell them that in view of the distress that they have caused you by their negligence there in any event you want a reasonable proposal for compensation – or else the legal action which you have already referred to will take place. The idea is that you should take control and you should remain in control. You should set the timescales and dictate the pace of events at all times. They're not used to being treated this way. It takes them out of their comfort zone which produces an advantage for you. Particularly if you keep us updated and you take our advice – because this kind of thing is well within our comfort zone. We will help you all the way. It's very easy and on the basis of what you have told us – it is absolutely risk free and my prediction is that they will put their hands up anyway. I would suggest that a reasonable figure of compensation would be between £100 and £150 – assuming that they settle without any difficulty. This is in addition to the return of your items – or a satisfactory settlement of its full value. When estimating the value, estimate towards the upper end – the full replacement value – don't start worrying about deducting something for second hand. If they want to argue on that then let them begin the subject. Your starting position should be the full value – nonnegotiable. They have so much money, it means nothing to them. One thing you should be aware of is that these companies are prepared to spend far more trying to defend a case then it would cost them simply to settle without fuss – but with credit to their reputation. They are idiots
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