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  1. Well done. This is great news and thank you for letting us know. I'm sure that they have lots of very satisfied customers but certainly the stories that we hear of the customers who do become their victims are extremely bad. I have no idea why they want to levy £250 prior to collection. They are certainly not entitled to do this – but if it smooths the way then of course you should go ahead and do whatever is necessary. Any problems – any glitches – and be sure to let us know. Big Motoring World monitor the threads on this forum. Maybe they are simply acting responsibly or maybe they were aware of what was being advised here and they knew what was coming. Anyway, please do update us as to the final result.
  2. Have you accessed the defence form online or have you received it in paper form? Is your son not going to be involved in this at all? If this goes to court then your son is the person who will have to appear. Maybe your son needs to start getting engaged and taking a bit of responsibility for what is happening
  3. Yes, sorry that is right. If this was an undervaluation then you should certainly go to mediation.
  4. On the basis of your update informing us that you have now received a letter for which they are charging you £15, I have made an amendment to the proposed letter above. It is in red. Please tell us that you haven't rushed off and sent the letter already before checking with us for the final version. The letter should be sent tomorrow – but check with us first.
  5. You need to complete it. We know what a blank one looks like.
  6. Don't forget to add the storage fee which will begin seven days after you provide them with the inspection report. This will give them more than adequate time to arrange collection of vehicle and removal from your property. By the way, you cannot drive the vehicle any more after the inspection. You must understand that
  7. Okay in that case – in order to hurry it along, if you have a diagnostic inspection book for the 29th then I suggest that you send a letter before action on Wednesday. Tell them that you confirm your rejection. It is absolute and you will not accept any offer to repair. You have booked an independent inspection at a VW authorised garage on the 29th. If the inspection confirms that the defects exist then you require BMW to make immediate arrangements to refund your money and to collect the vehicle and also to refund you any of your out-of-pocket expenses – list them – including reimbursement of the inspection. Tell them that if they fail in any of this that you will issue proceedings in the County Court and without any further notice on March 13. I think that is day 15 – you do the calculation. Only send this letter if you intend to go ahead. Don't laugh because you will lose credibility and these people will be very quick to seize upon any weakness that you demonstrate. Tell them also that you will be claiming interest at 8% per annum from the date of the rejection. Make it clear to them that you will not be prepared to pay any rate per mile in respect of usage and that if they attempt to withhold any of your refund for any reason then you will proceed in the County Court for the remainder of that plus interest plus costs. I suggest that you post the draft letter here so that we can check it. If you think that you aren't prepared to do this – then don't bother. Check the County Court fee scale for issuing the claim of this size – I think it is about 5% of the value of the claim. On the basis that you win – which you most likely will – you will recover this as well. Plus the hearing fee if it goes to that – which it probably won't
  8. We have a sense that we have helped you in the past with different issues – and that you tend not to update your threads and to let us know the outcome. I hope you will let us know the outcome here and it would be very helpful if you would visit your other threads and update them as well so that other people who join this community can benefit not only from your experience but also from the advice that we give. Thank you
  9. Well if for some reason rather your Internet is not repaired, you had better find a solution to your data problem because things are going to become critical if you can't start dealing with this and engaging properly so that you can take control.
  10. I would suggest that you telephone eBay. Have a very calm and polite and friendly conversation with the call handler. I have found that they are very receptive and I have a sense that the person who gets in their first and explains their situation in a very friendly and relaxed way can gain an advantage. Nothing to be lost
  11. In that case, I think you had better wait to see what happens and maybe you will have to go against eBay if they manage to take your money
  12. The easiest thing will be to proceed against the purchaser. Presumably you have their name and address. I would begin by searching the land registry web check service to see whether that person is the owner of the property so that you know they have a permanent address and also assets. I think I would then bide my time and see what the eBay decision is. You could proceed against eBay but that will be much more difficult and also you could risk your eBay account because they don't take this kind of thing very nobly. If you are obliged to refund the money to eBay – then I think the best thing to do is to do it with apparent goodwill and then attack the purchaser for breach of contract. If you don't get the hearing aids back then not only would you challenge for the money but would also challenge for the cost of the hearing aids. On the basis of what you say, your chances of success are better than 95% check the address straightaway. If you find that they don't own the property that it might be a bit more difficult. Let us know
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