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  1. I don't know if Halifax has an especially bad reputation. I think where you have a complaint to make which the bank is recently familiar with and understands what to do then it may be that the response is better than if it is something out of their usual area of experience. You might like to tell us what the complaint is about. However, you won't be surprised when I remark that you've been here since 2006 – over 13 years and yet you still haven't got the message to record your calls and that you will regret it if you don't. Have you actually read our customer services guide and all this time?
  2. It looks okay. Don't forget that this proposed action of yours – which I think is completely justified – is also pretty experimental and you need to be prepared to sacrifice your various fees. It certainly would be very nice to be able to bring a successful action in unfair trading. I can pretty well imagine that it has never happened before. These rights keep on being conferred by consumer legislation – but at the end of the day people get a bit too nervous to try them out. Good luck
  3. In respect of the substantive claim, do you think that you got enough information to start dealing with that or do you need the statutory disclosure? This thread has now run to 4 pages and it has been pretty well wholly occupied with the data protection problem. I think that when you come to start dealing with your substantive claim that it would be better to start a new thread and keep this one simply for the data disclosure issue. I know that the whole process seems agonisingly slow – but I think you are better off being fully prepared and fully informed. Also, the more mistakes that Npower makes such as not honouring your disclosure request, the better it will look for you in the long run when you start to deal with the main issue.
  4. Well unless they suddenly wake up, once the judgment is obtained, there is nothing to stop you going ahead. Also send a copy of the judgment to the ICO as part of a complaint.
  5. As soon as you get the judgement, send them another letter of claim and tell them that their breach of statutory duty is continuing and you are proposing to issue a claim against them within 14 days.
  6. You've applied for the judgement? – When was this? Well done. As soon as you have obtained a judgement – but the bailiffs in. Do immediately without any notice and without waiting. It will cost you 50 quid but it will be worth it for the satisfaction and you will get the money back anyway
  7. Okay I think that you will have to rummage around I'm afraid but somewhere there are very clear guidelines that no visits are to be made without appointments. Also it would be a good idea if you could speak with the neighbours and find out what was discussed because maybe there would be a breach of confidentiality/data protection as well. Have you any idea who conducted the visit? Was it a different firm in which case it might be worth sending them an SAR as well. Although this may drag out a bit, it will be well worth trying to acquire as much information as possible before you take any kind of action.
  8. Do you have any details of the visit fees? For instance, are there any invoices or any bills from the person who conducted the visit? Where these visits conducted by appointment with you? Did the visit actually take place? How many visits were there? How are they described?
  9. I don't think I would bother to send it registered. I don't know if that's what I advised before – but simply send it first class. Send an email as well if you want
  10. And we haven't heard from the thread starter here so I expect that that means that no money has been received. I expect that that means that a letter of claim will be sent off first thing tomorrow. The ball starts rolling.
  11. And there's another reason why you should post here. We won't report you to anyone for reporting the truth here. None of the stories over 13 years of consumer activity on this forum are invented or contrived.
  12. And just to add to my above post, I suddenly realised of course that you have whet your experience because you have already sued them once for a DPA breach.
  13. I'm not too sure why the AutoLinker to – mortgage or mortgages in your post is not working. Very strange because they are working in this post. Anyway start off by following the link – mortgage – and that will give you an idea of the theory. I say that it is theory because I'm not aware that anyone on this forum has yet claimed any charges incurred as a result of a mortgage. This is despite the fact that we have been encouraging people to do this for quite a long time. However, according to the judgements, they are not entitled to levy charges which are in excess of their administrative losses and furthermore they are not entitled then the actual cost of visits. We have certainly found instances on this forum of visits being arranged without appointment and without agreement and then just being charged for. Although the amount of money you are talking about is well within the small claims limit, you are still going to incur some fees if you lose and so it might be an idea to try and fragment your claim a little bit so that you can run one experimentally. Advantages of this include the fact that suing for a small amount means that you risk less fees. The other side are more likely to put their hands up because they will think that it's not worthwhile economically to defend it, and finally it can be a bit of a pathfinder for you (and us) so that we can understand how to go about it. I see that you are referring to charges and also to visitors fees. I'm wondering what the visitors fees amount to and whether they have been calculated in a way which exceeds the actual cost of them. Could you please let us know. It might be simpler beginning to recover those by way of a little experiment
  14. Please have a look at the following link – GDPR. Can you tell us a little bit more about the request to M&S – when it was made – when they called and what happened during the call? Can you also tell us about the request that you made of Santander – did you use one of our templates? When did you send the request et cetera. Do you presently have an account with M&S and do you presently have an account with Santander?
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