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  1. Well in that case certainly follow the advice given by site team member @London1971 and who happens. I think you are correct to write a letter to Rossendale is to put it very firmly on record that not only are you vulnerable but also that you have tried to contact them and that they haven't followed their vulnerability guidelines
  2. But in addition, I suggest that you call Rossendale's immediately and explain your vulnerability. Do this in addition to the councillor. The councillor might take a little longer but it is more likely to be a permanent fix. However, if you explain the situation to Rossendale's, you may be able to get a short-term remedy – quickly. Do both – belt and braces
  3. Sorry, what is "mans 1" mean? Have you contacted Rossendale's? Have you told them that you are vulnerable and that you have very difficult circumstances? I think you should do that first thing tomorrow. Have you contacted your local council? Have you told them that you are vulnerable? I think also you should do that tomorrow. I think you should explain how difficult it is and also that there is a disability apart from the fact that you are a single parent and you are struggling even with priority debts.
  4. That's very understandable at Christmas. Don't start blaming herself. I think you're doing very well under the circumstances. Which bailiffs are you dealing with here? Which company?
  5. No I don't see any point in disclosing any information other than his name has been discussed in reference to this problem Have you chased up Old Bill?
  6. Sorry, I don't know enough about the subject to be able to tell you anything about the obligations of electricians.
  7. In terms of Marston – I'm afraid they're just obeying a warrant. In terms of the energy company – they just don't care about you. – And I'm sorry to say, in terms of you – I should start making a habit of not storing other people's mail in future – especially when it has been correctly delivered to your address. Sorry
  8. By the way, this is highly likely to result in a claim being issued. It's becoming more complicated than anybody ever imagined. I suggest that you register with money claim online and start drafting your claim. And get ready to click it off on day 15. You can save your work so that you can post your draft claim here. You find there is a character limit. I expect that we can fit it in to the limit that they give you if we avoid narrative
  9. Send a letter directly to the recipient based on the suggestion I have made a couple of posts ago. Send one recorded and one ordinary mail. Send a copy also to the HR Department of his workplace – but marked confidential on the envelope. Send that one recorded. This guy needs to get involved
  10. I'm not sure what the form is – would your new suppliers normally have contacted the old supplier to say that there was a change? If you could show that spark should have known that they were no longer dealing with the account holder at the time that they apply for the warrant, then it seems to me that they do bear some culpability. By the way one of the site team mentioned that at some point Marston would contact me. I'm afraid that's not the way it works. I've now referred the matter to Marston and they may well decide to contact you – the Original Poster for more information or simply to inform you that in the circumstances that there is nothing that they are able to do. I'm afraid it's out of my hands and I never asked for or ever receive any feedback about the references I make to them at this level
  11. I've forwarded the details of this to Marston – but I'm not sure that there is much that can be done in the circumstances. If the energy company had been informed – or if they had reason to know that their customer was no longer at the address then of course obtaining the warrant was outrageous. As it is, it would seem that the previous tenant hadn't informed them and had simply done a runner – and unfortunately you have taken no action to return any mail to the sender so as far as I gather, there is no reason for the energy company to have known what has happened. Please note that I haven't really looked through this thread very carefully since I originally posted so are not au fait/can't remember all of the details – but that is my sketchy understanding. If this is the case then, although of course something needs to be sorted out – I have to say that it would have been helpful if you had either opened the mail or returned it. I know that you say that you have never had to do this in the past – but maybe it would be good practice in the future. It could be that in the past you have simply been lucky. You are talking about clearing the balance of some outstanding debt which belongs to somebody else? This seems to be extraordinary to me – but then I'm afraid I haven't been following the thread very closely
  12. I suggest maybe that you now also write a letter to the alleged recipient. Inform them that rightly or wrongly they have been implicated in the disappearance of a plated cutlery set. That you have tried to reach them that you understand that they have blocked your correspondence. As a result of the information received from DHL you have now informed the police and you understand that they are investigating. I would suggest that you tell the alleged recipient that you will shortly be issuing court proceedings against DHL and that if the matter does come to a hearing that it is likely that they, the alleged recipient, will be identified and referred to in public documents. Also, in respect of the police, I understand that you have reported this to the police and they undertook to contact you and to begin an investigation – and they have not contacted you. Surprise surprise! I suggest that you get onto the police immediately chase them – by telephone and also in writing. Point out that you had a conversation on XXX date and you brought to their attention that according to DHL some valuable property of yours had been inadvertently delivered to the [alleged recipient] and that despite the fact that the officer involved promised to get back to you, they have not done so and so far you do not have a crime reference number. Tell them that this is essential that this matter is taken seriously because it is currently being taken to court.
  13. Don't worry about putting the correct figure. Simply warn her that it is likely that the fee will be involved which you understand "maybe as much as £350 – blah blah". The important thing is to get the letter off quickly and to have a paper trail. You don't have to worry about all the teas crossed in the i's dotted et cetera
  14. it doesn't matter if she responds. What you're doing is laying a paper trail. Make sure that you send the letter at least by first class recorded delivery so you have proof
  15. I have no idea about the cost of the police report – but it may well be right. I would like to her immediately and point out to her that as she fully realises, the police witnessed the accident and also have prepared a police report. Tell her that if she obliges you to take legal action against that you may well have to purchase a copy of the police report for £350 which will be added to the claim you are making plus interest. Tell her that this will not be necessary if she admits her negligence in the accident – in which case the whole matter will be very straightforward and far more amicable. Asked to respond immediately if you want to avoid the extra cost of a police report
  16. Okay well if you're happy with what I suggested above, then use that as your initial particulars which you will put up on the money claim site. You will see that there is a checkbox saying that you are going to be providing additional particulars directly to the defendant. This has to be done within seven days of issuing the claim. So we started prepare that now. The document you have posted up is a reasonable start. The format is good in that it is set out in paragraphs. You need to set out what happened, point by point – chronologically – one point per paragraph – numbered paragraphs. Don't bother talking about your own insurance status. You need generally speaking to say what happened, where it happened, what vehicles were being driven, You need to point out that the collision was caused by her negligent driving. You would normally pointed out – but because there was a police car behind you may as well say that this entire episode was witnessed by the police – do you have registration number and colour number of the police? What damage it caused to your vehicle, the fact that it was assessed, that it was beyond economical repair, that you have now disposed of the vehicle although you have attempted to involve the defendant and also her insurer at every step of the way and inform them as to the steps you are taking and as to the mounting costs and that you eventually felt that in the absence of any response of communication from either party, that you had to bring an end to the increasing expenditure in the interests of all parties and say dispose of the vehicle. You then need to itemise the costs involved – value vehicle, costs of storage, cost of disposal – blah blah. You will then need to sign it as a statement of truth. Get started post up your document and will check it over. Once you have issue the claim you then post the additional particulars directly to her and you sign the certificate of service. That's probably about it.
  17. Do you think that that summarises your claim? Did you say at some point that the defendant has admitted liability?
  18. It's rather wordy and I rather fancy that it is too long to fit into the money claim character limit – have you checked it? It may be that you will have to do put in a short form particulars and then check the box to say that further particulars will be on their way. Also, you don't need to talk about your own insurance and what you have or you haven't got. Your insurance is irrelevant. You only need to alleged that the defendant cause damage to your vehicle by her own negligent driving
  19. Also, write the letters that I have suggested. It's extremely important that you start producing a paper trail of attempted contacts with the police. You will then be able to demonstrate that they have been ignoring you. I point this out in your letters as well that one of the reasons you're putting in writing is because they have ignored you so often that you want the evidence that they are neglecting to deal with a serious problem of harassment
  20. Well presumably you have a mobile phone so you can download an app onto it. Do you have an iPhone or an android phone?
  21. I suppose that we could say that the six years runs from the date that your rather ask for the return of the money in 2012 – and your husband failed to repay. If we use that date, then the debt is definitely statute barred – but that doesn't really help you if they are resorting to threats and violence.
  22. No. The debt doesn't default to you. If it was a loan which was made to your husband then the debt is his. You're quite right that the debt should expire after six years – but that is from the date that payment was due. You say that there were no arrangements made in respect of it so it is difficult to say when the debt fell due – but the six years would run from that time. What you say about the police ignoring you is very troubling. I think I would like them a letter of complaint and also say that you are suffering harassment. I think also I would write a letter to your MP and tell your MP that you are being harassed and that you are in fear of your life and that you have complained to the police and the police do nothing. I would send a copy of the MPs letter to the police and I will send a copy of the police letter to the MP – so everyone knows that you are starting to make this very open. Whereabouts in the country are you? Also, I think for any future visits you should start recording – although you should probably do this secretly in order not to provoke any further violence or threats – but I think it's important that you start have evidence. Presumably you are not opening your door. If you are opening your door – then why? The next visit you get if there is any hammering at your door you should phone 999. Record everything. video things if you can – meaning if it is safe to do so. Get yourself a notebook and start keeping a diary of any visits or communications and try after the event to note down exactly what was said to who. You may well need to go to court to get an injunction to protect yourself.
  23. Sorry, can you clarify – point number one – your brother lent the money to your husband???
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