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  1. I don't think I would bother to send it registered. I don't know if that's what I advised before – but simply send it first class. Send an email as well if you want
  2. And we haven't heard from the thread starter here so I expect that that means that no money has been received. I expect that that means that a letter of claim will be sent off first thing tomorrow. The ball starts rolling.
  3. And there's another reason why you should post here. We won't report you to anyone for reporting the truth here. None of the stories over 13 years of consumer activity on this forum are invented or contrived.
  4. And just to add to my above post, I suddenly realised of course that you have whet your experience because you have already sued them once for a DPA breach.
  5. I'm not too sure why the AutoLinker to – mortgage or mortgages in your post is not working. Very strange because they are working in this post. Anyway start off by following the link – mortgage – and that will give you an idea of the theory. I say that it is theory because I'm not aware that anyone on this forum has yet claimed any charges incurred as a result of a mortgage. This is despite the fact that we have been encouraging people to do this for quite a long time. However, according to the judgements, they are not entitled to levy charges which are in excess of their administrative losses and furthermore they are not entitled then the actual cost of visits. We have certainly found instances on this forum of visits being arranged without appointment and without agreement and then just being charged for. Although the amount of money you are talking about is well within the small claims limit, you are still going to incur some fees if you lose and so it might be an idea to try and fragment your claim a little bit so that you can run one experimentally. Advantages of this include the fact that suing for a small amount means that you risk less fees. The other side are more likely to put their hands up because they will think that it's not worthwhile economically to defend it, and finally it can be a bit of a pathfinder for you (and us) so that we can understand how to go about it. I see that you are referring to charges and also to visitors fees. I'm wondering what the visitors fees amount to and whether they have been calculated in a way which exceeds the actual cost of them. Could you please let us know. It might be simpler beginning to recover those by way of a little experiment
  6. Please have a look at the following link – GDPR. Can you tell us a little bit more about the request to M&S – when it was made – when they called and what happened during the call? Can you also tell us about the request that you made of Santander – did you use one of our templates? When did you send the request et cetera. Do you presently have an account with M&S and do you presently have an account with Santander?
  7. In principle you are not able to claim back bank charges in respect of overdrafts. Extremely unfair but that was effectively the result of the Supreme Court decision in 2009. However, I would have thought that if you can demonstrate that the bank charges occurred as a result of an overdraft which was caused by the mis-sold PPI, then you have a good basis for came back the charges as well.
  8. Well I'm very sorry to hear of your difficulties. This kind of stuff can be very frightening and very depressing. It is certainly unlikely that the cars will be revoked – unless something happens to draw the issuers'attention to your new situation. On the other hand, although it may be very tempting to keep these cards available for a "rainy day" I would say that it is a very dangerous thing to do. My own personal advice is that you would be best off cutting them up before you are sidetracked by a moment of weakness. Then tell us about all the other debts that you have and we will see if we can give you any advice as to how to handle them. I would suggest that you do this as soon as possible because if your loans are going to get paid then it will only be a very short time before you start receiving letters and threats and you feel even worse about your situation. So get the scissors out, cut the cards up – and stop your situation getting any worse and then start telling us the rest of the story and will see if we can help you make things a bit better.
  9. You might be interested to know about the case of wilson v ricket cockerall co ltd 1954. Wilson ordered a consignment of coal from the defendants. When the coal arrived nobody realised that there is a detonator inside the delivery. (They used to use dynamite to loosen the coal of the coalface before digging it out). Anyway, when the coal was put on the there was an . The defendants tried to say that the consignment of coal was of merchantable quality and it was simply the detonator which was a free and was therefore not part of the contract. The court, of course, said that the contractual goods included everything which is delivered as part of the contract and therefore the entire consignment was of merchantable quality. It seems to me that the first answer you had from Tesco's was broadly the same argument.
  10. Yes, please would you start a new thread also in respect of any failed SAR's. I'm afraid that the GDPR initiative has to a certain extent shot itself in the foot because whereas making a complaint to the information Commissioner used to be able to produce a result within four weeks, it now takes at least three months even to allocate a reference number. I'm starting to find that a county court claim is the only way to produce a rapid response. And also a small amount of compensation. Please start a new thread. Also, if you are dealing with a large amount of data then have a look at this advice which I have recently written about dealing with your data disclosure. You might find it helpful
  11. I'll have a look at this tomorrow but would you mind starting a new thread . I think this thread is done very well dealing with the problem of the sar now you are moving on to a new issue and i think it would be worth starting a new discussion . Thanks
  12. Good. It would be nice if you would start your own thread with "Future Comms" in the title and tell your story there. Putting Future comms in the title will help to attract the Google bots which will help to put Future comms is a bit higher in the Google rankings rent people start searching the Internet looking for help. There will be many people who haven't found TrustPilot and who have found us, who will feel very much on their own.
  13. And by the way, have you received any money yet? Have you sent a letter before action yet? Are you planning to do so? Maybe would like to let others know so they can also feel that they are not the only ones.
  14. Yes, but look what good trust pilot is doing anybody. Trust pilot simply gives an impression to people that they are doing something when in fact they're not. All it does is it dissipates anger – and Facebook is nearly the same. If people want to get something done then they have to come here. If all the people on trust pilot came here and issued letters before action in the way that I've described and if those letters before action were acted upon, the future comms problem will be sorted out within a month. As it is, it's been going on for years – and everybody gathers around trust pilot and think they are doing something. It's really up to you – but I'm afraid that by not getting actively involved, you're not maximising the opportunity to sort this out.
  15. hi, you may think that there is no particular purpose in submitting a separate conversation – but that is not at all the case. There are a number of extremely good reasons. Firstly, the more people here posting their separate stories about the same problem, the more likely it is to produce a momentum so that instead of the problems of a particular individual being solved, a more general solution might occur affecting a number of other people and even eventually the business model of Future comms might change. Secondly, – and once again it's about momentum – Google is far more likely to reference the discussions on this website referring to Future comms if there are lots of discussions and lots of references and people seem to be coming here from a variety of places in order to solve the problems. This is the way Google operates to arrange it's ranking. At the moment if you search on Future comms, you will tend to find that Future comms takes up pretty well the entire first page of any Google search. This is because Future comms – like so many other companies, are able invest in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation in order to make sure that their businesses occupy as many places as possible and high up in the hierarchy of search results. We don't have the luxury of this kind of investment so we have to rely on probably a more honest route – which is getting more people with similar interests to gather here to post their stories. When people hang back and think that it's probably not necessary to do anything then Google doesn't take much notice and companies such as Future comms benefit because they don't come in the limelight. Thirdly, – although it's very much linked to the others, if people see others on this form all discussing the same problem then some of them who are maybe more reluctant to take action will feel encouraged and motivated to take action and so they will produce solutions for themselves but once again they will produce a momentum which might eventually force Future comms to change their way of doing things – or even produce a weight of opinion which might more likely come to the attention of the authorities. You've already seen that the authorities take very little notice. O2 simply seeing it as an annoyance – but that's only because they tend to be contacted by a rather ad hoc mishmash. If these people start realising that they have to apply some economic resources to deal with a number of complaints coming to them then they are more likely to take action and put their own pressure on future comms. If you still want to sit it out in the shadows then that's fine. But it would be more useful for everyone – including for yourself if you took an active part.
  16. Yes, you do tend to confuse things ever so slightly In case this is not what you have already decided to do, I suggest that you send a letter of claim telling them that on 1 April – and tell them it's no joke – you will see them for the £24.60 p, the hundred and £56.68 p and also they should consider that this is a recurring letter of claim with a continuing expiry date of the first of each month if the money has not been paid into your account by the last day of each month as per the contract. Tell them that you are taking this view of the pre-action protocol because of their history of delayed payments with you and also because it is clear from your Internet research that this is their business model. Tell them that you will be pleased to show all of the evidence of this to the court at the inevitable hearing. The absolutely resolute about this. Don't accept even a days delay. Having said that, I see that 1 April falls on a Monday so I suppose that you will end up giving them until the Tuesday. I'm very disappointed in the other people who initially came to us on the Facebook page and who have even post on this forum about their problems with Future comms. They seem to pretty well have disappeared or they haven't even bothered to come here at all. This is why Future comms gets away with it. Maybe once Future comms received your letter and responds with a payment then the message will spread around and people start becoming a bit more assertive. By the way, although I fully expect Future comms to respond with a payment, I can imagine that maybe there were payment won't be complete. Make it clear in your letter to them that the payment must be complete because you will see for whatever outstanding balance there might be. I suggest that you log onto the money claim website, start preparing your claim. Post here the draft of what you intend to use as your particulars of claim and we will help you refine it. It really won't need to be very long at all.
  17. Good. I haven't quite understood how much they will owe you by close of business tomorrow.
  18. https://www.maketecheasier.com/best-document-scanner-apps-ios/
  19. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=scan documents app&hl=en
  20. Yes, but when you have been converting your photos to PDFs, they are still basically JPEG's – images. That is what causing the problem. If you are photographing documents then you should get yourself an android or an Apple app which effectively scans them so that they become a document file rather than an image file. Then they will only take up a very fraction of the space. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=scan documents app&hl=en
  21. Have a look at PC World. You can get the scanner for about 49 quid. They're pretty lightweight and you can get it delivered to you. Otherwise, there may be an app in android or in Apple which will allow you to scan documents using your camera. However you need to be finding a way of uploading them as documents – not simply images wrapped up in PDFs. This is causing a huge problem
  22. Okay. They're gone. However you still got about 30 MB worth of attachments in only nine files. This is because you are wrapping up your images in PDF. Do I take it that you are trying to do the same thing again now?
  23. Okay everything for 2016 and 2017 is deleted. Tell us what that does. Do I take it that you are about to upload more PDFs containing photographs?
  24. We are trying to figure that out. In the meantime I can delete some for you if you tell me the date range the you are happy to have deleted.
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