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  1. IVe been reading around the forum and have noted the advice so I will be prepared to ignore them if they do call Onlymeagain
  2. I continue to receive chase letters very other month from Cabot and have to date ignored them This months letter states they will ask a company called resolve call to call at my home and "make contact with me" what should my reply / action be in this situation There was a template around at one time telling DC that you do not give them authority to call but I cant seem to find it Only me again
  3. Thank you all for your replies I am obviuously over thinking things best to continue to ignore onlymeagain
  4. I am likely to have a substantial estate . Since the last recession and I lost everythiing to the banks I have built myself up again I aslo have several large insurance policies that will come into my estate. The point I was trying to make is that if an old ccj could be clawed back by a credit cardot DCA then surely old SB debts would fall into the same category and executors would need to satisfy those too as technically they are still owed by many of us that have unenforcable CC Debts
  5. Hi Andy should try to sttle for A minimum f&F ?? Also what happens to older credit card debts in probate that we have all discarded??
  6. The property is owned by me and my ex wife and would have to be a restriction and no there isn't anything registered at the LR I think they would be a bit more forceful if they had any hold on me
  7. It is the 1% that I am thinking about and my wifwes ability to sort things out. I realise it is likley to be difficult to enforce but I dont want to leave any problems behind and so i was thinking of trying to get them to back off even though my current tactic is to ignore as I can handle the issuesas they come along whilst I am alive!
  8. Just a thought, I am now 65 and diagnosed with prostrate cancer -(no need to worry very early very treatable). thinking of my mortality and dying I wonder if it might crop up after my death (hopefully in many years to come) Can they make a claim on my estate (mainly substantial insurenace poilicies), my wife and 10 YO daughter wouldnt be able to sort it out like me Should I offer them £10 as full and final and to stop writing letters to me or tell them I am not going to pay fullstop. At this time I am ignoring as there is no threat that they are trying to come afte
  9. It came off my credit file nearly 4 years ago so I've no worries there,I will ignore and take it as it comes these things dont stress me out any more. Just a thought doesnt the original creditor on the CCJ have t be the one to try to enforce and Crapbots are not the original creditor Thanks again peeps onlymeagain
  10. You are quite right that statute barred does not apply And it will be difficult for them to go back to court I jsut dont know whether to ignore or if not how to reply
  11. I have an old CCJ against me for £10k original creditor LLoyds I never heard anything off them after the forthwith CCj was issued in 2009, Late last year I got a letter to my home address from Cabot I knew what it was about, but thought they might not know about the CCJ so I sent statute barred letters and eventually got a reply with all of the CCJ info on it I know it will be difficult for them to take it back to court, The CCJ was raised at my old home address and I still rent the property out and so have always received mail from it and it is also linked t
  12. I am still in a similar position to you are you a member of the SME alliance??
  13. Renegade, I meant default judgement, not default notice, However following on from what you've said,are dca allowed to register a default notice? As lowell recently have on a previously defaulted account Onlyme
  14. The consensus seems to be to let sleeping dogs lie, both here and other sites and so this is what I will do I've subscribed to credit reports for a few months now and they seem to let me know about any changes. I've got recent letters from most dca to my current address so could argue against a potential default if one were to sneak in Onlyme
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