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  1. So I have had letter from DRP telling of a previous successful case that went to court... do I still sit tight? Thanks
  2. Stupidly I replied a day too late of the appeal option but dated the letter back a day before deadline an posted it anyway... sounds stupid but I am self employed and have a child to look after so missed it.....so have I blown it or am I still in with a chance?...I have had a letter from DRP (debt recovery plus) asking for £160.00. I have sent them the popla appeal letter I sent asking them not to pursue this further for now! Thanks again all!
  3. The pictures show it is likely my wife is correct in what she claims, but I dont see how the council can pursue this without showing us the video. I suspect this offence didnt happen and the council are trying it on as we also have heard nothing at all back from them after asking to see the video some 5 weeks ago. Is there cut off point in time where they cannot pursue this further if we dont hear more from?. Then and I can enquire to see if they sent this to us but there was no offence, so make a complaint against the Council? many thanks Sam
  4. Sorry but I didnt realise until I looked for another picture on my phone that I had taken a picture of the machine while while I was there so here is the exact info..... Machine/sign sais 1-2 Hours £2.40 2-3 Hours £3.60 I paid £2.90 at 15.12 thinking if I was just over 2 hours ( this is cinema complex and film was just under 2 hours) this would be more than enough time to come back to the car from the film but the ticket ran out at 17.12 I returned at 17.20 had a chat with the parking attendant as to why I had it, then photographed ticket in front of the machine clock showing 17.30 by then. I dont think this changes the advice given here.... which I am very grateful for you for by the way!
  5. So sign was set like this....roughly as I remember 1 hour £1.00 2 hours £2.00 3 hours £3.00 I paid £2.50 and arrived back at the car 5 mins after 2 hours was up thinking I had paid enough but had a ticket as I had passed 2 hrs. Ticket is UKPC print offence on ticket "parked after the expiry of paid for time in a pay and display bay" I wrote stating it was obvious I had made mistake as I would not have paid the extra 50p over £2.... I thought (wrongly) I was paying for 2.5hrs but no slack from them! so have to pay now £60 reduced rate if I pay it soon.
  6. Hi Just a quick one.....bought a ticket for what i thought was 2.5 hours parking (on tariff paid for two hours and added extra 50p in case I went just over two hours, but next tariff was 3 hours and more than I paid) but if I now pay the fine can I take off the £2.50 I have already paid? Thanks in advance! Sam
  7. ...so we have 4 pictures but no video....link page to pictures sais click the link to see video but no link anywhere?....we have emailed this to Wandsworth Council so will update what happens!
  8. My wife has a LA PCN for stopping in a box junction which she doesnt think she did . She followed the link to the online info that shows 4 pictures of the car all off the box apart from one where she is half into it. So how do the council decide if you were stopped in the box or passing over it? Thanks for any help Sam
  9. HI, Broke down and the RAC recommended a garage to me. Car was towed there and it was an electrical problem with the dash. They said they would send it to external repair service and would confirm price. They called me back and told me they couldn't find anyone which I thought was odd. I looked online as I didn't want to have my broken down car back and have to tow it from my house to somewhere else and found there were many companies that would repair the dash 99% success or no charge good reviews etc. Rang back garage and so they said they would send it but they had to do extra work to install it when it came back. Rang dash repair service and they said no work was needed just plug in and play after their repair. So the garage dropped the charge and sent it away. It was repaired successfully and so fitted back to the car. I had a charge of 2.5 hours fault finding that was agreed by garage before this went ahead. When I got the bill there was a charge of £30 extra fault finding that was already confirmed in the 2.5 hours and a charge for a new car battery. I told them my battery in the car was fairly new and under warranty so could I have it back as they had charged me £90. Also when I came to collect the car I brought my old battery before the one that was in the car which was also good as I replaced it initially thinking the dash fault (which started before the breakdown) was because of battery. I was told if I put my battery back in it would invalidate the warranty on all repairs. I asked for my old battery back as it was under warranty and they told me it was in a big pile in the garage and would be hard to find. When I insisted the mechanic sent with me to get it told me it would be on the top of a small pile but had now gone missing. 6 calls and two emails to the garage owner and no reposes back, I am going to complain to the RAC which I told the garage I would do if they don't return my calls or emails by the end of the week. Should I go straight to small claims next? Thanks for your help! Sam
  10. Ok I have paid it.....but.....if it turns out the ticket was technically invalid can I write to make that case anyway....that they acted unlawfully or something similar?
  11. The link has PCN in capital letters, when clicked it changes the PCN to lower case pcn so it wont work, delete lowercase and enter as PCN in caps and it will work....no idea why this happens!!! Thanks
  12. so I already appealed see OP can I appeal a second time now?
  13. .....but I have to pay full £130 if appeal fails as opposed to £65 if I pay it now!
  14. Parked in a residents only space, the other side of the road was P+D lots of spaces. Bought ticket £3 thinking all was good. got PCN, wrote to council before notice was served pointing out it was obviously a mistake and I didn't intend to flout parking regulations knowingly as there we plenty of places to park and I wouldn't of bought the £3 ticket. They have replied saying no go I have to pay. On the ticket itself where the offence is printed with codes etc it crosses the generic type on the ticket so it cant be read, does this make it invalid in any way? They made it clear what the offence was in the reply email I got when I begged! Thanks all
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