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  1. We have a PCN from private eye dated 16/04-/21 received today 27/05-21. However my wife did not update the owner info from our old s
  2. Some more info for this case from the owner of the property affected..... I already have a surveyor's report that clearly states the problems are due to rainwater overflowing from his defective gutters causing the clay sub-base to expand and contract, leading to movement in the foundations. This has in turn fractured the damp proof course and caused the vertical crack in my dining room wall. The report concludes that the remedy is: 1) replacement of next door's gutters 2) removal of plaster from my wall, injection of a new damp proof course and redecoration to be
  3. Yes my friend knows the address of the owner, I will check if he has any estimate of the damage, Thanks for your responses !
  4. Hi I am posting this on behalf of a friend. The property next door to him in un-occupied and various failures of the guttering and other issues has caused damp to develop and is now causing damage to his property, a large floor to ceiling crack in the wall adjoining being one of them. He has had an official survey at his expense confirming the neglect has caused damage. The council are slow to act and are saying they dont have clear evidence despite a survey being done. He has contacted the owner by phone who states he does not have the money to correct the issues but obviously they will wors
  5. email sent..... I have started the process for a legal claim against BT it would take something solid and trustworthy to stop this now. Response........
  6. Yes I posted a list of events and mentioned earlier this is the only means I have to demonstrate my losses, I also pointed out I have no broadband downtime. I also responded I had checked my credit file and it was Excellent as a score but Experian offer no other information on any events. So the SAR I sent should answer the last question by the time its 30days is up?
  7. BT are sending a final confirmation bill via email and written letter confirming 0 is owed, and are offering £50 compensation. Based on what I have experienced I have no way of knowing if this will end as i have been told I owe nothing and records will be updated many times. Here is the email .... the "reasons" I gave her were the same list of events posted here earlier......
  8. Ok will sit tight and let you know as soon as I hear and set reminder for 30days to pursue. I have another letter from BT today asking if I have forgot to pay my bill. In Covid it seems BT have lots more time to pursue me. Thanks as always
  9. Thanks Bankfodder so next thing for me is to send new SAR today with wider request of info, I put up a template here to confirm it was correct but it was removed ! Let me know any other info you need.
  10. template removed please read what it says in red in the 1st line... dx
  11. The information I gave is how best I can show the time I have had to waste, I have no other means I can think of to estimate what has happened. I have made free sign up with Experian and shows excellent score but doesn't look like I can find any other info if there is any occurrences, there are no options for this. Here is what was put in the SAR..... I received this letter this morning dated 29-04-20 Were passing your information to a debt collection agency
  12. In terms of any compensation the real stress was sending equipment to the address before I got there when I made it clear I was moving 7th October and MUST have the service for my business..... then the changing of the agreed start date form 7th to 14th October which would have meant no broadband for a week which my business very much needs, it was this reason that BT didn't seem to know what they were doing that I cancelled. When I contacted virgin to start a service with them it turned out there hardware was already in the property from previous tenant, is was only this that mea
  13. Here is the list of events..... 25-09-19 Placed order - gave new address it was for and move date 25-09-19 Equipment sent to address but I hadn’t moved there, moving in 7-10-19. 25-09-19 My phone call, send equipment to current address 26-09-19 Activation date given 7th October in 5 identical emails 30-09-19 Activation date changed 14-10-19 02-10-19 Cancelled order had confirmation email and live chat screen grab confirming cancellation 03-10-19 Made order with Virgin media for broadband and line 03-10-19 Equipment returned via BT own plastic r
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