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  1. I have been issued with a a PCN for parking at a local council NCP CAR PARK. I have been photographed leaving the parking site without paying for a valid parking ticket. I DO have a parking ticket for the time of parking but it does not display my vehicle reg number, I could not remember my reg number when I got the ticket,couldnt be bothered to walk all the way back to car, so just entered a series of 1111111 in order to obtain the ticket. I have appealed the charge but am expecting in to be rejected, because thats what they do. what will happen if I refuse to pay up.
  2. In a country were you cannot say anything in case somebody find it objectionable, or offensive. Is the age of chivalry dead? and if so what has killed it off?
  3. Hi Peeps can anyone confirm if they actually buy the debts or just attempt collecting ? For credit cards on following :- Lloyd’s HBOS I should’ve asked before sending CCA’s yesterday - schoolboy error ( still learning ) Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to get some advice before I part with my money to my Landlord. I'm in 12 month contract, no break clause with 5 months left but I've just accepted a new job abroad at the end of this month. I contacted the LL with a months notice and explained I'd get someone to take over the tenancy but they're saying as I need to give 2 months notice, they will need two months rent (my deposit plus an extra month). The LL is in the process of already getting a new tenant, probably giving them a fresh 12 months. Is the LL correct in asking for 2 months rent? In the agreement it states: If the agreement is not brought to end by either party on the above date, it will continue thereafter on a monthly basis until terminated by either party giving no less than 2 months notice. This is the only mention of '2 months' in my agreement. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hello, I used the Post Office self-service machines to post a parcel and my receipt only printed correctly on one side. So I don't have a correct receipt and most importantly the tracking number is not printed correctly. I have spoken to staff in the Post Office about this the next day but they have stated that they are unable to help and I sent a email to them but they have said there is nothing they can do to help. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Thanks.
  6. I received a letter dated 5/12/17 from MBNA offering £924.03 minus £184.81 UK Withholding Tax. This was for a PPI undisclosed high commission complaint (PLEVIN) on a very old credit card on which they had refused a PPI repayment as they claimed it was not mid-sold. I am a 70-year old female Pensioner who had a mild stroke last week and do not understand these things, but also do not trust Banks. Is the UK Withholding Tax being paid directly by them to my HMRC 'account' ? Can they be trusted to do this. How can I check that the calculations given are correct? They are: £816.89 Amount of applicable commission and profit share £ 0.00 Total amount of fees refunded £137.20 Amount of historic interest £924.03 Applicable 8% gross interest* -£184.81 Less UK withholding tax* The payment is being paid directly into my Bank Account within 28 days. Any advice will be most helpful.
  7. Got keys to HA property in March - Within 10 days I noticed infestation of Wood Lice Wood Worm (didn't move in until April due to having flooring fitted and furniture delivered Reported to Housing officer 30th March who said that I am liable as I was now the tenant and if the wood lice were coming through a gap I was to block it up (messages kept) Explained that how could I possibly of known there was an infestation when I viewed the property back in January as viewing was very quick less than 5 mins and who goes around looking for Wood Lice, the same as when I got the keys in March. Explained that I wanted to get this sorted as I was having flooring and furniture delivered the following week prior to me actually moving in. I never received a reply Messaged again on 31st to ask if she had received my message again explaining I had furniture & flooring being delivered I never got a reply April 21st Received a reply saying she had spoken to the Rangers and they do not treat Wood Lice June had a Ranger turn up to clear some rubbish and apparently treat the wood lice infestation, on entering the property he said he was not prepared to treat as the problem was to bad and we were insitu and the chemicals are too dangerous. (The whole bungalow needs doing) Plus I have a son with Sensory problems Fast forward to July Has Surveyor around to inspect a wall, while he was here I told him about the Wood Lice and looked around the property and said the property should never of been let with this problem and that he would raise a job to get the work done the time scale was 6 weeks. He also said that I would have to move out while they treat the property. Nothing really happened nobody contacted me, I kept chasing to no avil. October I threatened legal action as I have not put flooring down in any other room other than the my sons and my bedroom due to waiting for the HA to sort the Wood Lice Kept being told that the surveyor had moved to another department and when I contacted him he said it was not his problem now as he was not in that department. Had another manager come around who didn't really say much other than it was still the Surveyors problem. Last week I called and basically told the HA I was going to go Legal as the Woodlice had been seen on my sons bed and enough was enough. I was told could I defer until the end of the week which I did. Now this manager called who said they are not responsible for removing/lifting my flooring. I politely told him the history and that I was not prepared to lift any flooring as this has been ongoing since March. I got a call yesterday (Sunday) asking to come around and inspect the severity. Of course I had to explain that there is flooring bla bla he got of the phone quickly and said he would speak to the manager I get another call today saying can a Carpenter come around and lift the floorboards in the bedroom and treat the infestation. My question is Am I liable to lift the flooring as I gave the HA a chance back in March and they knew full well I was having furniture and flooring fitted but failed to reply And its the whole bungalow not just one room. The flooring in my sons bedroom is stuck down as it is vinyl plus its obviously furninshed I have carpet and gripper rods in my bedroom and obviously its fully furnished My son has special needs too
  8. We have had numerous issues with a caravan purchased from a dealership in less than a year we have had approximately 44 issues with the caravan with several issues being serious. Four of the issues resulted in the front and rear panels being repaired and then replaced. The advice I got from a lawyer was as follows; Although I appreciate you approached XXX Caravans to supply you the caravan, as you took out a hire purchase agreement with Black Horse, they are the retailer of the caravan. T herefore any rights you have under consumer law are to be exercised against Black Horse and not XXX Caravans. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Black Horse have an obligation to ensure the goods supplied to you under a contract are of satisfactory quality. This means they should be fit for their purpose, free from minor defects, safe and durable. For the problems you have described in your email it would appear this is not the case, as a result Black Horse are in breach of the contract between you. I have always been under the impression that the supplier is the retailer and that the contract is between the consumer and the supplier and if there are any issues I need to approach the supplier and not the finance company although the finance company do have a responsibility. As we have had so many issues with this caravan which appears to be a Friday afternoon lemon made from left over pieces of other rejected caravans, we are considering rejecting the caravan even though we have had it since July 2016. The £1000 deposit was paid using a credit card with the balance financed by a trade in and HP. The caravan cost in excess of £30000. We have had approximately 100 days usage from the caravan. The question is whether the advice from the lawyer is correct or not? Thanks.
  9. The countries expert on bailiff law; John Kruse has written in his latest Bulletin about the important subject of bailiff fees when debtors make payment to the creditor (i.e. Magistrate Court, local authority etc). This is a subject that has been discussed often on the forum and thankfully, with the regulations now having been in place for two years, most local authorities understand that if a direct payment is received from a debtor after the account has been forwarded to the enforcement agent, that the Compliance fee of £75 needs to be deducted at source and the balance apportioned on a pro rata basis in line with regulations. The position with Magistrate Court fines is very much simpler. If a debtor makes a direct payment to the court (either in person or on-line), after a warrant of control has been issued, all courts write to the debtor to advise that the entire payment has been forwarded to the enforcement agent so that they (the EA) can deduct their fees in line with legislation. A extract from John Kruse's excellent article is copied in the next post: PS: An detailed explanation of how direct payments are allocated and the pro rata distribution can be read here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?453047-Bailiff-enforcement-Setting-up-a-payment-arrangement-and-whether-you-can-pay-the-court-or-the-council-direct
  10. Reading the advice about non-priority debts and what you should offer those creditors... it says, You cannot split your surplus, between credit cards, and then pay a loan.. (basically).. however, what do you do in the case of a joint loan?
  11. got a friend popped around says he thinks hes being short changed has asked several times about his holiday pay rate and is being stone walled or constantly fobbed off. can someone please check his workings attached and point me to a suitable letter to give them a good poke to sort it please.. not my bag this. dx
  12. My employer has changed their payroll system and as a result they have declared all my income correctly up to the end of December and then re-submitteded it all again to HMRC in January so now it appears to HMRC that I earned £2x,xxx inthe first nine months of the financial year and then was paid the the whole total sum again in one payment in January and that no PAYE was collected on this bumper payment the supposedly made to me. It is obvious that the employer has made an error and entered the year to date figures rather than the pay period figures but the implication of this is that HMRC are now looking to recover the PAYE on this generous lump sum my employer has declared I have earned in January. My employer will not acknowledge he has made a mistake and HMRC say they can do nothing as the employer has declared that the figures are correct and he paid me £2x,xxx in January. So we have a deadlock. Has anyone any suggestions? (I have suggested that the employer pay me the money he declared he had paid me in January and I would sort out the PAYE but needless to say that wont happen!) Many Thanks
  13. Long story short I bought a car on finance had it for three months and life changed enough that I missed the next payment and would miss further payments. I agreed to them having the car back. the repo men turned up we had a cuppa and they went with the car no bad feeling. Due to family circumstances I moved house very quickly to another town to a farm yard hard to find. I stopped paying into a pension and months later thought they were still taking it to find out it was an ATE £100 they have taken me to court for payment including interest - almost £10,000 for nothing:-x Now my stupid bit: This has been going on for over four years (i have had depression etc and could not fight my way out a wet paper bag) I have called the court for an appeal but I had to do it within 21 days I wonder if I have any way out of this . .. i feel £10,000 for nothing is very unjust Looking forward to some replys ... I already know how stupid this seems:???:
  14. sorry still new to this ppi stuff? is this offer right? i have scanned in the details as pdf. rbsoffer.pdf
  15. Hello, im after some advice if possible. CAG has been helpful to read but im now stuck. Following redundancy I got into a bit of credit card debt, im now in a position to try and resolve the debt but don't know where I stand. One of the credit card debts is now with Idem servicing. I sent the a CCA request and they replied stating they had no agreement, should one be found they would send it. Foolishly maybe, I offered a full and final settlement offer just to move on. They rejected the offer and sent a credit card agreement (13 days after they said they didn't have one). They say the agreement was signed in 2001, however the address on the agreement is the address I moved to in 2008, so a different address I was at in 2001, secondly the credit limit states 1500£, with an APR of 27.9%, I cant prove it but the original credit limit was 950£ and the APR 15.9%, it only went up to 27.9% when I closed my current account at the Halifax and moved to Barclays around 2005/6, I remember that because at the time as I was annoyed to put it mildly - Just to add the credit card was with the Halifax. Idems letter keeps referring to LLoyds Banking Group are they linked to Halifax? The agreement also says bank charges were 12£, again I remember paying 35£ when one of my first payments was a few days late. Some pages of the agreement are blue, some white and all different fonts. Idem claim they own the debt, but terms in the agreement only state they can transfer the debt, but another clause in the terms says only We or You (meaning Halifax or me I assume) can enforce any part of the agreement. The agreement also state that interest will not be charged on defaulted accounts, however Halifax continued to apply interest when in the debt management plan and the account had been defaulted. Where the signature is supposed to be for me is blank, and the agreement contains no dates. Can anyone advise where I stand with this agreement. I can scan in later if it helps? It all just seems dodgy to me, and incorrect for the terms I remember. The debt is also 5481£ which is significantly higher than I recall ( I did bury my head in the sand for a few years, I had no money and no way of dealing with the debts, contributions were made through a dmp, it has been defaulted but the 6 years has now passed) The agreement just isn't correct from what I can see, but if anyone could advise further, it would be greatly appreciated? Chris
  16. Around a year or two ago the an underground ditch drain pipe started to leak and come up after some heavy rain, my parents who were living here at the time called the council to get it fixed. The council then dug up the drain but left it as an open ditch on our land, without asking us first... (we would have said no) The council refuse to correct the damage done, and say we must pay to repair it ourselves or pay them to do it. We never asked them to dig up the ditch. They did that on there own accord. Do we have any legal backing to force them to correct the damage done? And can this work be classed as criminal damage as it was done without our blessing?
  17. Hello All, thank you all for the advice that follows; My car has been photographed at the above station and issued with a PCN in the early evening but that PCN has an incorrect reg on it. I, like many others, just want assurance that the PCN is invalid due to the incorrect details being taken down and not to do anything with the PCN nor write to NCP. I always pay my parking, all the time, including this day pay by phone but I did this just before leaving London some 2 hours after the PCN was issued but by the time I got back to my car the dreaded sticky envelope was on my windscreen. This is a company vehicle which both myself and my wife are allowed to drive. If any more information is needed please let me know. Thank you all once again. NCPSucker
  18. Hi All, First thing, is this notice now legal or does it need more work? READ THIS NOTICE Removal of ‘Implied Right of Access’ Notice: Except: Family, Friends, Postal Services, Delivery Services and the Emergency Services - (limited to the time needed to deal with the reported emergency), a Bailiff with a valid Court Order Signed by a Judge including full printed name of Said Judge. (Note: A Bailiff has NO legal right to force access (nor is it implied by this notice) to a residential property, only by “Peaceful” enter by invite only)). Any other person(s) and/or any companies not on the exceptions list above will be liable to Prosecution for Trespassing - definition: [Entering onto land without consent of the landowner/homeowner or Tenant] and be fined £1000. Access MUST have been granted by prior appointment ONLY by the landowner/homeowner or Tenant of the Property. Note: CCTV is in use on this PRIVATE PROPERTY. Thank you. Second, if you have this notice up can this be used as a defence against the "amended in 2014" Dangerous Dogs Act", which states "Except Trespasses", meaning your Dog will not be taken away as the "Implied Right of Access" Notice (excluding people named on the Exceptions) are now trespasses. Thanks for any input and help. Paul Barnes
  19. Got a PCN from Derby CC in 2013. Moved and was unaware they had not accepted my appeal nor given me any official notification that they had so bailiff left me handwritten note in June 2014 saying what was owed and his mobile number, NOT a Notice of Enforcement. According to CAB website bailiff MUST send the notice 7 days before any action can be taken. Due to my sate of mind at the time I just paid it to get the matter off my back. Was the bailiff at fault for not sending the notice? What action can I take against the council? The council never officially told me they would not accept my appeal and they also did NOT formally advise me of the right to an independent appeal which I believe is the law. Many thanks.
  20. Hi On going through the SAR on my other thread i found a £1500 loan from 2003 over 24 months with a single premium PPI added . The APR on the loan was 17.9% , although on an adjacent piece of paper it says" interest 16.62% applied throughout the period of this statement to the whole of the outstanding balance.`` Is that all i can claim the 8% statutory interest??? Stat interest spreadsheet attached is that correct? StatIntSheet v101 lloyds Tsb £1500 loan PPI single premium.upload.xls
  21. hi thanks for viewing, I need a legal minded person to answer the following issue I have with the landlord/letting agent; prior to October we have had loads of issues with the house we are renting (but love the area before its question why we do not leave!). Over time we have been without : hot water for 7 days and 11 days on separate occasions Been without a shower 8 days and 12 days on separate occasions Without Electrics upstairs for 12 days when we moved in easy to say I know but there have been a large number of issues but we just got on with it. Even though there were a number of things still to be sorted the LL/LA wanted to raise the rent £50 (from October 2015). I agreed but received a Tenancy Agreement that was full of spelling mistakes and had burn marks in it (I kid you not). I asked LA if it was ok in this state and they said it was. then on a routine gas inspection(end of September) there was significant high CO2 levels and the boiler was condemned. We were without hot water for a further 16 days. On a visit the LA agreed there was a number of things that needed doing and arranged for a handyman to sort, but he didnt arrive for another month and when he did he caused water to gush through the ceiling and destroy property, leave carpets muddy, charge his phone in our socket without permission, flick cigarettes in the garden and worst of all left the water pressure too low which caused the wife to get scalded in the shower (water temperature was recorded at 50 degrees). He left a hole in the ceiling which the LA said he would contact us to come back to repair. There was no apology at any time and no contact at all for 2 weeks - my boss is a trainee lawyer and seems to believe they have breached contract. Subsequently we handed our notice in to leave on 9th January but my son required a severe operation and property prices were ridiculous so we withdrew the request. My question is do I owe rent on £950 or £900 as from October? The LA has said I am on a Period Tenancy plus I havent signed a contract. In an email the LA said, " If a new agreement is not signed at the renewal stage, it does ‘roll on’ and become periodic, however your Landlord is still able to increase the rent during a periodic tenancy and your email communications confirm your commitment to renew the tenancy and pay the increase as of 9th October 2015. In addition to this, you have amended your standing order to reflect the increased rent from the renewal date." (I have paid October and November as £950, which if it is a Periodic Tenancy would/should have been £900 - or am I wrong?)
  22. Hi there I've just attempted to post in banks,finance,credit forum but it states that it's not accepting any more posts.. .. I hope you can re direct this for me and hopefully help. I have four credit cards (all defaulted against) and one loan (with a ccj) that I am looking to settle . two of the cards are in my husbands name but I will be negotiating in the same instance. All of the creditors have payment plans in place which I negotiated myself which have been running and paid on time for a minimum of two years agreed payments are between £20-£40 per month each. I have recently contacted Vanquis and Halifax with proposed settlements and have used template letters from the Internet requesting full and final settlement to avoid the debt then being sold on. Vanquis has a balance of £1800 of which I have offered £1000.. ..they are happy to accept this but only on the basis that the debt will show as being partial settlement on my credit file. They have stated that the account will be closed and that the debt will not be sold on ( which I do not believe) I have had a very basic email accepting the offer (with no mention of the debt not being sold on) I really am not in the habit of liasing over the telephone but meerly contacted them to confirm they had received the letter. I then asked for all dealings to be done in writing. I am not disputing the debt as my credit file shows all payments to them, hence the phone call which I hope hasn't jeopardised any future negotiations. The account was opened in 2006 with an initial credit limit of £1200 which rose to £3000 I'm not certain when the default took place but I'm guessing approx 2013 it's fair to say every penny of the outstanding balance is charges and interest only. (Cringe) The Halifax letter I have yet to chase but is of lesser amount being approx £700 of which I have offered £350 taken out in 2012/13 again being made up now of interest/charges this is still accruing interest and only approx £3 per month reducing the balance I am certainly not flush but in a position to clear these hopefully over the next 6-12 months based on each creditor accepting approx 50% of the debt. Your advice on how to push for a full and final settlement would be very much appreciated as I'm finding it very difficult to get any help elsewhere and I don't want to jump out of th frying pan as it were by settling on a non favourable basis. Any other loopholes would be very much appreciated you guys appear to really know what you are talking about!! The other outstanding cards which I have not yet contacted are with lloyds approx £1200 held by my husband literally forever 25 years? and is made up totally 100% charges/interest........ ... ppi has however been claimed against this account as it was the only one with it (we have just had a letter reducing the balance by £800 due to some legal error on their part also) this has been outsourced to Robinson way for some time although the refund letter came directly from LLOYDS you never know who you are dealing with!! Barclaycard....held since 2005 balance approx £5000 AGAIN all charges/interest nightmare negotiating with to stop interest and charges managed by LINK (charge refund request made a couple of years ago by requesting bank statements to no avail) Finally a loan initially taken out with LOMBARD for £12,500 in 2008 then passed on to idem/Arden/idem I can't keep up with this!!! CCJ in 2013 sadly again the original loan has been repaid in essence but outsourced due to late payments with an outstanding balance of approx £5000 All of the defaults as a result of my mom dying and me losing the plot for a while sadly!! In 2013 -So frustrating as my credit history wasn't bad until then Any advice you can give me would be so gratefully received - I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate that my circumstances may not appear as desperate as some- my mental health is however suffering a great deal as I am desperate to keep my family home I am the midst of a very complicated lost will scenario three years after my mothers death With a Contentious probate scenario not of my making. My only way out is to raise enough funds to buy out my very wealthy brothers (I am not) .hence my need to clear outstanding debt as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is my only way forward and any help for the sake of my sanity and my children's home would mean the world to us all.
  23. Recently, I had some UPVC windows fitted.. Shortly after the job, I noticed that there were a number of defects with the glass and frame i.e. cracked glass, damage to frame etc As per the company's guarantee/policy I contacted the firm. I was then told to email them detailing the issues. I did this immediately, however they ignored my email. So a week later I called again. I was given no apology, instead I was told to provide some additional details, which I did. In my follow up email, I politely asked to be contacted within 7 days to arrange for remedial work to take place... Once again, they have ignored my email. I am looking for advice on what I should do? If it helps, the firm is a 'check a trade' listed company.. However I am shocked that a firm would act like this.
  24. Hi all, I have had a recent run in with a bailiff and im posertive he hasnt followed the correct rules for taking control of goods, im not wanting to debate whether im right or not! i would just like to know the correct way of complaing about it. the complaint would be at the bailiff and possible his company as they were aware of his actions? thank you.
  25. Hopefully somebody will be able to help me. Background:: My 18 year old son was recently working for a company who made him sign a contract that the first 80 hours were training & that there were training fees of £400 if he was to leave in the first year or they terminated him. Anyhow, the dismissed him after 2 weeks saying they didn't feel he was right for the job (he had worked just short of 80 hours). His wage should have been £355, but he never received 1p due to the training fee deduction (£400). He was previously on JSA (under the Universal Credit umbrella), he informed them when he began the job. He signed back on after losing the job. The company he worked for has sent him his P45 which shows the £355 earnings on it, this has now caused some problems:: DWP have just phoned my son to say they have deducted £150 from his UC/JSA due to his unreported earnings of £355 (which he actually never got as they were held back for training fees). He explained the situation to them on the phone, but they are going from his P45. When he signed back on he explained them he wouldn't physically see any wage due to the training fee. Dates may help: Started the job: 4th May..... Dismissed 18th May.... Signed back on 19th May He received only £95 today due to the deduction is this correct? or should he in fact not have this deduction made due to not physically receiving a penny. (he is paid UC/JSA monthly)
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