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Found 21 results

  1. A teacher who drove into an airport worker following a row over a new £3 drop-off charge has been spared jail after a judge said he agreed the levy was an "absolute disgrace". Graham Benbow, 55, flew into a rage at Manchester Airport when he was told he would have to pay a fee for dropping off a passenger at a departure terminal. An airport official tried to stop Benbow from driving his Mazda through an open barrier but ended up on the car's bonnet before he was carried along a road for several hundred yards, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard. Benbow, a psychology t
  2. My uncle has learning disabilities and has worked for a major supermarket for over 20 years. The company has now introduced minimum service levels and say he is not reaching these. One problem is getting cages out and the other is customer service. A mystery visitor gave a damning report of his interaction with my uncle who apparently blanked him. The manager says that he does know what to do but doesn't always do it. The company have offered my uncle a different job doing the trolleys but our family doesn't want him to take it. The company have also brought in an
  3. Hi I own a small company with 3 employees only been running since April this year I had booked a holiday and 4 days before I went away one of my employees left without warning. I had no choice but to contact my local agency to employ a temp worker to cover the period I was away 10 days in all . It was quite a straightforward process with just a couple of forms to fill in and sign one of which was thier terms of business . All done over the telephone with the forms being emailed back etc . I queried the hourly rate whilst on the telephone as it wasn't written anywhere (I have never used an a
  4. My partner has been working for the same employer for nearly a year but is an agency worker as a Forklift Operator. He is allowed annual leave but not sick pay. His role involves moving pallets of soft drinks and loading and unloading them. A few months ago he was asked to pick up a pallet but as it was not balanced properly due to the way it was originally placed he dropped it when trying to pick it up. It was reported to the Manager who asked him to complete an incident report and asked what happened during the incident, at no point was he informed that he has a warn
  5. got a friend popped around says he thinks hes being short changed has asked several times about his holiday pay rate and is being stone walled or constantly fobbed off. can someone please check his workings attached and point me to a suitable letter to give them a good poke to sort it please.. not my bag this. dx
  6. Hi there I am a Support Worker employed by a city council. I support someone with a very mild learning difficulty, but they are totally independent. They are able to cook, clean, self-travel, etc. by themselves, and our team is present 24 hours a day to ensure the service user does not make unsafe decisions about relationships, or get in trouble with the police for anti-social behaviour. They live in reasonably small, modern 2 bedroom flat on the 4th floor. The single bedroom is designated as the staff sleepover room. The flat is owned by a housing association, which t
  7. Hello I'm writing this request for information on behalf of a dear close friend of mine who is disabled. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on the following. I would like to ask. Is it possible, and within your rights to change your Social Worker if you feel that they do not represent your best interests? Taking into account my friend is bedridden. My friend has only had contact with the Social Worker once in the last 8 months. My friend has been in touch with the local social services and explained the reasons, but they seem reluctant to h
  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12017438/City-worker-charged-3700-for-parking-in-central-London-for-six-hours.html I would hope he received more than just a refund.
  9. I'm currently working for an employment agency, as a Class 2 (Cat C) driver. I've been on an ongoing placement for the last 8 weeks, and a couple of weeks ago requested a day off, thinking that I'd accrued at least a day's holiday by then. When I asked if I was going to be paid for my day off, I was told if you're not working, you're not not earning, so no holiday pay, I am PAYE not self employed or paid via an umbrella company. Having discussed this with a colleague who also works for the same agency, (he is on the same placement as me, but has been there 11 weeks) it turns out this seems to
  10. Hi there. I have been in my new job as a support worker for a well known, national care company since May of this year. I support people with physical and learning disabilities. My job requires me to occasionally take "sleep-in" night shifts. The sleep-in shift begins at 22:00 and ends at 07:00, but most employees then do another full or half day shift. For a sleep-in, the employee is provided with a single bedroom (which is incredibly dirty and untidy with mess/equipment everywhere I might add!) with no entertainment facilities, e.g. a TV. For the duration of the sleep-in nigh
  11. For many years I was a serving probation officer. When i retired i applied to work at a probation hostel. I was taken on in 2013 and worked between 4-8 shifts a month. Suddenly i am told in April 2014 there have been incidents (never explained) and my services were no longer needed. No explanation at all for my termination. Can they do this?
  12. Hi all, I have been on a temporary contract with my current employer since June 2013. The contract is to expire in December. The employer changed the way we provide the service which involved creating new teams, change of responsibilities and teams for all employees. All permanent employers were offered an opportunity to express 2 preferences which team they want to go. Every staff group (admins, support workers, managers etc) were asked to express their preferences in turn. Temporary workers were not offered the same opportunity. Instead, we were offered internal interviews (if suc
  13. I used to work on a full time basis for a firm for 3 years - from early 2010 to end 2012 and was termed a self employed contractor under a so called contract for services ( although i never actually received a written contract !). In reality i have now learnt that i was in fact not a truly self employed contractor, but should in fact have been designated as being "self employed for the purposes of tax and NI " ... Aka empoyment status as a "worker". Consequently, under the working time regs etc i should have been paid 5.6 weeks statutory holiday pay per year . Further, i did not earn t
  14. Hi,,,quick question (s) ;-) I started an agricultural job a couple of months ago (nothing special and only expected to last few more weeks) and was told the hours would be 20-30 per week (mon to fri). I don't really know from one day to the next what time I'll be finishing work that day because the boss makes it up as he goes along due to business demands. Not including overtime at weekend, i'm averaging about 37 hours during the week. Does this make me a 'flexible worker'? I work mostly unsupervised so that means I'm a 'grade 2'. If I'm a 'flexible', that also mean i'm being
  15. read more: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/civil-servant-david-kelly-allegedly-5764484
  16. Trying to keep this brief and have read a bit on it but still not sure. I started work at the local council as an agency worker beginning of July - the council requested Level 3 (agency pays £8 an hour for this) and as the work wasn't too high level thought it okayish - not great but a job - no one else did this role and it was to help out for 12 weeks. After 3 weeks I was offered a kind of promotion being in charge of Admin for the department and a chance that this will last more than 12 weeks - it's still Level 3 no hassles with that. What I am concerned about is that from my re
  17. Ok, i'll cut a long story short. Worked for a company for a year, never got paid holidays, was paid under the CIS scheme. Had a pre-hearing last month, and the ET judge ruled "worker" status, and as such indicated i was entitled for 3 months worth of holiday pay. Full hearing date now set - I'm wondering if there can be any loss of rights compensation for a person with worker status ? Thanks in advance !
  18. Hi all, A month ago I was suspended on full pay following allegations made against me that I had consumed alcohol in a service user house and that I had asked to borrow money (none of which are true, and still neither have been proven) I have vigorously denied the allegations made against me, the two individuals who made the original comments are heavy alcoholics and often mistake their facts. I had to represent myself at my disciplinary hearing because my payment to my union (GMB) had bounced and they told me that this had rendered my membership void. I had not had the opportu
  19. I have been working on a ad-hoc casual basis for my employer for the past 2 years, in the first few months the work was a few hours a month but for the past 17 months I have been working between 70 and 100 hours per month. The work became so regular that my employer no longer told me when to come in it was taken that I would turn up on the same days for the same hours each week with additional hours being agreed as and when required. 3 weeks ago my line manager suddenly announced that there was no work and not to turn up unless asked, so far they have not asked, therefore no work.
  20. the carer of a client has made a complaint against me via a third party. i have not been suspended. if it does not become a formal complaint what are the potential outcomes? is a verbal warning a possible outcome and willi t affect my registration?.
  21. Hello everyone, I will try and keep this fairly brief, I would be interested to hear people constructive views on these issues I have had at work, some are actually things that I was totally unaware of that came back to stab me in the back six months later as no one had pointed it out at the time! I have worked in Local Govt (LG) for 25 years, after 21 years we had a restructure, as lots of places do, this was the first one they had ever had. My team was being totally abolished but we applied for jobs as the waives came in, we all were successful, 2 people left as they were almost a
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