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  1. Thats what I would have thought, but the council are insisting if we get them to repair it they will charge us for it
  2. No it should be closed no open. it wasn't open before. And the problem is, its our land. And now with how they left it its difficult to maintain. We cant mow it or do any thing do it if we wanted to... Its our property not the councils. And they have caused damage to it.
  3. Its a ditch drain thats open every so often. Its open on the other side of the drive (far end of the picture) and that has been open since my mum was a child... From what my parents told me it was when we had loads of heavy rain there was some localised flooding around the area as well... (not caused by the ditch) But the rain was heavy enough to make the pipe burst under ground and water came up... The ditch and areas of underground pipe run along side of the road all the way up to the top of the street. It wasnt going to cause more damage to the area, it was just a drain pipe that burst and needed repair.
  4. Around a year or two ago the an underground ditch drain pipe started to leak and come up after some heavy rain, my parents who were living here at the time called the council to get it fixed. The council then dug up the drain but left it as an open ditch on our land, without asking us first... (we would have said no) The council refuse to correct the damage done, and say we must pay to repair it ourselves or pay them to do it. We never asked them to dig up the ditch. They did that on there own accord. Do we have any legal backing to force them to correct the damage done? And can this work be classed as criminal damage as it was done without our blessing?
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