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  1. Hi there. I disputed a credit card account by LloydsTSB back in May 2009. At the time I was receiving numerous phone calls to multiple households regarding this. Firstly I requested paperwork to be able to arrange a payment plan based on my incoming and outgoings. this form never arrived. I requested a proof of postage as i did not believe this form had been sent out. i never received this either. My closing statement was this: "Therefore I am requesting that you send me a verification and validation of the debt, I understand that you are required to send this to me by law upon request and that all collections activity must cease until the requested information is provided - this specifically includes any and all phone calls to any number regarding this issue. Upon receipt of the requested information I would be happy to consider arrangements to repay any money that I legally owe." The letter was sent recorded delivery and from the date of delivery I received no further communication from Lloyds regarding this. All phone calls stopped and no more letters were sent by Lloyds. Two (apparently) independent debt collectors wrote to me regarding the account and I wrote back informing them that I was still awaiting documents from Lloyds and that until such documents were received could they please ensure that they were acting in an appropriate and lawful manner. Neither company wrote back. 2 letters were sent to an address in the last 2 months but were returned to sender. Today a letter arrived from IND acting as claimant for this account with a vastly increased amount now totaling over £5000 This seems to be the standard claim form from IND. Northampton Crown Court. I disputed the claim back in 2009 and have not acknowledged it since then. If I respond to this letter then am I not acknowledging the account again? If I ignore this then what is the worst that can happen? A CCJ? Can I question the legitimacy of IND to even be acting in this way with no CCA or signed contract to be found anywhere? As soon as we reach May 2015 this is 6 years old and null and void. is this just a last ditch effort to try and scare me into acknowledging this debt? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Hi, I am being taken to court by IND/Welcome they issued a Claimform I have replied stating that as far as I was concerned the loan was repaid! Here is my defence, and I'd like your opinion; * In 2010 I recieved a cheque from welcome for about £3,000 for mis-selling of PPI, if the loan still had an outstanding amount, why did they not use this toward the repayment of the loan, as my other Credit cards had? * At the time, and months afterwards my credit file showed all the loans I had with welcome were "Settled". * I recieved sometime afterwards (about a year) a letter saying that I owed £5,900 (approx), i wrote back requesting a wriiten copy of the Credit Agreement, which they never replied to, however I do not have proof of posting! They are disputing this and say I owe the money (I did have this loan with them), and have now added another £1,700 to the loan and more charges, making my loan owing to over £8,000!!! they have written to the Court asking this to be heard, and I think they are going to really fight this, whats your opinion, and what can I do! I don't want another CCJ, as I have just cleared my final one, i am also not in a position to pay this. I did think this loan was cleared as after receiving the payout, i heared nothing for a couple of years.
  3. Dear all can someone please help with a problem i am having with IND. just recently oct 17 i had a CCJ drop off my credit report ( the CCJ was sent to 643a instead of 643 and as a result i never received the CCJ, fast forward 6 years i have had no communication or contact from ind etc, last month when they searched my credit report, i rang them to ask why they were searching my report, they asked me for my DOB and i told them they said they could not discuss anything with me as my date of birth did not match their record, a week later i received a letter and a so called copy of a credit agreement (see below images), i decided to look around on the net and sent them a prove it letter and request for a CCA with £1 for the requested information. they sent the postal order back and said that i should prove whom i am and make a SAR request. as they do not need to send a CCA due to the CCJ. the address 643 is my parents address i have moved out since 2002 to a new address and been on the electoral register etc. can someone advise what steps i should take next, i was thinking of waiting for the 12+2 days to expire and send them a you did not comply to cca request letter is that correct. thank you in advance below is all received and sent letters hotbot.pdf
  4. Reading the advice about non-priority debts and what you should offer those creditors... it says, You cannot split your surplus, between credit cards, and then pay a loan.. (basically).. however, what do you do in the case of a joint loan?
  5. hi all I am new to here I have a dilemma about 8 0r 9 yr ago I had a loan with welcome and as I moved around and had problems I just forgot about it, in 2012 I was given a CCJ and is now on my file from IND LTD I refuse to pay as the length of time and welcome went bust out of principle I was young stupid and hassled into taking a loan I was only enquiring about. just before the 6 yr was up and debt would be wiped ind got a ccj crafty but they have now issued me with another ccj for same debt and I am due to go court on 16th march. any advice plse on how to get these off my back. thanks
  6. Hi all, and first off thanks for your time in hopefully helping me out with a Welcome Finance matter. My partner had a loan with Welcome Finance which he took out in February 2006 for about £2500 he got into financial difficulties a couple of months after taking it out and only ended up paying a couple of payments, he never heard anything back from Welcome until last November (2012) when he received a letter from Mackenzie Hall Group, i knew that the debt was statute barred and so sent off the letter to them and never heard anything for months, he then received a letter last month from IND Ltd chasing up the debt and so yet again i sent them the statute barred letter recorded delivery, that was on 23rd May 2013. We have returned from a few days away today to find a claim form from Northampton County Court from Hegarty LLP claiming on behalf of Welcome Financial Services, the form is a form N1CPC and comes with a response pack where i have to fill in either an admission page or a defense and counterclaim page. I am totally out of my depth on this one and how to proceed and how to fill in the forms, I believe the debt is definitely statute barred as they have not received payment or admission of the debt for 7 years, what i cannot understand is why they would have issued the court papers if they knew they did not have a case ?? I would be extremely appreciative if somebody could point me in the right direction of where to take this and how to fill in the claim forms (it says they can be submitted online if needs be). I only have 14 days to respond and the forms are dated 5th June therefore i need to be quick. Thank You
  7. Hi all Just need a clarification around the statutory time limit for responding to a S77/78 CCA Request. Halifax have been chasing for a couple of years on an alleged credit card debt. In the last 2 years this has bounced backwards and forwards between them and Blair Oliver and Scott and is now with our old friends Moorcroft. Moorcroft have sent a fair few of their automated threatograms, from their "Pre-Court Division" and now from their "Home Collections Division". I have responded to that with a "you do not have my permission to send anybody round" plus a S78 CCA request. The CCA request was dated Monday (4th January) and posted by SD the same day. Due to the weather it was not delivered until this morning. (I am getting my money back from the Post Office!). my question is when does the clock start ticking and for how long? Is it 12 calendar or 12 working days? And from when? Monday when it was posted or today when they got it? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do but I've been directed to this site just incase.. I had an old lloyds tsb credit card that defaulted in 2008 and was sent over to Ind Ltd, they did nothing for 3 years then decided to send me a ccj form from Northampton county court. I made an offer of payment which was accepted, I didn't end up paying and fast forward to 2015 I was taken to actual court and another amount was set to pay (which I have been) I rang them today to get a balance and just as an enquiry I asked for a breakdown of all the added charges as I thought it was very high considering I have paid £300 off the balance. The breakdown is as follows.. They took the debt of £2165.77 on 12/11/08 (NOT bought) 16/09/2011 £75 Court fees 16/09/2011 £80 Solicitors Issue notice 16/09/2011 £492.77 Their own interest 06/10/2011 £40 Solicitor judgement fee 14/03/2012 £50 OE court fee 27/02/2015 £50 OE court fee I've been told that they shouldn't have added almost £500 interest as they dont own the debt, they are collecting it on behalf of Lloyds tsb.. Is this correct and is there any way I can have the interest charges removed? I understand that I need to pay the debt and I'm making monthly payment but if they are breaking the law then surely there should be some way of removing the interest? I have none of my original court papers as the debt was my exs (all in my name) and I firmly stuck my head in the sand for a long time.. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  9. A few days ago I was in court with IND they were asking for a claim that was struck out in sept 2013 to be re-instated. 1 week before the hearing IND sent me a letter containing a witness statement from themselves to be read out in court, as they said they would not be attending the hearing. I decided that I should on this occasion attend. I didnt in sept 2013. When I arrived at court I was dismayed to find that a barrister was there to represent IND. I felt like going back home. When I walked into the Hearing room it was warm and didnt feel threatening. There was only me the Barrister and the Judge in the room though I think the Hearing was recorded. I sat there gob smacked as the barrister was verbally taken apart by the Judge. The Barrister even apologised to the Judge saying "Im sorry maam but I am only acting on instruction". After stating some legal Jargon to the Barrister which I did not understand, the Judge then made 2 Judgements 1. That the application by IND to have the claim re-instated was denied and 2. That the request by IND to have the struck out order lifted from the claim was also refused. Thank god for British justice and a bloody good Judge. Never be afraid, fight it, stand up to it. And dont despair, Debt collection agencys are not popular with the courts. Even if you think you have not got a chance. fight it, Defend it. I am glad I did. I was also awarded costs.
  10. Morning Guys/Girls. Thank you in advance for this help. Hope this is in the right section (sorry if not) Very long story short, when I was younger, burying my head was great and new cars had been top of my list! Fast forward ten years, that's not the case!! About 8 years ago, I took a car on finance through Welcome...(£6995) after 3 years, I got into trouble with work & the car got repossessed. At the time around 3900 had been paid. Fast forward to last year, I got called to court (8 months before it with have been statute barred) and I was given a CCJ for £12000. At the end, the judge said, "the creditor will contact you for payment" And as we walked out, so did the solicitor. I recently received a "missed" parcel from APS. Quick look ok here, it seemed it would be in relation to the CCJ. I called welcome to make payment plan, they told me to contact IND, I contacted them, and they said I need to reply to APS as I have a date set in court on 10th November. But I MUST get te letter re delivered from APS. I'm assuming they are trying to SERVE me? The girl at IND said it was to sit with someone in court to arrange a payment plan and go through my finances. Would that be a "Order to obtain information" ? So, the second I finished the call, I sent a letter registered, to the court that issued the CCJ, Welcome Finance And IND wth a breakdown of my finances and an offer to pay £35pcm. My basic wage is £15000 before tax. And have other debts I have payment plans with. I suppose I just need some advice on this "order to obtain" if IND accost my payment plan, will they cancel that? Has it done me any favours with the court offering to make a payment? What happens if I'm not Served before the 10th November? Will they just set a new date? Thank you so much again, any advice is helpful ��
  11. Hi all. Went bankrupt in 2008 and included a welcome loan in it as a debt. Last year received a CCJ from them claiming repayment, filed a defence saying it was included in the bankruptcy, now received a demand saying i need to provide proof or they will proceed with the claim. Do i need to provide proof, surely its not that hard to prove i was bankrupt They claim they cant locate any proof of the bankruptcy. if so HOW DO i prove it??? Rgds
  12. Good morning all, Firstly I am new to the site...so please be gentle. Many moons ago, I was stupid! I took out a loan with WFS and naturally, like all good people did not pay it due to a number of reasons. I acknowledge that I need to pay the dabt and am getting in control of my finances. However, just as I start to get comfortable, I received a Notice of Application for Attachment of Earnings Order in the post, which refers to a judgement that has now been obtained against me. I have spoken to the County Court and they have confirmed that a CCJ was registered against me in January. Now this is the first I have heard of this, I have received no documents to support this, no opportunity to put in a defence and all "parties" involved have the correct address details. I also served them with an SAR last year, which they did nothing with and cashed the £10 Postal Order as a form of payment towards the debt. I really do not know what to do. ..I am now self - employed, support my whole family (wife and 10 month old daughter) and doing ok money wise. But, with this CCJ against my name, is some considerable trouble! I would be grateful for any help and advice - no doubt you will require some more information, so please ask away. Thanks in advance all.
  13. Back last year my OH had a Old CCJ enforced by IND. He didn't bother trying to set it aside, because he said he owed it. I did insist he applied to have the repayments set at a reasonable amount and the court set it at £10.00 per month. 1st instalment to be paid by the 6th of each month starting July 2014. We actually panicked thought it said June and sent off a £10.00 postal order. Then paying by pay point each month as I wasnt willing to let them have a direct debit (too many horror stories about debt collectors helping themselves). We have made 6 payments so far and then today we get a letter saying we haven't stuck to the agreed payment and that they were sending in the bailiffs. We have all the payment records with the who what and the dates on so we are actually 1 month ahead. My OH thinking that they would be reasonable given these facts phoned them and was called a liar and that they were still going to send the balliffs in. I did warn him though what the likely hood of them being reasonable was I'm thinking to myself a letter with attached copies of all the recipts would be more helpful. A Polite letter yet one that says basically jog on. Can anyone maybe give me a few pointers I could throw their way? I will post up a copy of what I can come up with but some one who knows any rules that I can quote at them I don't know,abuse of process maybe. Would be extremly grateful for any suggestorms.
  14. Dear Members, Decided to check my credit report today and found that on May 1st this year a CCJ for just under £10k was registered against me, details given are for an old address of mine. My intention is to contest this, apologies but the details are patchy as the matter relates to a very old account. Judgement 02 May 2013 Northampton CCBC Default recorded Dec 2008 (HBOS Credit Card) just under £7k - so they are claiming £3k of interest/costs No notice of assignment received from IND No paperwork received in relation to the CCJ as I do not live at the address on the claim anymore I had back in 2010 requested HBOS to provide copies of the credit agreements, had an acknowledgement and several "we're still looking" letters but no reply. Business was very bad at that time and I had to stop paying - and was frankly hoping that they'd be unable to find the agreement and it would have to be written off. Unfortunately I have (long story) no access to the correspondance that I had with HBOS back then Fast forward back to this morning and after speaking to Northampton CCBC they advise that it is being transferred to my local court, possibly for some kind of enforcement, they have advised that I applied for it to be set aside ASAP. It's amazing how much stress this instantly creates. Any and all help gratefully appreciated. I cannot afford to pay this off at all, and having the CCJ is a major blow having tried to rebuild my credit file over the past few years. Clipper80
  15. Firstly what a fab forum really interesting I have read many questions and answers regarding welcome finance and ind ltd. Took out car loan in 2005 with welcome and defaulted end of 2007. I arranged for them to collect car which they never did,although they did do a report on it for damage wear and tear etc. Never spoke to them or heard anything more from them until this letter from ind ltd arrives 4 days ago. Welcome finance defaulted my credit file in 2010, 3 years after I actually defaulted. I believe this debt to be statue barred but unsure of specific date. I need to send sar but to whom. Also statue barred letter to who should I send. Any help would be much appreciated. I have had the the standard letter from ind ref taking court action,this was received on the 7th August. I have not replied as of yet. Would really appreciate some help /guidance on this please
  16. Hi all, new here and hoping for some advice with ref to an MBNA credit card. The card was taken out in 2006 according to my CreditExpert file. I think the account was transferred to Experto around 2009/2010, at least I have a letter from them dated Oct 2010. Around this time I was struggling hugely financially and I was receiving letters regarding various debts on an almost daily basis. I have letters from Experto Credite, Credit Management Consultants and Aktiv Kapital since then until the present time, various threats, discounts offered (which I hadnt been in a financial position to take advantage of). On Oct 29th 2013 i received a letter from IND Ltd titled 'Last letter before legal proceedings' informing that AK had appointed IND to collect on its behalf and I had until 12/11/2013 to pay off the £5976.25 in full before a claim form would be issued in Northampton County court. on 4/11/13 I CCA'd Aktiv Kapital and IND plus also sent a SAR request to MBNA as I'm very sure there was PPI on this account. No response from IND but Aktive responded immediately with a letter stating that whilst they endeavour to obtain documents within prescribed time scales, they may be unable to do so as they are not the original creditor and that my account is on hold and has been removed from the collection process whilst they await the requested information. Not heard anything form anyone until today when I received a claim form from Northampton(CCBC) issued 2/12/2013. I immediately remembered I forgot to respond to Aktiv after they failed to provide me with a CCA after their 12 days had expired. Particulars of claim: The claimant is the Assignee of a debt(s) due in relation to a/various Credit Agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act1974 entered into between MBNA Europe Bank Ltd and the Defendant. Notice of Assignment was provided to the Defendant by the Claimant in writing. The agreement was terminated upon the defendant failure to comply with the terms of the Agreements and or the Statutory notice of Default served by MBNA Europe Bank Ltd. The claimant complied with Section III and IV and annex B of the PD of the Pre-Action Conduct. And the claimant claims: Credit card account number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX balance of £6000 as of 30/01/10. Interest under s69 of the County Court Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from the default date to 2/12/13 of £1,786.43 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or earlier payment at a daily rate of 1.31 AND costs. I cant recall seeing a Notice of Assignment or Notice of Default What should my next course of action be? Should I send that letter to Aktiv now or is it too late? I'm trying to read as much on here as possible about these sort of things as well as PPI but until now i'm a total newbie at this and am not sure what to do next. Any help much appreciated. Regards Daniel
  17. Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I had previously been paying IND Ltd for a debt for 21 months, and in January 2013, I wrote to them requesting an up to date statement showing how much was outstanding - I had never received any statements from them in all the time I had been paying. I must have emailed and written to them on at least 5 occasions, but never received any response. During this time, I had also requested details of how the debt has been calculated, a copy of the signed agreement, that they said I had signed in February 2012. In February 2013, as I hadn't heard from them, I cancelled my standing order. Then a month ago I received court action letters, showing the total debt outstanding, which I cannot agree with. I defended on the basis that they had not provided any of the information I had requested. Again, I sent emails, copies of my previous correspondence, and still did not receive any response. I even advised them that I would be willing to re-start the payments on receipt of the requested information. Now I have been sent a Notice of Redetermination Hearing for me to attend at my local court. Can they take this course of action, without ever providing any response to my requests? Do I have to attend the Redetermination Hearing? Do I need to contact the court direct? I cannot confirm in anyway that this is a legitimate debt that I owe without them providing the information. Thanks.
  18. Hello, Firstly thanks in advance for any help offered. This is in regards to a loan I originally took out for £2000 in 2007 my monthly payments were £177pm the term was 24 months including payment protection. Shortly after I took the loan I asked for the payment protection to be removed I was asked to send a letter confirming this request, I did and on calling in they confirmed this had been received and was being processed. Although I believe this was now not the case and it was never removed. I came in to a period of financial difficulty around 6 or so months into the loan I was unable to satisfy the agreement, I buried my head in the sand until I tackled the issue in May 2009 I was offered the opportunity to refinance the loan so my monthly payments would be lower the balance of my loan when this happened was sitting at £1618, they offered me the opportunity to spread the loan over a 60 month term bringing my payments down to what I tried to make an affordable level. However this never worked out at the time I was in temp contracts and work wasn't steady this agreement defaulted Jan 2011 and I haven't paid anything since. Today I receive a letter from IND informing me of last letter before legal proceedings? With the balance of £2895.30 this is pretty much the same balance that shows on my credit file. I am not denying the loan far from it, but £2000 initial loan now 6 years ago that I made payments on previously surely can't be nearly £3000 pounds now? What are my options what's the best was to tackle this? Many Thanks
  19. Hello everyone. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction as I am panicking and Losing sleep over the below. This is really affecting my work and my personal relationships and I really don't know what to do. To summerise, on the 4th July, I received a letter from IND (Dated 17th June) titled LAST LETTER BEFORE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. This was the first letter I have ever received from them. The letter stated that I have an outstanding debt with Welcome Finance of £3845 and I have until the 1st July to respond before they refer this to court. It would appear that they sent the letter after the deadline date. I sent an email to Welcome and IND on the 4th to ask for more information on this debt but didn't get a response to either. I then sent a CCA letter to IND on 8th July and then, as advised, I sent a Prove it letter to IND on 11th July. On Friday I came home to a claim form from Northampton County Court for a total amount of £5010. I have never received anything in the form of statements or a breakdown of the debt. Just a letter with the above amount from IND. I had a loan with Welcome many years ago. I couldn't even tell you when I last made a payment or how much the loan was for. I do know that there was PPI involved though. I'm positive about that. I looked back over my credit file and there is nothing on there about Welcome Finance now but I have an archived Credit report that shows the debt with them as settled in 2007. This was removed from my credit file in December 2012 as it was older that 6 years. I don't expect help with this but any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  20. Hi everyone, I've been reading a lot of these threads and your advice seems incredibly useful so I thought I'd ask for some help with my case as I have no idea what I'm doing! Six years ago I got a loan with Welcome Finance. I was studying and working part time but was struggling financially with rent and such things. The loan was for £2500 with £1352.40 of insurance premiums. I used the loan to pay six months of rent but could not afford the direct debit monthly payments of £193 from the very beginning, in fact I don't think I managed to make a payment ever. The situation in the house I was living in deteriorated and a few months after the loan was issued I moved on. I gave Welcome my new address details but their letters never followed me and the direct debits stopped shortly afterwards. I heard nothing about this debt for years until last month when I got a phone call out of the blue from a shady character asking to confirm my address because he had a client who wanted to provide me with a financial service. I flat out refused to confirm my address and asked to speak directly to the 'client' which I was told was impossible. Two weeks later I go to visit my parents, who I have not lived with in seven or eight years, and find an IND standard 'LAST LETTER BEFORE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS' waiting for me with no documentation enclosed claiming for over £5000. I did a couple of credit checks and could find no record of the Welcome Finance debt on my history so, perhaps foolishly, sent off a statute barred letter to IND making sure I stated that I was in no way acknowledging the debt, just that I believed that debt to be statute barred and asking for all documentation regarding it. My main reason for sending the letter was to inform them that I no longer lived at that address as I didn't want my parents being harassed. I'm visiting my parents again today and IND have once more sent a letter, ignoring my change in address. It goes as follows: Welcome financial Services Ltc -v- Mr XXXXXXX - case no. (no case number) We write in connection with the case detailed above. Please find attached by way of service the following documents:- 1. Statement 2. Original signed agreement 3. Terms and Conditions Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely (unsigned) Attached is a very low resolution scan (so low I can barely make out the sums of money) of my original agreement and a list of all action on the account. It seems that I was wrong about the dates and this debt is not statute barred with the last direct debit being returned unpaid at the beginning of 2007. The loan was placed on 'non-accrual' in March 2008 with interest making the total owed to over £5700. IND have provided no other documentation regarding the debt. What should I do next? Is there a course of action that I should take? The letter gives no indication as to INDs next move. I checked my credit report just 10 minutes ago and I've not been served with a CCJ, at least not yet. Unfortunately I'm at the other end of the country from the original legal proceedings letter so cannot provide details of that. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me!
  21. Hey Guys, I hope I have posted this in the correct forum. I have been reading & reading trying to find answers before posting but I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of information. I recently received a county court claim from a company called IND Ltd for an alleged credit card with a bank I have never dealt with. This is the first time I have ever heard anything to do with this, I have never had a letter or phone call of anything from IND before and I am completely stressed about what to do next. I was away on holidays when the court paper arrived and only just got in time to acknowledge and having spent hours & hours searching/researching on the internet, I should have just posted a query. I thought the best thing to do would be to write under section 77 but having read literally 100's of other posts it seems this may have been the wrong thing to do?? I know you guys seem to be dealing with this type of thing all the time but I am completely stressed out by this so I would greatly appreciate anyones wisdom on the best way forward. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  22. Hi all, First post here, although a long time reader. Hopefully some of you will be able to offer some advice. I've received a Northampton CCBC Claim form. The claimant is listed as Welcome Financial Services Limited, and the solicitor is Hegarty LLP - always lots of threads about these people on here! I immediately filled the acknowledgement of service online indicating my intention to defend the full claim. As per advice on these forums I then immediately retaliated with a CPR 31.14 to the solicitor and an s.77 to Welcome Finance directly for good measure. My CPR 31.14 request asked for the agreement, the default notice, the termination notice, and pre-action protocol. I fairly quickly received the response to the CPR 31.14 although it came from IND Ltd and not Hegarty's or Welcome. I received (a very poor) single page copy of an agreement, a default notice and covering letter, in addition to six pages worth of statements. I've attached redacted scanned copies of the documents returned as part of the CPR 31.14, and also a redacted copy of the claim form showing the PoC. I did not receive any termination notice or pre-action protocol documentation. Some observations about this information: 1. Who are IND they and what is their relationship with Welcome/Hegarty and what do they have to do with the claim? 2. The copy of the claimed agreement is barely legible - the scan is an accurate representation of what I received in the post. Is this enough, or high enough quality - should there not be a second linked page detailing the full terms? Can someone with more knowledge than me take a look at this and check whether there is anything here which can be used as grounds for my defence? 3. Notice the date on the agreement - which is also listed on the response letter to the CPR 31.14 - what is interesting about it is that not only is it significantly earlier than the first entries on the statement, but I was categorically not living at the address listed on the agreement at that time and can easily prove this. I did not take any loan or other form of credit with Welcome Finance at that time. 4. Notice that the PPI box had been ticked on the agreement form, and from what I can decipher is listed as "Payment Protection Insurance" on the agreement form. 5. On the statement there appears to be some very odd transactions listed - I've redacted anything potentially personally identifiable, and why the sudden reversal of fees and interest dated mid last year? 6. The claim is the first and only contact I've had from Welcome Finance relating to enforcement of the claimed debt - I have categorically never received any earlier letters, telephone calls or the default notice. Any advice on what my next steps are in defending this claim would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance! Edit: See post 4 for revised attachments
  23. In late September I received a two page letter from IND with "Last letter before legal proceedings" on page one and a statement on the second page. The letters refer to a debt with Barclays bank Plc t/a Sky Card. This morning (23/10/12) I received a claim form from Northampton court. Particulars of claim: The claimant is the asignee of a debt from Barclays Bank Plc t/a Sky Card. Notice of assignment was provided to the defendant by the claimant in writing. Despite demand for payment the assigned debt remains due. The claimant complied with Section III and IV and Annex B of the PD Pre-action Conduct. And the claimant claims: Credit card account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx balance of 1,900 as of xx/xx/08 Interest under s69 of the County Court Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from xx/xx/08 to xx/xx/12 of 700 and also the interest at the same rate up to the date of judjement or earlier payment at a daily rate of 0.41 AND costs. I have never received a "Notice of Assignment" The credit limit on this card was £750 and the debt seems to be rather inflated. Also the debt is in a shortened version of my name, does this matter at all? Basically I'm looking for some advice for my next course of action. Cheers for any help
  24. Hello, A while ago I received a letter from IND dca, based in Stamford, claiming that they have acquired a Lloyds overdraft debt (over £5000, less than six years old). They enclosed a highly suspicious, badly constructed copy of an 'assignment' letter addressed to me, supposedly from Lloyds - although I've never seen such a letter in the past. It's from someone called Craig Ballantine at Lloyds "Late Stage Recoveries and Debt Sale". The letter basically says "We are Lloyds, but contact and send money to IND immediately". There are no contact details for this deparment on the letter, the logos look like the were copied from the internet, and the text has been laser-printed on top. I phoned Lloyds and they said no such department exists. I cannot find any reference to this department online, other than within some equally suspicious looking LinkedIn accounts. I have now received a N1CPC form from Northampton Count Court, claiming the overdraft amount plus interest etc. I know I must now send back the Aknowledgment of Service. I have doubts that IND can actually prove ownership of this debt (I may be wrong) and provide all the relevant paperwork, and regardless, I would want to claim back unreasonable overdraft fees etc. Can anyone suggest what my plan of attack should be from here? Thanks so much.
  25. I have been doing a bit of digging on this. Welcome have been telling people that their accounts are being held by their peterborough office. This peterborough office is infact IND DEBT COLLECTION AND PURCHASE COMPANY. Court claims are being issued with welcome being the claimant and all correspondants go to welcomes peterborough address AKA IND. It is infact IND doing these claims so ask yourself How can IND litigate in that they are not solicitors but a debt purchasing company and how can they litigate with no assignment How can they give the address on the N1 court forms as welcome finance peterborough, when it is IND perterborough Welcome Financial Services Ltd PO BOx 1245 Peterborough PE1 9PX phone 08715999459 IND CONTACT phone 08456 704 445 fax 08456 704 446 Address PO Box 1245 Peterborough, PE1 9PX
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