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  1. Thanks for the replies, ill scan it in when I get home. Is it not worth settling to get them off my back? What i'm trying to avoid is going round in circles with them until they decide to take me to court over it. Im just not sure how far to push before they turn to the court route? Chris
  2. Hello again, its been a while but idem have now supplied a signed credit card application form. They offered a settlement of 3500 on the 5400, I was thinking of making a counter offer to clear the matter up.. ... is this a good idea? The default on the account has dropped of my credit record, and now my credit record is clean from defaults etc. How will a reduced settlement affect this, as idem say it will be marked as a partial settlement, if the default has gone will a reduced settlement put this all back on my credit record? Hope that makes sense,
  3. Hello again, it been a while but all went quiet until today. As advised I sent a SAR request to the Halifax, they have cashed the third party cheque for £10-00, but sent a letter back saying they cannot process the request until I provide a signature for security reasons. So far no one has provided a signed CCA, s o my question is, do I send my signature for the SAR request or forget about the SAR request as they want a signature? I want the information I have paid for but don't want to give a signature incase they put it on a CCA. Any help
  4. thanks for the replies......... as you can tell im out of my depth Chris
  5. idem have written again, with the same copy of the incorrect cca, still no proof of ownership or rights and just a balance as a statement. Should I ignore them, or write back saying when you provide the information ill review to ensure its correct and pay? If I offer to pay on receipt of the information, can they take me to court, or will they have to provide the information in court anyway? Chris
  6. Thanks for the replies, I don't recall seeing a notice of assignment, I did ask for it with cca request but got nothing back. They haven't been forthcoming with anything so far It was a while ago I foolishly spoke to them on the phone, I know better now Chris
  7. will send a sar request then. A while ago they rang and said they own the debt, the letter says they are now the data controller? Are the Halifax likely to have account information from 15 years ago? Chris
  8. On the letter they refer to the client as LLoyds Banking Group.
  9. Thankyou for the replies. Ive been making token payments up until mid last year. The account has been poorly managed by dmp provider , im only realising that now. Just trying to sort it all out. Is it worth sending a letter saying the cca has issues? the letter says its a copy of the original so not sure how they would now say there are two originals if they choose to change it, or as suggested should I just leave well alone? I really want to resolve this, so would like to offer a settlement to get them off my back, I have spent some of the balance they claim
  10. thanks for your reply. its similar lines to what I was thinking - just looking for some sort of reassurance. I was looking to make a settlement offer to get them off my back, as each letter state even if they cant enforce the debt, they will pursue the balance, so it was more to have a clean break really rather than dreading getting home to open letters. It all started as I was trying to get to the 'actual' balance without all the charges ppi etc and to find who I actually owed the money too, and its turned into a saga, starting to wish id left well alone! Chris
  11. Hello, im after some advice if possible. CAG has been helpful to read but im now stuck. Following redundancy I got into a bit of credit card debt, im now in a position to try and resolve the debt but don't know where I stand. One of the credit card debts is now with Idem servicing. I sent the a CCA request and they replied stating they had no agreement, should one be found they would send it. Foolishly maybe, I offered a full and final settlement offer just to move on. They rejected the offer and sent a credit card agreement (13 days after they said they didn't
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