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  1. Firstly a bit of background. I have a secured loan with blemain finance (we all make mistakes:-x) It was taken out in may 2007 and is for £10K also it is cca regulated. They have added over £4K in charges in just 2 years, I have requested the charges back and after lots of letters i have they're final bog of letter. so i am now debating whether to take then to court for unfair credit agreement or go to the fos, i have phoned the fos and they have taken details and sent me out the forms to carry on with my complaint,but as yet i have not sent them back.so i have all options open to me an
  2. Happy New Year to all! I have contacted HSBC using their online contact form about PPI that i took out with an old Marbles credit card. They have replied giving a credit card number and the start date, the also confirm PPI was paid. Reading other posts I see its best to start with a SAR request, can anyone advise the current address for making SAR requests or is it the standard complaints address : HSBC UK Bank plc, Complaints Department, POBox 5207, Coventry, CV3 8FB ​Thanks in advance
  3. Hi we recently asked our landlord for recognition of our tenants association. We received the below late reply, after formally requesting recognition. Would this be grounds to send them a SAR as they say they have evidence on file? Also what would the best way to go about this, we have years of email trails so they shouldn't need to ID us. Thanks in anticipation Desamax Dear M ********, Upon receipt of your email dated **.**.18 I discussed the matter with our solicitors who confirmed that with the evidence we hold on file neither yourself or M****** are fit
  4. I recently purchased a tenanted property with a leasehold of 125 years. As there are 3 other flats and a commercial premises as part of the building there is a managing agent in charge. It is a first floor premises and the agent recently requested access to the property for a bi annual inspection. The tenant was unhappy about this (as there had been a historical bad relationship between tenant and agent - which I inherited) so instead photographs were supplied. The agent is now insisting that going forward they are allowed access to the premises for such inspections. My tenant is
  5. Santander have rejected my PPI claim (store card) from 17 years ago on the grounds they believe it was sold in a proper manner (over the phone - which it wasnt - as I signed-up in-store with an agreement the assistant ticked for PPI) and was offered as optional and appropriate for me etc etc - which I absolutely disagree with. I have issued a SAR - but already do have copies of Agreement and statements etc. Unsure of whats best as next move - do I escalate issue with FOS (that I'm not hearing good reports about!) or small claims action? The amount of money involved is probabl
  6. Hello I need to make a Subject Access Request to NRAM regarding the house repossession we went through back in 2011. I've looked on their website and it's very vague what I need to include. The mortgage and property was joint with my ex husband so does he have to agree to me doing this? I need these details urgently as my local council won't let me go on their housing register until I can prove the house was repossessed and not sold for profit. Thanks for any help Lisa
  7. We have had numerous issues with a caravan purchased from a dealership in less than a year we have had approximately 44 issues with the caravan with several issues being serious. Four of the issues resulted in the front and rear panels being repaired and then replaced. The advice I got from a lawyer was as follows; Although I appreciate you approached XXX Caravans to supply you the caravan, as you took out a hire purchase agreement with Black Horse, they are the retailer of the caravan. T herefore any rights you have under consumer law are to be exercised against B
  8. Have you ever tried to make a subject access request to Lloyds bank and been told that they don't keep data longer than six years? Well basically it's a lie – but you wouldn't expect anything else from Lloyds bank. They use an archiving service in Andover and you can get data going back at least 2001. Their address is: – DSAR Unit Lloyds TSB Customer Service recovery Charlton Place C46 Andover SP10 1RE And they even have a telephone number: – 0345 0707124 Although I don't know whether people are prepared to speak to you. Apparently the same arch
  9. I've just sent off (with the £10 postal order) a Formal DSAR request to 1st Crud. All info required to be supplied, including a signature was provided in my formal and detailed letter. I've just received one of their 'please fill out this 5 page form' before we are obliged to do anything, however I'm not happy with what they are requesting I provide. There is no way I am ever going to provide them a copy of my driving licence, or bank statements and I'm back on here for some advice. I've been completing DSAR requests for approx 10 years, and apart from (almost) starting legal act
  10. Hello All I made this SAR request to the Energy Ombudsman (E-O) as I wanted to see what Npower submitted to them as evidence to back up their response to my complaint with them. Npower are reknowned for saying they have done everything correctly but not substantiating anything with hard evidence. My questions are: 1) There are some emails between Npower and the E-O where the NPower's persons details (name number email etc) have been redacted. Is this permitted? Why? 2) The E-O hasn't sent me any evidence from Npower to substantiate their response to my complaint (but they did
  11. I know that my telecommunications provider has been overcharging me but not by how much and over what period (they acknowledge as much but are being awkward in (not) helping me arrive at the amount they have overcharged, for me to reclaim and have said they will arrive at "an arbitrary sum" of their own if I am unable to provide them with full details of dates and amounts). So I sent them a properly worded SAR but they have replied with an in-house "SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST FORM" for me to fill in (which suggests they receive a few requests) and told me I must return it to their "Legal Team
  12. Made a subject access request to Santander. One of the acknowledgement letters they sent says this (in bold): If anyone here has made a subject access request to Santander, can you please check the Acknowlegement letters to see if it says the same. If it appears can you include a scanned copy of the letter on this forum. The ICO has told me: Santander acknowledgment letter also says this about call recordings: Santander did send me call recordings, but one of the recordings had a bit missing from the dialog. I've reported it to the ICO. They've just go
  13. Our landlord is revenge evicting us after we pushed for repairs to the property. On reviewing our tenancy documentation it is clear the agent he used did not provide all the prescribed information required. We want to sue for the deposit return plus penalty award. We are aware the landlord is ultimately responsible but the agent signed the deposit scheme forms and managed the process. We feel the landlord may suggest it was therefore not their fault and minimise the penalty whilst the agent deals with many properties and our expectation of going thru them was for due dilig
  14. We further requested recording / true copy of a particular transcript of telephone conversation giving date and exact time from a Loan Broker. Previously received some sort of print / scratchpad notes of conversation with SAR but important part of dialogue seems to have been omitted. Now my OH was told it was being recorded and she said that the person at the brokers was talking to her and typing up notes at same time. They have now refused our further request and stated that they are not obliged to provide any other format / CD or telephone call transcriptions. Can someone
  15. To cut a long story short.... I worked as a freelance contractor for a firm for 6 months in 2015. The long term contract was eventually cancelled by mutual consent and in October. In December I was sent a letter from my client stating that they strongly believed that I had not fulfilled any of my duties under the contract and wanted £4,000 withn 30 days or were threatening to take me to court for £12,000 + I spoke to a solicitor who advised me that unless it was a letter from a solicitors on the clients behalf, then I should not respond as the client was probably "fishing" to see
  16. Came to work a few days ago and my boss pulls me to one side and shows me a direct attachment of earnings she has received from DWP for £1750. This is the first i knew about it as they had apparently written to me at an address I left in November 2014, I have had this job since April 2015 so if they can find out where I work they can find out where I live due to real time. Called the number on the letter which got answered by the most obnoxious nasty women to have ever walked the planet telling my I had apparently made a claim for incapacity benefit from 1997! I asked if she was havi
  17. Hi I know it's Christmas but really hope someone can help me out urgently, I've had a claim through from cabot financial with 'right hassle' acting on their behalf for a very old Egg account. I submitted the AOS now need to put together a defence in the next 2-3 days and submit by thursday next week (i think that's the deadline having used the 33 day from service calc). Claim details/points Claimant - CABOT FINANCIAL (UK) LIMITED Address for docs & payments - WRIGHT HASSALL LLP Date of issue – 24/11/14 POC - POC ATTACHED but I can type this out if
  18. Hi I would like to put a SAR in finding out what information my employers hold about me (I work for my local council). In particular interest are some emails which a colleague who left under a compromise agreement sent about me. My employer has email archives dating back ten years so I know they are still available but wasn't sure how to word the request to make sure that these are included. Any ideas Thanks
  19. So the report is out and as expected it puts the blame on Putin. Home Secretary Theresa May said the murder was a "blatant and unacceptable" breach of international law. But does Russia or Putin give a damn, of course not, they lie and cheat all over the world and don't give a damn about anyone, not even their own subjects.
  20. Hi all please can anyone give me some advice before i contact them. I got a new boiler from b/g in 2007 and they financed it with w/f i was paying £68 pm but now i pay £80 pm. I have been paying every month but now my hours have been cut at work and i cannot afford the monthly payments and i was going to get in contact with w/f to see if i could reduce my payments to £20 pm but i have read all the horror stories from people who try to deal with them. my question is can i reduce my payments and ask for the interest to be frozen and can w/f add other cost on to m
  21. This could have serious consequences... http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/parkingeye-subject-to-data-protection.html?m=1
  22. Hi Everyone I needed all my data connected from all my accounts due to HMRC pointless investigation I sent my SAR request over 60 days ago and heard nothing It was sent recorded delivery and it was signed for with my £10 postal order What is my next action ? I assume i need to send a follow up letter ? Anyone know of a good template and what my chances are Thank you
  23. Sorry trying to attach edited copy of response but keep getting an error message that I have exceeded my quota ? Please can someone kindly assist in fixing problem. I have had a reply from Window Company who have cashed my check stating that under the contract reference I quoted, the current info they have is our previous address details and contact numbers. I did mention that we have since moved and provided evidence of both addresses and mentioned if any further evidence required to kindly advise. They also state that the information is stored on their electronic database
  24. What is a "Subject access request" please? I am in a prolonged claim with AXA regarding a leakage of water in our kitchen that resulted in having to completely rebuild it. AXA did no inspections of base-units yet claim they were not damaged. We have evidence. I would like AXA to pay for all the replacement cost but they will not. Also, AXA dug up the kitchen floor to aid its drying out. AXA claims that its contractor did not do the work despite my evidence that it was its contractor. Will a "Subject access request" get the information out of the company that
  25. Hi all. A very good friend of mine has had to resign from his job at the local council department (planning) due to the extreme stress he was put under. He raised this isuue many times with the department running up to his resignation but they did not offer any help at all. My question is if he were to send them an SAR, would this cover internal memos/emails about him? If so, please can someone help tailor one to cover this as I only have a standard SAR letter for bank charges era from years ago. Thank you in advance for any help offered, Buel10
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