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  1. Thanks Dx - will try that first then - but my experience of FOS so far has not been that great! Here's hoping....
  2. Hi, can anyone help with a template for 'particulars of claim' in regard to miselling of ppi please? Have decided to pursue Santander in small claims action as they have continually rejected my PPI claim. Have previously sent them (Oct 17) a 'letter before action' but they have ignored/rejected detail provided. Not undertaken any action like this before so totally confused/concerned about getting it right!! Any help much appreciated?
  3. Thanks Dx100uk - unfortunately - whilst I do have many of the statements there are some significant gaps - so might struggle to get sensible outcome from the FOSrunning sheet?
  4. Many thanks Ford. I feared it wouldn't be simple!! Yes, have exhausted route with 2 banks - made original complaints (via Resolver) but one bank claims I have not had PPI on my account - despite my providing copies of statements that clearly show I have! Have queried several times - but they are holding their position and stating thats their final decision? The other bank state I requested PPI on telesales call - which I definitely did not (took out in-store for storecard with pre-ticked application form). I considered escalating through FOS but varying reports/experience on their level of e
  5. I am considering starting a small claims action - to recover mis-sold PPI premiums from apprx 20 years ago! Please can someone advise as to whether I have to calculate/show the interest element I am asking for in restitution - or do I just show the value of premiums paid and ask the Court (if my claim is successful!) to award interest as they see fit? Equally, if I have to identify value of interest - do I use statutory or ask Court to award compound interest in restitution - calculated at contractual rate of agreement (15%) charged to date of claim (even if I could do
  6. Really difficult to do - as they dont detail on statement what interest rate they were charging!! Just "interest will be charged at applicable rate"!! That helps! But it does seem as though the PPI premiums were just lumped in with the other transactions providing a total o/s which they charged interest on? Rough calc seems to suggest 2% per month on total - but can't break down?
  7. Thanks Dx - lots to read but few comments fairly old now and fear situ may have changed - and still not sure which spreadsheet to use as no-one seems to have progressed? It does seem that not a lot of people have much success with these culprits? But will press ahead regardless ..... Odd - that nobody else seems to have identified unusual 'annual' PPI premiums on Burtons card even though some comments from similar era?
  8. Yes - confused me! Clearly identifies on statements 'Premium to protect payments' £47.50. It appears on 1st statement - Feb 94 - and then every Feb statement thereafter??
  9. No - but in similar vein!! This is a Burtons storecard - but same organisations involved. They have not provided any decision on this account - just asked for more time to investigate but I'm fairly sure I know their next letter! Same as Debenhams account and won't accept any responsibility? (Satan's that is). They still have not complied with SAR as yet (6 days remaining)
  10. Trying to assess likely PPI charges to reclaim against old storecard ('94 - '98). Unsure which of the spreadsheets to use? I have all the statements and they show an 'annual charge' being applied for PPI - not monthly. So not really a single premium type policy on a loan - but equally is based on an annual charge which does attract interest I'd be paying during course of year - or greater - if balance to limit? I will likely have to follow through small-claims process when they reject my claim - so not really concerned with FOS calcs of redress as sure they'll
  11. In order to calc likely claim for a storecard - do I use the FosRunning PPI v102 spreadsheet for those statements I have at moment?
  12. Yes, the good old Debenhams store card from 1999, originally via GE Capital - now Santander - insurers Axa. Taken out in-store (although bank maintain I took out over the phone with their sales team couple months after)
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