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  1. ok thanks, i'll make sure that i don't. i'll update the thread once they have notified the court etc.
  2. no, they viewed the wording as final. do you think that will be a problem going forward?
  3. Thanks Andy, I'm posting the Tomlin Order in half an hour, should I date it or leave that for WH? Thanks, gf
  4. Thanks Andy and Ford, Having considered the options and risks I've decided to accept the non-Part 36 offer pending Tomlin Order wording. This is due on Monday before the 4pm deadline for Witness Statements to be submitted. If I agree with and sign the TO do i just email the court that we have settled or do i still send a WS to be safe? Thanks, gf
  5. Hi Andy, Hope you're well. I need some urgent advice re the pros & cons of accepting a Part 36 offer or a 'costs to date inclusive' offer (non-Part 36?) Specifically I've had a c£16k Part 36 offer inclusive of interest but plus costs (c£2k) OR a c£17.5k non-Part 36 offer inclusive of costs-to-date. WH made the P36 offer just under 21 days ago so I can still accept without incurring further costs, however after speaking with them yesterday re concerns over costs and wording if I accept I got the following email with what looks like a new non-Part 36(?) offer: "We refer to our telephone conversation earlier today. Having reviewed the matter further, we confirm that our Client is willing to accept a settlement sum of £17,4**.** in full and final settlement of the Claim. This is inclusive of all costs to date. We note that you proposed that the Settlement Sum be paid by you in equal monthly instalments. In order to assess whether this offer is acceptable to the Claimant, and to assess whether the level of monthly instalments that are affordable to you, please complete the attached Income and Expenditure form. Once you have completed the Income and Expenditure form please return it so that we can take instructions from the Claimant. If the Claimant accepts your offer to pay the Settlement Sum in the monthly instalments indicated in the Income and Expenditure form we will draft a Tomlin Order for your signature and arrange for this to be filed at Court. As previously discussed the use of a Tomlin Order would afford you the desired certainty with regards to the payment terms that we agree whilst also communicating to the Court that the matter has been settled without the need for a County Court Judgment and the risk of further enforcement action." Both offers come to pretty much the same final total, but slightly less for the new costs-inclusive offer, so it's making me wonder why they seem to be stepping away from the Part 36 wording. Is there any benefit to non-Part 36 for them going forward? i.e. leaving me open for costs/interest later? Could they be trying to get me to accept this new offer so I miss the 21 days on the Part 36 offer? The Witness Statements are due on Monday by 4pm so they say they need the I&E form back by 4pm today to reach a decision with the client, I have it ready but I'm not sure if I should still accept the Part 36 offer to be within the 21 days. Would that be at all beneficial/preferrable to me? Part 36 is money only(?) so restricts the wording of any Tomlin Order/Agreement correct? which they may not want Part 36 usually requires 14 days or risk Judgment being entered but we've already discussed a longer term arrangement, so I can safely accept the Part 36 without forcing payment within the 14days? Or am I over-thinking and should I just accept the new 'costs-to-date inclusive'/non P36 offer to put the whole thing on hold? Really need to decide on this now so could you put me straight on the pros & cons please. Thanks in advance. Best, GF 2k
  6. Thanks CB, yes Andy was very helpful with the original disclosure question but this is a different question & nothing underhand, just whether it's still poss to add other docs to disclosure after lists exchanged. no problem. cheers gf2k
  7. Hi CB, I'll keep it short I know you have a lot of posts to deal with. disclosure lists exchanged, deadline for requests monday 4pm, WH emailed a request for everything friday so have 2 weeks to send docs to them. If I felt i had to, can i get away with adding something else to the list at this late stage (e.g. cancellation of card agreement letter/original agreement etc.)? thanks, gf2k
  8. Also CB I'd appreciate your view regarding the signed agreement question. Particularly if you know what case law I could quote to shut them down? At the CMC their rep only provided reconstituted agreements but the judge lapped it up saying that it was a long time ago and the court accepts that sometimes in these situations original documentation gets lost/can't be found, the docs are all that the claimant has been able to find so they are acceptable...which completely contradicted my understanding. Thanks, gf2k
  9. thanks CB, Egg definitely stopped charging interest from that point yet as soon as [email protected] bought the debt 3 years later they started to add interest. Their claim includes c£6k+ interest which from what you and Andy have affirmed they have no right to charge. Is this a potential claim killer or just a negotiation point? Either way do I have to present the letter to prove the point? it isn't in the disclosure list. Cheers, gf2k Also CB I'd appreciate your view regarding
  10. thanks Andy, I'll have a good read through but just on the question of the letter is cancellation essentially termination? if as I hope it is then do I need to try to include it in disclosure in some way or is referring to cancellation in my WS enough? cheers, gf2k
  11. Thanks Andy, That's very much my view but WH are increasingly firm that it's reasonable for their client to charge interest and that they only need reconstituted docs. As regards Termination would a "Your Egg Card account has been cancelled...", cut up your cards etc. letter be sufficient? As regards Signed agreement what point of law may I quote in future/on my WS? One last thing...WH have drafted a letter to request docs from my disclosed list but haven't sent it yet (apparently pending approval?) and the deadline is monday for requests to be in. Their rep may give me a call to go make the request verbally. Is this acceptable or is it a strict enough deadline that I should try an application to strike? thanks, gf2k
  12. Hi Andy/everyone, An update and some questions if anyone can help please: Disclosure I've had no bounceback from WH's email address after submitting my N265 Disclosure List on Monday, but also no confirmation of receipt which I find odd/worrying. I've still not sent any hardcopies, money is extremely tight so posting hardcopies (which I have to pay to produce too) means I can't unless absolutely unavoidable, however I'm wondering if I need to send hardcopies today to be safe? Less urgently but also important some questions that may affect my Witness Statement: Interest: Since [email protected] bought the balance from egg c£14k in 2009 they have added interest "at a rate of 12% per annum on a simple basis." so they estimate now c£22k with legal costs. This is despite not providing a Signed agreement at any time for an account opened in May 2004. Do I have grounds to dispute this interest given the account is in dispute? No Signed Agreement I have always understood a signed agreement is needed for pre-2007 agreements but they seem to think not? Could anyone clarify what the limits of this defence might be for me? Many thanks everyone, gf2k
  13. Thanks Andy, at least I'm ready for any request which may reach me tomorrow. fingers crossed...
  14. I understand it's not the done thing, in fact it's overkill but the letter of the Order hasn't been adhered to so I'm thinking overkill might help mitigate the risk of Strike Out on a technicality. If I was in their position I would try any opportunity to Strike out given that there is a clear warning in the Order but do you think the court would see that as overkill on their part given that the 265 was only 3 minutes late, albeit by email? I know it's my own little storm in a tea cup but I'd rather go overboard to be safe, I just keep remembering how unforgiving the judge was.
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