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  1. Post it up suitably redacted please. We can then use the day left to add to your intial appeal... which you better post up as well.
  2. Do some research. Try here; http://planning.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ResultsMap.aspx?query=bb2e7886585f4d8f8262b8236b395975
  3. Well you may be lucky and Morrisons cancel it without a receipt. PE certainly won't without one. Check with your planning office about permission for the PE signage and time limits. You have 28 days to appeal to PE so there is time to investigate the signage.
  4. All is not lost... update with the appeal and PE's responce please. Tell cousin not to reply without advice!
  5. So did you receive a rejection letter from Horizon with a POPLA code? Complain vigorously to Sainsburys about how agents of theirs are hounding customers. It would help if you had a bank/cc statement from the day. Do not respond to any toothless debt collection company.
  6. Did you actually shop in the store? What was your complaint to Morrisons?
  7. As already stated, your lease trumps an invoice from a PPC. Park Direct UK Ltd are not ' a fairly large ' PPC, but are in fact a particularly dodgy one. They changed their name from Park Direct Ltd due to their particularly unsavoury tactics. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05183949/filing-history http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/a-warning-to-potential-customers-of.html They have now moved tothe IPC since your event, which sums them up really... They issued no court proceedings in 2014, none in 2015, and have yet to in 2016...
  8. That template is out of date, do not send it. Complaining to Morrisons is the correct way to get this cancelled initially, if you have included a receipt. Wait for their response before you contact PE if needed, with our help of course.
  9. Does the signage constitute an offer to park? I would say it is prohibitive and no contract can be formed. The driver is a trespasser imo... http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/pcm-uk-signage-does-not-create-contract.html
  10. And you haven't included your appeal or the IAS rejection text? Also, has the driver been identified?
  11. It's late now, and as I'm reading post #8 it is being edited... What does the lease state about parking? The last sentence of post #7 still applies. Unless it has been edited.
  12. ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF CAR PARKS IMPORTANT NOTICE Entry to or use of the car parks at Robin Hood Airport (“the airport”) is subject to the current terms and conditions of Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited (“the company”) and the airport byelaws regulating the use and operation of the airport and the conduct of all persons while within the airport. These conditions contain limited exemption clauses affecting all persons who enter or use the car parks. Copies are available for inspection on request. http://www.robinhoodairport.com/car-parking/more-parking-information/ http://www.robinhoodairport.com/uploads/documents/DSA_Car_Park_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf And here are the elusive byelaws; http://www.davidmarq.com/bama/doncaster%20airport%20byelaws.pdf * Apologies for formatting!
  13. As already stated, name the PPC please. I've never seen a BPA members sign that mentioned POPLA... So can you also post up the picture of that too as well? While your at it,we may as well see your IAS appeal and their rejection. All as a PDF please. What you do now is ignore toothless debt collector letters and wait to see if you get an LBA, which must NOT be ignored.
  14. ' As registered keeper of vehicle reg no. XXX XXX, l have received your invoice ref no. XXXX XXXX. I wish to make it clear that as registered keeper I am not liable for this charge. Please cancel this charge forthwith, or alternatively issue a valid code for the independent appeals service POPLA. I am under no obligation to name the driver at the time of the event, and will not be doing so. Enclosed is a copy of the drivers receipt. ' Send that , as RK, to Horizon and it should get cancelled. At the same time complain vigorously to Sainsburys about how they let their agents treat paying customers. This should get the charge cancelled as well...
  15. Out of date regarding the AOS, but read this; http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=robin+hood+airport
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