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  1. I got a NTK through the post today. Attached is the NTK and sat view of the layout. The entrance ANPR camera is before any car park signs, It does not say whether the driver was parked in the actual car park or on the forecourt. Street view shows the signs, I am unable to get a picture of the sign without a drive into London to get there. https://goo.gl/maps/yh1ehnDVUsR2 For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 27/09/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 08/10/2018 3 Date received 10/10/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Number plate only 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal]No 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Sainsbury's - Golders Green jpg2pdf (3).pdf
  2. I’ve been stupid and was caught shoplifting in Sainsburys and looking for some advice. I’ve searched the forum for similar situations, but I still have a few questions. I was taken to the back office office and asked for my name, DOB and address. I didn’t want to give them photo ID so showed them my bank card. They appeared to just look at it to confirm my name and didn’t take any photocopies of it as far as I’m aware. I was very compliant, stayed calm, handed over the items immediately (very low cost: less than £9 in total which I then paid in full before leaving). I was then given a lifetime ban letter and was escorted to customer services where I paid for the items and then I was free to go. I apologised and asked numerous times if they were going to call the police and/or if the police will come to my address. They kept saying they weren’t going to call the police and that if police were to be involved they’d have called them then and there. I’m at university and they did say that it’s not worth getting a criminal record over etc, warned me not to do it again, and gave me the printed off letter. From reading the forum and just common sense, I’m assuming that this is not currently and will not escalate to a criminal/police matter since they weren’t contacted and that this isn’t a criminal record (i.e not a charge, caution, etc) and will not appear on any background checks? I was told I will be getting a letter regarding compensation charges but from reading here it appears it’ll be a standard comp charge which I don’t have to pay? I understand they’ll keep writing to me but I gave my university address and barely get post sent there anyway so hardly ever even check my pigeon hole. Is it safe to just forget about it and ignore the letters which I’ll be sent (but probably never get...) I’m also of the understanding that I’d only have to pay if any loss occurred and because I paid for the items in full, there’s no loss right? Plus they can’t charge me for wages/time already being paid for (security etc). my questions are as follows, any help would be much appreciated: 1. Why did they ask my DOB (I just don’t see how that’s relevant, what can they do with that info)? 2. Since I gave my university address if I don’t respond and just ignore their compensation letters will they contact my university and ask for my home/permanent address? 3. I paid for the items on my debit card, could they either track me and further personal details, including home address, from that? 4. I’ve seen a template of a response to the letter basically saying no further correspondence will be entered into. Is it better to just completely ignore their letters or send something like that back to them? 5. As queried in my post, would it be safe to just ignore the letters and put this behind me? I’m stupid and have learnt a big lesson today, so please, no judgement. Am I right to think this will not escalate to a police matter (providing I don’t go back into a Sainsburys store)? 6. Is there anything I should know or do, anything that will put my mind at ease. Thanks in advance for your help. Oh and when I said that I gave my university address I meant my halls of residence uni building (as opposed to a private rented student house) hence I’m worried they could ask my university for further details/my home address since my address given basically is the university.
  3. Hi all, I resigned from my part-time job in Sainsbury's on 4th June 2018 for theft of Nectar points on the till, i.e. crediting my Nectar card with £110 worth of points. I was in absolute bits when I was hauled in and questioned over it because it was only then that it hit me, although at the time of course I knew what I was doing. I was a genuine dickhead for doing what I did because he was a decent manager and I abused his trust. At first the store manager wasn't sympathetic and alluded to the fact that police might be involved. However later on because of the dates (I had been working there for more than a year and the first occurrence of this was on 21st May 2018) and because he knew my character and that I really didn't enjoy working there at all we had a chat was very kind and advised me to resign so I wouldn't have to attend the investigatory meetings during my contracted working hours (I also had a holiday booked at that time so it couldn't have been worse timing). My Nectar card (registered with a false name and details) and colleague discount card were also taken. I've gotten back from holiday today to a letter form the DWP stating that I must pay £150 within 14 days to cover 'security costs' (by 25th June), however a breakdown of the sum I am supposed to pay back doesn't detail figures of any sort, simply £ signs, and then underneath this sum they say I'm supposed to pay. in addition it states that it was one incident that occurred on 4th June when I wasn't even in the country let alone still working there, as opposed to when it actually first occurred on 21st May, I used the points on a small number of basic groceries in store which to my understanding is what they could legitimately pursue me for (£12/£13 at stretch), but vast majority of the points were spent on eBay so I'm wondering if it would go that far since my Nectar card was taken. From what I've read so far I'm supposed to ignore the letters however as I was a former employee I don't know what could happen if i don't pay up. Also I would like to know what sort of reference would be given in this instance when applying for jobs (I have a degree and have been applying for jobs for the past year but with no joy). there is nothing stated relating to police charges and fines I haven't received any direct correspondence from Sainsbury's themselves. I'm already out of a job, can't seem to find something that utilises my degree and my parents are always extremely unhelpful and always demanding unreasonable amounts of money for unclear reasons directly and indirectly so paying the fine would put me in an even tighter spot financially. They do not know about this and of course would kick up an almighty fuss if they did, so any advice on what to say in terms of my newfound availability of time would be great. This was a hard lesson learned and although I grew to hate working there, I'm more disappointed in myself for letting down my former boss and the people I worked with (a couple of who contacted me afterwards and said they thought it wasn't a big deal, but I'm still paranoid about it). At no point did I take money from any till and have never done so in any previous job. I have attached a picture of the letter for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you to CAG and co for what is already available.
  4. Hi peeps Sainsbury’s / Lloyd’s cca sent back. I won’t scan the rest up ( I don’t think I need too ) it’s just freshly printed reconstituted version. This defaulted back in 2009 Card was WELL before 2007 I guess it’s just Bog roll ? They sent back the cca postal order (£1) Thanks everyone Scan 19 May 18 R.pdf
  5. Hi, I have done something wrong today , I was try steal something from Sainsburys which was cost £9 I don’t know why... they recognise. Ask me to pay for that , which I have done , they give me a ban and leave shop, they take my address date of birth, and full name . I can’t pop this story - which I not think to back again.. I feel like bad..now , What’s can be happen next ? Do I can use any different Sainsbury’s or they everywhere will have my picture from CCTV? What should I do now, I say sorry , I don’t know what I was thinking... please can someone help!!?? I had this done first time I fell:-x
  6. Hi Firstly I am extremely upset/embarrassed by my son's behaviour - but I am trying to be practical in this post..... My 15yo son was caught shoplifting in our Sainsbury's Local this morning He was stopped by a shop assistant as he had put packs on condoms (!) in his pocket. He was stopped by the sandwich section near the door. My son admitted to nothing, nor made any excuses. Just handed the packs back. The store assistant took his name, address and mobile number, and said he was calling the police (he made a call, there and then at the till, and then bragged to the person on the other end of the phone about how good he was as this). All this happened in the store, he wasn't taken anywhere, no other member of staff was involved and there was no paperwork shared or anything, just a scrap of paper with my son's details taken. He was also told he was banned for life. So my questions are Why was there no paperwork? Surely there s some sort of official documentation? I would have expected that he would have been sat down, explained the seriousness of the accusation, told what happens next etc? Why was he accused when he hadn't left the store, he could have been buying a sandwich and put the condoms in his pocket as he was embarrassed about carrying them in the store? Did the shop assistant really call the police? Surely my son would have been detained first? Others on the forum who have been banned have been given a piece of paper -my son was given nothing Will the shop tell the school - just so I can be prepared for this when they go back after Easter. Also, they let my son go before my husband was called, and he was obviously very upset by what happened he didn't come home for another hour and we were very worried about him.....it feels irresponsible for a shop to allow a minor to leave without a parent coming to get them..... Any advice gratefully received - do we need to get legal representation? Would it nake a difference? Thanks for any help and advice
  7. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice, I am a loss as to what I can do. In February I went to purchase my prescription and do a bit of shopping at a local Sainsbury's supermarket. Whilst at the pharmacy counter I noticed there were some avocados in a clear bag left by the side of the counter. I took this to mean someone had changed their mind and decided not to purchase them. I thought just what I had been looking for. I took the avocados (2) along with the rest of my shopping and proceeded to go to a cashier at the check out who scanned all my items and took payment. A short while later I was on the bus making my way home when an unknown number showed up on my phone. It was the pharmacist from Sainsbury's store asking if I was still in the store, for a minute I panicked thinking I had left my bank card or wallet instore. The cashier proceeded to ask me if I had taken the avocados that were by the counter, I informed her I had and had paid for them, only to be put through to the security officer who accused me of stealing even though I informed them I had the receipt with the name of the cashier who had scanned my shopping showing the 2 avocados. My initial reaction was anger because my personal information had been misused. I have since resolved this with the pharmacy, however Sainsbury's apologised and agreed their security officer had not followed store guidelines/policies when there is suspicion of theft. I was left humiliated on the bus as other passengers could hear me arguing that I had not stolen anything whilst the security officer informed me should this happen again the police will be called. Sainsbury's initially offered me a goodwill gesture for £30 vouchers which I thought was adding insult to injury, they then offered me £100 vouchers which I refused to accept. I feel the stress I went through on that day which raised my anxiety levels warrants more than a £100 voucher. I have not been able to return to that Sainsbury's supermarket because I feel my every move will be monitored. this incident affected my health for a while. I have sent them a LETTER BEFORE COURT but Sainsbury's responded by stating I did not have a case. I am sure the way I was treated was wrong as their own guidelines were not followed by the security guard?...Can someone help please...
  8. Just checking but there is a 'tick' for one year's card care and they charged me £12 back in 2003 - can I claim using the PPI spreadsheet as it is typed in so they put that in and not me because my details are handwritten. Given the length of time I have no idea if I agreed to this (which after all is the point, right)
  9. Hi there, I’m having sleepless nights with worry About 2 weeks ago, I went through a self check out and bought 2 things, one of the things was under my arm as I was on the phone at the time. I forgot to pay for it (no sarcasm please) I left the store, showing how innocent I am, I was stood looking in the window of the holiday shop next door browsing at the offers, the security guard approched me and said you hadn’t paid for an item I went back in store, paid for the item, apologised about 8 times. I paid for the item then he said can you come with me, I went to the back office He asked for my name and DOB No address or ID was asked I gave my correct details but obviously there will be more than one John Smiths in London. He said you’re banned for life from all sainsburys and told me to leave. I still apologised; saying I’m sorry Then I left. I haven’t heard anything since? Should there be issue? Would rather just know, but even then it’s hard to see how he’s ever get in contact unless I went back into a store. I work in a financial services job, so was relieved he didn’t ring the police etc, even then I think with no previous criminal record I could probably explain my actions and be let go, as I’ve never been convicted of any offence or even spoken to the police in my life. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  10. Hi I was caught shoplifting items worth about £7 in my local sainsbury's about a month ago. I was taken into the back, barred for life from all sainsbury's. They wouldn't let me pay for the items and just took it off me. I got the standard ban letter with the bit about my details being passed on to 3rd party recovery. They took my address, however I told them to send letters to my London address (I am a student), as they could contact me quicker, and I dont want my parents to see the letters. However I think they took my home address that is on my ID aswell. I was told I would be 'fined' about £70. The police were not involved. However I have not received a letter to either address. I am worried letters will get sent to my home address before my london address and will be opened by my parents. Is there any way I can get in contact with someone to make sure letters come to my address in London? I know not to respond to the letters, but I don't want my parents to see them and panic. Does anyone else have experience of not receiving a letter? The address written on the letter given to me instore is my address in London. Looking for any advice on how to proceed. Thanks
  11. Why does it cost more to pay by a non direct debit payment, I mean what extra work is required to say paying by a standing order ?.
  12. Hi, I'm a new user here. I was caught stealing 4 items worth £1 each from Sainsbury's. This is my first time shoplifting (I'm obviously not very good at it) and it will be my last as I'm completely in pieces about it, and I have learned my lesson but I won't go into all that. They issued me with a letter saying that I'm BANNED from ALL Sainsbury's stores FOR LIFE. They didn't pass my details on to the police, and I'm grateful for that. I can't begin to explain how debilitating this is for me. I know I caused it myself, but I shop for my partner who can't lift. I also have anxiety that's related to blood sugar issues and makes it hard for me to leave the house - I sometimes get caught out and I have to dip in somewhere immediately. I'm already hugely anxious about how this ban will affect me and I feel like I've let down my partner. I know I caused this on myself but I just can't face a lifetime ban for this stupid mistake. I was told I can appeal to the area manager for a lift on the ban. MY QUESTIONS ARE 1 - what should I include in the letter of appeal? What kind of tone should I take? Should I tell them my situation with my partner? 2 - if I admit to shoplifting in writing, will that make my case even worse? I already admitted in the store, so maybe this won't be an issue. 3 - Has anyone else had success lifting a ban like this before? Any advice on this much appreciated. I'm really ashamed and won't be shoplifting ever again.
  13. Got caught in Sainsbury's for goods that amounted to around £5, was made to return the goods (in completely resalable condition) and was banned from stores and thought that would be it. However, now received a letter from DWF stating that I need to pay £150 for security costs however this was not disclosed at the time. I panicked and showed them my real ID with my mum's address as opposed to a student one/credit card, but they completely butchered my surname which is different from my mum's anyway if that helps? Just looking for some advice as I've read up on the forums saying to ignore the letters and that DWF have no real power in this, and was wondering if anyone had gone through this process from start to finish where DWF had given up?
  14. Had to walk home from Sainsbury's and leave my car in the petrol station. Nothing wrong with the car and I haven't broken any laws. I filled the car with petrol and went to pay using my debit card as usual. Transaction didn't go through due to a problem with the internet. I was told to go to the cash machnines to draw the cash to pay for the petrol. The Sainsbury's cash machines were also not working. I walked over to the Asda cash machines and they weren't working either. Being unable to pay for the petrol I was not allowed to take my car from the Sainsbury's petrol station. None of this is my fault at all. I left my car on the Sainsbury's pertol station forecourt and walked home in disgust. Should I return late tonight and steal my own car back and risk arrest for stealing petrol? Or should I buy another car and send Sainsbury's the bill ?
  15. Hi there folks. Im new to this forum and in dire need of some support. Im a guy in my mid 30s. Around 10 months ago, I seperated from my partner of 11 years and 3 kids. I've been going through a hard and very emotional time and the doctor has prescribed me with anti-depressants to help me to deal with anxiety and some bad thoughts but have recently been turning a bit of a corner I feel. I spent 8 months living with some relatives and the kids were coming to stay with me. Needless to say that this was the hardest time I've ever went through in my life. I bought a house in the last few months and have been starting from scratch and have been struggling financially of late. This is not to excuse my behaviour but I'm adding it as information so that if any of you do find the time to respond that you might be able to give a more informed piece of advice. I went to Sainsburys where I live in Northern Ireland and purchased some items that I meeded for the kids' beds. I returned the day after, lifted the same items off the shelves and brought them back to customer services and got a refund for them. This is the first fraudulent action. I returned yesterday and did the same this time with a different item. Both items together came to about £50. On the dame visit i also lifted some other smaller items totalling about £35. As I left the store, the security guard ran after me and brought me into a room. They told me that they had been watching me and asked had I done this before. I was honest and told them that I had (the first occasion). I asked to just pay for the stuff but they told me that it was at the discretion of the manager. He came down and I told him my situation and offered to pay in full and he refused to accept that and phoned the police. The police arrived and took statements from the manager and the security guards and then took me to a police car where they took a statement from me. I was very upset naturally. The police then said that they would send the file off to the Public Prosecuation Service who will then decide to prosecute or give a caution. I have a completely clean criminal record and this genuinely is out of character for me. I also work with children and I am so afraid that I will lose my job because if my actions. Can anyone give any advice about what I can do now or what may happen to me? Please don't judge me on this. I feel ashamed and that I have let my family down. I appreciate all of the support you can offer. Thank you.
  16. Hi, I received a letter from horizon parking about 4 months ago saying that I had overstayed in the car park by about 7/8 hours, I wrote to them to appeal saying that I had not stayed that long when I had actually gone in earlier in the morning then came back in the afternoon as well I don't think the camera caught me going out or back in only caught me coming in the morning and going out in the evening it looked like I had stayed for the full time there. They asked me for receipts to prove I had been in but who actually keeps receipts. I asked a friend what to do and ignored the reply and now I've received this letter from Debt Recovery Plus saying I need to pay them. What is the best option for me as I don't want to pay the fine as it's definitely not my fault. Will they take me to court?
  17. Help! My partner's received a notice through for overstaying the two hour parking period (by 33 mins,) which has recently changed from three hours (but has been signposted). We stopped for a brew first and then went clothes shopping - I do have a receipt for there for around £120 worth of clothes and we were genuinely in there so should we appeal? Info as follows: 1 Date of the infringement - 14th May 2 Date on the NTK - 18th May 3 Date received - not sure, we've just got back from Holiday and it was here when we arrived 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Pics of car entering and leaving carpark 6 Have you appealed? - Not yet but plan to. Have you had a response? 7 Who is the parking company? Horizon Many thanks in advance for your help with this. Emma
  18. First time post folks - so please go easy. I'm fairly certain I was mis-sold PPI on a credit card I held for 10 years with Sainsbury's Bank. I settled the balance in full in 2013 and duly shredded all the paperwork and destroyed the card. I've contacted Sainsbury's asking them about the PPI but they are saying that they can find no record of me on their system. Given that I've destroyed all paperwork, I'm kind of at a loss what to do next. What I do have is cheque stubs with the dates of payment over the years, but as they seem to be fobbing me off, what's the best plan? Any advice would be welcomed.
  19. About to start this having sorted out other family debts with help of CAG. Have printed off fos consumer questionnaire. Have some details of three loans taken about around March to Nov 2004 (more six years ago). Some loans used to pay off other Sainsbury's Bank loans, all with "Creditcare Silver" insurance , which looks like a single premium insurance. One account have Credit agreement ( March 2004) for two different amounts - think might have increased loan amount as dates one day after the other. A second taken out 3 months later - June 04 , OH thinks part to pay off previous loan. Have this CA Finally 5 months later a final loan dated Nov 2004, no CA, to pay off part of previous loan and balance as cash advance. Paid this off early in 2010 from proceeds of downsizing. Not sure if this had PPI on. Is it worth sending off the questionnaire to start the process off or is it best to send a SAR to get complete picture and do own claculations and then claim?? Intend
  20. I recently got into debt with Sainsbury's Credit Card. The debt was for £1280. I also had another credit card i needed to pay off, anyway, when i was transferring the money, I got the amount mixed up and ended up paying £2240 into my sainsbury's account via BACs. I have spoken to Sainsbury's and they have now told me that the debt was moved to Westcot, who i phoned, however they said the debt hasn't come across and I need to speak to Sainsbury's recovery team, which i did after I could see the wrong amount on my online Sainsbury's account 24 hours after the payment. They said they couldn't see the payment. Now the regular Customer service have refused to speak with me as the account has been passed over - although i have no idea who too. Is there any suggestions people can give? I was of the understanding that regardless of it being passed over to a debt collector that I didn't need to engage with anyone other than the company the agreement was made with? I'm just wondering what the best course of action (writing a letter I assume) is to close the account and get the amount that i's now in credit refunded to me. Any help appreciated.
  21. I'm new here so not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. I need some advice please regarding two old debts. One is a CCA debt, a loan originally taken out with Sainsbury's Bank well over ten years ago now. We defaulted on this loan around 2008 I think. Sainsbury's started court proceedings and wanted an order for sale of our house to which I responded that we had other creditors so it was unfair to them. I got advice from a credit counselling service and she said to offer token payments to all creditors. A few years back we received a letter from Arrow Global saying the Sainsbury's debt had been assigned to them and for us to send payments to Restons Solicitors we have been paying them token payments, although we have received nothing more since from either Restons or Arrow Global. Surely they are breaching the CCA by not providing six monthly statements? The other debt is an old overdraft with Lloyds Bank - the token payments are going to Robinson Way but I don't know if Lloyds still own the debt and whether it is just being collected by Robinson Way. Because it's not a CCA I don't know if there's anything I can do to check whether they are authorised to be taking our money. We historically had two credit cards too which we defaulted on in 2008 but these I should imagine are statute barred by now. The reason I am querying the Sainsbury's and Lloyds debts now is that I recently checked with all three of the credit reference agencies and none of them show these two debts. Experian have told me that even though debts do not show on credit reports does not mean they are not owed. I would like to get advice though as to whether I am paying money unnecessarily. I don't trust debt collection agencies to act reasonably and fairly as we have had a lot of harassment in the past. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi Need advice please, with Sainsburys for gas and elec. After a fiasco with Scottish Power where we were over £1000 in credit, due to wrong billing we moved to Sainsbury Energy who have admitted they should have taken £50 + £80 per month from us. A total of approx £130. They took £59 !! Because of delay in changeover of gas - they couldn't find they were taking £50 for elec and £9 for gas - they have admitted this fault - and said Sorry . Now we are over £830 in debt, and they want £250 per month for 12 months to clear debt, or pay £830 off to start anew. We have contacted them twice - and been ignored. I am an OAP and disabled and was told - don't worry - now they want us to pay up - any ideas as I don't think this is fair. We sent email and now have a complaint manager who is phoning back Thursday ? HELP !!!
  23. Hi everyone, and before starting with my request I would like to thanks everyone for their times on helping on the forum. We received a PCN on the 4/03/15 (see doc attached) asking for £70 discounted by £40 if paid within 2 weeks. My wife didn't realised that she couldn't stay longer than 2h. I contacted sainsburys who told me that they were not responsible for the car park therefore I should contact ECP. Yesterday we received the Notice to Keeper dated 24/03/15 (see attached) asking for £70 with a £1.5 handing charge if paid online! My wife is 38 weeks pregnant and takes her time when shopping. To be honest she just didn't know! I find this, out of order to be charged £70 for over staying by one hour, specially when she parks there to mainly shop at Sainsburys! Can I fight this ticket? If so, is it ok to send this? Dear Euro Car Parks As keeper of the vehicle, registration XXXX XXX, I have received your invoice number xxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that as a regular customer of sainsburys they never realised the 2h time limits as there isn't any barrier in that car park or clear sign when you drive in,and that they are therefore not liable to pay you any money. Therefore I ask that you allow this appeal on those grounds. If you reject this appeal, please issue me with a valid POPLAicon code. Yours Recorded Keeper.
  24. Hi So any of you have the address for claiming PPI from Sainsbury's Credit Card please I have the SAR, done the spreadsheet and the CQ all I need now is the address to send it to Many thanks
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