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  1. Hi all Here are the T&Cs and I've also added another example of a car 'improperly' parked in the unequal bays. Rgds. Andy NCP Car Park N12 - another example.pdf NCP N12 Car Park - Terms and Conditions.pdf
  2. Thanks a lot everyone again. Hopefully I won't be back for this topic anytime soon, but will definitely return for something else that needs your informed knowledge! Rgds. Andy
  3. Hi dx Thanks again for helping me out with this. So, does that mean one can ignore them from now on? Tnx. Andy
  4. Hi all I've taken some more photos of the car park, its signage and the ticket machines. Please also note that the additional photo taken this morning of the two unequal adjacent bays is to show the very reason I had parked over the line on the right, as nobody ever parks in the narrow bay and we all have to leave enough room for drivers to be able to get in and out of their car! I'll take a better shot of the Rules on my way home tonight and will post it later this evening together with the paid ticket for parking at the site, the NtK & original PCN. Thanks again for all your help. Does this link indicate whether or not Woodside Park station is under the TFL Byelaws or not, as I'm a bit confused?! https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/transparency/freedom-of-information/foi-request-detail?referenceId=FOI-2209-1819 Rgds. Andy NCP Car Park Details.pdf
  5. Here are the two photos I mentioned in my OP attached as a PDF. Rgds. NCP N12 Car Park.pdf
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I'll be on it tonight and tomorrow night, as need to get photos of their signage tomorrow. Unfortunately the deadline for going thru POPLA is this Wednesday (28 days after I received their email reply to the internal appeal rejection on 18th Sept). Rgds.
  7. Hi Windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) - Date of infringement? 8/8/2019 Have you yet appealed to the parking company? YES, after receiving the NTK letter The following appeal was sent to NCP via their website on 15/9/2019: "The photos taken of my car by the NCP attendant, which are attached to the PCN online, clearly show that the two adjacent spaces are of unequal widths. I have a number of photos of other vehicles that have also parked on or over the line in the same space AND other spaces in this car park. Also, please note that a significant number of the spaces here aren't properly marked. I have parked at the Woodside Park LU car park for many years and have noted that the parking space by the pay machines near the entrance to the car park is never used, as it is of non-standard width, so no vehicles would be able to park in this space. Please use your local rep to measure the two adjacent spaces to confirm this. This is the reason I parked in the manner I did, as NO OTHER vehicle could/would have been able to park next to my car anyway - even if one parks within the markings next to the non-standard width end-space. General Point - it would be useful to be able to upload/attach photos to the NCP 'informal appeal' portal." Has there been a response? YES by email (see italic text below): "Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the above notice number. We have considered the case carefully and have decided to reject your appeal on the following grounds; The parking attendant observed and recorded that the vehicle was not parked wholly within the confines of a marked bay. Your vehicle was recorded as parked outside of a bay. It is clearly signposted that all vehicles must be parked wholly within one designated marked bay at all times for health and safety reasons and therefore would not warrant us in cancelling the notice. With regard to your comments concerning other vehicles, the parking Attendants do not remain static in one location for the duration of their shift, they are expected to patrol the entire site. A perceived failure to issue a PCN to another vehicle does not invalidate the PCN issued to your vehicle. The Terms and Conditions of which our services are provided are clearly displayed on entrance and throughout our facilities, including the requirement for all motorists to park within the markings of a designated bay. We are confident that all signage and the PCN are compliant with all industry standards and to the British Parking Association's code of practice to which we subscribe. You now have the following options; Pay the Parking Charge Notice at the discounted amount of £60.00 within 14 days. Please note that after this time the Parking Charge Notice will increase to the full charge of £100.00. Payment can be made: * Online, by visiting https://www.ncp.co.uk/pcn * By sending a cheque or postal order, made payable to National Car Parks Ltd to: National Car Parks Ltd. Notice Processing, PO Box 839, Northampton, NN4 4AL. * By Debit or Credit card (except American Express). Please call 0330 088 2902 and have your card details and the information held in this letter to hand. Alternatively, you can make an appeal to POPLA - The Independent Appeals Service. If you wish to make an appeal to POPLA the forms are available on the website at www.popla.co.uk. The verification code you will need in order to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service is 1234567890 Please note that if you opt for independent arbitration of your case you will lose your opportunity to pay the discounted offer and the full amount of the parking charge will apply. Your appeal to POPLA must be made within 28 days of the date of this letter, any appeals to POPLA made after the 28 days will not be assessed. The independent adjudicator is unable to waive the parking notice because of mitigating circumstances and a decision will be based on facts and evidence only. If you have any trouble in appealing or cannot access the website please contact us on 01604 625 622. By law we are also required to inform you that Ombudsman Services (www.ombudsman-services.org/) provides an alternative dispute resolution service that would be competent to deal with your appeal. However, we have not chosen to participate in their alternative dispute resolution service. As such should you wish to appeal then you must do so to POPLA, as explained above. If you choose to do nothing, we will seek to recover the monies owed to us via our debt recovery procedures and may proceed with Court action against you. Yours sincerely, Notice Processing Team National Car Parks." Have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) - YES - received 15/9/2019 What date is on it? 10/9/2019 Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? YES - on their website for the PCN number Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) NO If you appealed after receiving the NTK, Did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? YES (as shown in their email reply above) Who is the parking company? NCP Where exactly did you park? Woodside Park on the Norther Line - London Underground Station Car Park, which is run by NCP. I've parked at a London Underground station's car park that is run by NCP for many years. It is fully ANPR with two ticket machines at the entrance to the site. I've been given a PCN for the following reason: 'The parking attendant observed and recorded that the vehicle was not parked wholly within the confines of a marked bay.' Please note that the bay next to the one I was parked in (my car is the blue Honda CRV) is approximately 18 inches narrower than all the other 'standard' bays on this site (photos attached). The other photo (of the black car) was taken of the same location (bay) my car was parked in to indicate the narrowness of the non-standard bay next to the 'standard bay' with a vehicle parked in it. As you can see, there's no way any other vehicle could possibly park in the narrower bay, which is the reason many drivers park in a similar way to the photos attached, either just on the line or like my car just over the line into the adjacent narrower bay. Also, it is worth noting that I had parked in this way due to the vehicle in the bay to my left had parked very close to the bay line, so I had to leave room for them to be able to get into their car. I submitted an online appeal to NCP after receiving the Notice to Keeper letter, which of course was rejected! I'm now trying to do the POPLA appeal, but have a few questions before I submit it online. Please note the following details about the case: I would appreciate if you could let me know what's the best approach to this issue. Many thanks. radmm0
  8. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Let's hope the debtor doesn't try to hide behind a 'liquidated' company scenario, which is highly likely. Rgds. radmm0
  9. Hi Andy Thanks for the info. The England & Wales version of the procedure is: https://www.gov.uk/recover-debt-from-elsewhere-in-european-union Rgds. radmm0
  10. Thanks for the info AndyOrch. So, can I act as my friend's agent, as he lives in Italy? Or do non-residents have to use a different procedure for making a Claim? Rgds. radmm0
  11. Thanks for your reply BF. 1. could my friend use my address for service and raise the claim himself online? 2. could I act as my friend's 'attorney'/'agent' in this matter or does he have to raise the claim himself? Rgds. radmm0
  12. Hi everyone I have a friend who has an EU based business that trades with the UK and other EU states. They sent 2000 Euros worth of products to a business in the UK in Nov 2014 after discussions about building a relationship for the long term, so my friend sent them the goods as a starter. Unfortunately after repeated requests for payment, the UK buyer hasn't paid up what he owes. They either ignore all attempts of communication or lately pretend that they will pay shortly, but never do. My friend has sent them a final notice letter requesting payment by 31/3/15, which obviously hasn't happened. My friend would like to know what's the best and quickest course of legal action for him to take to recover the goods and/or the money owed to him. Any advice/help would be very much appreciated. Thanks radmm0
  13. you're very right renegadeimp. let's hope they did cancel it as promised, which I intend to check with the floor manager the next time I'm in the store. I'll then ask for a written confirmation/proof. Thanks for your help. radmm0
  14. I hope not, as the store manager took both the printed FREE parking for one hour ticket AND the 'ticket' from Horizon Parking. So, I don't have anything in my possession! I'll refer the matter in writing to the store manager if I do receive a Notice to Keeper from Horizon. I also know the floor manager, that the store manager asked to cancel the 'ticket', quite well, so it should be ok. radmm0
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