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  1. Hi thank u to message me back , yes you absolutely correct , I try to find answer for my stupid idea , find any reason but ..the best what I can do to talk with specialist, I have enough for everything, but probably last couple months from my life wasn’t great , to many hours work, many things wrong , too much for my head, depression- probably..better to check and stop....before something worst happen! Thank you for everyone for advice.
  2. I have a big lesson now, I going to see Gp , maybe is something wrong inside with me. Now I’m only worried each day getting worst , maybe they don’t do nothing with this or maybe they do … .I read a lot about shoplifting... Some people have written they can sent my CCTV picture to police ( is doesn’t meters do was involved or not ) oh ..what I have done this is really bad I feel like sh...now I'm ashamed of what I did.
  3. Fine?? They can’t sent me a letter, to pay £150or ...so . Security cost
  4. I try to not think about this situation but ..have more questions coming to my head ;( do you know they can use my credit card details ( which I use to paying for the item )
  5. I’m glad I find this web Is really good have your help !
  6. He already noticed a change , I was tell him only bad week and he not ask about anything else.. he is really good man but he will be very upset with me , I can’t do the rivers of time ...but if I think about this I’m going inside really bad ...I will be use phone line help...need to talk with someone about this ...going mental...I’m afraid
  7. Thank you for text me back , I not will be back to any off this story , no use nectar card , do not try do any stupid situation ( I wasn’t able to sleep;( ) I will be talk with my husband, but still worried how I should tell him.... do I will be with any records? CRB ? Etc?
  8. Hi sorry it’s one more question, when I receive any letter from them should I write a letter to them , I’m not will be pay any fine - Sainsbury receive a money for stolen item and they not call police, and I never ever will be back to this shop? Thank you
  9. Hi do you received any letter from them? I have done the some thing and now I start to be crazy about this
  10. Oh..yes will try forget this...is done ...so need to live with this , thank you
  11. I don’t wants to back to the story which I have done stupid £9 item ...oh .... I probably never go back there I have lesson for hole my rest life ;( I only worries about my friend , if I don’t go with her she will be picky ..thank you for all your advice x Sorry to text you many questions but I’m going crazy ( first I should think...consequent of this ) I start be panick, can’t eat and drink....I’m afraid go outside ( on my way to work ) thinking everyone know what I have done
  12. Yes I know , was first and last time, if I received a letter and ignor they can take me to court ? Yes I’m not UK national, yes I will stay way from Sainsbury story . I was ask only in case because somethime I’m going to my friend who all the time take me ther ( is 10 miles away ) ...so I can’t tell her about this situation.....so she can ask way I can’t go there ;( ( my question before was about share CCTV image and my details) thank you
  13. On more questions, this will be effect my nectar card? Should I use this or not? They have all my details
  14. Thank you for you advice, now I need to tell my husband, i hope he not keek me out....
  15. Do you know the will be informed all staff in the shop what I have done? Ahhh....also they will show my image from CCTV to them? I feel stupid and worries I see someone on the street...
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