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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice, I am a loss as to what I can do. In February I went to purchase my prescription and do a bit of shopping at a local Sainsbury's supermarket. Whilst at the pharmacy counter I noticed there were some avocados in a clear bag left by the side of the counter. I took this to mean someone had changed their mind and decided not to purchase them. I thought just what I had been looking for. I took the avocados (2) along with the rest of my shopping and proceeded to go to a cashier at the check out who scanned all my items and took payment. A short while later I was on the bus making my way home when an unknown number showed up on my phone. It was the pharmacist from Sainsbury's store asking if I was still in the store, for a minute I panicked thinking I had left my bank card or wallet instore. The cashier proceeded to ask me if I had taken the avocados that were by the counter, I informed her I had and had paid for them, only to be put through to the security officer who accused me of stealing even though I informed them I had the receipt with the name of the cashier who had scanned my shopping showing the 2 avocados. My initial reaction was anger because my personal information had been misused. I have since resolved this with the pharmacy, however Sainsbury's apologised and agreed their security officer had not followed store guidelines/policies when there is suspicion of theft. I was left humiliated on the bus as other passengers could hear me arguing that I had not stolen anything whilst the security officer informed me should this happen again the police will be called. Sainsbury's initially offered me a goodwill gesture for £30 vouchers which I thought was adding insult to injury, they then offered me £100 vouchers which I refused to accept. I feel the stress I went through on that day which raised my anxiety levels warrants more than a £100 voucher. I have not been able to return to that Sainsbury's supermarket because I feel my every move will be monitored. this incident affected my health for a while. I have sent them a LETTER BEFORE COURT but Sainsbury's responded by stating I did not have a case. I am sure the way I was treated was wrong as their own guidelines were not followed by the security guard?...Can someone help please...
  2. Hi I have worked for a company (supported living) for past 8 1/2 years. Two days ago a manager came to my base and after 20 mins of faffing about asked me to come to our head office because he wanted to ask me a few questions.. ... a fact finder....nothing to worry about (his words). Once there he introduced me to the note taker and added that she used to work for the police. ..........he then pulled out some notes and questioned me about my activities on a certain day.. ....which was roughly four weeks previous. I stated the obvious fact that he was asking me to remember a working day nearly a month ago..... ...he said he would jog my memory by mentioning a one off event I supported someone to in town. I gave information from memory then he informed me that an allegation had been made against me regarding using ingredients from tenants house to make something for myself to take home....... ..........gobsmacked is an understatement, accusation made from casual staff on duty that day (one of two) who both finished their shift hours before i finished mine. Obviously upset I was offered the option of going home but i chose to return to my base..... ....back there my manager saw i was upset and on finding out I wasnt even 100% sure what I had just been accused of... she rang the fact finder only to be reprimanded along with myself for not adhering to confidentiality !!!!! Does anyone have any advice (theres more to this too but my head is completely mashed with this right now) Thanks in advance for any help or advice
  3. Hi, I hope you can help me. I posted a negative review on a website of a removal company. That company is now threatening me with defamation and false accusations unless I remove the review. I instructed the website to do this via email (I have no other means of contact) and copied in the removal company contact. It states, however, on the website that it can take up to 7 business days to remove the review and, after 6 business days, the review is still there. Note I am not able to remove or edit the review myself. I explained to the removal company that I cannot remove the review and that it can take up to 7 business days to have the review removed however they said yesterday, 6 business days after requesting the review to be removed, that they will issue court proceedings. I noted that there are other reviews on the website for that particular company that I would consider to be similar in nature and have been there for several months. My questions are: 1. Can the removal company issue court proceedings to me despite no longer living in the UK? 2. What exactly is the process for issuing court proceedings? Does someone have to physically give me something to do this rather than online? 3. Is there anything else I can do if the review is still not removed after 7 business days? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Completely out of the blue about half the residents of the building where I live have this morning received a letter from Environmental Protection threatening us with noise abatement action due to alarms going off. First, they've clearly made no effort at all to speak to anyone before making these threats. Second, the actual worst culprit isn't on the list of occupiers they've written to. Third, they acknowledge themselves that the basic cause of the problem is that the exceptionally bad weather has caused water to get in to some of the alarm boxes and short them out. We've been ordered (everyone, regardless of if their alarm is causing a problem) to arrange a service contract for yearly maintenance, which won't solve the basic problem anyway. I, and several others, are seriously annoyed that we've been threatened like this with absolutely no evidence that we are causing a problem or that we could do anything to stop it anyway. On top of that, at least two of us are amongst the ones that complained about the worst incident when an alarm was going off for 22 hours on New Year's Day! Are Environmental Protection allowed to do this - ie. issue blanket accusations and threats?
  5. Hi, I was pointed to the forums by a friend who suggested I might be able to get some useful advice, as I have nothing to lose, I may as well see what is to offer. I do apologise as this will be lengthy, but to get the best advice I will need to post the bare bones. November 2012 My partner at the time ad I split up, I was in receipt of income support under a joint claim. At the time I was terrified and suffering mental health complications (I still am) So I believed at the time not to update the claim because we were both living under the same roof. I eventually got round to filling in a change of cirumctances form, in february march time (and now I deeply regret leaving it so late). Due to lac of support from councils to assist me moving out, we are remaining under the same roof, he sleeping on the sofa, I and my daughter in the bedroom. Middle of march my ex got his first job. Eventually I received another change of circumstances form, which confused as to why another filling of this form when I had sent one in previously (july). in late july/ early august, I receive a letter asing to attend an interview. It did not specify for what reasons. I attneded said interview, which was with a compliance officer, accusing me of fraud. During this "interview" I was ept in a secured room for 2 and a half hours, and offered what I would call a bribe. a week prior to the itnerview I had recieved a bac payment, as whilst they were processing my form they had suspended my claim. During the interview I was told "Tell me now that you are lying and fraudulently claiming beefits and we will wrtite off this payment in error, and you will only be required to pay the over payments. If you keep lying we will take it to a decision maker and you will face going to court and lsoing your daughter." I rejected the disgusting offer, and told him that I would not take his bribe. I suffered 2 anxiety/panic attacs during said "interview" to which I was told "calm down I am only talking to you". I honestly think that being ept in a locked room with no water, nor access to a toilet should I have needed it...and to be spoken to so disgracefully was uncalled for (and wondering if I should pursue this further with a complaint) Not long ago I received judgement that I am claiming fraudulently. I have appealed but I am holding out little hope. I have sent in some evidence, but then it is only my word. I have asked for my social worker, mental health worker and ursery manager to also send in a letter confirming what I have said true all along. It has taken a month + to receive information that they are only just reviewing my appeal, and asked me to send in further evidence. I have survived upon the bac payment "in error" to provide for me and my daughter, but as I have now hit the last £50 available to me, the situation has gotten somewhat urgent. What can I do about this situation, and what further evidence can I send to prove my case. (I understand the stupidity of my actions from earlier this year and I am greatly regreting my actions for it, so i would lie a bit of refrain against comments)
  6. hi need some advice for a work colleague he is a civil servant and after a family fallout his brother has attended is place of work twice accusing him of obtaining privileged from the works computer and telling other people first visit was dealt by a manager and he brought printed messages from facebook. he was told that there was no basis for the allegations and went away. a week later he reattended with a printout with another conversation from facebook. this time he was told that these were not screenshots but a word document that could have typed by anyone. HR are following it up. the general word is they are going to close it as vindictive what rights do he have to stop him making these complaints
  7. Hello. In early November i took out a £100 loan from MinniCredit. Sadly in late November i lost my family, so as i needed every penny i had, i put the debt of £150 pounds into my girlfriends debt management plan. I was not contacted by anyone up untill january.... when Opos called me saying i owed them £2,000 as i have committed fraud. They would not listen as i attempted to inform them that i lost my house. Only they kept going on about how, when i handed them over to a Debt Management plan so fast means i have committed fraud. My girlfriend took a £100 loan out on the same day i did. and it was handed over to Debt Management on the same day also.... Yet isnt being accused?? I have a feeling they have just pulled my name out of a hat and hoped id panic and pay them? Surely this is illegal.... Do i just let them take me to court as im pretty confident they dont have a leg to stand on?
  8. I took out a £200 loan and after four weeks I would need to pay £272. I decided to roll over for another two weeks at £36 which brought my balance down to £236. I rang them up two days before the due date because I was considering rolling it over again and here is an overview of the convo: Me: I would like to pay another £36 and pay £236 in two weeks - like I did two weeks ago. Them: No your final balance will be £272 plus the £36 you want to pay now. A mistake has obviously been made so you now need to pay the proper amount (£272) Me: Well it ain't my fault someone in your office made a mistake. I have it in writing from you what I owe (£236) and you are now penalizing me. It's not as if I rang up knowingly that a mistake might have been made - you have only informed me. I will not be paying the extra due to your mistake. Them: You have to pay as agreed in the terms and conditions otherwise you are stealing from us! Me: Are you accusing me of fraud - it ain't my fault and it wouldn't stand up in court!! What if I hadn't of rang up today? Them: Well you probably would have got away with it. Look, I will let you pay the £236 to close the loan but you will no longer be able to use our service again. Me: But it ain't my fault and that's a bad business model whereby again you are penalizing a valued customer because of a mistake someone in the company made. And you're now admitting that there's a potential flaw in the system/company to a customer because if I did that in my work place I'd get fired. Also these calls are recorded aren't they so your boss can hear you slandering the company. This shut them up and they terminated the phone call. I had taken their name and called back later and asked to speak to someone in charge to make a complaint about them. I spoke to a very helpful person who was apologetic about what happened and said they would listen back to the calls. I said about being accused of wanting to steal, how the employee had spoke about the company and their general aggressiveness. The supervisor agreed that I shouldn't have to pay more and it was at their own fault so agreed to keep my balance at originally agreed amount. I got the sense that they believed what I was saying about this person and their customer service manner. Also why don't they have a contactable email address because my mobile bill has shot up thanks to all this hassle that lasted about half an hour. I know what some will say... never ring a PDL company!
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