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  1. You're right, this whole plea thing seemed a lot more plausable when they gave me the address and said that's the only way to appeal, but I can just imagine the manager laughing it off OR drawing more attention to my case, when I just want them to forget about it! Ok, I guess I've brought this on myself and now I know what it feels like to be a criminal and be barred.... Good thing the nectar card is under my partner's name - I've got £40 on there! Really did spend a lot of money in there...it was so silly to think £4 was gonna save me some money in the long run. Attn: petty
  2. Sorry, I understand now! -- that's interesting that they're not allowed to show my photo to ALL staff. Do they just show to managers and security?
  3. I guess if I went into Sainsbury's in a few months and they called the police on me, then it'd go on my criminal record, or was that whole thing a lie?
  4. Thanks for your reply! Sainsbury's is the only big supermarket in my area, so I'll be carting groceries a long way or spending more money if i can't go there. Do you think the appeal would end up doing more harm then good? I think they will recognise me, as they said they knew me cause I come in often, plus i have some distinguishing features that I can't change...so they'll recognise me for a while! Do you think it'll be more harm than good to appeal? Could they use it against me in court?
  5. Just to add to this... I have written a page-long letter to the area manager, but I don't know what kind of information will be most persuading to their decision. What kind of information would influence their decision? The info in my letter includes a longer more detailed version of what I wrote above, with a very sincere apology detailing what I have learned and how I feel. Plus that I have no previous criminal record including unofficial warnings. Should I include information about my job prospects, because I'm applying for work with kids? They say that it will
  6. Hi, I'm a new user here. I was caught stealing 4 items worth £1 each from Sainsbury's. This is my first time shoplifting (I'm obviously not very good at it) and it will be my last as I'm completely in pieces about it, and I have learned my lesson but I won't go into all that. They issued me with a letter saying that I'm BANNED from ALL Sainsbury's stores FOR LIFE. They didn't pass my details on to the police, and I'm grateful for that. I can't begin to explain how debilitating this is for me. I know I caused it myself, but I shop for my partner who can't lift. I
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